Chapter 3.21: Hourglass

c2 (1)

Tres Lagos wasn’t much, to tell you the truth. It was just a lonely desert town off the side of the highway. Not much happens there, and it’s never under 90°, at the very least.

c2 (2)

But I think some time alone in the scorching rays of the sun was the perfect aid to the desolation of the cold winter that I would have had to endure if I were to stay in Pony-Bones Island. If I never had to see snow again, I would be fine.

c3 (1)

Mel ran the rehabilitation center for young people in crisis like me. She offered very useful tools and one on one therapy sessions.

c3 (3)

I met several other people who were fighting their own battles, as well. I guess you can say I even made some friends.

c3 (6)

c3 (4)

I found it truly rewarding when they opened up to me. Their struggles were so large, and they really put my breakup into perspective.

c3 (5)

The thought of losing Donna to her husband really kills me, I don’t think that will ever change. But after spending time with these amazingly brave individuals in the middle of nowhere, I finally found it in myself to smile again.

c3 (2)

One of the most helpful tools for me, was meditation. The concept of meditation alone was great, but adding a dose of magic just takes it to a whole different level.

c4 (1)

When I got some time alone, I ventured off into the mountains along side the highway to meditate.

c4 (2)

Without having to fall asleep, I began to dream-seek within a few hours.

d (1)

Suddenly, I saw my father. With a rugged beard and a cough to match, he didn’t look well. I could tell that he had come down with something while surviving on the island.

d (2)

I had never seen him like this before. He looked frail and sickly. My mother was worried about him. She had attempted several health spells but nothing she tried could restore his health.

d (3)

She finally decided enough was enough, and against my father’s wishes, she went through with the spell I sent her weeks ago. Perhaps this would help, she thought.

d (4)

d (5)

She watched in awe as the glass bottle exploded into smoke and sparks that could reach the stars.

d (6)

I was finally one step closer to reuniting with my parents.

d2 (1)

I immediately snapped out of my meditation session. Although I had planned on staying a little longer, I knew the time had come, and I needed to get home and continue the journey to get my parents back.

d2 (2)

Once I got home, I knew it was important to go straight to bed, but I decided to make a quick meal first. It’s not easy to dream-seek on an empty stomach!

d3 (1)

Just as I was hoping to avoid, the kitchen door opened. It was Salem and Clementine. Clementine was apparently here for spring break to spend time with Salem. Since Clementine’s Dad and Ms. Lovelace recently had a baby, Clementine was really excited for a vacation, which meant staying out late every chance she got.

d3 (2)

“Lo!” She shrieked as she threw her arms around me. Without realizing, a huge smile formed across my face. It was a very warm, familiar feeling to see her again. She was even more beautiful than I remembered, and she’s all grown up now!

d4 (1)

Her smile quickly changed to a sympathetic frown.

“Yellow, I’m so sorry about everything with Don-”

“Sh.” I hushed. “Don’t bring it up dear, I’ll be okay.” I smiled.

d4 (2)

“I just…I’m so proud of you, Lo. You’re handling this really well…” She encouraged, tightly grasping my shoulders. “Well… compared to a few months ago.” She added.

d4 (3)

“Oh my god!” She gasped, trying to shift the conversation. “Me and Salem were just about to go hang out at the faire with Flynn. You should totally go with!”

d5 (1)

I immediately chuckled in amusement.

“I don’t know Clem, I should really get some sleep tonight.” I said. If only she knew just how important sleep was to me tonight.

d5 (2)

“Oh come on, Lo.” She began. “You haven’t seen us in ages, be social for once! Pleeease?” She begged.

d5 (3)

She was right. I really needed to move on. I haven’t been home for a while, and I did miss Pony-Bones Island. Might as well celebrate my first night here. My parents have been away for years, surely they’d survive one more night.

“Fine, I’ll go…” I smiled.







17 thoughts on “Chapter 3.21: Hourglass

  1. :I something tells me Yellow may regret that choice…
    But I’m glad he’s happy again! Or well, getting there at least. That rehabilitation was exactly what he needed!


  2. Oh boy, I’ve waiting for this chapter!

    I’m glad that Yellow has finally began to move on from losing Donna. I’m sure the pain of losing her will never leave him, but at least it’s going to be easier for him both mentally and physically now.

    That last picture concerns me…I hope it isn’t too late for them!


    • So glad to hear that, I am happy you didn’t forget about us ♥

      Exactly, let’s just hope he isn’t just biting his tongue and smiling… :/

      It’s a pretty dramatic photo, rightfully so, though 😉


  3. Aouch… Something bad will happen.
    Lovely to see Clem though, love that girl so much!
    And well done for Yellow’s look: he’s just right between a young man and a teenager!


  4. OMG, Clementine is absolutely gorgeous. She is the best looking sim in the series (Soz Kristen) and is she a young adult cuz she looks taller than everyone else?
    BTW I read this story in like under a week while school was in session and when I got a shit ton of homework thrown my way. I got a couple detentions but it was totally worth it.


  5. Omg is it me or did Yellow and Clem get more gorgeous? You know I’m still shipping Clem and Salem >.> Ahem… Sorry I’m so late on reading this :s I’ve been really distracted lately.


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