Chapter 3.11: No Peeking

Momo’s note: As you know, this story is intended for mature readers, so occasionally there will be swearing or nudity, this chapter is one of those times. Enjoy (:

a (1)

Somehow, Don Lothario sweet-talked his way into getting Birdie to accompany him to a visit at the park across the street.

a (2)

Don was certainly on the prowl, and made no attempt to hide it.

“I was hoping that I’d one day get the chance to cross paths with you again. It has to be fate..” He flirted, using his frequently used smolder.

a (3)

“Ew, don’t even try it! Cassandra brought you back for herself, I don’t take sloppy seconds, especially hers.” Birdie protested.

a2 (1)

“Eh..” Don shrugged. “Things between Cassandra and I are… complicated.”

a2 (2)

“You see, her parents didn’t approve of me living with them, because Cassandra and I aren’t married. So, they kicked me out, and now I live here.” Don explained.

“Why did you move here out of all places, though? Are you following me?” Questioned Birdie.

“Well this town has lots of support for people like me, who were brought back from the dead, it’s the safest choice.”

a2 (3)

“But I would follow you like a lost puppy if you wanted me too…” He smiled.

Birdie couldn’t help but laugh at his cheesy attempt to woo her. She noticed his Spanish accent was slightly stronger when he flirted.

a3 (1)

“Well Don, it’s been great catching up with you. But I’m not interested, sounds like you and Cassandra still have some loose ends.”

a3 (2)

“I don’t think you understand. Every since you left that day in Midnight Hollow, I couldn’t get your beautiful face out of my head. I thought I was still loopy from the resurrection  or I saw an angel or something, but when I found out later on that you were real, I just….” his voice trailed off, as he shook his head. “I still have trouble believing you are not an angel, I would like to see you again, beautiful. I’ll go nuts if you tell me no. Please?” He pleaded.


“I don’t know…” Birdie said, hesitantly. It was rare for Birdie to have trouble rejecting men. Don was really charming Birdie, but she had standards, and would never accept being ‘the other woman’.


“You know, this is the first time I ever begged a girl to spend time with me. That’s just how beautiful you are…”

“Oh really?” Birdie said, trying to disregard the butterflies fluttering around in her stomach.

“You like hearing me beg, don’t you?” Don cooed suggestively.

a6 (1)

He knew he was starting to win her over, when she began to blush.


Suddenly, a teenage girl who was also visiting the park gently tapped Birdie on the elbow to get her attention.

“Excuse me! I’m really sorry for interrupting!” She said.


“I just wanted to say, that you two make such an adorable couple!” She squealed.

“We’re not a couple.” protested Birdie.


“But that’s not my choice….” Don chimed in. “I can’t get her to go out with me. Tell her she should give me a chance?”


The girl’s eyes lit up, “Oh my god, yes! You should totes give him a chance!” She smiled.


a10 (1)

Being stuck in a dresser with Salem all way home felt like an eternity.

“Ughhh, I feel wardrobe-sick.” I groaned.

Salem would have been a lot grumpier, but she apparently got a kick out of my motion-sickness.

a10 (2)

I felt miraculously healed as my queasiness instantly turned into butterflies, when I saw Donna excitedly squirming around on the front porch.

a10 (3)

She ran down the steps and threw her arms around Salem.

“Oh, have I missed you so!” She sang.

a10 (4)

“Where’s my hug?” I interrupted playfully.

She looked at me, with smile. “Oh, Yellow!” She sighed.

a10 (5)

She threw her arms around me, as I lifted her off the ground, and squeezed her tight. I slightly tripped, but caught myself just in time.

“You look beautiful…” I chimed quietly into her ear, not wanting to let go.

a11 (1)

“Thank you, very much.” She smiled. “We have a great surprise for you both, and I get to show it to you! You stay here, I’ll tell the others you’ve arrived!”

a11 (2)

“Well look at her go.” Salem said, amusing herself.

a11 (3)

“Looks like your princess packed on a few pounds over the winter!” She snickered

a11 (4)

“Why are you such a bitch?” I snapped.

a12 (1)

Her jaw dropped in shock.

