Meet The Salas Family

-Jay Salas


Jay Salas moved his family to Forgotten Hollow after traveling to another universe with the Darling Family. 10 years later, things are much more calm for the former ghost family. Jay is still heavily involved in the science community and career.

-Tatiana Salas


Tatiana has used the last 10 years of her human life to fight her way up the political ladder. Not only is she a valued politician, but she owns her own 4 star veterinary clinic as well, sometimes going all night without sleep to make sure every pet from all around is taken care of. She goes home to her wonderful husband and 3 daughters that she often makes join her in volunteering for numerous charities.



Sandra Salas, also known as “Sandy,” is the oldest Salas daughter. Brains and beauty is how most of her peers describe her… Although they usually follow it up with “for someone who looks like a ghost.” Sandra is responsible and well-mannered. She loves to read and is always chasing a normal teenage experience.

-Frieda Salas


Frieda totally can’t even. You can call her Fri or Fri-Fri! She LOVES cats, and watching makeup tutorials on the internet and 80’s and 90’s fashion. She considers herself a hipster and activist for equal rights. Unlike her sister, Frieda embraces her paleness. She often narrates her life in her head, as if she were in a romantic comedy.

-Mira Salas


Mira is always getting in trouble! She doesn’t take life too seriously and always teases her sisters about their fashion and crushes. She likes to make-believe she’s a pirate on a regular basis. In fact, she loves pirates so much that she made her own pirate club called the Brindleton Pirates.






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