Chapter 3.28: Deep Deep Sleep

ch28md3 (1)

“Coming up on Appaloosa news, singer Dianne Young, suspected for murder of boyfriend Jaycen Hendrix and others. Stay tuned.”

ch28md3 (2)

“Wow, so the rumors are true.” Said Clementine. “My mom is a murderer.”

ch28md3 (3)

“You know, she tried to reach out to me.” She added. “She wants to see me, after all these years. She says she needs to talk to me about something. I bet it’s this.”

ch28md3 (4)

“I don’t like that idea, Clementine.” Said Ghost. “What do you think your wife would say about this?”

ch28md3 (5)

Clementine jumped to her feet defensively.

“Salem doesn’t need to know about this.” She protested. “You know that we’ve separated. She doesn’t want anything to do with me. Plus, she’s busy enough bringing her dad back to life. She doesn’t need distractions.”

Ghost chuckled in response. “I never thought I’d hear a sentence like that before. Those Darlings are freaks.”


ch28md3 (6)

It felt like an eternity for the Crumplebottom sisters to get back to me about the trouble that Donna’s in.

They explained to me that a powerful witch who was housing Donna and Montgomery, Evalace Wisteria, was planning on keeping their baby to make some sort of potion. I knew right away that it was time for me to make a trip to Dragon Valley to find her.

ch28md3 (7)

I explained my plans to the Crumplebottom sisters and they agreed to help me with transportation of the magic variety for efficiency.

ch28md3 (8)

One day, Salem got a phone call from the same number for the fourth time in one day, she recognized the number from Clementine, and knew that it belonged to Ghost. She assumed it was Clementine trying to reason with her so she continued to ignore it. Once it rang a fifth time however, she finally answered.

“What do you want?” She hissed.

ch28md3 (9)

“This is Ghost, Clementine’s friend.” He started. “Clementine has had contact with Toni. She’s planning on meeting up with her and inviting her into her home.”

ch28md3 (10)

“Why should I care? She can do whatever she wants… clearly.”

ch28md3 (11)

“I don’t trust her around Clementine, she isn’t safe.”

Salem groaned, “Ugh. Yeah yeah she hired a hitman to off her dad, I know the story, big woop.”

“She’s been suspected for multiple murders, and she said she has to talk to Clementine. I don’t like how urgent she’s making it, I have a bad feeling about her.” Ghost explained. “Don’t you have some sort of hocus pocus that you can do to keep her away?”

ch28md3 (12)

Salem felt her stomach flip and she sighed. “I think I have a banishment spell somewhere, I can probably use to to ban Toni from Appaloosa Plains. That’s about all I can do.”

ch28md3 (13)

Salem began working on the the spell immediately. It successfully banned Toni from entering Appaloosa Plains.

ch28md3 (14)

Meanwhile, I explained all the details to my mother. I asked her if she could accompany me on my trip. I was worried she’d be angry that I had contact with the Crumplebottom sisters, or that I still wasn’t over Donna, but surprisingly, she was proud of me.

“I always knew you had it in you to reach your goals. You remind me so much of myself, sometimes. Let’s go find her, hun. I’d love to go with you.”

ch28md3 (15)

With a little magic and a hot air balloon, we arrived within hours.

ch28md3 (16)

We found the house that the Crumplebottom sisters directed me to go, although, it wasn’t very difficult at all.

ch28md3 (17)

We stepped out of the balloon and my mother paused to look at me.

“You look so tired, baby.” She said.

“Well mom, I haven’t got much sleep lately, all things considered. Are you ready?”

“Let’s do this.”

ch28md3 (18)

We knocked on the doors and braced ourselves for any possibility. My heart raced when I heard the footsteps approaching…

ch28md3 (19)

Her husband.

“Hello.” I greeted. “My name is Yellow Darling, and this is my mother, Kirsten Darling. We’re looking for Donna Dar-, -ahem- Donna Parr-Teague.

ch28md3 (20)

You’re Yellow Darling?” He questioned. “I’m afraid Donna isn’t home. Please, come in.”

ch28md3 (21)

After quickly shaking our hands and having a seat at the dining table, he began to explain what was very similar to what the Crumplebottoms informed me about.