“Wow… turns out you might have balls after all.” She said.

a11 (5)

“She starved to death, Salem. She was nothing but a stick. She’s even more beautiful now that she’s healthy, show some fucking compassion for once.”

This was the first time I’ve ever really lashed out on Salem before. I don’t know why I felt so angry, because I was used to just taking her usual crap, but when it came to Donna I felt protective, and finally decided to put my foot down.

a12 (2)

“Whatever, I don’t have to deal with this. I have a phone call to make. Count me out of your stupid little surprise.”

a12 (3)

“Yeah? Well good! Tell Clementine I said hi.” I grumbled.

“I never said I was calling Clementine.”


Covering my eyes, Donna led me a few blocks down the street. I’m already clumsy enough without my eyes covered, so needless to say, it took a while to get there.

b2 (1)

“You’re peeking!” Donna squealed.


“Can you promise?” she asked.


“Very well.”


When Donna uncovered my eyes, I was completely speechless. It took me a few moments for my brain to fully register what I was seeing.

b2 (2)

Right in front of my eyes, stood the shoppe my parents started years ago, in the exact same way we had left it in Appaloosa Plains. Darling Treasures. Literally, everything was the same.

b3 (1)

“H-How did you manage to pull this off? I- Uh, thank you, so much..” I stuttered.

b3 (2)

“Oh no! It wasn’t me… The Crumplebottom Sisters were the masterminds behind the entire thing. They had what looked like a whole village of experts working here all winter to put this together! I had very little to do with this, but Ms. Persephone let me have the honor of showing you.”

b3 (3)

I held back tears as hard as I could.

“Well still, I couldn’t think of a better person to share this moment with.” I smiled.

b3 (5)

I completely melted as she wrapped her arms lovingly around me. I savored every second of all her hugs, but this one was particularly special.

b3 (6)

“I… I never got the chance to see the inside… Maybe you could accompany in doing so? If you don’t mind, that is..”


“No, absolutely not! I mean, no I don’t mind, and I’d love to show you the inside!” I beamed.


Donna handed me the key and and we slowly but eagerly made my way inside.

“Wow, I can’t believe this!” I said, as all the memories of playing in the shoppe and helping  my parents out flooded back to me.


I have no clue how such a thing was possible, but I couldn’t wait to show Donna around.

d (1)

Throughout the tour, I attempted making subtle moves on Donna. Unfortunately, most of my moves came across as awkward and dorky.

“I’m so glad that it’s just you and me here, can I have a hug?” I asked.

Of course I was worried that she’d get tired of hugging me eventually, but with her being born in a completely different era, I don’t really know the rules about going any further. Actually, I don’t even know the rules about that in this era.

d (2)

“Of course! You can have a hug anytime!” She smiled, holding her arms out.

d (3)

Suddenly, my phone made a beeping sound that indicated a text message. Donna pulled away and stared at the pocket on my chest, as my phone vibrated, as it usually does right after a text.

d (4)
“Oh my goodness, what was that?!” She shouted.

I softly chuckled. “It’s just my phone, relax! It just means I have a text message.”

“Well aren’t you going to open it up?”

“No, it can wait, I thought we…”

“It’s okay, Yellow,” She smiled. “I’ll be right here.”

d (5)

I sighed out of frustration, “If you insist.” I said.

d (6)

Donna seemed to be amused with my frustration. I took my phone out of my pocket and opened the text. It was a picture message from Clementine.


 Not gonna lie, I’ll miss seeing the shop every day 😦


It was a photo of what was left of Darling Treasures in Appaloosa Plains.

e (1)

“That’s what Darling Treasures in Appaloosa Plains looks like now.” I said, showing Donna the text.

