Chapter 3.19: Practice Makes Perfect

Disclaimer: I’d like to add a bit of a general trigger warning for this post. Some language and events that occur in this chapter are not something that I condone, nor would the adult versions of these characters condone.


“Are you sure this is the place she’s supposed to meet us?” Asked Montgomery, anxiously.


Evalace released a small cackle that slowly grew louder under her breath.

US?” She laughed, “Who said anything about us?”


“Evalace, please tell me you’ll stay until she arrives, I’m rather nervous.” Montgomery pleaded.


“Well isn’t that sweet. But no, as much as I’d love to stay and witness your touching little reunion, I have better things to do.”


Before Montgomery could say another word, Evalace disappeared into a circle of bright beams rising up from the ground.


b (1)

“These dumbasses aren’t saying anything else.” I complained, as I teased a group internet dweebs on an anime lovers chat-room.

b (2)

“Maybe they’ve had enough of your trolling.” Said Clementine.

“Whatever, they’re boring anyways. I just wanted to get a rise out of them.” I said.

“Try the chess chat-room? Dungeons and dragons? Mexican wrestling? Chinchilla lovers? Clementine suggested. “I dunno.”

“Nah, I think I’m done with these losers.”

b (3)

“I told you there was nothing to do at my house.” Clementine reminded.

“No shit, you weren’t kidding.”

I didn’t mind it though. I was honestly very excited to return to the place I grew up for the summer. It was a long winter and spring dealing with Yellow and his moping about.

b (4)

Clementine’s house always had something fun to do, but that isn’t really the case ever since Brandt knocked up his girlfriend. Clementine loves babies, so she’s overly excited about that kid, but everyone knows how Ms. Loveland is with commitment, it’s only a matter of time before she abandons Brandt and the kid just like Toni did.

b (5)

“It’s whatever. My house sucks too. Yellow is still moping around about Donna. He’s dropping out of school, won’t leave the house to hang out with Flynn, he won’t even leave his room, actually. It’s been months, it’s time for him to grow a pair.”

b (6)

“Salem, he really loved her though. He thought she was the one, and he feels like he’s letting Kirs and Sy down by not being able to stick to the legacy, cut him some slack.” Clementine argued.

b (7)

“Well once he realizes that you’re the one then maybe he’ll come to his senses and move on.” I said. “I might have to give him another talk if he doesn’t wake the hell up.”

b (8)

“Hehe, just give him time.” Clementine giggled.

b (9)

“Yeah, that’s not really something I have a lot of these days.” I began. “I need him to move on so I can finally take my rightful spot as heir.”

Clementine shook her head. “You are too much sometimes.”

b (10)

“So….You think you have what it takes to be in charge?”

“I know I do.”

“Well, you are missing one thing…. A mate! You have to find your zombie prince before you can be heir, right? We could go to the graveyard right now and ‘shop'” Clementine suggested, using air quotes.

b (11)

“Well…. That might not be necessary.” I smiled. “I kinda have my eyes on this one witch in Pony-Bones Island. I met him in witch school. His name is Hellion Blank. He’s a little older than me but I think he’s been resurrected.”

Clementine eagerly latched on to my every word.

“Oh yeah…. and he kind of has a girlfriend…” I added.

b (12)

“Oh my god! You can’t just have your pick of any man you want, he’s taken you slut!” Clementine laughed.

“Pft! Teapot calling the kettle black, dude.”

b (13)

“Plus… Annabelle Story, she’s just so… plain. I don’t care honestly.” I laughed.

b (14)

“So what about you?” I asked, focusing on the photo hanging on the wall of Clementine and her stupid friend Ghost. “What’s the status between you and Mr. Anti-Darling?”

b (15)

“Shut up Salem! I’ve told you a million times, he’s just my friend. He’s way too serious and protective to be anything more.”

b (16)

“Anyways, stop trying to change the subject!” She said. “So this Hellion guy… Is he good at making out and stuff?”

b (17)

“Whoa now. We haven’t…. I just said I have my eye on him, that’s all. Other than a little peck with Irving and that time with Flynn against my will, I’ve really never like, kissed a guy.”

b (18)

“Oh my god! You haven’t even made out with him yet?! You need to get the ball rolling, girl!”

b (19)

Feeling a little patronized, and a lot annoyed, I distanced myself from Clementine.

