My Darling 2 Summary


This is the quick summary for My Darling 2. Just like the first one, it is recommended that you actually read the story, to experience the magic, but if you want to begin My Darling 3, this is the quickest way to catch up.

a (6)

 Kirsten takes her best friend Barry’s virginity to ‘do him a favor’ while Seymour takes time alone with his family to cope with his mother’s death.

b (6)

While getting ready for Dorothy Button and Cruz Martingale’s wedding, Kirsten introduces Barry to Gwendolyn.

c (4)

Kirsten feels jealous when Barry shows attraction to Gwendolyn.


Kirsten returns home with Seymour, and they make love, after not doing so for a long period of time.

a (4)

Seymour proposes to Kirsten with a Sunflower ring, while she’s home from university.

a (18)

After returning to Sims U, Kirsten expresses her discomfort for Barry’s new friendship with Gwendolyn. Barry assures her that nothing is going on.

b (2)

Kirsten and Seymour keep their long distance relationship thriving by chatting on the phone and via internet.

b (6)

Kirsten studies to become a skilled alchemist in her free time.


Kirsten gets startling news that Seymour has been severely injured in a snowboarding accident.

a1 (1)

Kirsten graduates Sim U with a communications degree, along with Barry.

a1 (9)

Kirsten reunites with Seymour, who now has a large scar across his face.

a1 (18)

Kirsten and Seymour get matching dreamcatcher tattoos to honor Yellow-Foot.


The Darlings purchase the land where the Chapmans used to live and build a barn for Aurora Skies, Kirsten’s horse.

e (1)

Kirsten celebrates her bachelorette party with all of her friends.


Brandt, in his own Brandt way, talks to Kirsten, asking her to be good to his best friend, before sharing an awkward hug.

c (7)Seymour has cold feet, and becomes nervous about what the letter from his mother says, that he was instructed to open on his wedding day. Kirsten talks him out of it, through the vent to avoid bad luck.

f (14)

Seymour and Kirsten marry as the sun goes down, on  a beautiful boat.


Mr. and Mrs. Darling leave for their honeymoon on a swan boat.

c (24)

Before opening the letter from Agnes, Kirsten and Seymour enjoy a beautiful honeymoon in Isla Paradiso.

c (41)

Syflower (Kirsten and Seymour) are shocked to see Agnes’ spirit come out of the letter upon opening it.

c (45)

As a gift, Agnes offers the two magical powers in exchange for a few rules;

  • Each generation must have at least two children.
  • Each generation must choose one heir.
  • Each heir must marry a person resurrected from the dead in order to produce the next generation.

Agnes stresses that if any of these rules are broken, the family’s magic will be terminated.

After some quick thinking, Seymour and Kirsten agree to the contract.

a1 (2)

When Kirsten and Seymour arrive home, Kirsten is angry to find Barry sitting on the couch with Gwendolyn.

b8 (1)

Barry puts his foot down, and announces that he can talk to any girl he desires, because he is tired of being wrapped around Kirsten’s fingers. He admits that he was very hurt in college when Kirsten picked Seymour over him. He also admits that he has real feelings for Gwendolyn and wants to pursue her rather she likes it or not.

d2Kirsten admits that she is afraid to lose her best friend. Barry assures her that they will be best friends no matter what, and that she didn’t lose him.

a (3)

The potions to become witches are arrived at the door for the family. Erik chooses not to take the potion, because of his age. Persephone also refuses, but Gwendolyn throws the bottle at her feet, making Persephone into a witch against her will.

a (12)

Kirsten builds a magic room, hidden by a secret bookshelf.

a (16)a (17)

The Darlings adjust to learning about their magical abilities, and become more and more skilled.

a (25)

Barry and Gwendolyn become an official couple.

a (31)

Seymour and Kirsten visit Dorothy, and meet her new baby, Button Martingale. While chatting with Dorothy, Kirsten overhears Seymour admitting that he doesn’t want children anytime soon.

d (7)

Upset by Seymour’s confession, Kirsten retreats to the barn to think, where Erik later meets her there, and gives her words of wisdom. He advises her to talk to Seymour and tell him how she feels.

e2 (1)

Kirsten takes Erik’s advice, but Seymour says he doesn’t want children, causing the couple to fight.

g (9)

Kirsten admits that when she was in a relationship with her ex boyfriend Ethan Parrott, they tried to reproduce but their attempt had failed. She told Seymour that she wants to begin working on a fertility potion to help her get pregnant.

h (2)Seymour finally agrees, and promises her that they will start trying as soon as both of them are employed.

c (5)

A very determined Kirsten finally lands a job, but is later fired for not being hygienic enough.

d (6)Seymour begins working from home, selling his sculptures. This gives Kirsten the idea to become a self employed alchemist.

e3 (2)Benni and Gwendolyn’s house had become overrun with bugs, so the friends were forced to move their separate ways. Benni announces she is pregnant with her second child.

e4 (1)

Erik gives his room to Barry and Gwendolyn, and takes Seymour’s old room.

i (1)Kirsten takes the fertility potion and is ready to start conceiving right away.