“Wow, it looks like rubbish!”

e (2)

I spent a few hours with Donna playing outside at the shoppe, she really seemed to love the swing-set!

e (3)

Later on, we took our shoes off and sat in the gazebo that sat over the pond, while letting our feet wade in the water.

e (4)

“What would you do if I just picked you up and tossed you into the pond? I joked.

e (5)

“You wouldn’t.” She said, “The water is far too cold, and you’re too courteous to do something like that.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” I laughed, beginning to stand up. “Seems like you know me all too well!”

e (6)

“Hey Donna… I had so much fun with you today, and I don’t want it to end, but I have some things I have to do for magic school. Assignments, if you will.”

e (7)

“Oh, well I was hoping we could go to the spring festival! I was invited by quite a few others at school, but I wanted to go with you, so I declined.” She said.

e (8)

“Aww! That is so sweet, Donna. It’s just that these assignments are very important, and I have to get started on them immediately. But I still want to go with you! Maybe we can go tomorrow?”

e (9)

“How important can they be!? Maybe I can help you?” She offered.

e (10)

“I’d love that, but it’s kind of highly classified witch…stuff.”

e (11)

A very alluring grin formed on her face, as she looked up at me. “Well, according to the legacy rules, I’ll be a witch one day too, right?”

“Yeah, yes!” I beamed.

By just subtly acknowledging that she’s planning on marrying me one day made me weak at the knees.

e (12)

…Literally. I lost my footing, and almost fell into the pond.

e (13)

Donna quickly grabbed me just in time, to keep me from falling in.

“You really should be more careful!” She said.

e (14)

All I could do was let out a goofy laugh, to hide my embarrassment for always being so clumsy and awkward, and it was only worse around Donna.

e (15)

She took me by the hands and shot me the cutest frown I’ve ever seen.

“Please? I was looking forward to going with you!” She pleaded.

It didn’t take much convincing. The affect Donna had on me was absolutely intoxicating. I knew that I really wanted to get my parents back, but when I’m with Donna, even the biggest issues aren’t present. I was really winning her over, and I didn’t want to do anything to screw that up.

e (16)

“Okay, okay! We’ll go!” I laughed.

e (17)

e (18)

e (19)

e (20)

A (1)

I started attending Glowing Orb High School as spring went by. It felt so different to see my Midnight Hollow friends in a normal school setting.

Many of the other students at Glowing Orb High were also witches, but there was still a rule that forbids magic on school grounds.

The person I was most excited to see was Flynn! On my first day back in school, I got to meet his mother who was there to enroll Flynn’s little brother, Slysy.

A (2)

I wasn’t sure if Donna had met any of my friends yet, she’s been attending Glowing Orb High longer that I have, throughout the winter. She’s made plenty of her own friends. Quite a few, in fact!

A (3)

Although it was fun seeing my magic classmates out of magic school, some things at this school weren’t all that different than in Midnight Hollow.

B (1)

Sadly, the day had come for Aurora Skies to pass on. My family was devastated. I took the news especially hard, since I was hoping to get my parents home before her death.

Aurora’s death was a wake up call, for me to get myself in gear and write that spell for my parents, and send it off into the ocean.

B (2)

Although I spent most of my time with Donna, I did make an effort to work on writing the spell whenever I could.

B2 (1)

“Well, what do you think, Starling? You think it’ll work?” I asked my bird, as she stared intently at the finished spell in a bottle.

B2 (2)

“I’ll send it tomorrow night.” I continued. “And umm.. I think I’ll have Donna come with me.”

B3 (1)

“Oh come on, don’t give me that look! I know it’s supposed to be a secret. I just want her to come with. My lips are sealed, okay girl?”

Small coos escaped from Starling’s beak as she made small steps from side to side.

B3 (2)

“I’ll take that as a yes!” I beamed, placing Starling on my shoulder.

I rushed to feed Starling and brush my teeth. Donna usually relaxes in the garden before bed at this time, so if I’m lucky, I could catch her in time and see if she’d come with me on my little errand.

B4 (2)

We ended up talking for a few hours longer than we should have, so when she started getting tired, I finally asked if she’d come with me.

B4 (1)

“So Donna… I can’t say much about it, but I have to make a trip to the beach tomorrow night, I wondering if you’d like to join me?” I asked, somewhat shyly.

I began to worry when she didn’t say anything. I watched her intently as she slowly stood up and stretched her arms, while yawning. She then smile at me and gave me a goodnight hug.

B5 (1)

But just before pulling away, she stopped and gently kissed me on the cheek. I felt as if electricity was running through the side of my face. She lied one of her hands on my chest, and I was really hoping she couldn’t feel how fast my heart was beating.

