Chapter 3.13: Necessary

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“Making Donna into a witch before marriage would technically be breaking the rules that your grandmother set for you and your family. Are you sure you can handle that?” Belinda asked, always trying to be the voice of reason.

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“I wouldn’t say it’s breaking the rules, just bending them.” I began. “We’re still too young to get married, but I know she’s the one. I don’t think grandma Agnes would mind too much, seeing as it is her son that needs my help.”


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“The boy has a point, sisters.” Beatrice shouted from the kitchen, already brewing up a witch-potion.  “He’s obviously not able to stay focused long enough to complete anything, like a dog in heat. Perhaps having the girl join him on his task will give him the motivation he needs.”

“And what about you?” Bianca asked, pointing to Donna.

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“I’ll do whatever it takes to help Yellow get his parents back, I’m ready!”


“And I get to follow Starling around in my dreams, how neat!” She added, while the Crumplebottom sisters explained the process in detail.

I tried my best to hold back laughter, as Donna twirled her hand around, mimicking a bird.

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“But it won’t be easy.” Beatrice chimed in once more, as Donna and I had a seat at the kitchen table. “Not only will she have to learn a few basic skills that come along with the transformation, she’ll also have to learn how to dream-seek.”

a4 (2)

Beatrice finished the potion, that would soon transform Donna into a witch like me and my family, then sat it on the table in front of Donna.

I felt extremely uneasy about it, then questioned if I was making the right decision. Donna however, was ready and raring to go.

“Are you sure you want to do this now?” I asked, my voice filled with worry and hesitation. I wasn’t afraid of the commitment, just afraid of Donna taking a potion strong enough to change her completely.

“Don’t be silly, Yellow! Of course I’m ready! I just hope it doesn’t taste foul.”

“If you’d like, you can throw the elixir in front of your feet, instead of drinking it.” Belinda suggested politely.


With one quick motion, Donna was quick to stand to her feet, grab the potion, and throw it in front of herself.

Suddenly, she conjured an apple right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I thought of how many years I had to study magic to be able to do just that.

My sweetheart was officially a witch just like me, which is pretty much a promise to marry me, so I guess you could say we’re engaged to be engaged.

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The Crumplebottom sisters and I spent the rest of the afternoon teaching Donna the basics of magic.

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They then left her to practice on her own. That’s when I happily stepped in for some hands on training.

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I was thoroughly in awe about how quick she was picking up on things. It didn’t take her too long to learn most of the small magical charms and spells.


As the summer progressed, my family officially made the decision to re-open Darling Treasures. Being the heir, I technically owned the place, but the adults took it upon themselves to manage the shoppe from afar, and put me to work as the Darling Treasures cashier and janitor.

aaa (2)

However, it wasn’t long until Salem decided that I was too awkward for the job and was quick to take over my spot.

aaa (3)

…Although I’m pretty sure she could use some lessons in customer service.

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Since Salem was taking pretty much all of my hours, I had to seek employment elsewhere, so that I could earn enough money to eventually save up for a car. Although I live with four adults, they all seem to be too busy to take me anywhere.

aaa (5)

I eventually found a little part-time job at the market as a produce stand attendant. It was not fun standing out in the hot summer sun for hours at a time, and it didn’t pay well either, but it was a start.

aaa (6)

Donna was a fast learner, especially if it’s fun for her, so I wasn’t surprised when she began excelling at magic. She was so enchanted by all her new abilities, and I couldn’t help but melt when I watched her.

aaa (7)

aaa (8)

It was pure magic, what me and Donna had. And not before long, she was finally able to successfully dream-seek along side me!


“Wow, this is neat!” Donna exclaimed, bursting out of her bedroom door, meeting me in the hallway. We were both asleep, transparent, and our eyes were glowing with white.

“Are you ready, darlin’?” I chuckled.

Excitedly, she nodded her head, and off we were to begin the mission.



18 thoughts on “Chapter 3.13: Necessary

  1. Making Donna into a witch was a good idea :3 “Like a dog in heat.” Haha, couldn’t have put it better myself!

    Can’t wait for the next chapter<3


  2. “Like a dog in heat” haha. Smart to make Donna a witch though.

    Yeah, I’d say Salem needs some lessons in customer service, ha. Yellow at the food stand lol.

    So the bottle is finally going to Sy and Kirsten. Interesting.


    • yes! Lo felt like it was really the only way.

      lmfao, no kidding. She really had no problem running her mouth to all those customers…for the story of course ;P

      Yep, let’s just hope it doesn’t take too long for them to find it!


      • For the story, haha. Somehow I don’t believe that one 😛

        Hopefully they don’t need a flashing sign above it, those are kind of hard to come by on a island in the middle of nowhere lol


  3. That was very smart to make Donna a witch. At least Lo won’t be so distracted now!

    Haha, poor Salem kicking Lo out of the job.

    Ohh I think we might be seeing Kirsten and Seymour again soon!!


    • Yessss Lo has it figured out! If Donna is a witch, she can go along side him on his adventures instead of being left in the dark!

      haha yes, the shoppe has AC, and she doesn’t want to work outside at the market in the heat xD

      Mayyyyybe ;P


  4. Awwwh this family will now be filled with witches! xD I love the fact that Salem’s customer service sucks eggs xD Hilarious. And also I spotted a few of my Sims xD they look nice in this place.


    • Yes, magical family indeed 🙂

      Salem is mean to everyone, even paying costumers! She says “If you don’t like how we do business, then find somewhere else… Your five bucks and a nickel won’t break us anyway.”

      Yes! They fit in nicely, its so much fun to spot other people’s sims out and about 🙂


  5. I agree, Aggy wouldn’t mind if the rules were bent a little 

    Bahaha! Yes, he is like a dog in heat XD

    Go, Donna! She’s an awesome witch already!

    Darling Treasures is open again ❤ Salem doesn’t have people skills, for certain XD Awwww, I like Lo’s little produce stand 

    That screenshot with the kiss and the big moon behind them ❤ ❤ ❤

    Gah! Creepy eyes times two XD

    It’s there! The bottle has arrived! Whoo!

    Great chapter! I can’t wait to see what happens next!


  6. Your pictures ARE. SO. BEAUTIFUL! I mean… Donna and Lo practicing magic together… the sunset kiss with the butterflies… just GAH! They sparkle!
    Lol at Salem’s customer service skills!
    Oooh!!! I’m so excited! Go save Sy and Kristen kids!


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