“I told her to leave.” He said. “She wasn’t safe here, not with Evalace.”

ch28md3 (22)

“Oh, surely I’m not all that bad, am I?” Evalace appeared in the doorway, her voice filling the room, leaving each of my hairs to stand on end.

ch28md3 (23)

With a shriek, Montgomery jumped to his feet so fast that he knocked over the chair. His face showed true terror. He feared for his life.

ch28md3 (24)

“You have betrayed me, Montgomery.” She said calmly, with a smirk, as she pulled out her wand from her jacket.

          ch28md3 (26)  ch28md3 (25)

ch28md3 (27)

Without missing a beat, Evalace threw her hand in Montgomery’s direction, blasting him with her wand. Smoke clouded the room, and I couldn’t make out what she did to him.

ch28md3 (28)

But as the smoke began to clear and our coughing subsided, it became very apparent what happened to Montgomery.

ch28md3 (29)


ch28md3 (30)

“Hmm.” She sneered. “And I was just getting to like him.

ch28md3 (31)

Evalace approached his corpse and gently nudged him with her foot. I was shaking with fury.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to bring me the girl, fetus unharmed. I will keep your mother until you do so. If she’s not back by tomorrow this time. Your mother will be joining my friend here.” She said. Kicking his body once more, this time harder.

Evalace disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

ch28md3 (32)

“Honey listen to me.” Kirsten said, grabbing my shoulders. “You need to find her, okay? She’s not going to hurt her she just wants the baby. I’ll think of a plan while you’re gone but right now you need to find her.

“Mom, I don’t know where she’s at. What do I do?” I panicked.

“You need to go to sleep.” Kirsten conjured her wand and I blacked out.

ch28md3 (33)

When I woke, I was in the balloon with glowing white eyes. That’s when I saw my bird, Starling, ready to lead the way.

ch28md3 (34)

ch28md3 (35)

“Slow down, you crazy bird!”

ch28md3 (36)

ch28md3 (37)

Starling began to fade away and I began to regain consciousness.

ch28md3 (38)

Then, I saw her in the distance, sleeping on the ground. It worked! I found her!

ch28md3 (39)

“Donna!” I shouted, kneeling down beside her. I remembered how heavily she could sleep. That girl could sleep through anything.

ch28md3 (40)

I put my arms around her and gently helped her to her feet, as she began to wake.

ch28md3 (41)

I’ll never forget the way her face looked when she recognized me.

“Yellow!” She squealed.

ch28md3 (42)

We threw our arms around one another. “I can’t believe you’re really here.” She said. I didn’t want to let go.

ch28md3 (43)

But alas, I had to. I explained to her that her husband is dead, why I was here, and why I had to bring her back.

ch28md3 (45)

“I feel terrible!” Donna cried. “The last thing that I said to Montgomery is that I don’t want to be with him anymore and that I wasn’t happy with him.”

I felt terrible too. It was a sad statement, yet hearing that she wasn’t in love with him gave me butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

ch28md3 (44)

“I’m so sorry Donna… ” Was all I could muster.

“But I still have my baby.” She said. “She can’t have it, I’m going to keep it.”

ch28md3 (46)

“Donna, that’s great news!” I enthused. “You’re the bravest person I’ve ever met, and I hope you’ll let me be there for you and the baby.” I added.

ch28md3 (50)

“Yellow, of course..” She began. “I was on my back way back to you and your family. I’ve missed you all terribly, and I know your family would be the best place to raise the baby,”

I wanted so badly to ask where her and I stood. I wanted her back, but with Montgomery’s death, I didn’t want to be insensitive. She probably needed time to heal, and I had to make sure I gave her that.

ch28md3 (47)

“So uh-” I mumbled. “Can I, uh feel? For the baby? It’s fine if it makes you uncomfortable, I dont- No, nevermind, sorry.”

“Well there’s nothing here to feel yet, but please go ahead.” She giggled.

ch28md3 (48)

“Hey little guy-or girl, I suppose.” I said, gently placing my palms on her belly. I looked at her and smiled. “Yeah, nothing.”

