My Darling 4 updates



The whole crew has been very active on Tumblr lately, make sure you’re not missing anything!


Click here to view my blog to see what all the characters have been up to, and let me know what you think! I’ve been missing you all so much!

Author’s note

I hope you enjoyed that big finale!

So if you’re keeping up, you’ve just read the last chapter of My Darling 3, and you’re ready to begin your adventure into My Darling 4!

Speaking of 4, we’ll be doing things a little bit different with this installment. That’s right, the Darlings are taking over The Sims 4!

Yes, it’s a little sad to not see them in the sims 3. The thing is, I miss just playing. I loved making poses and setting up scenes for you guys, but somehow in the midst of it all, I began losing my passion and I missed the simpler times in which the sims told the story themselves. The game itself was becoming glitchy beyond repair, and it just wasn’t fun anymore.

I plan to be very active on tumblr once this installment kicks off. I’m not sure how much content will be posted here on wordpress, or how much will be posted on tumblr, that’s still to be decided. Suggestions are always welcome, I’d love to know where all my readers prefer reading. So for those of you who don’t want to miss anything, keep an eye on my simblr, by clicking here.

I hope you’ll all understand. You will see some of our favorite characters in a completely new light, and some, unfortunately, you won’t see at all(maybe). However, the sims 3 is not uninstalled so expect some appearances from time to time 😉

But I hope you can all find a bright side to this change and can get excited about new characters, and see that even in the sims 4, they still carry their Darling charm.