Screenshot-7Kirsten announces that she is pregnant at Seymour’s Birthday party.

a (2)Although Seymour is against the idea, Gwendolyn helps Erik create a dating profile online.

c3 (2)

Kirsten throws a baby shower, inviting several other pregnant friends.

c3 (12)The Crumplebottom Sisters arrive, and reveal to Kirsten that she is pregnant with twins, one boy and one girl. Kirsten is ecstatic!

c3 (21)

Kirsten reveals the news to Seymour, making him very emotional.

m (7)

Kirsten gives birth in the barn to twins, with the assistance of the Crumplebottom Sisters.

m (10)

The girl is born first, and Kirsten and Seymour names her; Salem Moon Darling.

m (17)

Then the boy, Yellow Sun Darling.

a (1)

Kirsten and Seymour adjust to being parents.

a2 (1)

Erik experiments with dating.

b (11)

Gwendolyn moves out, to get away from the babies, and takes Barry with her.



Seymour notices a strange man watching from afar, but Kirsten brushes it off.

z (17)

Gwendolyn and Barry get engaged.

z (38)

Kirsten confronts the man who has been stalking her, and finds out its her biological brother, Cody.

a (3)

Kirsten invites Cody over, where he reveals that he was also resurrected by mistake when Kirsten was. And has been staying with their cousin, Hannah.

a (26)

Kirsten was excited to have her brother in her life.

a (37)

Erik started spending more time with close friend, Sylvia.

a (39)

Morgana announced that her and Connor would be moving out to live in a houseboat, and that they’re selling the house.

a (63)

Cody persuaded Kirsten and Seymour into visiting their blood relatives in Riverview.

a (64)

Kirsten got in touch with her past, as she viewed old family photos and yearbooks from her youth. With that, she began to regain some of her memory as well.

b (11)

When talking to Hannah’s daughter Emma, Kirsten learns that Cody has a dark plan to kill himself, because he feels as though resurrection is wrong.

a (3)

When Kirsten confronts Cody, he gets very defensive, and claims that it is not right to “play god” by resurrecting people.


Cody takes Kirsten and Seymour back to the house, and Kirsten notices the girl on his desktop background. He reveals that the girl is a former lover named Rosemary, who left him for being too obsessed with research about resurrection.

Cody then shows them a website explaining more about resurrected people, such as why some of them have strange colors, and government issues regarding resurrected people.

d6 (16)

Kirsten then decided to reach out to Rosemary, hoping Cody would change his mind when he sees her.

d6 (1)

When Kirsten and Rosemary arrive to the house, they realize it is too late.

d12 (2)

Kirsten then sees Cody’s ghost, and he asks for forgiveness.

Kirsten angrily tells him to disappear.

f (3)

The babies celebrate their first birthday with a pool party.

f (10)

Brandt admits that he is going to be a father, to Toni’s baby. Seymour is furious when Brandt reveals that it was not a mistake and they will be moving in across the street, into Morgana and Connor’s old house.

f (16)

f (24)

The Darlings take a magical trip to Aurora Skies, where Barry and Gwendolyn Marry.

i (5)

Kirsten is tricked into meeting up with the pregnant Toni Clinton, by her friend Jocelyn, Ethan’s wife.

j3 (3)

Toni tries to make things right, but Kirsten starts an argument.

b (1)

Kirsten overhears Toni crying over Yellow-Foot’s grave.

b (13)

Kirsten feels bad and apologizes. Toni reveals that her new baby’s name is Clementine.

c (4)

Seymour and Kirsten are somewhat concerned when they notice that Yellow is not showing his magic abilities like his sister is.

Brandt invites the Darlings over to meet Clementine, after assuring that Toni wasn’t there.


Toni arrives home, and puts Kirsten on the spot when inviting her out. Kirsten agrees.

a (1) a (2)

Along with Dorothy and Jocelyn, Kirsten goes along to watch Toni perform. They begin to form a friendship.

a (24)

It is revealed that the children have contact with Agnes, when Kirsten finds cookie crumbs in their beds. Kirsten asks who brought them cookies, and Salem replies with ‘grandma’


The twins are now children, and Erik is getting older.


Brandt and Toni’s daughter Clementine develops an infatuation with Yellow.


