Chapter 3.7: Anything Can Happen

Β momo’s note: slight nudity, nothing major though. Should be pretty safe for work, but just a heads up in case. Also, keep a look out for a special link in the middle of the story to enhance your reading experience. Enjoy πŸ™‚

a1 (1)

“How do I look?” I asked nervously.

“I can’t see, move.” Salem said.

“Come on Salem, I’m pretty much proposing to my future wife, in a sense. Help me out a little! Is the tie too much?”

a1 (2)

“You’d look like a clown even without the tie, so no, not too much.” She said.

a1 (3)

“Oh you look fine, little dude.” Barry chimed in. “All you need now is some flowers!” He said, jokingly.

a1 (4)

“Way ahead of you, Uncle Barry.” I said. “I just have to pick those up on the way to the graveyard.”

a1 (5)

“Huh. I don’t believe it.” Barry said, with a surprised expression. “Okay, I give up, you win.” He laughed.

a1 (6)

The dogs started barking, signaling that my aunts just got home from work.

Salem stood up angrily “MOVE!” She shouted, gesturing that she was about to throw the remote at my head.

a1 (7)

“Okay, okay! Calm down!”

a1 (8)

My aunts had already discussed everything I need to talk to Donna about, but once they got home from work they went over it all over again, both talking at the same time.

“Ease into it, you don’t want to scare her off..” Said Persephone.

“Make sure you tell her about the memory potion, resurrection is excruciatingly painful, she’ll need that to forget. I think I can whip that up in about five or six days.” added Gwendolyn.

a1 (9)

“And make sure she’s serious about being with you for the rest of her life. You don’t have to do this now, you just met her last night, Yellow. You know your parents had their issues…” Persephone said.

a1 (10)

“I know, I know.” I acknowledged. “I have it under control though, sometimes you just know.”

a1 (11)

“I don’t want to rush you, but I really should get going. I have flowers to pick up, and I don’t want her to think I’m not showing up.” I said.

a1 (12)

Gwendolyn giggled obnoxiously, “But it’s only like 6:30” She said.

“Early bird gets the worm!” I smiled.

a1 (13)

“Salem, before I go, I just want to make sure that you meant what you said, you’re really going to help with the resurrection if she accepts?” I asked, stepping in between Birdie and Salem’s little spat.

a1 (16)

I could tell it pained her to admit she was going to help me out.

“I mean yeah, I guess. When you realize Clementine is the one, and this plan falls through, I’d like all the reanimation practice I can get when it comes time to resurrect my mate so I can be the heir.” She explained.

a1 (15)

“Aha, that won’t happen my dear sister, but it really means a lot to me that you’re willing to help.”

a1 (14)

“Meh, whatever.” She shrugged.

a1 (17)

“Just one hug, come on!” I said, reaching my arms out.

She grunted while pushing me off.

“NEVER.” She yelled. “Never.”

a1 (18)

“Aw why not!?” I laughed. I noticed Birdie was laughing, so now that I brightened her day, I was ready to go.

a1 (19)

I sat on the cold bench with a bouquet of flowers, waiting for Donna. I made it a goal of mine to stay very alert, so she couldn’t sneak up on me like last night.

seconds turned to minutes, and minutes to hours, and I was starting to think she wasn’t going to show up.

a1 (20)

“Whoa! Are those flowers for me?” She exclaimed joyfully, causing me to jump.

Let’s hope my next goal is more successful than that one.

a1 (21)

“Donna!” I squealed, jumping up. Embarrassed about being both frightened and overly excited to see her, I cleared my throat. “Yes. These are for you.” I said calmly. “I got orange, I remember you said that was your favorite color.”

a1 (22)

She politely curtsied as I handed her the bouquet, something I definitely wasn’t used to.

a1 (23)

“I sure do wish I could smell!” She giggled, pretending to smell the flowers.


We sat very close to one another, by the pond and talked for hours like before. I kept trying to find a place to offer her life, but at the same time I could listen to her talk forever, and didn’t want to interrupted. Even if her voice was just an echo-y whisper.

