Chapter 3.33: Glad You Asked

md3ch33 (1)

Reaching out to Salem remained futile. I knew it was in my best interest to focus on my family and work.

I was working as hard as I could, and finally got promoted to assistant preschool teacher.

md3ch33 (2)

The babies were growing so fast. I was glad that they all had each other to play with.

md3ch33 (3)

Baby Sage was definitely  the cutest sibling out of the three of us.

md3ch33 (4)

Donna landed a job as a paramedic. Her most interesting days were when she’d administer vaccine clinics in random places, like the cemetery.

md3ch33 (5)

I loved spending time with my boys on weekends and after school. They were great kids, and I was lucky to call myself their dad.

md3ch33 (6)

Since the kids were growing up so fast, they couldn’t all sleep in the nursery. So, we added on to the house, making a bedroom for Brick.

md3ch33 (7)

We were all so excited when Donna became pregnant with her third child. We didn’t want to be surprised this time, so we found out the gender ahead of time, we expecting another boy!

md3ch33 (8)

One night, Salem called and asked if Donna and I could come over, because there was something she wanted to talk to us about, she said she needed our help. We didn’t hesitate. After all, Salem had been avoiding me since our last talk.

md3ch33 (9)

She was already there, waiting for us outside. When she greeted us, she seemed unusually kinder and more compassionate. It was definitely not in her character, she must have really needed our help.

“I’m glad you guys could make it.” She smiled.

“What, really?” I said.

“Yes, really.”

md3ch33 (10)

“I’m sure he told you about Clementine.” Salem said, directing her attention to Donna.

“Yes. I’m very sorry, Salem.”

“Well, don’t be. I think I found a way to make it all better. I can’t get her back, but I think I found a man who can help me get our baby. I just need your help.”

md3ch33 (11)

“That’s great news, Salem!” Donna rejoiced. “Of course we’ll help, what do we have to do?”

I immediately felt uneasy with Donna agreeing to help, when we didn’t even know what we were in for. She was pregnant at the time, I didn’t want her to agree to any unnecessary stress.

md3ch33 (12)

“You see, I knew you’d be the one to agree to this. Yellow always talks about how brave you are.” Said Salem.

“The man I met is a ghost. But not like the kind of ghost you were…” She began.

“This man found a way to be somewhere between a ghost and a living man. He’s a scientist. He has a family. They can have children, they can grow, they can eat, swim, run, whatever. His wife is even expecting a third child, just like you!”

Salem definitely had my attention now.

“…He has the technology to make Clementine’s ghost like that. Then, her pregnancy would progress, thus, our baby would be born.”

md3ch33 (13)

“And where do we come in?” I asked.

“He doesn’t want to be a ghost anymore. He wants to be alive. Him and his whole family. He wants us to resurrect his whole family. I can’t ask the parents because Mom forbids magic. You finally get to put that dusty wand of yours to use!” She cackled.

“…And Donna, as a paramedic, we could use your help to check vitals and stuff once they’re alive. Not only are we resurrecting a man, but a pregnant woman and two young children as well, so you’ll be a big help.”

“And where is this exactly?” I asked.

“Glad you asked. Midnight Hollow.” She answered briefly.

md3ch33 (14)

“Welp… Here we are, The Salas residence.” Salem said.

I sighed heavily. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

md3ch33 (15)

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of ghosts. Let’s do this!” Encouraged Donna.

We made our way to the front door and knocked.

md3ch33 (16)

Suddenly, a transparent figure of a little girl floated through the door.

md3ch33 (17)

I’ve seen ghosts before but something about this setting creeped me out.

md3ch33 (18)

“Oh, so you are afraid of ghosts.” Donna teased.

md3ch33 (19)

“Hi sweetheart.” Donna greeted, kneeling down. “Where are your parents?”

md3ch33 (20)

A woman then floated through the door, in a similar fashion.

“Now dear, we mustn’t scare our guests.” She chimed.

md3ch33 (21)

“My apologies. She’s rather excited for your arrival.” She explained.

md3ch33 (22)

“Where are my manners? My name is Tatiana Salas, and this is Sandra. Come on in!”
md3ch33 (23)

Tatiana lead us to the living area, where we took a seat on the couch. The entire house was made up of grey and white. It was pretty haunting, quite honestly.

“White is our color.” Tatiana smiled.

md3ch33 (24)

At first we were all quiet as we took the time we needed to process the situation. We introduced ourselves, and Tatiana explained that her husband Jay, would be home soon.

md3ch33 (25)

Salem explained the process of resurrection. She explained that it will be painful, but she could give the children memory potions to erase their memories, and that the parents could also choose to use the potion, but she recommends against it, because the extent of memory loss is different for everyone.

It was obvious that Salem has done this many times. As for me, I studied it plenty, but had zero experience.

md3ch33 (26)

Tatiana asked all the questions she needed to prepare herself and her family.

“What is your success rate?” She added.

md3ch33 (27)

“I personally guarantee my success.” Salem said, with confidence.

md3ch33 (29)

Resurrection was the most physically and emotionally challenging thing I’ve ever endured. There were many moments in which I didn’t think I would survive, and there were many more in which I didn’t think they would survive.

md3ch33 (28)

But above all, the hardest part was seeing each of them writhing in pain. I was lucky to have Donna keep the kids distracted while we resurrected their parents.

md3ch33 (30)

Finally, each member of the Salas family were alive and well. Including the unborn baby, which is the one I was most nervous about.

md3ch33 (31)

“I don’t know what I could do to repay you.” Jay said, thanking Salem.

“All I need from you is what you already promised.” She said.

The Salas’ offered us their home until he could properly deliver his promise, and we accepted. After all, we all just needed our rest.

md3ch33 (32)

Later that night, Salem sat alone at the table in the backyard, lost in thought.

md3ch33 (33)

It was then, when she was joined by Sandra, who was make-believing she was a queen who ruled the kingdom.

She stood on the chair next to Salem.

md3ch33 (34)

“Mommy says you’re going to have a baby with your ghost wife.” Said her highness.  “Is it true?”

md3ch33 (35)

“Uh, well it’s complicated, but yeah, that’s the goal, kid.” Salem replied.

md3ch33 (36)

“Will your baby be a ghost?” Sandra asked.

md3ch33 (37)

“Well… I suppose that’s a possibility according to your father.”

“I feel sorry for your baby.”

“What?” Questioned Salem. “Why would you feel bad for our baby?”

“Being a ghost is no fun. I hated it.”

md3ch33 (38)

“And coming back to life hurt really bad.” She added.

md3ch33 (40)

“What? You remember feeling it?”

“A little bit.”

md3ch33 (39)

3 thoughts on “Chapter 3.33: Glad You Asked

  1. This was an interesting chapter, and I’m glad to see the Salas family again.

    Feel a bit sorry for Salem this chapter. She finally figured out a way to bring her child back and now she’s not so sure it’ll be the best thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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