“I’d love to join you tomorrow night.” She smiled, “Goodnight, Yellow.”

B5 (2)

B6 (1)

With Donna by my side, I nervously watched the spell in a bottle drift away into the ocean. I could tell Donna was confused, but I also knew I couldn’t tell a soul.

B6 (2)

“Can you tell me what the message says now?” She asked playfully.

“Nah, I can’t yet, I wish I could though.” I replied.

“hmmph.” She whined.

B6 (3)

“But one day, this is all going to work out and you’ll get to know everything!” I assured.

B6 (4)

Donna took a seat in the sand, with her back facing the water. She then patted the sand next to me, gesturing for me to join her.

B6 (5)

She discreetly placed her hand on top of mine, making my heart skip a beat.

B6 (6)

I awkwardly and scooted closer to her, while laughing playfully.

B6 (7)

As we watched the trees sway against the night sky, we exchanged flirty nudges and sweet nothings, until all the awkwardness faded away and we were completely comfortable with each other.

“I want to go for a swim!” Donna announced.

I softly chuckled at her silly comment. “It’s probably still a bit cold for that, darlin’.”

“It’s not that cold, goodness! It’s almost summer.”

“Yeah I guess, but we didn’t bring anything to swim in.”

B6 (8)

“We don’t need anything…” She said, gazing off into space.

I immediately looked at her in confusion.

“What’s it called again, when you swim in the buff?” She asked.


B6 (9)

“Right! Let’s go for a skinny-dipping.” She smiled.

“You’re crazy, you know that right?” I laughed.

“And you are a fraidy-cat!” She teased.

I shook my head and laughed. “I think you’re just sleepy, Donna.”


“Oh come on! We’re going to wed one day, Aren’t you at least a bit curious of what I look like disrobed?”


“No, of course not! Is that what you think about me? I’m not a typical guy, who’s constantly undressing women in my mind, Donna.”

B8 (1)

A look of skepticism formed on her face.

“Never once? I call your bluff.”

“Alright, sure I’ve thought about it some. Maybe more than some. But I never planned on acting on it.”

“Well why not?” She asked.

“I… Um… I don’t know. I just assumed you’d find it disrespectful, considering the era you grew up in.”

“Well I don’t live in that era anymore. I’m not that girl anymore.” She scowled.

b10 (1)

She then pushed me backward into the sand. I thought she was angry, but then she smiled deviously, crawling playfully towards me. Draping her body on top of mine, she stared into my eyes.

“Never assume anything…” She whispered, without breaking eye contact.

b10 (2)

“Oh-Okay… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have, I see..” I stuttered.

c (1)

“Come on, let’s just do it!” She cheered, dragging me by the hand into the bushes.

c (2)

“Okay, who’s first?” She asked.

My nerves were running wild as I covered my face. “You,” I giggled nervously, “Definitely you.”

c (3)

She slowly placed her thumbs into the waist of her jeans, and began to pull them down. All I could do was stare.

c (4)

She stopped, and we both began laughing.

“No! Cover your eyes!” She ordered.

“Okay, okay fine.” I said, doing as she said.

c (5)

I could hear pieces of her clothing coming off as she shuffled around.

“No peeking Yellow!”

“I’m not peeking!” I laughed.


“Can you promise?” She whispered alluringly.




“Your turn…”


Before I met Donna, I would never in a million years guess that I’d be doing things like this. She brought out the fun side of me. She’s intoxicating, she’s my drug, and spending time with her made me unbelievably high.

Covering myself the best I could, I joined Donna in the water. The droplets of water on her coral skin was dimly lit by the moonlight.

Now that I firmly understood what was going on in Donna’s mind, I wasn’t going to hold anything back.






31 thoughts on “Chapter 3.11: No Peeking

  1. :O I don’t think Cassandra will be too impressed that Birdie has caught the attention of her man. I think things will heat up between the two of them soon!

    Finally! I’m really glad Yellow put his foot down and stood up to Salem.

    Donna looked very pretty in this chapter. I’m glad she’s became more used to the world now. It’s also very nice to see she’s made some more friend aside from Yellow and Salem (though how much of a friend Salem is could vary…).

