Friends & Relationships

Although the children barely remembered, if not, didn’t remember their transfer into the new universe, the Darling adults would always be grateful for what the Salas family did for them.


Salem became the closest of friends with Jay Salas. Although Yellow wasn’t as close to Jay as Salem was, he appreciated the fact that Jay and Tatiana had children similar in age to the Darling boys. Yellow and Jay often chatted over the troubles of teenage behavior, and  compared stories.


Coraleye and Tallulah are the bestest friends ever! They’re always looking for fun places to explore, like the stairs!


Tatiana and Donna has different parenting styles, but with as much time as their children spend together, the two moms quickly became pretty good pals.


The Salas sisters are all very close, but Mira likes to do her own thing, leaving Frieda and Sandra to have a very close relationship. They tell each other pretty much everything and go to one another for advice.


For 2 kids just becoming teenagers, you might think these two are a bit too young to have their whole lives planned out together. But you’re wrong! They’re madly in love, and there’s nothing you can do to keep them apart! CD+FS=

f (1)

Brick and Sandra have a love/hate relationship. They’re always picking on one another, but always have one anothers’ back. They swear it’s not romantic or anything like that, they don’t like, like like each other. (So they say)


Besides, Brick couldn’t be with Sandy if he wanted to (And he totally says he doesn’t want to) because he has a new girlfriend, a local classmate Luna Villareal. and he doesn’t want to mess this one up.


Just like their older siblings, Sunglo and Mira were just bound to be best friends. They meet at least twice a week to play pirates, and they take it very seriously.

j (1).png

j (2).png

Coraleye doesn’t have a Salas friend to play with, but she does have her cousins Starling and Wren! And Birdie plans to have way more, so she’ll never have to be lonely when she goes to auntie Birdie’s house!



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