Chapter 3.35: Into The Unknown

md3ch35 (1)

When Salem explained that she was leaving, and how exactly she was leaving, I was floored. We spent hours fighting after that. I understand why she wanted to do it, sure, but I didn’t think it was a good idea.

“Our parents have been through a lot.” I shouted. “They’ve spent enough time away from you, Salem. We just got them back, they shouldn’t have to spend the rest of their lives without you, too. This is absolutely insane!”

“They’ll be fine. They’ll understand.” She said.

“Well I won’t! You’re still my sister!”

md3ch35 (2)

“Then just come with me!” She screamed. “You, Donna, the kids. Jay could take a few more.” She continued.

md3ch35 (3)

“Are you seriously suggesting we leave our parents behind forever?”

md3ch35 (4)

Salem frowned. “Leave Mom and Dad out of this, okay? They have an established life here and Sage does well in this climate. I’m not bringing them.”

md3ch35 (5)

“She’s right. We should go.” Donna blurted.

md3ch35 (6)

I quickly shuffled to stand in front of her.

“Are you serious? You actually think we should do this? This is what you want? I questioned.


md3ch35 (7)

I swallowed hard. “Well I guess it’s settled then. When Tatiana Salas has her baby, we’ll go with Jay and his family into the unknown.”

md3ch35 (8)

The first ones we said our goodbyes to was Persephone and Bo. They had such a monumental part in raising us when my parents disappeared.

Persephone treated us like her own. She packed our lunches and taught us how to make spaghetti. She was quirky and she made sure we got plenty of exercise and stayed healthy. She inspired us to appreciate every living creature and she had a short temper. She had a huge part in Donna’s resurrection, she was there to comfort me when I almost lost Donna. She was a wonderful mother and aunt to us kids and I’ll cherish her my entire life.

I think Bo was the one who inspired me to be such a romantic. He wasn’t the brightest, but he had a heart of gold and he was the best uncle I could ever ask for.

md3ch35 (9)

Before I said goodbye to Aunt Persephone for the last time, she had once last request for me.
“Yellow, I want you to bring Birdie.” She said. “I already talked to Salem about it and she agreed. She’s too special to be confined to this world.”

md3ch35 (10)

“What? Aunt Persephone, are you sure? I-“

md3ch35 (11)

“Honey, I lived my life.” She interrupted. “I got all the time I needed with her, I couldn’t stand to break up your generation, she was raised with you as a sister.”

md3ch35 (12)

Uncle Barry was out of town so I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye, but Aunt Gwendolyn threw us a going away party.

Not many people know this, but Clementine confided in Gwendolyn numerous times, and Gwendy was the closest adult to Clementine aside from her dad. So of course Gwendolyn understood when we told her we were going to save her. Like Persephone, Gwendolyn was had such a huge impact on our childhood. She never liked children, but she put that aside and helped raise us regardless. We owe her the world for that. Gwendolyn inspired us to hold on to our magic forever and always, Salem especially.

Barry’s intelligence will inspire me to teach others and learn more than I could ever imagine. I will always look up to him.

md3ch35 (13)

It was incredibly difficult to say goodbye to my youngest sibling. I explained to Sage that our parents can be “eccentric” at times but that doesn’t mean they’re trying to embarrass you, they just will. Love them and cherish them always, you almost didn’t get to have them.

md3ch35 (14)

But the hardest goodbye by far was our parents. It was almost unbearable. But like Salem said, they understood why we made the choice, and they did actually opt to stay in Tres Lagos.
My parents made me who I am today. They made me feel alive, they showed me that I mattered. They showed me that no matter what, love will always find a way, if it’s truly meant to be. They taught me to fight for what I love, and what I believe in. They might have been away for my teen years, but I felt their presence with me the whole time. I see them when I look at my kids, therefore they’ll never be truly gone.

md3ch35 (15)

Just in time for us to say all of our goodbyes, baby Mira Salas made her way into this world, only to make her exit right after.

Our lives were never the same, and we lived happily ever after.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 3.35: Into The Unknown

  1. Awe man, this chapter was really emotional for me haha, I’ve been keeping up with this story since halfway through the first ‘chapter’, and it’s sad to see all the characters I’ve loved for so long go, but I’m also very excited!


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