Poll about YOU :)

Hey guys, I have a quick poll for you! I’d really like to know the age of the average My Darling reader, just to get a sense of who’s reading. No worries, it’s completely anonymous, even to me, so no one will know what you entered. Please be honest and please participate if you’re a consistent reader. Thanks loves!


If you don’t mind sharing your age (and you’re over 18) Feel free to share in the comment section 🙂

28 thoughts on “Poll about YOU :)

  1. I don’t mind commenting… I am 25, and have been addicted to Sims since I was 11 and it first came out…. I even remember my favorite Sims’ name, Cuti Bue, tried to max out all his skills, every charm and potion, and every star point… One day I might remake him for The Sims 3.

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  2. I though it was about time I wrote something here since I’ve been reading your lovely story for a while now and never commented. I live your story. You really inspire me to keep in writing my own story; so thank you.
    To keep on the subject, I am 32. I’ve been playing Sims since it came out. I have all the games and expansions since sims 1. And now my daughters play it too. I’m definitely buying sims 4. No reason to grow up now and stop playing games, are there?


    • Omg thank you :,) ANd I’m so glad you finally came out of the woodwork to comment, feel free to do so whenever you have any thoughts about what’s going on, never be shy 😀

      Sure aren’t dear ❤


  3. I don’t mind commenting either 🙂
    I’m 20 and have been playing sims since I first played Bustin’ Out on the PS2. I’d say I’ve been into the game for just over 8 years.


  4. I’m 26 and I’ve been playing Sims since the first game. I had all of the original games, all of the sims 2 games, and all of the console games (GameCube and GameBoy are still the best consoles). I’m choosy with the Sims 3 games because now I live on my own and don’t have mommy and daddy to fund my addiction (the hubs does not understand my medical need for sims games. Silly man).

    Obviously I really love the games. I find they spark my writing bug. Sometimes I be in a slump and boot up the game and I’m smacked with so much inspiration I can’t write it down fast enough. If only it worked that way with motivation at college…


    • Girrrrl I relate 100%! Why can’t our men just understand!?

      Same for me, I don’t think I’d be a storyteller if it weren’t for the sims. Because I’m not an artist, it’s the best way to bring animation to my writing. (:

      lol don’t count on it 😛


  5. I`m 16 and I have played ever since my older sister had sims 1&2. I didn’t get my own until I was 11. I’ve been playing for about 5-7 years.


  6. I’m sixteen and I really got into The Sims when TS3 came out. I remember getting it on release day back in ’09.

    I don’t comment here very often but I’ll just take this opportunity to say that I absolutely love My Darling to bits! ❤


  7. I’m 19, literally been playing since I was 5, lol x_x I’ve been hopelessly obsessed since then. I can remember the times I got each expansion pack… Crazy! Kind of taken a hiatus with TS3, don’t have my own computer that will run all the games smoothly. Out of boredom I reinstalled TS2 and really enjoy it still, even though I prefer TS3 waaay more.


    • I miss the days of counting down the days to a new EP with my friends as a kiddo, so nostalgic ❤

      I hope one day you can get a better working computer for ts3, or maybe ts4 might be easier to run, who knows!


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