My Darling 3 Summary

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This is the Summary to My Darling 3. It’s a short version of the story for catching up purposes, although reading the full story is recommended.


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The story introduces Donna, a young teenage girl, who many years ago died in a snowy covered wagon accident with her new husband, Montgomery Parr-Teague.


Donna’s ghost playfully follows cemetery visitors.

Chapter 3.1:All Over

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The Darlings continue life with Kirsten and Seymour missing. The house is full with family and friends and is always busy. Salem and Clementine are still best friends, and Yellow is close friends with Clementine too. Clementine still has a crush on Yellow. Yellow is fond of Clementine, but is determined to remain heir. Yellow attempts to send bottled messages to his parents, in hopes they’re alive.

Chapter 3.2: Betrothed


Persephone and Gwendolyn prepare to find a mate for Yellow, Salem and Yellow argue about Yellow’s competence, and Clementine is rejected by Yellow for the prom.

Chapter 3.3: Forever Girl

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The kids attend prom. Yellow and Salem comfort Clementine when her date proves to be a jerk.

Chapter 3.4: Assistance

The story reveals Seymour and Kirsten are alive on a deserted island. Yellow finds out through a dream, and tells the Crumplebottom Sisters, who didn’t want him to know.

Chapter 3.5: Say Something

The Crumplebottom sisters reveal that they are the reason Kirsten and Seymour are missing. Everyone teases Yellow and Clementine about being the perfect couple. Clementine reveals her love to Yellow but Yellow does not reciprocate it.

Chapter 3.6: Tag, You’re It!

Clementine gives Yellow the cold shoulder, and Yellow meets Donna the ghost in the graveyard, where they talk and play until the sun comes up. Yellow is smitten.

Chapter 3.7: Anything Can Happen

Donna agrees to be resurrected by Persephone, Gwendolyn, and Salem. Gwendolyn and Persephone announce that they’ll all be moving.

Chapter 3.7:Worth It

Clementine asks Yellow to convince Brandt to let Clementine join them in moving. Brandt agrees but only temporarily.

Chapter 3.9: Fly

The Darlings travel to magical town named Pony-Bones Island. They spend the fall settling down and the Crumplebottoms reveal that Salem and Yellow will be spending the winter in Bewitchment school.

Chapter 3.10:Present

The Darling kids learn about a magical ability called dream-seeking, that could potentially bring their parents back. Yellow was the only one out of the two that had this ability.

The Crumplebottoms explain that they’re responsible for The Darling parents’ disappearance. Salem is furious. Yellow gets trained on how to get them back.

Chapter 11: No Peeking

Yellow and Donna bond romantically, which distracts him from attempting to get his parents back.

Chapter 12: Fly On The Wall

Yellow uses his dream-seeking abilities to listen in on Donna’s conversations with Clementine instead of finding his parents. He spends his whole summer doing similar things, before getting a great idea.

Chapter 3.13: Necessary

Yellow begs the Crumplebottoms to make Donna into a witch. They finally oblige. Yellow trains Donna to dream-seek, so that she could join him on his mission to retrieve his parents.

Donna and Yellow’s perfect relationship crumbles all around them when they discover that Donna’s husband was alive.

All this time, Montgomery has been living with an evil witch named Evalace. She tells him that his wife is alive.

Although Donna was very much in love with Yellow, she felt obligated to reunite with her husband, so the Crumplebottoms revoked her magic and she broke up with Yellow, shattering his heart.

Yellow desperately attempt to keep Donna around for as long as possible before she makes her trip to reunite with her husband.

The Darling sisters are angry when Donna tries to leave, so they keep her caged. Yellow demands they release her.

Seymour and Kirsten find the bottle with the magical message. Yellow lets Donna go, and she leaves.

Donna is reunited with her husband. Clementine convinces Salem to kiss her for “practice”

Yellow sinks into a deep depression, Salem recommends a therapy group in a small desert down called Tres Lagos.

When Yellow returns, he is determined to help his parents get home, but once again gets distracted when Clementine asks him to be social.

Yellow sets up a portal on the island for his parents to enter. However, it’s too late. Kirsten finds Seymour dead from illness before she enters the portal alone. Yellow and his mother emotionally reunite.

Salem finds out her father is dead when she reunites with Kirsten. Kirsten announces that it’s time to move, after being furious with the Crumplebottom sisters.