“Stop being such a spazz about it, I’ll make a move when I feel like it.”

b (21)

“Well you can’t just make a move and not know what you’re doing.” Clementine giggled.

b (20)

“Well you know… I could help you learn, you could always practice on me…” Clementine joked, seductively.

b (22)

“Buzz off, lesbo!” I laughed, hitting her in the face with a pillow.

She could tell that her silly joke made me uncomfortable, but she thought it was funny.

b (23)

“No, seriously though. I know what I’m doing and you don’t. You need practice!”

b (24)

“You are such a horn-dog, Clementine.”

“It’s just practice, let’s just do it. It’s not going to hurt anything.”

“You have to be kidding.” I said.

“I’m not..”

b (25)

“Well.. you do have plenty of experience.” I teased.

b (26)

“HAR-HAR so funny.” She laughed.

“It’s true.” I added.

“Okay, so do you want to?”

“Not really. Why are you trying so hard to convince me?” I questioned.

“Because I’m your best friend, and I don’t want you to make a fool of yourself when you screw up. One kiss can set the tone for the rest of a relationship, you know.”

“Is that why you’re single?” I laughed, trying to switch gears. My hands were getting clammy, and I didn’t know how to feel about making out with my best friend.

b (27)

“You’re changing the subject, again. I’m going to keep bugging you until you give in.” Said Clementine.

I sighed. “Whatever.”

“What are friends for?” She smiled.

Clementine reached for my hand, and I quickly wiped it on my shirt before she could hold it. My heart was racing and I began to feel somewhat shy and uncomfortable, a feeling I’ve never experienced around Clementine before.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” I said, still wondering if she was completely serious.


“Just relax!” She giggled, holding on to my arms as she stepped closer.

“This is weird.” I said, attempting to cover my anxiousness.


“Don’t think about it, just do it. Okay?” Clementine smiled.

I smiled and nodded sarcastically. “K.” I breathed.


She gently placed her warm palm on my neck as her unbelievably soft lips touched mine. I remembered how my lips are always chapped and I began to feel self conscious, before I took her advice and tried to stop thinking.


Her kiss was slow yet exhilarating. Without separating her lips from mine, she kissed me again. I followed the rhythm of her mouth and eventually her tongue, and began to mirror her motions.

b7 (1)

She pulled me in closer, and began kissing me more aggressively.

b7 (2)

I became aware of her hands wrapped around my back, pressing my entire body against hers. I couldn’t completely tell, but I began to get the feeling, or perhaps the idea, that this was a little bit more than a practice session.

When a soft moan escaped Clementine’s lips, I tossed aside all of my thoughts and confusion, and completely let loose.

b8 (1)

Grabbing my hands, she took a few steps forward, sending me toppling onto the bed. I tried catching my breath as I watched her perfectly shaped body crawl over me, before continuing to kiss me feverishly. I felt her hands begin to slowly roam, when suddenly there was a brisk knock on the door.

b8 (2)

“Knock knock.” Brandt said, opening the door.


Clementine instantly launched herself off of me, as we sprung up to a seated position.

“Yeah, dad?” Clementine asked, trying to steady her breathing.


“Do you girls need anything before I head to bed? Let me know now if you do. This is the one night Gracie isn’t being a hormonal psycho and I want to take advantage, if you know what I mean.” He laughed.

“Ew dad, no. We’re fine.” Clementine winced.

“Okay, night, love you.”

“Night.” Clementine and I both said in unison as Brandt shut the door behind him.


What just happened?


x (1)

x (2)

x (3)






26 thoughts on “Chapter 3.19: Practice Makes Perfect

  1. I don’t know how to feel about Donna now. I think a part of her still cares for Yellow and it probably always will, but I still can’t believe she left him like that 😦

    Aww I hope Gracie sticks around with Brandt. It would be a shame for him to have to lose yet another woman in his life. However, I can’t wait to meet their little baby!

    That kiss escalated quickly…I wonder if anything will become of that.

