Chapter 3.32: Speechless

md3ch32 (1)

Like always, it was a dark and stormy night in Midnight Hollow. The skies were painted with deeps hues of red and purple, and the trees were as black as night.

md3ch32 (2)

A perfect night to go explore a haunted house! At least for Eli and Emily. The young couple spent good money to explore one of Midnight Hollow’s most haunted of houses.

Rumor has it, the halls are roamed by a pregnant mother, her husband, and two young daughters. The reviews almost all guarantee at least one ghost sighting, if you buy the tickets to stay overnight.

md3ch32 (3)

“This place gives me the creeps…” Complained Emily.

“Duh Emily…. That’s kind of the point.” Eli retorted.

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“Oh honey, what are you still doing up?” Asked Tatiana, to her oldest daughter, Sandra, who was wide awake in her bed, reading her favorite book. “You know it’s way past your bed time, young lady.”

“I know.” groaned Sandra. “It’s just that the people are keeping me up.”

md3ch32 (5)

Sandra quickly curled up under her blankets, resting her head on her fist. “Are the people gonna keep bothering us forever, Mummy?”

md3ch32 (6)

With a swift swoosh, Tatiana sat herself down at Sandra’s bedside. “Oh honey.” She cooed.

md3ch32 (7)

“We won’t have to endure this for much longer, my sweet child. Your father and I will make sure of it.”

md3ch32 (8)

md3ch32 (9)

Shortly after Tatiana tucked Sandra in, she had to also calm her youngest daughter, Frieda, who was also upset about the stirring downstairs.

Tatiana, who was expecting her third child, knew that her family couldn’t keep living like this, something needed to be done.

md3ch32 (10)

Jay Salas, the patriarch of the family, met his wife in bed after finishing his work.

“Hello, my Darling.” He purred. “I’ve made a breakthrough. Now all we need is the right person, and soon our family will be free.”


md3ch32 (11)

Meanwhile, back at home in Tres Lagos, Kirsten explained that she got a special gift from Uncle Barry. A seed, but not just an ordinary seed, a seed that could potentially grow a plant-human hybrid.

My aunt Gwendolyn and Uncle Barry definitely were opposed to having children, but with Barry’s interest in magical-science, he really wanted to try this out, and knew Kirsten would be the perfect person to grow the seed. Kirsten would use her DNA, along with my Seymour’s, to possibly create a third child for the both of them.

md3ch32 (12)

Honestly, I was more shocked by having another sibling than I was by a plant-person. My life has been full of ghosts and witches, so this didn’t seem so far-fetched.

Do I think Kirsten and Seymour are in the right place for another child? Absolutely not. I immediately thought of how crowded our home is with two children, especially since Donna and I definitely wanted more of our own.

md3ch32 (13)

“So? What do you think? Questioned Kirsten.

“Go ahead, Mom. Whatever works for you.” I smiled.

md3ch32 (14)

As time progressed, Donna decided she was ready to work. She was an ambitious woman, and wanted to help people, so she figured the medical field would suit her best. She began nursing school immediately.

md3ch32 (15)

As for me, I wanted to begin a career in education, so I landed a job as a playground monitor to start me off.

md3ch32 (16)

As a baby, Charm’s personality had yet to form, but Brick had the tendency to be rather grumpy when things didn’t go his way.

md3ch32 (17)

And of course, Grandma and Grandpa were always there to comfort him when he was feeling out of sorts.

md3ch32 (18)

A slightly unlikely friendship blossomed between Birdie and Donna, whenever she came to town.

md3ch32 (19)

Brandt, Gracie, and their son Grayer decided that living in Appaloosa Plains brought up too many constant painful memories, so they moved to a double wide manufactured home in Tres Lagos to be closer to us. We would always consider them family, even if Clementine was no longer with us.

Gracie was even expecting another child, a boy.

md3ch32 (20)

Just as I promised Belinda Crumplebottom, I continued my search for signs of “anything out of the ordinary.” Unfortunately, I came up empty handed every time.

md3ch32 (21)

Oftentimes, I would search all night, without sleep, until I became exhausted and dizzy. Sometimes I would stay up so late that I’d wake up with a fuzzy memory.

Eventually, I stopped my search. I’m sure the Crumplebottom Sisters would understand.

md3ch32 (22)

Watching the birth of my newest sibling was miraculous and disturbing at the same time. It was definitely something I’d never forget.

A gender-less baby was born, Kirsten named them Sage Flora Darling.

md3ch32 (23)

Since my parents were such a big help with our boys, I figured it was only fair that I returned the favor.

One day while attending to baby Sage, I decided it was time to give Salem a call, to see how she’s doing and to announce the birth of her newest sibling.

“Hey Salem, I’m glad you answered!” I said cheerfully. “Would you like to meet your little sibling?”

md3ch32 (24)

“I guess I can stop by, I’m in the neighborhood.” She agreed.

md3ch32 (25)

Salem made herself comfortable on the couch while I settled the children.

md3ch32 (26)

“That thing is so weird.” She said. Referring to Sage.

md3ch32 (27)

I sat down next to Salem, while cradling Sage in my arm.

“Perhaps,” I replied. “But they’re wonderful too.”

md3ch32 (28)

“Listen, I didn’t only come here out of curiosity,” Salem began. “I also came because there’s something I… Wanted to tell you, I guess.” She said, standing up.

Whatever it was that she wanted to say, I could hear the pain in her voice.

md3ch32 (29)

I quickly put Sage to bed and faced Salem.

“Salem, what is it? What’s wrong?”

md3ch32 (30)

“Clementine.” She cried. “She was…Pregnant. When she died, she was pregnant with my baby.”

md3ch32 (31)

“Oh my god, Salem.” I whispered, covering my mouth. “I don’t know what to say…”

md3ch32 (32)

“Is there anything I could do? I’m so sorry, I-“

“Just…” She interrupted, pulling away from me.

md3ch32 (33)

She walked away with tears streaming down her face.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 3.32: Speechless

  1. Ahh I just finished reading both of your most recent chapters. And its nice to see the family happy again, albeit with a tinge of sadness still left over from Clementine’s death.

    Yellow makes such a good father, as I think we all knew he would, and it’s interesting to see him just going about his life as a husband amd father. Also, I can’t help but feel a little curious, if Yellow is maube expecting and alien baby haha.

    Sage is an interesting addition to the family, and I’m curious to see how they grow up in the future.

    The introduction of the Salas family is super interesting too. I recall you mentioning that you would like to explore more about them in the future, so I’m hopeful we’ll see more of them in future chapters. They certainly do have an interesting dynamic that play well to the elements of this challenge.

    One other thing I enjoyed in this chapter were the little glimpses of other characters and stories outside of the main plot. You’ve always been good at doing that mind you, but it’s still really nice to see you continuing to do so this far into the legacy.

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  2. Very very interesting with the ghost family- excited to see what comes of it. I’ve been keeping up with this story since a little bit after you first started it, and I know I’m a bit late, but I’m very happy for you to be back!

    Also, super excited about the ‘genderless’ baby- maybe some non-binary representation?

    All in all, VERY happy and excited to see where this will go!

    Liked by 1 person

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