Chapter 3.4: Assistance

-Several Years Ago-

a (1)

a (2)

“Come on baby, breathe! Can you hear me? BREATHE! Oh god, please breathe!” Seymour panicked, with tears streaming down his face as he pounded vigorously on Kirsten’s chest, in a desperate attempt to get her to cough up the water that she had inhaled.

a (3)

Seymour felt his heart skip a beat as Kirsten gasped slightly and began to cough.

a (4)

“….Seymour?” She moaned.

“I’m right here, I’m right here…” He whispered, holding her face in his hand.

“I’m alive… Did you bring me back?” She asked. Her voice was low and raspy, and Seymour had to strain to make out what she was saying.

a (5)

“No. Well I don’t think so, I don’t think your heart stopped yet.”

“Where are we?”

“I’m not sure. A small island. I recovered the lifeboat when I found you, and gave you CPR.  You coughed up a bunch of water and passed out, so I rowed you here.”

a (6)

She threw her arms around him and held him tight.

“You saved me!”



“OH MY GOD! WAKE UP LO, WAKE UP!” Flynn screamed at the top of his lungs.

a2 (1)

After waking up from a very vivid dream of my parents on an island, I flung my body up, to a sitting position and caught my breath. My mind was desperately trying to make sense of why Flynn was standing in front of me screaming as if he’s seen a ghost.

a2 (2)

“NO NO NO NO! Oh my god, no!”

a2 (3)

I jumped out of bed to calm him down but he only began screaming louder.

“Flynn!” I shouted. “Calm down!”

a2 (4)

“Y- Your e-eyes, man! Your eyes!” He stuttered.

“What? What’s wrong with my eyes?” I began to panic.

“Th-they’re white, and GLOWING!” He shouted.

“What are you talking about Flynn? I can see just fine!”

“Go look, go look!”

a2 (5)

I sighed and made my way into the hallway while Flynn followed me, trembling like a bag in the wind.

a2 (6)

“I don’t see anything wrong…”

“Holy macaroni man, they’re back to normal!”

“Flynn, I think you’ve been watching too much TV.” I joked.

a2 (7)

After getting dressed and calming Flynn down a bit, we headed downstairs to the leisure room at Crumplebottom School of Bewitchment, where my other classmates were hanging out.

a4 (1)

a4 (2)

Rococo and Salem were focusing intently on a chess game while Annabelle watched.

a6 (1)

I made my way over to the group and turned my focus over to Rococo and Annabelle.

“Morning ladies, you all look beautiful this morning!” I smiled.

a6 (2)

Annabelle rolled her eyes, and turned to Flynn, ignoring me.

“Mornin’ Flynn. Please remind Yellow that if he has anything he wants to say to me, I don’t wonna hear it, and I am NOT speaking to him!” She announced.


“Ouch Annabelle… You still hate me?” I asked.


“Hmmmph!” She mumbled, stomping away.

I thought that she’d surely be over it by now, but I guess I was wrong. You see, last year I had to do the same thing with Annabelle as I did with Clementine. When she showed genuine interest in me, I had to break it to her that dating is not a possibility for me, if I intend to be heir.  She didn’t really take it as well as Clementine did, apparently.

b (1)

So now she goes out of her way to make me suffer in a painful vortex of jealousy. His name is Hellion Blank. He’s a very skilled witch, who attends this school, but he’s a little older so he isn’t in our class. They’ve been dating for a few months now, and apparently she’s in love with him.

b (2)

And when I’m around, she lays it on thick. I wish she’d realize that I’d be lucky to be with a girl like her, it’s just not a possibility.

I guess Hellion is cool, I mean he has facial hair, whatever.


It’s not that big of a deal, really. Flynn has facial hair too, you know! Not a lot, but it’s something.


Oh, and I almost forgot! Birdie’s here. Yeah I know, she isn’t a witch, but she still decided to tag along, she wanted to ‘see what opportunities Midnight Hollow had to offer.’ I think it’s her fancy way of saying ‘vacation’ though.

b2 (1)

“Chess, really?” Birdie teased, walking towards the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

“Go fuck yourself Birdie.” Salem retorted.

b2 (2)

“Jealous!” Birdie sang, nonchalantly.


“Hey Lo.” She smiled.

I waved as Flynn’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.


I laughed at him as we took a seat on the couch.

“Looks like the new girl could give Annabelle a run for her money, eh?” He said.

“Easy tiger, she’s no new girl, that’s my cousin.” I chuckled.


“Why didn’t you tell me!? Gah! She’s an angel! Is she even real?” He joked.

“Actually, no.”

“No, she’s not real?”

“No, she’s imaginary.” I smiled.


“…Only half imaginary… sometimes…” Salem chimed in.