    Poor Yellow. It’s such a shame about what is happening to him right now. He should go and hang out with his friends though. I’m sure they’d be able to offer him some great comfort!

    Lovely chapter Mo! ❀


    • Of course she cares about him still πŸ™‚ She still loves him, even. It’s just that no one else but Donna knows how deep the love between her and Montgomery was. They were young, sure, but she married him for a reason. She feels terrible for what she did to Yellow, and the guilt eats away at her every day, but she didn’t know that she’d ever see Montgomery again.

      I hope so too! Brandt isn’t going to let his guard down this time, just in case. He’s also hoping for a boy πŸ˜€

      I know! o.o I’ve had this planned for a while (And when I say for a while I mean since they were born) But it’s been so hard to keep it hush-hush so I’m glad I could finally let the cat out of the bag πŸ˜€

      We’ll have to see if it becomes anything more, it might ruin some things if it does though.

      Yes, he’s always naturally been a loner, anyways. Its just worse now. And he did spend christmas with Flynn who made a great shoulder (:

      Thank you πŸ˜€


      • To be honest, in Donna’s time it probably considered fairly normal to marry at an early age. Even if Montogomery had never come back, I imagine Donna would have continued to harbour intense feelings of love towards him.

        I think a little brother would be nice for Clementine! I guess we’ll see when the time comes!

        Sneaky, sneaky…
        I’m beginning to wonder if this is what you meant when you talked about plot twists on tumblr. πŸ˜‰

        N’aww 😦 It’s nice that even though Flynn hasn’t had much experience with the ladies he’s still able to offer Lo some comfort in this difficult time.


      • That is exactly right. It’s easy for us to be angry with Donna because we watched Lo grow up from a itty bitty baby, but we have to consider Montgomery’s feelings too!

        I’m excited πŸ˜€

        yes haha this is only the beginning though!

        lol yes, he thinks he’s a ladies expert though xD


      • Exactly! We’re more emotionally invested in Yellow because we’ve known him for far longer and have seen the things he has had to go through and as you said we’ve seen him and Salem grow up from these little itty bitty babies. And we should take into consideration his feelings as well. He probably isn’t even aware of the whole situation with Yellow and only wants to be reunited with the woman he was taken from too soon.


        Great…nervous laugh

        Hehe, maybe one day he’ll have some luck!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Well um that might just be the most awkward I’ve ever felt about this story… On another note Yellow needs a new mate. I hate Donna now. And I’m not sorry. Like he brought her back to life and she abandoned him for someone she knew a long time ago. It’s ’till death do us part, and well, they passed that a LONG time ago. Like 200 years ago… and now I’m rambling so I’ll just be off.


    • Sorry you found it awkward, I didn’t mean to make it come across that way. It can have very mature themes, so reader discretion is always advised.

      Thank you for reading! πŸ˜€


  3. I agree about the “Till Death” part, however, if I died, and were brought back to life; If I found out my husband had had the same done with him as well, I would be all over hunting him down… Then there is the fact that he may have changed , or that her feelings might have changed, but sometimes it takes trying to learn… In the words of a great teacher, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”… (Sorry, my 3yr old has been watching it so much that I’m a little brainwashed right now.)

    As for Salem… OMG… That has never crossed my mind, but is so perfect!!! I am so okay with this. ^_^

    And, poor Lo, I feel so bad for him ;_;


  4. I agree completely! I’d be searching for mine too, even if I did find someone else. And you’re right, she might learn from all of this, that’s all.

    EEEPP! I haven’t got a lot of excitement about this yet, so I’m glad you approve πŸ™‚ I don’t know if it will ever be anything more than that little practice session but it needed to happen regardless..

    Me too, poor bb 😦


  5. Oh man, Yellow dropped out?! Her leaving hit straight to the heart huh.. I love Salem and Clem’s friendship! And holy bacon meat, that scene was hawt and awkward at the same time. I died laughing when I saw Brandt at the door. And oh my he and Gracie are gonna have a baby! I wonder if Salem is right.. Is she going to leave him with the baby :s After that he’ll probably give up steady relationships for good. I’m single if Brandt wants me! :O Uhhh I’m kinda thinking that Clem might have a thing for her bestie now.. Might be kinda nice to see those two together. The scene with Donna and Monty (whatever his name is) That was cute, but I don’t like that it led to a heart break for my darling Yellow :s. I’m scared of what’s going to happen in the next chapter.. .-.


