Chapter 3.17: Caged

a (1)

Almost as soon as I finished speaking I immediately regretted it. I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut. Donna and I were supposed to tell the adults that she would be leaving together, but Donna sleeps in late, and my emotions were running high, so I just spilled everything.

My aunts didn’t take it very well. Their faces crinkled with anger, as they silently waited for Donna to awake. Uncle Bo and Barry stood patiently positioned behind them, like obedient watch dogs. The room was brimming with tension, and if I had a sharp enough knife, I undoubtedly could slice it in half.

a (2)

“But I’ll be okay, honest…” I said, trying to do some damage control. “I completely understand why she wants to do this, don’t be angry with her, please.”

But it was too late. The switches in my aunts were already flipped and there was no turning back now.

My heart began to pace ferociously with regret as the sound of Donna’s dainty footsteps coming down the stairs filled the room.

a (3)

All eyes were glued on Donna as she entered the room. I knew the tension was clearly not a figment of my imagination, when Donna winced the moment she walked in.

“Is something wrong?” She questioned.


I nervously stumbled to my feet. “Good morning dear, you look lovely this morning.” I muttered, desperately trying to ease the apparent stress.

But my pathetic attempt was short-lived.

a3 (1)

“How dare you use my nephew like this!” Persephone barked.

a3 (2)

Donna immediately gasped in shock.

“I.. Don’t understand..”

a3 (3)

“Oh I think you understand quite well. You used Yellow to resurrect you, and you string him along just long enough to leave him in the dirt for a husband you had hundreds of years ago.”


a3 (4)

Donna’s confusion quickly morphed into outrage as she turned her focus onto me.

“YOU TOLD THEM?” She bellowed.

“Donna, I’m so sorry! You were sleeping and-“

“We were supposed to tell them together!”

“I know, love. I-“

a4 (1)

“I trusted you, Yellow.” She scoffed abruptly. “Perhaps my leaving will be for the best, after all.”

a4 (2)

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere, princess.” Persephone smirked, as Gwendolyn mumbled something along the lines of “It’ll be a cold day in hell when that little pink brat tries to take my magic.”


“What are you going on about? I’ve already talked to the Ms. Belinda, and my powers have already been revoked. You cannot force me to stay here. You’d have to lock me away in a cage before I’d let you make my decisions for me!”

Persephone and Gwendolyn remained silent for a moment, before a devious smile formed on both of their faces.


“You can’t be serious…”

a6 (1)

“Listen here, brat! The night you were resurrected, my sister and I spoke with you privately. We told you that if you tried to leave there would be dire consequences. You’re the one who assured us you were in this for the long run, and excited to do so, at that!” Gwendolyn shouted.

“You have to understand, I didn’t know my husband would be alive. I vowed to be by his side for all of eternity, and if he’s alive, well then I can’t remain here. I didn’t want to do this to Yellow. I didn’t want to do this to any of you.” Pleaded Donna.

“Well lucky for you, you don’t have to. You agreed to the terms and conditions, and you will have to be locked away until you agree to stay.”

“That is just maniacal. Not only is it illegal and unethical, it isn’t even your call to make. Yellow is heir, and would never allow you to do such an outrageous act.” Donna argued.

a6 (2)

“Okay fine.” Gwendolyn spewed. “Go ahead Mr. heir. You call the shots. Would you like to rip the entire family of all their magic, leaving us all deathly ill, and completely lose the girl you love, forever? Or would you like to keep her here?”

Clearly Gwendolyn’s loaded proposal was rather biased, but she was right. Not only was it important for me to continue my grandmother’s legacy, but I truly loved Donna with every fiber of my being, and definitely thought she was my soul-mate. I couldn’t lose her, not if I had a choice…

“I… umm….”

“Spit it out, Romeo.” Persephone grunted.

a6 (3)

“Well… I really don’t want to lose you, Donna…”

“Yellow, you can’t be serious… You can’t actually be considering this.”

“Enough talk! It looks like Yellow has made the decision.”

A8 (1)

“Boys…” Gwendolyn ordered.

A8 (2)

In a snap, Bo and Barry were on each side of Donna, hesitantly snatching her up by her arms.

“What is wrong with you people? Let me go!” Donna demanded, squirming violently to get away.

