Chapter 3.27: Final Goodbye


It was true, Donna was expecting. When the time came for her to realize, she didn’t know how to feel. She knew that this could happen, and she thought she wanted it this way, but something was wrong.


Donna didn’t know what she was going to say, she just knew that it was time to have a talk with Montgomery. She called him to the bedroom immediately.


When he entered the room he realized right away that she had been crying.

“Donna? What is it dear? Is everything alright?”
“I don’t know.” Donna whispered, hoping that after she talked to him, everything would be better.

“Well, what is it?”


“I’m pregnant. Well I’m pretty sure, at the very least.” She blurted.


Montgomery’s face went blank, and his jaw dropped.

“Seriously?” He asked.


“Yes.” Donna answered. “But that’s not all, Montgomery. I feel like this is a mistake. I’ve been thinking a lot about…Yellow.” She admitted. “More than I should be. I.. I think I love him still. I’m so sorry..”

“Oh…” Montgomery replied. “Donna, I… I understand.” He said.

Montgomery did understand, actually. More than Donna realized, little to her knowledge.


“But it’s okay. I still want to be with you. You’re my husband. We can work through this, and the baby idea will start to warm up to me, it’s just a minor case of cold feet.” She desperately explained. “I can move on.”


Montgomery aggressively grabbed Donna’s shoulders.

“Donna, I need you listen and listen closely. You have to leave. You’re not safe here.” He stated sternly, his face riddled with terror.


“What? I don’t understand. Are you going to hurt me or something?” Donna asked.

“I would never.” He said. “It’s Evalace.”


“It’s been her plan all along, she wants our baby. She’s planning to use it for some sort of concoction to keep her young and immortal. You need to get as far away from her as you can.


Donna gasped in shock. “It can’t be true…”
“I’m sorry Donna. She wouldn’t allow me to tell you, so she must never know.”


Donna hugged her husband goodbye and prepared herself to run away that night.



Despite the major blow-out before my parents arrived, we all gathered in the dining-room to listen to my father’s stories for several hours.


I couldn’t help but notice the dramatic tension in the room, no one sat anywhere near one another. I had hoped my parents wouldn’t sense it.


But that was the least of my worries. Salem had revealed to me several hours ago that the woman I loved deeply was pregnant, and that her baby could be in danger. However, I didn’t want to ruin my father’s home coming. I had to stay focused.


My dad had an obvious change of appearance from his resurrection. Although his tattoos and scars were barely visible, he was now sporting a fantastic shade of yellow along with years of aging.


My mother explained that because the island (and his body) was no longer traceable, the magic had to do the rest of the work, thus resulting in a sunny-colored hue.

Of course, I already knew this because I watched the same thing happen with Donna. My mind trailed off as I became overwhelmed with the feeling of wanting to be there for her. I quickly attempted to snap out of it once again.


Seymour turned to the window and looked around.

“Who decided to move us all the way out here?” He whined. Now we’ll never have a snow day! Boy, do I miss snow.”


“That would be me, dear.” Kirsten answered. “This town is far away from magic and I did what’s best for our family.”


She then shifted her attention to Clementine.

“Clem honey, I was planning on giving Seymour a tour of the town. You’re more than welcome to use my room, I’m betting you kids didn’t get any sleep yet.”


Salem interjected before Clementine even had a chance to speak.

“Clementine isn’t staying.” She hissed. “Her friend Ghost is already making a trip down to get her, he should be here any minute now.”


Ignoring Clementine, Salem quickly gave her dad one last hug before saying goodnight. She very deliberately avoided wishing her wife a goodnight, and even a goodbye.


After getting a short version of a good night’s sleep, I asked Belinda Crumplebottom to meet me in a secluded part of the desert. My mom still didn’t want me speaking  the Crumplebottom sisters, but this was an emergency. I needed to find out what kind of danger Donna was in, so I asked Belinda if she and her sisters could help.


“Yellow honey, we’d love to help, but I regret to inform you that my sisters and I are very busy.” Explained Belinda. “You see, we have a lot on our plate right now. That sister of yours got married without telling your parents, then proceeded to use an authorized potion and gave it to Clementine, your father has just been resurrected, and to top it all off Bella Goth has been abducted and there’s some sort of stronger force blocking us from finding out any information. Technically dear, Donna made her decision to leave and her protection is no longer an obligation. “


“I understand, really I do. But I can’t just leave her in danger. Can you please help me with just this one favor?” I begged. “I’ll do whatever it takes.”


Belinda sighed heavily. “Okay. I’ll do my best to find some time to help you. I can’t promise anything immediate, however. And I’ll need you to keep an eye out for any.. extra-terrestrial activity in the meantime. This location would be perfect for it.”


“Deal!!” I shouted, throwing my arms around Belinda. “Thank you!”



As time passed, I waited patiently for any word from the Crumplebottoms. Meanwhile, my sister who was brokenhearted over her break up with Clementine, took to my dad for comfort.


-Meanwhile in Lucky Palms-


“You gotta do what you gotta do!” advised Jaycen’s friend, while gulping down a large bite of his meal.

Lucky Palms socialite Jaycen Hendrix came to his friend for advice on how to properly break up with his long-term girlfriend, and fairly successful singer, Dianne Young, or as you may know her, Toni Clinton.


“Thanks man,” Jaycen sighed in relief. “Things just aren’t working out with her. I think I’ll break it to her tonight.”


What Jaycen didn’t know, what that Dianne overheard his little one-on-one advice session, and it wasn’t sitting well with her…

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