    You weren’t kidding when you said the final scene was going to be a bit of a shocking moment!


    • I think you’re right.I remember Cassandra being extremely angry about Birdie going near him the first day, I could only imagine how mad she’ll be when she finds out he’s been pursuing her 😛

      YES! He’s always going to stick up for Donna though 😛

      It’s very important to Donna that she’s treated like everyone else, and not some proper princess in era forever ago 😛

      Yes, it was pretty shocking but the tension between the two of them had been building up for far too long!


  2. Omg, I’m sorry I never comment on the last chapter! I thought I did, but I guess it didn’t go through or something ):

    But Dollow are so cute… Well maybe a little more than cute. Our little Yellow is just getting his toes wet if you know what I mean LOL. Looked like they had plenty of fun.

    I especially like how he finally stood up to Salem. I love Salem and everything, but she needs someone to reel her in. I was totally shipping her and Flynn on Tumblr BTW!! I think they could be totally cute and he DOES look a lot better since he lost some weight.

    I really hope Yellow’s spell brings back his parents though<3


    • It’s okay, love ❤ It happens, wordpress is wonky!

      Ahhh yeeeeah ;D But really I can't deal, he pretty much became a man right in front of our eyes and ugh ;-;

      Yes, he normally lets it slide, or tries to see why she says what she says, but you know he has his girl's back! 😛

      bahaha yesss he's just growing into his features and is way less ugly 😛 I don't know if he's lost weight, but he has gained some muscle 😉

      Let's hope it does! But he does seem to have a lot of distractions, hmm…


      • WordPress is super wonky, the mean thing!

        Ahh I know, he’s growing up so fast. Like.. Wasn’t he having his first birthday party yesterday ): Where did the time go! Yellow pls. And Salem too. They both need to stop it right now.

        Hey, that’s a good thing! He’s gotta have her back :3 And he is right, after all. Girl starved to death, she probably has some issues with that. Plus the gained weight will just make her have bigger boobies, and if he’s like his daddy, he’ll enjoy that LOL.

        Ah, I see. He is totally way less ugly, like I didn’t have a lot of hope for him when he was just a sprite. But he isn’t looking too bad now.

        He could bone then work on getting them back and then bone some more lol.


      • haha so true. In fact I was just looking through their first birthday pictures yesterday, while choosing Flashback Friday photos for tumblr and it got me right in the feels ;-;

        ROFL omg!! Well yes, it wasn’t a lot of weight, just a subtle difference, I’d say she’s about Clem’s weight now 🙂 The thing is, before the weight she looked very child like, and then after all the Christmas dinner and cookies and what not she looks a little more woman like, so I can see how Yellow would prefer that 😛

        ah I know, for a while there he was just destined to be Lo’s ugly sidekick xP

        OMG. I’m sure Lo would find that to be a pretty terrific plan, he’s just so bad at making moves!


  3. Oooohhh, I forsee drama in your future, Birdie. Lots and lots of drama. =)

    I wanna know who Salem’s calling! I’ve been wondering… if Salem still thinks that she can snag the heirship, what ghost is she planning on suckering into marrying her? *thinks deeply* *prowls wikipages* Which one of you dead guys would cut a deal with the fiendish blonde?

    SQUEE! Yellow and Donna moments! It spaaaarkles! Whoa there, kids! At this rate there will be Generation Four babies before Yellow graduates. MWAHAHAHA!!!!


    • Well of course! 😛

      Good question 😉 All I can say is that she definitely was on the phone with a potential love interest, but we’ll leave it at that, because I’ve said too much…

      hehehe it sure does sparkle ❤ And no worries, it was just a steamy kiss, no hanky panky that night! (Although I'm sure Yellow had his fingers crossed :P)