The Darlings go on a family fishing trip to spend their last day together, because Salem and Yellow will soon be leaving to ‘The Crumplebottom School of Bewitchment’, which is a fairly new school developed by the Crumplebottom sisters to teach young witches how to harness their powers.

g8 (15)

Yellow cries when his newly captured frog escapes from the bucket. Kirsten comforts him by telling him “Lo… Sometimes, we have to let something go if we love them. If it’s meant to be, they will come back.”

i (1)

The Crumplebottoms arrive in typical Crumplebottom fashion, falling out of a wardrobe, which they used to travel from Midnight Hollow.

j (4) k (3) k (2)

The Children say their goodbyes and leave for the fall.

a1 (10)

The chapter begins in Yellow’s point of view, as the children adapt to their new school.

a1 (26)

Yellow meets his unusual roommate, Flynn Wiggins, who he quickly befriends.

a1 (35)

Yellow and Salem meet the rest of their classmates, and Salem’s roommates, Annabelle Story and Rococo Childress.

a3 (5)

Seymour and Kirsten are invited out with a group of friends, where Brandt proposes to Toni. Toni rejects him, saying that she has been unfaithful with Seymour.

b (8)

Upset and confused, Kirsten rides away on her horse.

b (18)

Seymour assures Kirsten that Toni lied, but she can’t seem to shake the thoughts brewing in her mind.

b (25)

Seymour passionately begged for her to believe him, and finally they made up.

Toni called and asked Kirsten to meet her at the Darling house.


Toni admitted to lying and asked Kirsten to forgive her. Kirsten was too angry, so she said no.

c9 (10)

Erik could tell that Kirsten felt guilty for not accepting her apology and told her to follow her heart. Kirsten agreed, and decided that she’d talk to her in the morning.


Kirsten found out the next day that Toni had left without saying a word, only leaving a note that read;

“Clementine June Clinton-

I’ll always be in your heart, every step of the way. I love you and I always will. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

-Love forever and always, Mommy. (-Toni Clinton)”


Brandt was terrified that he’d lose his daughter to Toni’s family, and broke down in Kirsten’s arms, crying.

While away at school, Yellow and Salem get to meet their relatives, the Goths.


This sisters breath the tragic news that Erik Darling has died.

A touching video about the life and death of Erik Darling

c (4)

Kirsten has a terrifying nightmare about Seymour and Toni hooking up, she awakes crying.

c (5)

The Darlings purchase a lot and build a shop, in which they name Darling Treasures.

d3 (12)

Kirsten teaches Birdie how to drive without telling Persephone.


The Darlings snuggle up and reminisce about Erik.

a2 (5)

Kirsten begins to feel very insecure and unattractive. Seymour doesn’t call her beautiful as much anymore, and it begins to take a toll on her.

She confronts Seymour about her issue, but Seymour is in a rush and doesn’t want to hear it. When she gets mad at him, he does some damage control by telling Kirsten that Brandt thinks she is attractive, to make her feel better.

a2 (7)

His plan worked, and Kirsten is caught off guard.

a2 (38)

Kirsten’s good friend Kizzie and her girlfriend Mel, go to Seymour and Kirsten in hopes that they can use their magic to help them conceive a baby. Kirsten agrees to help them.

a2 (66)

Later that night, Brandt finds Kirsten when she’ alone and asks if she can take Clementine for the night, so that he can go to court in the morning, for Clementine’s custody case.

a2 (74)

When Kirsten gets Clementine to bed, Brandt makes a flirty joke. Kirsten feels butterflies in her stomach, which is a very new feeling. She realizes that she is developing a small crush on Brandt.

Kirsten receives a very angry text message from Persephone regarding her teaching Birdie how to drive without her permission.

a2 (90)

Kirsten then realizes the next day, that she isn’t the only one with a crush, as Clementine clings to Yellow.

a4 (2)It just so happens to be the day that Toni Clinton is rumored to be in town. Kirsten has spent all day trying to get a hold of Seymour, but her calls just get sent to voicemail throughout the day.

a4 (10)

Brandt and Kirsten share a rather intimate hug after he returns from the court hearing with good news, that Clementine is in his custody. In fact, Toni called in and signed her rights over to Brandt.

When Brandt begins to see why Kirsten is feeling troubled, he offers to buy her a drink.

a10 (1)

Kirsten, somewhat buzzed, tell Brandt everything. Brandt confirms that Seymour lied about Brandt saying that he found Kirsten attractive, but the sexual tension between the two becomes very thick.

c (2)

An argument ensues between the two, and Seymour leaves.

d3 (5)

Seymour returns home with a puppy, and they put their troubles behind them.