“So she’s only imaginary sometimes, and when she is, she’s only half?” Rococo questioned.

b8 (2)

“Exactly!” I confirmed. “Her father is half imaginary, but he’s been turned real.”

“So I’m imagining her?” Flynn worried.

I attempted to hold back laughter, “Maybe.” I said.

b8 (1)

“I’m so confused, I need breakfast…”

“You go ahead, I need to talk to my sister about this morning, I’ll meet you there.” I said.


When the room cleared, I took Salem aside.

“Sale, something weird happened last night, and I was wondering if you could come with me to have a meeting with the Crumplebottom sisters?” I requested. “It’s about mom and dad.”

c (1)

“No can do, ugly-stick. I’m busy today actually. I have a resurrection to perform.” She said smugly.

c (2)

“What do you mean a resurrection?!”


“Calm down, It’s not for me. Your precious little spot as heir is safe… for now. Cousin Cassandra found herself a little latin lover to reanimate. He died trying to time travel. Ha! What a schmuck.” She explained.

“What the heck, Salem?!” You are NOT experienced enough to use powerful magic like that yet!”

c2 (1)

“Watch me.” She smiled.

c2 (2)

“Fine! Then I guess I’ll have to schedule a meeting without you then!”


“Not before me!” Birdie interrupted over-dramatically.

c4 (1)

“I need to have a word with them first!” She insisted.

c4 (2)

“With Ballet, and school, and costume fitting, and blogging, life is just getting too stressful. And since I was born into the wrong family, and cannot afford an assistant, I’m going to make one. That’s why I need to speak to the sisters first about getting my hands on the same potion my mother used to bring my dad to life!” Birdie explained.


I sighed. “Okay, but make it quick, it’s important…”

“Well have fun losers, I’m off to breathe some life into Mr. Don Lothario!” Salem said.

I stopped her. “Salem… please be careful. Mom and Dad used to talk about how dangerous resurrection can be.”

“Well… that’s because they were retarded. I have it under control. In fact, you’re probably in more danger getting up the stairs with your big ass clown feet than I am performing this ritual. Don’t worry about me.” She smiled.


I waited for what felt like hours outside of the office waiting for Birdie to wrap up her meeting with the sisters.

Finally Birdie came out of the office flustered, and with no potion in hand.

I took a deep breath. “…What happened?”


“Those dumb witches wouldn’t give me the potion! They said it’s not their job to make my life easier. Then what the hell is their job!? Some relatives they are.” Birdie pouted.

“Well… Did they tell you how to make it at least? It took you long enough.”


“No. But they told me to go ask Cassandra. She isn’t a witch but she’s into alchemy and all that weird stuff.”

“So, why not go to Cassandra’s? Salem is there, you won’t have to go alone.”

“But Yellow, I’m terrified of Cassandra! We’ve never gotten along. Every since we were little, we’ve never liked one another. She’s threatened me on several occasions over simbook! … I even had to block her….

I gasped jokingly, but Birdie just continued frowning.

She sighed, “I guess I’ll never get my assistant.”

c9 (1)

I knew what she was doing, and I knew better than to say no.

“Okay…” I mumbled. “I’ll go with you.”

c9 (2)

“Oh please!? I’m far too beautiful to have my face ruined! Can you imagine?!”

“Yeah yeah, I’ll go.”

c9 (3)

“Yay! Now let’s get a move on!”

c10 (1)

We arrived to the Goth manor, and the fog that clouded it only made it that much more creepier and dramatic.

c10 (2)

c10 (3)

Little Alexander Goth, Cassandra’s little brother, greeted us at the door before we even made it up the stairs.

“Hi Yellow and Birdie! You must be here to see Cassandra, follow me!” He smiled.

c10 (4)

“She said she’ll have me for supper if I bug her, so you’re on your own!” Said Alexander, pointing to a door.

c10 (5)

He then scurried into his room, and locked the door behind him, leaving us to knock ourselves. I felt so awkward.

c10 (6)

“Who is it?”

c11 (1)

“Uh… It’s Yellow…” I answered, unsure if I should mention Birdie or not.

“Come in!” Cassandra answered back.

c11 (2)

c11 (3)

My eyes widened as I saw motionless man laying on a cot next to Salem and Cassandra.

c12 (2)

Cassandra read my expression. “Don’t worry, he’s just sleeping. He’s not dead… anymore.”

c12 (1)

“Yep, you should have gotten the lead out of your ass, you missed the show!” Salem laughed.

d (1)

“Oh… I see you brought the princess…”

d (2)

“Nice to see you too, Cassandra!” Birdie retorted, sarcastically.

“Ahem..” I cleared my throat, trying to interrupt the tension. “Cassandra, may I have a word with you outside, please?” I asked.

d1 (1)

“I was meaning to ask you about a potion you might have….”

d1 (2)

She stared blankly, suggesting that she’s listening.


