Chapter 3.15: Revoked

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Panicked and confused, Montgomery shot up from his deep slumber the moment he regained consciousness and took his first breath in several years.

“Evalace?” He breathed, his voice raspy and weak.

“Rise and shine, pet.” The mysterious pale woman purred, in a deep, sultry tone.

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“What the hell do you want with me this time?” Montgomery hissed.

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“Hm.” She chuckled. “Nice to see you too… You know, that really is no way to speak to the person who breathed life into your pathetic sack of bones… again.”


“Where are we this time?” He asked hastily.


“Dragon Valley. I must say this place is rather easy on the eyes.”

Montgomery glared into Evalace’s conniving pale silver eyes, and sighed. “What year is it?”


“Why must you ask so many questions, hm?”

Montgomery slowly let his feet touch the floor, trying to wake them up.

“You can’t just kill me and bring me back over and over again whenever you please. You’ve been doing this for the past fifty or so years, it isn’t right.”

“Oh Mr. Parr-Teague, do lighten up. After all, who says it’s such a bad thing? Who else could say they’ve seen what you’ve seen all in one lifetime, and still hasn’t been alive long enough to age by much? I’m blessing you with a gift, pet. And one minor correction, it’s been eighty-six years since I first resurrected you.”


“…Besides…. I’ve recently received some news from a fellow witch that might make it all worth while…”


“Evalace, you know what would make it all worth while for me. I know you feel it too, just give in. I can make you happy, I swear it.”

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A deep laughter escaped from Evalace’s lips, the same deep laughter that terrified Montgomery, but also gave him a rush of excitement all at the same time.

“Pathetic mortal. You don’t stand a chance, give up. It’s sad, really.”

b7 (2)

“But I do have the next best thing. Someone found your darling little wife, and she’s looking for you!”

b7 (3)

Memories of Donna were only blurry little pictures to Montgomery, after all these years. She rarely crossed his mind, and even when she did, time had completely erased the image of her. All he could remember was the love he had for her, and the forbidden romance that he thrived from.

He felt his heart fall into the pit of his stomach. He tried to speak, but his lips wouldn’t allow him. Finally, he was able to muster up a raspy whisper.

“….You don’t mean… Donna?”



“…We had a feeling Yellow was rushing things.” Belinda stressed.


“Are you sure you want to do this? Maybe you need some more time to think dear, finding out your husband is, or was alive is a lot to process.”


“I don’t have a choice, madame. I vowed be his forever, and if he’s alive, then my heart belongs to him.”

c (1)

“…Drinking the elixir and becoming a witch was also vowing to be Yellow’s forever.” Belinda argued, in a soft, melancholy tone. A moment of silence filled the room, as Donna struggled to find a valid argument.

c (4)

“You must also consider the age difference! That photo was taken years ago, he’d have to be at least the age of Yellow’s parents. Perhaps all you need is some closure, one shouldn’t make such rash decisions on a whim.”


“I fear that I’d be living a lie if I settled with Yellow. Growing old, only to be haunted by the thoughts of what could have been,  when I should be living with the man I was intended to be with all along.” Explained Donna.


Belinda sighed deeply. “Very well. I suppose there is no changing your mind, unfortunately.”


“I should let you know, it was probably a wise decision to come to only me about this, and not my sisters. They’re very stressed, and they wouldn’t have taken this news lightly. We’re very busy these days, so finding time to search for your husband is not something that comes along easy.” Warned Belinda.


“You see, the three of us are dealing with something far bigger than ourselves. Bigger than the legacy, even. A relative, Bella Goth, has gone missing. Not even the three of our powers combined can locate her, something very advanced has intervened, and we feel extremely threatened to say the least.”

c (5)

“Oh….” Donna frowned. “That’s…. That’s just awful…”


“Ahem!” Belinda cleared her throat. “Not that the well-being of anyone in this family is your concern anymore, sadly. Now! Let’s get started before the other two arrive home, shall we?”


“Get started?” Donna asked, looking puzzled. “What do you mean get started?”

“Oh I didn’t tell you! Must have slipped my mind, silly me.”


“If you’re positive about leaving the legacy and not marrying Yellow, we’re going to have to revoke your magic.”


“My magic?” Donna whimpered.


Donna waited as Belinda began brewing the elixir that would soon drain Donna of all her magical abilities. Donna felt as if she would fall apart, but remained as strong as she always does.