Hoping it would have the same effect on Persephone as it did Kirsten, Kirsten buys another puppy and offers it to Persephone. Persephone takes the puppy and slams the door.




a2 (4)

Kirsten finds out and informs Kizzie that to use magic on her as advanced as same sex pregnancy, it would make her immune to magic. Kizzie is fine with that, as long as her and Mel can have baby together.


b (1)
Kirsten and Seymour announce to Yellow that they want him to be the next heir, as long as he can improve his magic abilities in the future.


b3 (3)
Salem walks in, and is not happy at all. She believes that Yellow would make a terrible heir, and that she should be heir.




Kirsten finds out her father Connor has died.



c (1)

This chapter is in Salem’s point of view. Salem asks her father if she could borrow his phone. At first he says no, but when Kirsten asks why he changes his mind, adding the rule that she is not allowed to text or answer the phone.


c2 (7)

When the kids go back to Midnight Hollow in the Fall, Yellow takes notice to the newly developed Anabelle.


c3 (3)
While ranting about the situation on the phone with Clementine, Salem realizes that if Yellow is distracted by girls, he might not learn very much in class, which betters Salem’s chances of becoming heir.


d8 (8)

Against Seymour’s orders, Salem sees a text from ‘Bob Smith’ laughing at how fake the name sounds, she calls the number back via video chat, and catches a red-haired Toni caught off guard.


e (1)




While watching TV, Kirsten thinks her mind is playing tricks on her when she sees Toni on the red carpet with a known celebrity.


a4 (6)


She then gets a call from Salem explaining what just happened.



a7 (1)



Kirsten feels devastated and betrayed by her husband.



a7 (5)

With the help of Benni, the local beautician, Kirsten gets a sexy makeover to help her feel better.


b (6)

Kirsten angrily drives to Brandt’s house, and immediately offers to speak to Brandt “in private”


Brandt tries to be a good friend by refusing, but after Kirsten explains that Seymour has been talking to Toni, and lied about it, he invites her in.



Kirsten and Brandt passionately make love.




Afterwards, Brandt says several things that doesn’t seem like him. First he offers Kirsten to stay, then he says he regrets not going for Kirsten while he had the chance, and finally, he tells Kirsten to take one of his shirts, because he “wants Seymour to see her in it.”



a (8)


A devastated Kirsten delivers an angry letter to Seymour explaining why she’s leaving him.


The chapter then jumps around to different characters and reveals different situations.


a (22)


Kirsten and Mel cheerily talk about being officially pregnant.


a (23)

Benni’s daughter Paula reveals that she is also pregnant, but not so cheerily. The father also happens to be Saul Clinton, Toni’s little brother.


Benni recommends “getting it taken care of” but Paula decides she wants to keep the baby.


a (27)


Seymour confronts Brandt about sleeping with Kirsten. They argue for a bit, and when Brandt asks him what he really talked about with Toni, Seymour responds with ” I can’t say.” Then angrily storms off.


a (42)


Yellows kindness earns him a kiss on the cheek from the beautiful Annabelle Story.


a (45)


Dorothy and Jocelyn gossip about Seymour and Kirsten


a (53) a (52)


Seymour tells Toni he can no longer help her keep tabs on Clementine.


a (72)

Belinda Crumplebottom tells Kirsten that if her relationship cannot be fixed soon, they will have to revoke the family’s magic, which can be lethal.


b (9)

Although agreeing to keep their friendship strictly platonic, Kirsten and Brandt share a very intimate moment while enjoying hot chocolate.


b2 (2)


Brandt invites Kirsten over to make an igloo with him.


d4 (7)


a (6)


Yellow befriends a homeless man named Cricket Clancy, and asks Kirsten if he could stay for christmas.


a (7)

Kirsten expresses that she is unsure where they are even spending Christmas.


a (8)


Salem lashes out in rage, and demands that they have Christmas at home like always. Including with Brandt, and Clementine.


a (1)


Kirsten finds herself in an awkward situation while Seymour doesn’t speak to her.


b (11)


Seymour and Brandt talk things out in private.


b4 (4)


Seymour then gives Kirsten a heartfelt apology, and offers her a cruise in the ocean, where they can go to talk things out.


c (1)

When Kirsten and Seymour seal it with a kiss, it is shown that Brandt was around the corner listening the entire time, while his eyes well up with tears.


a2 (7)

Kirsten and Seymour purchase a houseboat, with money that they saved up. They talk everything out, and their relationship feels as it did when they were newlyweds.


d2 (2)


But when a violent storm approaches, the boat begins to flood and the two must use the safety boat to row to safety.




Unfortunately, they are torn apart when the waves push them deep underwater.




Kirsten struggles to breathe, but her body quits and everything goes dark.




Sheriff Warren shows up to the Sketti household to break the news, and offer his condolences, closing the missing persons case that Persephone recently filed.

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