Chapter 3.22: Gone


While searching for her next meal, Kirsten saw something through the bushes that sparked her curiosity.


Her heart skipped as she let out a small gasp.

“What in the-“

b2 (2)

Then it all clicked.

“It- It can’t be! Oh my god, Seymour!” She shouted, instantly sprinting towards the glowing circle.

b2 (1)

Kirsten was filled with joy after finally realizing just what her discovery was. It was the portal that Yellow finally got around to setting up for her. The portal that would soon end all of her and her husband’s days struggling for survival on a lonely island.

“Seymour, seriously, come here! Hurry!” She shouted.





Kirsten carelessly trampled down the hill to Seymour’s side, where he lied lifelessly in the sand, next to the flaming fire pit.


“Sy honey, no! Seymour wake up please!” She cried. “Honey it’s time to go, please wake up!”

c2 (1)

Kirsten then began begging desperately to the skies above. “Please don’t take him, please! Not now, not now!” she screamed.

c2 (2)

Her begging turned into hysterical cries, as she came to the realization that her husband was not going to wake up, no matter how much she begged.

c2 (3)

She forced herself to calm down. Seymour was gone, and she knew she was going through the portal alone tonight. There was no way to bring him back, at least not by herself. She wasn’t powerful enough. She needed all her energy and magic to travel through the portal. Kirsten wasn’t sure how long the portal would last, so she knew wasting time could prove to be her biggest mistake yet.


Every step closer she took towards the portal grew more and more painful. She always imagined this moment with Seymour by her side.

She took a deep breath and turned towards her husband one last time. “I love you, Seymour.” She said, “I’ll be back for you with help. This will not be the last time I see you, I promise.”

With that she held her breath and reluctantly stepped into the portal.


-A Few Hours Earlier-


Today was supposed to be a monumental day. I was expecting my parents home any moment now, and I had planned to be at the Crumplebottom sisters’ house when they returned.

However, I was off to a late start. I woke up with the rain falling hard against my windows. I was instantly reminded of Donna and how she used to love to jump in the puddles. I was doing great for so long, but today was one of those days.


And if that wasn’t enough, Persephone’s dog, Flea, who was more like a family pet ever since Salem and I moved in, was no longer with us. He passed away in sleep, during the night.

d3 (1)

As much as I wanted to be home with my family right now, I also really wanted to be there when my parents came home. I did my best to make sure Misfit was handling everything okay, before quickly hopping into my truck.

d3 (2)

My heart was filled with thousands of emotions at once on the way to the Crumplebottom estate. I had a lot of time to think.

d3 (3)

“I want the island gone.” I said hastily.

The Crumplebottom sisters stared at me in confusion.

“I want it gone. As soon as my parents enter the portal I want the island to be destroyed. I don’t want there to be any trace of it.” I explained.

d3 (4)

“Geographically speaking, the island already does not exist. There is no way to get to the island without a portal. Destroying the island is feasible, but highly unnecessary and to be frank, a waste of energy.” Beatrice argued.

d4 (1)

I had my reasons for not wanting the island to exist. So for once I knew it was time to put my foot down.

“Beatrice, I’m not asking you, I am telling you. I am after all, the heir, which makes me in charge of these decisions, and I said I want the island to be gone. Immediately after my parents use the portal.”

d4 (2)

I could see fire in Beatrice’s eyes after talking back to her, but her sisters pulled her away before she could come up with my punishment.

I could hear them discussing the issue in the room next to me.

d4 (3)

Finally, one of them returns while the other two make their way into a different room.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Bianca asked. “That island has been their home for about eight years… They might still want to return one day.”

d4 (4)

“Correction. That island has been their prison for eight years. If there is any reason for them wanting to return, well then I will deal with the consequences.”

d4 (5)

“Well then, it’s settled! My sisters will put a spell on the island. Once your parents step through the portal, the island will be completely wiped from existence within seconds, yay!” Bianca cheered.

d4 (6)

Suddenly, a loud explosion came from the basement, shaking the floor beneath me.

d4 (7)

“Sisters, it’s time. Yellow, you wait here, we need to make sure they arrived safely and we don’t need you in the way.”

d4 (8)

I watched anxiously as the sisters crept their way down the stairs. My mind began to race. I wondered how different they would look. I wondered how I would react when I see them, how they’d react, or even if they’d recognize me. I wish I had another half to share this moment with.

d4 (9)

d4 (10)

I felt physically ill when I saw what looked like my mother’s auburn hair floating up the stairs. I had a strong feeling that I was imagining all of it. I wondered if I was dreaming or something.

d4 (11)

d5 (1)

d5 (2)


d5 (3)

She stared at me blankly with shock as she silently approached me and threw her arms around me. I held her back, and buried my face into her shoulder.

d5 (4)

She has an odd scent and she was frail and thin, but the familiar way she held me caused me to uncontrollably sob my eyes out.

“Yellow, I can hardly believe it’s you.” She whispered. “You’ve gotten so big.”

d5 (5)

“Shhh.. Mommy’s here now.” she cooed gently, her voice cracking as she started to cry. “I’m so sorry sweetheart, I’m so sorry. I’m never leaving again. I promise.”

“Where is my other baby?” She asked, not letting me go.

“She’s home. Where is dad?” I asked.

She was completely silent, not making a sound aside from a tiny sob that was enough to concern me.

d5 (6)

I pulled away wiping my face.

“Where’s dad?” I asked again, this time louder.

She silently bowed her head.

“What? No! He’s… gone?”

d7 (1)

I felt dizzier and dizzier as I began to hyperventilate.  “I can’t believe it, I took too long…”

“No honey, no. It’s not your fault okay? Don’t stress out right now. It’s not over yet okay? We have a very powerful family and we can get him back. It’s going to be fine.” She reassured.

d7 (3)

“There might be a problem with that…” Beatrice said, as the sisters returned upstairs.


“You ordered for the island to be destroyed. It no longer exists, therefore your father’s remains no longer exist as well.”

22 thoughts on “Chapter 3.22: Gone

  1. Well, that was a lot sadder than I anticipated… O.o

    I’m glad that Yellow could be reunited with at least one of his parents, but does this mean the end of Seymour? I imagine there’s no chance of getting him back now…


      • I’m kind of used to the feelsy feelings now, but I kind of have this sinking feeling you’re going to throw something else at us. Especially since you said this gen was going to be quite emotional a few chapters back!

        Well, I’m sure they’ll figure something out. I hope…


      • Mhm. I am really trying to make it my mission to make every chapter have at least one “omg my feels” moment. Some have big moments and some are very small.

        Yeah it’s far from over though 🙂


  2. BWAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Why would you do that to us? 😥

    … Okay I know “why,” but whhhhhhhyyyyy?!?!?

    Oh Yellow! I know that Kristen’s telling him not to blame himself, but GOSH how is it possible for him not to? And he was just getting better after Donna… (GAAAAH, DONNA AND MY DOLLOW FEELS STILL HURT SO MUCH!)

    sniffle Good chapter…


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