Author’s Update

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated the story, and I’m so sorry for that, once again. I recently had my second daughter in June, so life has been a roller coaster lately.


With that being said, I’m very excited about the future of this story, and I think you guys will like (or hate!) what I have in store for you all. The events in the next few chapters have already happened, the story just needs to be written. New chapter is in the works! Thank you all for your patience ❤

Quick Little Author’s Update For You All-

I just want to share my apologies for going off the grid. I know it’s been a long time (Almost 2 years!) But life took me on a pretty big detour. Long story short, I’m now the mother of a 6 month old beautiful baby girl!

I love her to pieces, but I have to admit I get little to no time to myself, so writing/simming has become almost impossible. (Not to mention forgetting so many things about posing/cc/mods/etc) The good news is, she’s starting to get a lot more independent, which means I have some free time. Bonus- I’m feeling more inspired than ever, so I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things soon, and release a new chapter fairly soon.

I’m sure all of your lives have been changing as well, considering just how much time has passed. But I’m really hoping maybe some of you will see a notification, or come back and check up on the story, and notice the update. I really miss my supportive readers! ❤


Okay, the bad news- Well, bad-ish. I’ve made a carefully considered decision to take down the first installment of My Darling. I will however, leave it up for a few days in case any of you would like to review it. Don’t worry though, for the new readers and nostalgic alike, I will leave the summary available.


Thank you all for your understanding and support!