“No, stop! Put her down, don’t hurt her!” I shouted, not fully understanding what was going on.

A8 (3)

I began to panic. What have I done? I can’t let this happen.

But it was too late. Before I could stop them, they had already whisked her away to a secret location.

b (1)

I soaked in the bathtub later that evening, in hopes to soak away some of my stress. My aunts said I wasn’t ready to know where Donna’s location was, but they assured she was safe.

Still I couldn’t help but be ridden with anxiety.

b (2)

I jolted straight up from my relaxing position when I overheard Barry and Persephone talking outside the bathroom door.


“We can’t just lock her up all alone in the mountains. I understand that there are a lot of certain situations where this family is above the law, since there are no laws for magic, but I definitely think this one is over-stepping some boundaries, Persephone.” Barry explained.

“Well just what do you propose we do, Barry? Our whole legacy is on the line. If our magic gets revoked, we could die.”


“…Up in the mountains?”

b4 (1)

It wasn’t long before I snuck out of the house and began thoroughly searching the steepest hill in Pony-Bones Island for my love.

b4 (3)

b4 (2)

The harsh feeling of defeat began to weigh heavily on my shoulders when I started to realized I was going in circles.

Suddenly, I heard a familiar sound that could potentially turn my luck around.


It was my dear pet, Starling, here to guide me into the right direction, yet again! After swooping dangerously close to my head, she began flying admittedly a little too fast, with me right behind her trail.


The path I followed Starling on, led me straight to some smoke wading in the sky, I immediately rushed to the smoke. Once I got closer to the smoky cloud, I began to make out a large object directly underneath it.


I found exactly what I was looking for, but I’m not sure it’s what I wanted to see.


Like a sad little coral-colored canary, Donna kneeled somberly in a large, bronze cage, accompanied by an old black fireplace.

c2 (1)

I swiftly approached the large cage that trapped Donna like an animal. Despite the bitter cold weather, the cage emitted heat, almost too much heat.

“Oh my god, Donna! Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Donna slightly peered her head up and glanced at me.

“Go away, Yellow.” She said.


She slowly crawled  in front of the fireplace, holding her knees.

“I would prefer if you left.”


I examined the steel bars carefully. “I’m sure you could squeezed through these bars, come here, I’ll help you. There has to be a way out of here.”


“Don’t bother, I already tried. There’s a magical barrier protecting it. There’s no way out, with out a spell that only your aunts know.”

c8 (1)

I was infuriated. “Ughh this is just sick.”I fumed.

c8 (2)

“Yeah, well you put me here, Yellow. It was your decision.”


She was right. Never have I felt this guilty or sorry about anything before. She was stuck in a cage like a prisoner and it was all my fault.

c16 (1)

I didn’t leave her side for the rest of the night, despite her very vocal wishes for me to leave her alone.

She curled up by the fireplace and soon fell asleep. I lied in front of the cage next to her once I was sure she was asleep.

c16 (2)

The snow was surprisingly warm, as I stared up at the stars. I was strangely comforted by being able to have Donna next to me for one more night.

But this was just a temporary relief. I couldn’t stop thinking about the rather bizarre events that happened today. It felt like I was in a strange bottomless hole. The more and more I tried to dig my way out, the deeper and deeper I became submerged in dirt.

Finally, exhaustion was able to overcome my overactive brain long enough for me to drift away in the snow.



“Bubbles got away! He hates me! I gave him all he could ever want in this bucket and he just left!”


“Sometimes, we have to let something go if we love them. If it’s meant to be, they will come back.”

c16 (3)

The next morning, I woke up more than confused when I was in my own bed and not next to Donna and the cage.

c16 (4)

“Gwendolyn and Persephone.” I scoffed.

I took a moment to sort out everything I went through last night, and decided what actually happened and what was a dream.

I felt an overwhelming sadness, but I knew what had to be done.

c16 (5)

I marched downstairs and found my aunts sitting on the sofa arguing about the skeleton maid, or something along those lines.

“Well good morning, Yellow Sun.” Gwendolyn greeted.

c16 (6)

“I have a bone to pick with the two of you, this ends today.” I demanded.


“What on earth is this about, young man?”


“You two are going to set Donna free today, my orders.”


“Excuse me?”

d4 (1)

“Why would you want that? Are you insane?!”

d4 (2)

“Do you understand the consequences of doing that? It can’t happen. It just can’t.”