    • Yeah. He just couldn’t handle people always asking “where’s donna” “Whats wrong” etc etc.

      heheh yeh, they’re pretty close πŸ˜‰

      Well Salem has a way of making everything into something negative, but Gracie does happen to have the afraid of commitment trait so…

      It kinda looks like it, but we’ll have to see!

      Yeah Monty and Donna are cute, but its a bittersweet cute.


      • Oh yeah I agree :s I couldn’t handle that either.

        Yeah I know she’s afraid. But maybe she’ll stick it out.

        Yeah bittersweet indeed D:


  6. I’d like to be happy for Donna, I really would. I mean she’s reunited with her husband. But Yellow… I want him to be happy again. Regardless of who he’s with, if anyone at all, I want him to get something. Because so far it seems that he’s lost more than he’s gained.
    Now as for Salem and Clem… I love it! Who knows how that will turn out, but that was just great. I know Salem wants to be heir but maybe her and Clem have something πŸ˜‰ Either way I loved this chapter!


    • Yellow has his whole life ahead of him, I’m sure he will run into some good times in the near future, perhaps even unexpected ones πŸ˜‰

      I’m glad! πŸ˜€ Their is no denying that Clem and Salem would make a cute pairing, or dare I say sexy even, but at the same time, it could completely destruct the legacy if you think about it!

      Thank youuu πŸ˜€


  7. Aww, I totally ship Salem and Clementine! I also really love that name, reminds me of Clem from the Walking Dead game :’)
    Thanks for another great chapter πŸ˜€


  8. Clem and Salem… That was a bit unexpected! I still don’t know how to feel about it, but they are both great characters and I think they might be great together. I also love it when a writer surprises me, so thanks for that. πŸ™‚
    As for Donna… I’ve never liked her from day one. She sounds fake and hollow to me. I don’t think she makes a good match for Yellow. She was too fast to forget her previous life, culture and manners included. She adapted too quickly to modern life. And now she rejects everything too quickly too. I can’t relate to her at all. She had an arranged wedding, so how could she really feel anything for her husband? By contrast, she had a liberated relationship with Yellow, and I thought she would develop into a stronger and more complex character. She just seems inconsistent.
    We didn’t really learn much about Monty too, so it was hard to relate to him as well.
    But I do relate to Yellow and his adolescent love. He’s becoming a man, and it’s really cute to see. I just can’t see him with Donna, sorry. He needs a wife who has the same values as he has.


    • Yep, lots of twists and turns in this story πŸ™‚ This doesn’t mean they’ll end up together, but it doesn’t mean they won’t either.
      Donna is definitely inconsistent. I won’t argue that. But you have to keep in mind she is still a teenager and is very confused about her new free life and the morals she was taught. Also, he wedding wasn’t arranged. She snuck off with montgomery against her parents’ orders and eloped with him! She left her family for Montgomery, so there definitely were some feelings there, no doubt.


  9. Salem and Clementine, wasn’t expecting that but I think Clementine would be good for Salem, make her realise there is more to life than being heir.
    Donna, that was a cute scene with her and Montgomery but I don’t like what she did to poor Yellow. Be interesting to learn more about him and this Evalace woman. What does she get out of this reunion?
    I really hope Gracie and Brandt say together, they are soo cute. : )
    This would be a great time for Kirsten and Seymour to come back and help get their son back on track!
    As always great chapter.


    • That’s a good way to look at it! πŸ™‚ Salem knows being heir is important to both of them, so she doesn’t take sides when it comes to that, but naturally she goes with whatever Salem says in that case.

      Yes, very bittersweet that scene was 😦 And let’s hope we find out soon!

      Yes they are πŸ˜€

      I know ❀

      Thank youuuuu!


  10. Ho.lee.snot.balls.

    Please let there be more of these shenanigans!

    I was trying to think of some way to word that where i didn’t sound like a horny teenage boy. The Clem-Salem thing would blow this thing out of the water though! Did not see that coming!


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