“Now, I know you know what this means. I know you’ve studied the effects of this particular elixir. Revoking magic is serious business, and it will leave you deathly ill.”

“Yes, I know. But I know it has to be done.” Donna whispered.

“But I’m not at all worried about you, dear. I know you’ll be just fine, you’re a very strong young woman, and have the power to fight through anything, even in your weakest of moments.”


“It’s Yellow that concerns me. You are his everything, his life. He happily gave up his world for you, and would continue to do so even if that meant risking his very own life. I don’t know how he’s going to handle this, in all honesty.” Belinda added.

d5 (1)

Donna bursted into tears, throwing her arms around Belinda.

“Oh miss Belinda!” She cried heavily into Belinda’s bosom. “I simply cannot stand having to hurt Yellow, he’s done so much for me, I fear he will never forgive me.”


“There there, my dear.” Belinda comforted, lovingly holding Donna’s shoulders. “Yellow would never carry hatred in his heart for you, no matter what. He will forgive you, you know that. Now, chin up, Darling. If you’re ready to drink the elixir, we will begin.”

Donna took a deep breath and nodded slowly. Her mind began racing with indecision and doubt. Ultimately, she decided that it was best to stay true to the man she married first.


And as her mind went blank, Donna watched as Belinda finished preparing the elixir, right before swiftly downing the entire bottle like a bitter dosage of cough syrup.

Belinda once again warned Donna that she will soon fall deathly ill as her magic drained from her body. She then agreed to search for Montgomery when she found the time.


d5 (2)

After what seemed like hours pacing outside of the Crumplebottom house, my heart skipped a beat as Donna came tip-toeing out the door.

“Donna! What happened? What did they say? Do they know where he’s at?” I questioned.

d5 (3)

Donna was obviously distraught as she met me in the front of the house.

“Donna honey, are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“Ms. Belinda is going to find him when she has the time.” She frowned, holding her face in her palms.

Her words felt like a stab in the heart, but I tried my best to stay optimistic. Maybe once she found him, she’d get closure and realize that no other man could possibly love her like I could.

d5 (4)

“And… She revoked my magic…I just drank the elixir.”

d5 (5)

What?” I cried. “Donna, no! You didn’t have to make that decision so soon! Why?”


Donna didn’t speak. But I saw the pain in her eyes. It hurt me so bad. I wondered if she felt the same way. Tears began to stream down my face.

“So that’s it?” I asked. my voice stuffy and nasally. “It’s really over now?”


“Yellow, words could never express how sorry I am. I never did any of this to hurt you, I would have never let things go this far if I had known he was alive..”


Nothing she was saying was helping. I knew that if I were Montgomery, I would want her back too. I understood that. Still, my heart was internally begging for her to change her mind.

“We had so much going for us, Donna. We were going to find my parents, together. Get married one day, have lots of colorful babies, grow old together. My heart can’t take this.”


I clenched my eyes, hoping this was all a horrific nightmare and that I’d wake up any minute now. It didn’t feel real. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop the tears.


Standing on her tip-toes, Donna softly placed her hand on my face.


“Yellow my love, please don’t cry.” She comforted.

Her gentle, sympathetic touch was enough to soothe my heart, if only just for a moment.

e4 (1)

I began crying uncontrollably. I threw my arms around her, and took comfort in her holding me back.

“You’ll always have a special place in my heart, that no man, not even my husband could ever replace. I love you more than anything Yellow, and I always will.”

e4 (2)

“…Promise?” I sniffled.


e4 (3)

She suddenly pulled away, pressing her hands on the temples of her forehead.

“I… I feel so dizzy…” She worried.

“Donna? What’s wrong, what is it?”

e4 (4)

Just like that, her legs went limp and she collapsed in my arms.


I was in complete shock as I began to panic.

“Donna? Donna, wake up, please!” I cried.

It was the elixir, and it was real.