“Donna…” I began. “What if I told you with my help, you could do all those things again. Like sleeping, and eating, and smelling the flowers? What if I could hold your hand, and you could actually feel it?”

“What? How do you mean?”


I stood up to explain it better.

“Remember when I told you that my family is part of a magical legacy, and I’m supposed to be the next heir?

“Yes…” She answered, wearily.

“Well, to be the next heir I have to resurrect someone from the dead, and eventually marry them to carry out the legacy. And I don’t want to sound too forward… but I’m certain you’re the one I want to do that with.” I explained nervously.

g2 (4)

She gasped enthusiastically, “You actually have the power to do that? To bring someone back from the dead?”

“Yes. Well, I myself am not that powerful, but my sister has successfully reanimated a full grown man recently, and my aunts are very powerful as well.”

g2 (5)

“Wait… You mean that you only spent time with me so that I can help you become the heir of your family? This means that you are using me, yes?” She asked, a bit unsettling.

I felt a lump in my throat, as I’ve never thought of it like that. Luckily, I was able to make my way out of that one pretty smoothly for once.

g2 (3)

“Well you found me, darlin’.” I said. “I wasn’t looking for a wife when I spent my time here. In fact, my aunts were about to schedule a meeting with my future betrothed wives earlier today, but you showed up instead. That looks like a sign to me!”

g2 (7)

I stared aimlessly at her, as the excitement and wonder poured out of her.

“Well, I do suppose the likelihood of that happening is rather narrow, no mere coincidence indeed!”

“So is that a yes?”

“It is most certainly, undeniably a yes!” She squealed.

I bit my lip as I did my best to contain my excitement. I just wanted to pick her up and swing her around like they do in the movies. But I remembered Persephone’s advice, and contained my excitement to keep from scaring her off. But on the inside I was screaming.

g2 (2)

I took a deep breath. “Great! So the next step is the memory potion.”

“Memory potion?”

“Yes. An elixir to wipe your memory clean. You probably won’t remember us meeting, or your past, but we’ll have about five or six days for you to fill me in on all your memories, and when you come back, I can re-teach them to you. It sounds like a lot, but it will be worth it if you want to be alive again.”

“I… I don’t know. I don’t like the sound of that. I want to remember meeting you.” She said.

“I know sweetheart, but it will be worth it in the end. Trust me, resurrection is ten times more painful than childbirth. I learned that in my school of bewitchment. Plus my mother was resurrected with the potion, and she has since gained some memories. They were very vague, but she got some of them back when she visited her childhood home.”

“What if visiting my childhood home is not an option. I don’t want to take the potion, I can do without it.” She said.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “The pain could be traumatizing. For you and for me. It would kill me to see you go through that…” I said, really hoping she’d change her mind.

“I appreciate the kind offer Yellow, but I would like to be resurrected without the memory potion.”

g2 (6)

I took a deep breath once again, and slowly exhaled.

“As you wish.” I said.

She began clapping eagerly. “Never in a million years, would I have ever believed I would be alive again!”

“One more thing….” I added. “When you are alive, you may not appear exactly the same as how you died.”

She was hanging on each word I spoke intently.

“You will look mostly the same, but because your remains are likely nothing but bones right now, the coloring in your genes may be slightly… different.” I explained further. “But in this day and age, people are much more accepting, and uniqueness is a good quality for the most part. You’ll still be beautiful to me no matter what.”

She smiled from ear to ear. “I’m not afraid of that, I will be able to manage .”

g2 (8)

“Well, if we don’t have to wait for the potion to be created, we can start tonight.”

“Tonight? I get to return to the earth in flesh and blood tonight?”

“If you’re ready, that is…”

“Oh yes, oh yes! I am so very ready!”

“Well okay, we have a deal, darling. Go ahead and rest peacefully in your grave, where you will fall asleep for the first time in ages. Then when you awake, I will be right next to you, and you’ll be a living person once more.”

Without any explaining or questions left, Donna quickly made her way to her grave.

g2 (9)

Everything was moving along so quickly. I began to feel dizzy as I tried to contain all my emotions. I was in a hurry to get the process started, but I needed to take a moment to process all of this.

g2 (10)

I pulled my phone out from my pocket and dialed Salem immediately. She ignored it twice but finally answered the third time with a hasty “What?”

