Meet The Darlings

-About 10 Years Later-

-Yellow Darling


Yellow Darling, the heir to the Darling legacy, is now a stay at home dad to his 4 children, while Donna goes to work. Well, the older 3 boys are in school, so he mainly cares for his youngest daughter while Donna is away. Yellow and his family live in a cozy home in Brindleton Bay. In his free time he likes to write and take his wife on dates.

Donna Darling


Donna, the co-heir, works at the local hospital as a nurse. Although her paycheck isn’t great, she works hard to support her family and gain promotions in the medical field. She still comes home after work and gives parenting 100%. She inspires her husband, who isn’t as skilled in parenting, everyday.

-Brick Darling


Brick Darling, oldest Darling son, is a little absent-minded and hot-headed. However, he’s the star athlete at school and excels at pretty much any sport you throw his way. In his free time he enjoys sports, working out, and trying to woo girls (he swears he’s the master.) His current grade in high school is a D, and he can’t wait to move out and have a place of his own.


-Charm Darling


Charm Darling is the second oldest Darling son. Charm takes advantage of being the middle child. True to his name, he can charm anyone out of anything. He would get in trouble often but he never gets caught. Charm is the life of the party, a C student, and just like his dad, a true romantic at heart.

-Sunglo Darling


Some may consider Sunglo the stereotypical nerd, and while they’re not wrong, Sunglo is a bright and compassion young man. Sunglo is a people pleaser, especially when it comes to his parents and family. He does what he needs to do to avoid letting them down. He is an A+ student and loves working at his science station.

-Coraleye Darling


Coraleye got her name because when she was born, one of her eyes were coral like her mother’s. Although over time the coral faded and now she has her grandfather Seymour Darling’s grey eyes. Coraleye is the youngest Darling child and the first girl. Her genetics seem to be the perfect blend of all her ancestors. She is spunky yet sweet, and has a craving for learning.



Tallulah is the beloved Darling family dog. She joined the family as a puppy shortly after Coraleye was born and has been a loyal member of the family ever since. Although closest to Yellow, Tallulah loves all her family and watches them all closely. She is especially protective over Coraleye.

-Clementine Darling


Clementine, alive and well, has lived her second chance at life to the fullest. She is happily married to Salem Darling, and makes money through her popularity on social media.

Salem Darling


Salem is still the same ‘ol Salem Darling. Although, getting her wife back after almost losing her forever has softened her just a little bit. She still packs a sour punch and makes a living being a petty thief.

The Cats


Salem and Clementine are owned by two adorable kitties, a kitten they found on the street named Tabitha, and an older mature fellow named Edgar.

salem and clem 2

Because Salem and Clementine never had children, they pretty much get to do whatever they want with their life. They live in a beautiful high-rise penthouse and spend most of their nights out on the town in San Myshuno.

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