30 thoughts on “Chapter 3.15: Revoked

  1. Dearest email provider, WHY YOU NO SHOW ME WHEN MOMO POSTS A NEW CHAPTER. I don’t think it’s too much to ask…

    ;_; I don’t really know how to feel right now. Clem and Lo will always have my heart, but Dollow was beginning to grow on me.
    I feel bad for Yellow. As Belinda said, he’d do anything for that girl, even if it meant putting his own life on the line. I’m just concerned about how this will effect him in the long run. Will they get back together? If not, who will he end up with? SO MANY QUESTIONS…

    Lovely chapter Mo, I’m really eager for the next one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It definitely isn’t much to ask and you need to whip your email provider into shape >;l

      Well… there’s not much I can say about any of it without revealing spoilers but you’re absolutely right, he’d do anything for her and his heart is broken </3

      Thank you so much!! 😀


  2. Bwaaaaaaahhh! This is horrible. (in a totally good way, you completely threw me for a loop! lol) 😥 I feel like crying! I understand that she loved and made a vow to Montgomery first, but BY GOLLY he died in the prologue and I’d already written him off as inconsequential! weeps

    Speaking of which, it seems to me that Montgomery has gotten snared in the vicious claws of a sadistic immortal and has possibly developed a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome. This calls for the horror face -> 0.0 ! I’d ask what the heck Evalace has been trying to pull, bringing him back over and over again, but I’m actually a little bit afraid to know the answer. Again, HORROR FACE! -> 0.0 ! This lady gives me the creeps!

    Nooooo! I didn’t realize Donna would have to loose her powers too! I can just see it in her poor, sad pixelated face! 😥 And Yellow! Waaaahhh! I feel so much for Yellow!

    Jeepers! You don’t give me time to breath! Now I’m worried about Donna! Nooooo Donna! You shouldn’t have done it! weeping

    eagerly awaiting the next update

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay, I was trying to throw you for a loop… Mission accomplished! 😛

    It’s okay to cry, I won’t judge ya, heheh. A lot of us have written him off, but unfortunately Donna is from an era where you’re expected to stay with one person your entire life. Yellow, being a gentleman, agrees with that, which is why he doesn’t try to stop her or argue with her.

    Ooooh, now we’re talking! I think you might be on to something here 😉 And she is very devious, isn’t she? But she sure was fun to make!

    Of course she did. The Crumplebottom sisters were very clear back in the day when they told Kirsten if she and Sy break up, then the powers will have to be revoked. Luckily for Yellow, he was born with magic so they won’t revoke it from him. And I feel for him too T___T He loves her more than oxygen </3

    Yessss she made a big woopsie, in my opinion ;-;


  4. Just got back to internet after the past few days, and I get smacked with the feels! No, no, no. The little yellow and pink babies must come into the world. They have been imagined and I can un-imagine the perfection. Evalace is a very scary captor, but I would prefer if she kept Montgomery to herself so the “Perfection” as earlier mentioned ( ^ ) can come. Does that make me a horrible person for wanting him to stay locked up in Dragon Valley? And now I’m rambling, so with that I bid you a farewell. And no I’m not crying my eyes out. Okay I totally am.

    Liked by 1 person

    • -Wipes eyes for you-

      I knowwwww it’s just all so tragic ;___; I think we’ve all imagined what the babies would look like but like I said, there will be twists and turns! >:D

      Yesh, Evalace was a lot of fun creating. I definitely wanted that fabulous yet terrifying villain-esque look for her, and I think I pulled it off! 😀

      Thank you so much, please stay tuned in for more!


  5. So creepy… Gah…no…what?!?

    Donna, you need to be thinking straight, you do not belong with your first hubby. The vows are “until death do part us”. Yeah, that was covered so the marriage was over!

    Umm, no it doesn’t have to be done, missy. It’s called a choice.

    You. Broke. His. Heart. Bitch. I am officially over you, Lo can do better!

    Just drop her on the sidewalk, Lo, and walk away 😛


  6. Interesting story on Montgomery. I wonder why she started this cycle with him in the first place.

    I get Donna wanting to stay true to her vows, but if she loves Yellow (not saying she doesn’t) then she can’t totally stay true to those vows anyway. Are they at the Crumplebottom house in their town? I’m guessing so. Anyway LOL. I somehow think that even if Donna does find Montgomery, that Evalace wouldn’t let them live happily. Not that I want them to, but yeah I don’t think she would. LOL.


    • Very good point 🙂

      And yes, they’re at the Crumplebottom’s house. They have a house in every town ahaha.

      Lol I’m sure Evalace will always play a role in Montgomery’s storyline!


  7. Oh God D: My poor Yellow.. :s But I agree, if he were Montgomery, he’d want her back too. But that’s just so hard. I know she didn’t want to leave him .-. Ugh what happened to Donna D: FRICK… But I believe that things will come together for my Yellow.


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