“Trust me, I wanted to be with Donna for all of eternity, and I still do, but not like this. I can’t make her love me. I want to set her free, that is no way to live.”

d6 (1)

“You’re going to kill us!” Gwendolyn shouted, as she dramatically began to choke herself.

d6 (2)

“Aunt Gwendolyn, please don’t do that. You aren’t going to die. Think about it. This will not end the legacy. Not yet at least. I’m not even an adult yet, I have my whole life ahead of me. And if I never find love again, Salem will always be here, ready to take my spot. I am willing to put money on it, that your magic is safe.”

e (1)

“Listen, I’m sure about this. Please, please set her free. I can’t live with the thought of her hating me, whether I lose her or not. Please?” I begged.

e (2)

“Are you sure about this?” Gwendolyn questioned. “What about you? What about your heart? Once you let her go, there’s no turning back, we can’t make her stay.”

e (3)

“I don’t want to let her go, but I’m sure I want to set her free. I’m sure.”

e (4)

Persephone’s lips began to pucker in frustration, she sighed heavily without looking me directly in the eye.

“I will consider it.”

17 thoughts on “Chapter 3.17: Caged

  1. 😥

    I think Yellow is right to say what he did. I’m sure if he and Donna are meant to be she’ll come back to him eventually. What Gwendy and Persephone did could be seen as wrong and honestly trapping Donna on the mountains was probably not the best way to go about things. Honestly though I don’t think they would truly physically harm Donna.

    So if Donna has left Yellow now for a while, does that mean we’ll be seeing a lot more of Salem’s story. Also, I hope we get to see what some of the seeds’ friends have been up to 🙂

    I can’t help but wonder if what Kirsten said also applies to her and Sy possibly making a return soon!

    Are those grey hairs I see showing up on Persephone and Gwendy? Sometimes I forget that they are getting that old…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, they were very desperate though, which explains why they took things to extreme. Honestly, Gwendy and Pers have gotten so used to magic making life easier for them, I don’t think they’d be able to cope without it.

      Wow you’re right on the money! We indeed will be dipping into Salem’s story a bit 🙂

      Yes grey hairs, glad someone noticed! 😀 And I know right D: Gwendy is approximately 50 now :O


  2. As soon as I started reading this I went “Shit just got real in the Darling Household..” O_O Putting Donna in a cage ;-;. I’m glad Yellow decided to let her go. Here’s to hoping she’ll come back.


  3. Another great chapter :3 admittedly I was a little scared when Gwendy and Persephone went all mental about Donna, but I think things will turn out ok in the end. I can’t wait for the next update! ❤


  4. 0.0!

    Gwendolyn and Persephone put Donna in a CAGE? No, this is blasphemy! Why would they do such a horrible, heartless thing?!?!?

    Oh, but Yellow and his broken heart to the rescue! I just loved that little flashback to when he was a kid. That really tugged at my heartstrings.


    • Yeah :s But in their eyes, its what needed to be done to protect the family legacy and the magic. Although Yellow is the heir, and it’s up to him to make decisions for the family, the aunts take it upon themselves to make them, because they’re the adults!

      Yes ❤ foreshadowing from way back in the day!


  5. Aw jeez, did Donna really think her being there when they told them would make it easier? If she was smart she would had Yellow tell them after she left LOL

    Gwen has a point, dear, and the wedding vows are “until death do us part”… not “to the grave and beyond”. But if he’s the one you love… oh wait, he isn’t…

    Whoa! When did Bo and Barry turn into little minions? And where the heck is Salem? She can’t be sleeping through all this.

    Taking a bath fixes everything… or helps when eavesdropping LOL

    Starling to the rescue!

    Nice advice from Mom in the past, but that froggie never came back did it, Yellow? So let the pink toad go and start hanging around graveyards again, but this time pick a single chick alright?


    • Donna is brave, and wanted to face them herself!

      bahaha shrugs maybe she’ll learn her lesson…

      lmao since the moment they said I do! Salem has “better shit to worry about” and basically says “I told you so”

      Yessss where would be be without that bird xD

      Yeah, that was an actual scene from MD2, but in the form of a dream 😀

      lol! great advice xD And nice observation, the frog indeed, never returned…


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