“Salem! Guess what? I need you to tell Aunt Pers and Gwendy to prepare everything.”

g2 (11)

“She said yes!” I exclaimed loudly, my voice flowing through the trees.

g2 (12)

“I know, I can’t believe it either! And she doesn’t want the potion, so we’re doing this tonight.”

g2 (13)

I sat in the living room across from Salem, Birdie, and Birdie’s boyfriend Callan, as we patiently waited for my aunts and uncles to retrieve Donna’s remains.

It began to storm outside as the rain fell hard against the windows.

My mind was full of worries. What if the cops show up? What if they dig up the wrong person? What if she changes her mind? The loud sound of thunder made me jump, as I shook my worries off and tried to distract my mind with other thoughts.

Unfortunately, my new thoughts were not much better. I then began to start thinking about all the people I wish could be here for this special event in the Darling family history. I would have loved for my parents to help out with this resurrection. Although this will be special to me no matter who brings her back, it would have been nice to have them here, for sentimental value.

If I could have my way, I would also love for my closest friend, Clementine, to be here. She’s always been so supportive of me, but we’ve been drifting apart, and I could also see how this could be rubbing the fact that we will never be together in her face.

g2 (14)

“So like, does this mean he’ll be marrying a legit zombie? Won’t she try to eat him and stuff?”Β  Callan asked, in his usual deep, confused voice.

“No dearest, she will be a normal person again, not a zombie.” Birdie explained, like talking to a five year old.

g2 (15)

“Ugh. He is so stupid.” Salem said.

Normally I’m always there to defend the victims of Salem’s bullying, but I was so nervous I could barely speak.

Finally, the dogs began barking, which caused my stomach to flip.

g2 (16)

They all scurried into the house to escape the rain.

“Here’s the blushing bride!” Gwendolyn said, holding a burlap sack in her arms, presumably Donna’s remains.

My stomach flipped once more. The thought of my future wife being nothing but a sack of bones right now was a bit off putting, and I felt a bit squeamish.

g2 (17)

Persephone then began hastily shouting out orders.

“We’ll be performing this ritual in my room. Birdie, take your father and Callan downstairs. Barry, please help Birdie with this in case my husband needs a second babysitter. Salem, you can assist Gwendolyn and I with preparing the room.”

g2 (18)

“I need to make this loud and clear. If you are not a witch, stay far away from my room for the remainder of the night.” She ordered.

g2 (19)

“Yellow, are you sure you want to be present for this? I don’t want you taking part in this. I wouldn’t allow Salem to either, but apparently she’s done this before and has no issue.”

g2 (20)

“I’m sure Aunt Persephone. I promised her I’d be there when she wakes up.”

“Very well. Let’s get started.”

Before entering Persephone’s room, I began to feel very clammy and nervous. To avoid sweating buckets, I changed my shirt while the ladies prepared the room.

g2 (21)

When I joined them,Β  there were already candles hovering over the burlap sac of bones on Persephone’s bed.

g2 (22)

It didn’t take long for the ritual to begin, as they all seemed to be very prepared. Focusing on the magic and the bag of bones in front of them, they each began the process.

Gwendolyn read from a book as Persephone and Salem put their magic to use.

g2 (23)
My heart began pumping heavily and my palms were sweating and shaking. The storm outside began to grow louder and louder by the second. So loud, it was almost as if it was storming in the room.

As I watched all the beautiful sparkles and lights conjured out of nowhere, I was a nervous wreck. I just wanted everyone, including Donna, to walk out of this alive… fully alive, that is. I began to wonder what I was getting myself into.

g2 (24)

The burlap bag of bones on the bed slowly disappeared as the form of Donna’s spirit took it’s place, hovering above the bed. There was no turning back now, this was definitely the Donna that I played tag with at the cemetery the previous night, and the Donna that I couldn’t stop thinking about ever since.

g2 (25)

Suddenly, the ghost that was hovering a couple inches off the bed exploded into several glowing pink butterflies that lifted a beautiful orangish-pink, and completely unveiled young woman only a few inches from the ceiling.

