Chapter 3.34: The Big Offer

md3ch34 (1)

Salem groggily woke up in the early hours of the morning.

md3ch34 (2)

md3ch34 (3)

After her little talk with Sandra, her mind was filled with doubts. She wondered if she was about to make a huge mistake, and she wondered if this is what Clementine would even want for her child.

md3ch34 (4)

Later, Jay found Salem sitting alone in the dining area.

“May I?”
Salem chuckled, “It’s your house.”

“I’d offer you coffee, but I haven’t needed coffee in years, we don’t even have a coffee pot.” He joked.

md3ch34 (5)

Although fake, Salem mustered up a smile. “It’s okay, thanks.”

md3ch34 (6)

“Is everything okay? You seem a little off today.” Jay questioned.

md3ch34 (7)

“Really? Is it that obvious?”

md3ch34 (8)

Salem didn’t know what got into her, but she decided to confide in Jay.

“I just… I have my doubts. I’m afraid that I won’t be doing the right thing.”

md3ch34 (9)

“I’m going into town, would you like to join me? I may have some insight for you.” Jay offered.

md3ch34 (10)

Salem got dressed and met Jay outside, they made their way down the road.

md3ch34 (11)

“Asking Clementine would be my first advice.” Jay suggested.

“Well I haven’t been able to contact her ghost. So to even reach her, I’d have to go through with your procedure.”

Once Salem and Jay reached town, they settled on a bench.
md3ch34 (12)

“We love living here in Midnight Hollow.” Jay began. “It’s the best place for a family of ghosts. People barley give you a second glance. And when you’re alive, well, it’s good to live somewhere dark when your skin is literally as white as milk.”

“Still..” He continued. “We’re ready for a change. We don’t want to live in the same house that used to be a haunted house destination for curious kids.”

Salem nodded. “I wouldn’t either.” She agreed.

md3ch34 (13)

“I know of a place similar enough, but so so different.” He said. “It took several hundred scientific breakthroughs and many connections in the science community, but I think I’m finally ready to take my family there.”

“Where is it?” Salem asked. “Is it that far away?”

“Oh Salem, it’s far.” He smiled. “Actually, once you go, you can’t return.”

md3ch34 (14)

“I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I am. I am telling you this because I believe with just the right settings, I could bring you with me. And Clementine. Alive and well.

Salem felt her stomach flip. “Where is this place?”

“The best way I could phrase it is, another universe.”

md3ch34 (15)

“So let me get this straight. You know how to travel permanently to another dimension, and you’re offering to take me with you? And somehow when I get there, Clementine will be there? What’s the catch?”

md3ch34 (16)

“Well there are a few. For one, you’d have to say goodbye to your friends and family. I can take a few, but I can’t take everyone you know.” He began.

“Two, you’d lose your powers. Witches aren’t a thing in this world.”

Salem took a deep breath. “It would be hard, but I think I could handle it. It would be worth it for Clementine, and the baby of course.”

md3ch34 (17)

Jay winced and looked away. He was quiet for a moment.

Salem noticed and it clicked. She frowned, “Oh. The baby won’t make it, will it?”

“No. I’m sorry.”

md3ch34 (18)

Just then, Jay and Salem both got a phone call at the same time. Salem stood to her feet and answered.
“What do you want?”

md3ch34 (19)

Donna went into labor.

md3ch34 (20)

The next day, the Darlings welcomed Sunglo Remington Darling.

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