Chapter 3.16: Little Flame


 Aside from maybe a couple hours or so, I spent the entire night by Donna’s side to assure that someone was there when she awoke.

a2 (1)

“….Yellow? What happened?” Donna wheezed.

a2 (2)

Before she could blink, I instinctively kneeled by her bedside, and grasped her cold, clammy hands.

“Shh. You need your rest.” I whispered. “You fainted back at the Crumplebottom’s house. Belinda helped me get you home. The effects of that elixir are taking affect.”


“Why are you being so kind to me? I broke your heart, I do not deserve it.” She said, squeezing both of my hands.

“Doesn’t stop me from loving you with all of my heart, broken or not.”

“Yellow, you have the kindest soul I’ve ever encountered. I know that I’ve put you through so much, but could you do one more thing for me?” She asked.



“Hold me.” She whispered.

“Pardon?” I said, not sure if I heard her correctly.

“Just hold me.. Please?”

I could feel my stomach do flips as I soaked in her request. Even if this is just for now, it was enough to comfort my fragile heart for the time being.


I crawled onto the bed next to her, and she gently lied herself on top of me. I put my arms around her, holding her close, as if she was still mine.

I tried not to think of what life would be like without her, or what her life would be like with Montgomery. I tried not to imagine what their children would look like, and the look on Salem’s face when I tell her Donna is leaving me. I tried not think about the moment that I have to stop holding Donna, right here in this bed. I tried, but did not succeed.


The days went by right along with Donna’s health, as her body began deteriorating.

She had pale, almost white skin, frail hair, and a sunken face and eyes. It tore me up seeing her this way, and knowing I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.


“Don’t worry about me.” She whispered, her voice raspy and weak.

“I’m not worried about you, you can get through anything Donna, and you’re going to fight this.” I assured. “I’m not worried.”

“Yes you are.” She said, “I can see it in your eyes.”

She was right. She knew me better than I knew myself. I was terrified. Never have I seen a living human this close to death, and it scared me so much. I wished every day that I could trade places with her.


I completely dedicated the next few weeks to nursing Donna back to health. She was feeling crummy, but I was just happy to spend time with her while I could.

Time gradually passed, right along with Donna’s illness.


I spent all of my time making it a priority to get Donna’s mind off of Montgomery. Sure, I couldn’t make her forget about him forever, but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t try to drag it out as long as I could.

Her favorite thing to do was spend time at the Fall Festival. So I took her every day after school, and every day she had a blast.

“Yellow, I think I’m about ready to go now, perhaps I’ll go speak with-“

a (2)

“Donna! You’re not going anywhere just yet! We have one thing left to do!” I exclaimed.


Donna began laughing adorably, “What is it?”

After spending every day at the Festival, we’ve done just about everything… twice. My eyes darted around the park in hopes that my mind would come up with something.


“Photo-booth.” I finally replied. “Yup, we haven’t gotten our photos taken together here, yet.”

“But that’s so expensive.” She said.

“It’s fine. I’ll need something to remember you by anyway when you’re gone.” I smiled, guiding her to the photo-booth.



e (1)

It was a beautiful autumn night, and I once again convinced Donna to sit out on the porch and watch the stars with me.

e (2)

“Ooooh lookie!” Donna squealed, “A shooting star!”

“Those are for making wishes, you know.” I smiled.

Her face lit up in excitement, as she quickly clenched her eyes shut to make her wish.

e (3)

“Wanna know what I wished for?” I asked.

“Shhh! No don’t tell me. It won’t come true.” She said.

“It’ll never come true anyway.”

“Hey, never say never.” She smiled, gently nudging my arm. She pulled a smile out right out of me, as I wondered deeply about what her wish was.


Every day grew colder and colder as I struggled viciously to keep the flame that kept me warm burning, but no matter how many tricks I pulled, it was withering away and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Eventually my little flame would disappear.

“Tonight will be my last night here.” Donna sighed. “We can tell everyone else in the morning.”

It might have been just my desperation or my wild imagination, but I could have sworn I heard a tiny grain of hesitation in her voice. Just a tiny piece of hope that even if she did leave, that she’d at least regret it and run back to me.


I took a deep breath and held back my emotions as I hard as I could. I knew she was going to leave no matter what, so I didn’t want to make it harder on her than it had to be.

“I wish the two of you nothing but the best, Donna. I hope you find happiness with him, and I hope he cherishes you like I would have.” I said robotically, as if I were reading it from a queue card, after rehearsing it several times.


Donna looked back at me with a bewildered look on her face, as if something I said confused her. It puzzled me, but I was too heavy-hearted to question it.

“Yellow, this will not be the last of me, I promise. We can always write to each other. No means of distance can break the bond our hearts share together.” She assured. “I love you, Yellow.”

A single tear streamed down my face. “I love you too… I just thought when I saw your face for the first time, that I was sure that I was looking into the eyes of my soulmate.”

“You –are- looking into the eyes of your soulmate. Goodnight Yellow.” And with that she walked away.


19 thoughts on “Chapter 3.16: Little Flame

  1. YOU ARE KILLING ME. They are too adorable together for him to lose her. Starts plotting how to capture Montgomery to keep him from Donna. 😥 Sweeps shards of my heart of the floor. CURSE YOU PERSEPHONE FOR GOING TO MONTE VISTA AT THE TIME HE WAS THERE INSTEAD OF ONE OF THE THOUSANDS OF OTHER BEAUTIFUL PLACES ON EARTH!


    • This story can get pretty heated, that’s why I always warn you guys to shield your heart!

      bahaha if I’m not mistaken, I believe I held a poll to let the readers choose where they went for a honeymoon. Wonder if it would have been different had the readers chose something else? 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  2. ;_; Feels man…

    I feel really sorry for Yellow. He truly loves Donna, and he just wants to keep her safe. It’s sweet that he tried to prolong her eventual departure but I kinda feel like he is going to feel more pain because of it.

    Lovely chapter, can’t wait for more! ❤


  3. Oh God the scenes of Donna being sick broke my heart like 7 different ways, same with Yellow getting his heart broken. Yellow is being very noble by letting her go to who she wants. I’m scared of what’s going to happen after she leaves the Darling Family :s I think that Witch from last chapter is gonna mess poor Donna up:s


  4. Nooohohooooo Donna! He’s so attentive and caring! My little Dollow heart was just bursting. How coooould yoooou? sniffle Seriously. They’re so cute and they are my ‘My Darling’ OTP. You’re torturing me. 😥


    • I know 😦 His heart is broken but he still sticks by her side and makes sure she is healthy again. He has a good heart ❤

      I'm so sorry T______T we'll have to always cherish their memories!


  5. Donna is breaking my Yellow’s heart. Don’t like her anymore pouts
    Not gonna feel sorry for her, this is her choice.
    Yellow quit torturing yourself =(
    What kind of marriage are you planning on, Donna, if you are gonna write to “your love”?
    “You are looking into the eyes of your soul-mate” before she walks away from him? becoming anti-Donna now


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