The rain and thunder grew even louder, beams of glowing lights and sparkles glimmered around her, her eyes were gleaming with a bright, white glow, as her gorgeous coral hair draped from her head.

g2 (26)

I was completely wonder-struck as I stared at the beautiful and enchanting scene that was taking place right in front of my eyes.

g2 (27)

“YELLOW. COVER YOUR EYES.” Persephone shouted over the loud sound of crashing thunder.

g2 (28)

It completely slipped my mind that I shouldn’t be looking while she was hovering above the bedΒ  completely unclothed, but then I realized that Persephone had me cover my eyes for a completely different reason all together…

I heard a loud thump, as Donna’s body fell to the bed, I could hear her writhing around on the mattress, clearly in pain from the terrible sounds she was making.

g2 (29)

I clenched my chest, feeling as though I could feel her pain. I wished it would just be over already.

“Is she okay?” I shouted.

“She’s fine.” Gwendolyn replied, “Go fetch a sheet from your room!”

g2 (30)

I returned, with my eyes still covered, stumbling into the room with a sheet I pulled off my bed. Gwendolyn gently put the sheet on her motionless body, and I was finally free to look again.

The rain died down only slightly, as Persephone and Gwendolyn quietly discussed something about a contract amongst themselves.

I was too distracted and focused on Donna to pay attention to what they were saying.

“Is she going to be okay?” I asked Salem, worriedly.

“Oh shut up Yellow.” She groaned. “They always sleep a lot after the process, it takes a lot out of them.” She explained.

g2 (31)

Suddenly, while I wasn’t looking, the very confused Donna sat up and looked around.

“Y-Yellow?” she stammered.

g2 (32)

Her voice, which was delicate like before, but much more strained and without the echo, caused me to gasp loudly. “Donna!” I shouted, tripping over my own feet trying to get to her.

g2 (33)

I went to grab her hand, and as our skin touched, our hands began to glisten and glow with shimmers of light.

g2 (34)

“Wow..” I said in bewilderment, finally looking into her eyes as the glowing lights slowly faded.

g2 (36)

Her skin, eyes and hair, all were a beautiful vibrant mixture of pink and orange. Never in my life, have I seen such a perfect color.

“I’m… I’m alive.” She stated.

g2 (35)

“Yes sweetie, you are! Do you need anything? Are you thirsty? Do you need to take a bath? Anything?” I asked, before realizing how bizarre and stupid I probably sound.

“No, I’m just so tired…. I’m tired!” She exclaimed, realizing a familiar living human feeling.

g2 (37)

“Alright you two, break it up.” Gwendolyn snicked.

“Lo, you’ll have to excuse us for a moment. My sister and I need to get her dressed then have a little talk with Donna before she passes out.”

g2 (38)

“Talk, what kind of talk?” I asked.

“Oh, just to make sure she agrees to some terms. Don’t worry, she’s in good hands, now run along!”

g2 (39)

“What do you think they’re talking to her about?” I asked Salem, while waiting on the couch.

g2 (40)

“Who even cares? Jeez, you’re being way too clingly. Calm down.”

“You’re right, it’s only the entire family’s legacy counting on us to fall in love, marry, have children, teach them magic, and then make sure the process is repeated, no big deal.” I said, with a hint of sarcasm.

g2 (41)

Finally, Gwendolyn and Persephone came out of the room.

Persephone began speaking first. “Okay we have some good news, and some other news…” She began. “The good news is, Donna is resting peacefully, and agrees to all the conditions to marry you and carry out the family’s magic.”

A sigh of relief washed over me. “Okay… So what is the other news?”

g2 (42)

Gwendolyn looked at Persephone, and Persephone nodded, gesturing for her to speak

Gwendolyn cleared her throat, “A newly resurrected pink girl running around town will get people talking, especially law enforcement. To avoid a grave-robbery investigation, we have roughly a week to pack up and leave Appaloosa Plains.”

g2 (43)


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