After making a proper fool out of myself, we decided to hurry back and save Kirsten.

ch28md3 (51)

When we returned, Kirsten was sitting nervously on the sofa across from a very menacing Evalace.

“Well well well…” Said Evalace, “Looks like the lovebirds finally decided to join us. How was the trip?”

ch28md3 (53)

“Give us back Mrs. Darling.” Demanded Donna. “And I’m keeping the baby.”

ch28md3 (52)

“Oh how brave you are!” Evalace clapped, with a patronizing tone. “You heard the girl, go on now!”

ch28md3 (54)

Kirsten slowly stood up and walked our direction.

“But I will be keeping the baby.” Growled Evalace.

ch28md3 (55)

Suddenly, Evalace pulled out her want and Donna was instantly floating in mid-air. I began to panic.

“Thank you Darlings, it’s been a pleasure, but you’ll be leaving now.”

ch28md3 (56)

“Not so fast, lady!” Kirsten shouted, blasting Evalace with her wand.

ch28md3 (57)

Donna dropped, hitting the floor with a loud thud that shook my soul. All I wanted to do was aid her, but I knew better than to make any sudden movements in the midst of two dueling witches.

ch28md3 (58)

Then suddenly Kirsten became engulfed in flames.

“Yellow, RUN! GO YELLOW!” She shouted.

ch28md3 (59)

I didn’t have time to think. I quickly grabbed Donna by the wrist to help her up, and letting her lead in front of me, we escaped out the door.

ch28md3 (60)

We waited in front of the house, far from sight, when suddenly we saw Kirsten emerged from the door.

ch28md3 (61)

I began to sob happy tears, as Donna cheered. I was so glad that I wouldn’t have to live with the guilt of leaving my mother behind to save Donna and her unborn baby.

ch28md3 (62)

Much to my surprise, Kirsten held Donna by the arms and spoke to her gently.

“I can honestly say I wasn’t a huge fan of you..” She began, and I cringed. “But I can tell how much my son cares about you. And if you’ll let us, we’d be happy to take you in and help you raise your little seedling.”

ch28md3 (49)

“Thank you so much Mrs. Darling, that means so much to me! I will gladly accept your offer.”

ch28md3 (63)

“See?” I said, pulling Donna in for a hug. “Our home is your home, you’re part of the family as far as I’m concerned.”


ch28md3 (64)

“Salem answer your phone. Clementine is missing, I think she went to go find Toni.”


6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.28: Deep Deep Sleep

  1. Ahh this was such a good chapter! It’s really nice to see the legacy again because I’d missed it a lot, but I completely understand why you’ve been otherwise preoccupied lately!

    For a moment I thought Evalace was going to kill Kirsten, so I’m relieved she’s unharmed. I haven’t been a huge fan of her since that whole incident with Brandt, but I wouldn’t have liked to see her die in such a way.

    And I’m so glad to see Donna and Yellow reunited! I mean Clem and Yellow will always have a special place in my heart but he and Donna were meant to be. My only hope is that they can become closer from their experiences. And I just know Yellow is going to be a great surrogate father for that baby!

    Also, I’m not overly worried about the whole Clem situation. Like it is bad that she’s missing, I won’t deny that, but I doubt Toni would hurt her. She might not be the most stable of women, but I really couldn’t see her physically harming her daughter, at least not intentionally.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for understanding!
      Yes, Evalace was really close to killing her, but Kirsten is a tough ol’ bird.

      I know, I’m glad they’re reunited too! Yellow feels like a million pounds has been lifted off his shoulders for sure.

      Yeah, that’s kind of how Clem sees it too. She knows her mom at least enough to feel safe enough to go alone. Ghost can be pretty protective over her, kinda gives off big brother vibes


  2. I’m so glad to see Evalace finished off! Too bad she got Montgomery – he was a decent guy in the end.
    I am worried about Toni and Clementine. Toni is unstable, who knows what she’ll involve her daughter in?


    • Yes. Montgomery was actually crazy about Evalace, but at the end of the day he at least cared enough about Donna to help her out of there. I like to think he always knew he was risking his life by doing so.
      You’re definitely right about her being unstable, and it is pretty weird that now all of a sudden she wants to contact her. I guess we’ll see!

      Liked by 1 person

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