  4. That Don is a sweet talker alright. “I don’t take sloppy seconds.” LMAO Just say “No!”, Birdie! That man is nothing but trouble!
    The twins are back and Lo and Donna’s reunion is so sweet ❤
    You go, Lo! Tell that sister of yours to be nice for once in her life!
    Darling Treasures is now in PBI *happy dance*
    Gah! They look so cute hanging out together ❤ And the two of them at the Love Festival. I just can’t.
    You are using my high school! *another happy dance*
    Aurora Skies is gone ;-;- </3
    That message in the bottle better work. And fast! Too many years has passed. I hope Sy and Kirsten give the meddling Crumplebottom sisters what they deserve after they find out what happened 😛
    Oooh, you have the new set. It looks lovely!
    The moon rise is so pretty ❤
    Donna has become the little teen temptress XD
    ROFL at Lo peeking
    O.O Well, well, well! Does Momo have NRASS Woohooer Mod? Will they go “all the way”? Will they be teen parents or will Lo remember “No glove, no love”? "These questions—and many others—will be answered in the next chapters of…My Darling.


    • She tried to say no, but Don is just so damn charming and persuasive D:

      YEs I know ❤

      Of course I used your high school! I renamed it Glowing Orb High though, because Twallan didn't seem to sound right in this town. There's several more adventures of the kids at school on my simblr 🙂

      I know 😦 I don't think I've ever had a horse that long in game, so I'll miss her ;-;

      Let's hope so 😀 and not so fast! They'd probably end up growing old and dying there if it weren't for the Crumplebottom's help.

      Yep, I decided I needed to treat myself after finally earning the swagbucks ❤

      I love that moment between them. It's so steamy but still awkward and making it just reminded me of being a teenager in love!

      They haven't gone all the way yet, and I'm still not so sure if they will as teens. They will definitely not be getting pregnant as teens though, I want them to enjoy their childhood while they can (: Nope, I don't have the woohooer mod yet! And I'm sure Lo will always remember to be safe until he's trying 🙂

      Hahaha thanks for reading ❤


  5. I bet he is 😉
    I expect most simmers to tweak and rename the high school. It needs to fit the town/story. I tweak everything and I certainly don’t get offended when someone tweaks my stuff LOL
    Yeah, but they wouldn’t be there growing old (away from their babies) without the Crumplebottom sisters interfering 😛
    Good for you ❤
    I don't have that mod yet. I may add it for my 100BC tho, so I can have an overstuffed house LOL
    Welcomes ❤


  6. Hmmm, I don’t know why but I really really don’t want Birdie to be with Don. But time will tell and also it’s about FUCKING time that Yellow stood up to Salem.
    First I was like, “Ooooh. It’s going down.” IM YELLING TIMBERRRRRR (well not that last part but ya know)
    Then I felt all proud like, “YAAASSSSSSSSSS (it means yes). TELL THAT BITCH OFF!”
    But I feel that Salem could be nice if she wanted to so it’s really a shame when she keeps being bitchy. Yeah, I know she’s born mean spirited but it’d be nice if she could actually care for people’s feelings sometimes, ya know?


    • I’m sure there are many reasons why 😛

      I know right? He’s gotta stick up for his pretty coral sweetheart ❤

      hahaha yaaaaas!

      lol maybe she'll learn her lesson one day…

      I see you're a first time commenter, thanks for joining the club!


      • Actually I’ve been here for a while I was just too lazy to comment. Hehehe. Like I came halfway through My Darling 2.

        And can I just say when it said nudity I was like, “Hmm, maybe it’s just like a butt or boob flash.”

        But oh nonononoo boy was i wrong. It was awks at first but then I was like, “Dayummmmmm, you go Yellow. I guess…? Now I feel super awkward.”

        But yah now that I am permanently signed into this computer I am ready to comment like a prooooooo.


      • Well good, I’m glad to hear that I’ll be seeing more comments from you!

        and hahaha yeah, that’s pretty much how I intended it to be. Although I love writing about young love, and I thought it was super cute ❤


  7. Oh Don XD. I think Birdie might be playing with fire though if she gets involved with him. Not necessarily his fire, but Cassandra’s XD.
    Woot! Go Yellow! and that’s cool they have Darling Treasures there =)
    Bow chicka bow bow, jk LOL.
    Okay, I might be totally off base. But for some reason I get the feeling that Salem might like Clem beyond friendship but she don’t realize it. I’ve seen too many soaps XD. Anyway, cute chapter! =)


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