“Uhhh….” I continued awkwardly. “To make imaginary friends real…”

“Oh you mean the imaginary friend metamorphium?”

“Yeah, that..” I squinted.


“Wait a second… You have an imaginary friend?


I didn’t want to lie…

“No, it’s for a friend…” But I realized I actually sounded like I was lying and probably would have been better off actually lying in the first place.


“Well, I’ll need their name!”


“Uhm…. It’s actually for Birdie…”

d7 (1)

Cassandra’s face scrunched up as she angrily scoffed.

d7 (2)

Salem interrupted just in time.

“Birdie’s in there about to take your man!” She laughed.

d7 (3)

“Why that little!” Cassandra fumed, storming back into the room.

d7 (4)

Birdie was just checking his forehead. Although pretty innocent, it looked just guilty enough to piss off Cassandra.

d8 (1)

“You! Get your filthy fingers off of him, right now!”

d8 (2)

Birdie jumped up fearfully. “Calm down! I was just checking on him, he looked like he stopped breathing!” She said.

d8 (3)

“I don’t believe you as far as I can throw you! He hasn’t even woken up yet, and you’re already all over him!”

d8 (4)

Just like most women in this family, Birdie lost her temper quickly.

“OH PLEASE! Get over yourself! Don’t worry, you can keep your zombie! I have my own boyfriend, and I didn’t have to dig him up!” She shouted.

d8 (5)

I jumped in between the two of them, although I was certain that if they really wanted to go at it, I  would probably get killed trying to break up that fight.

“Okay… That’s our cue to leave. We really must get going. Please Cassandra, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call!” I chuckled nervously, pulling Birdie along with me, and out the door.

d9 (1)

When I arrived home, the Crumplebottom Sisters were waiting for me in their office.

“And why did you not tell us about such a dream, young man?” Beatrice lectured.

‘You have got to be kidding me.’ I thought to myself.

“With all due respect, I’ve been trying to schedule a meeting all day, but I’ve been helping people.” I answered.

d9 (2)

“And you’re sure your eyes were glowing white?” Belinda asked for the dozenth time.

d10 (1)

“That’s what Flynn said! I didn’t see them myself, but feel free to ask him.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Bianca said, as she pulled Beatrice aside.

They began whispering amongst one another as if I couldn’t hear them.

d10 (2)

“Isn’t this a good thing? I mean, dream seeking is a form of magic, right? Shouldn’t we be encouraging magic with him?” Bianca whispered.

d10 (3)

“No, we shouldn’t be encouraging that type of magic you babbling bobble-head!” Beatrice quietly muttered, while angrily clenching her teeth.

d10 (4)
I built up the courage to stand up and face Beatrice.

d10 (5)

“Excuse me, but why shouldn’t I be encouraged to embrace those dreams?”

d10 (6)

“You fool! Dreams of that power will put you in great danger!” Beatrice thundered.

d10 (7)

Belinda spun me around, and contagiously smiled at me.

“My sister will fetch you a book. Read it tonight before you sleep, and follow the directions carefully if you begin to have a dream like the one you experienced last night. It will teach you how to avoid those dreams. It is very important that you do so. You will find the instructional book on your night stand.” She explained.

d10 (8)

“Now, pleasant dreams!”

d10 (10)

d10 (11)


I lied down on my bed and read the entire book. I didn’t realize that the dream I had this morning was dangerous. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder what it could have meant…


x (1)

“Do you think they remember us?” Seymour quietly pondered out loud.

x (2)

“Of course they remember us, Seymour. We’re still their parents.” Kirsten reassured.

“It’s been so many years…. What if no one is looking for us? What if they’ve given up? What if our children have been placed in a foster home?”

“Hey! Enough of that!” Kirsten interrupted. “We have to keep our heads up, and stay positive. That doesn’t sound like the man who saved my life years ago…I wouldn’t be able to survive this long without you. You and only you.”

x (3)

She crawled into his lap and smiled up at him just like she used to in college, and for a moment, they felt as if they were home, and nothing has changed.

“I wouldn’t have survived without you either, baby…”

x (4)

47 thoughts on “Chapter 3.4: Assistance

  1. OMG OMG OMG! Seriously did not see that coming. OMG!

    Also…When Salem is just hanging out she looks like Agnes. When Salem gets angry I swear I can see Kris in her! Sorry that was random.

    I love your legacy, Momo! The realism despite the Supernatural wonders is AMAZING. By far one of my favorites and one of the best overall!

    **Thanks for your comments on my blog the other day. It was just the kick I needed to get going again!**


    • Oh, goodie! It was really REALLY tough to keep this a secret! o_o

      I want to hear ALL your thoughts, so even the random ones are appreciated! 😀 She is definitely a little mixture of both sides, but it makes me so excited that someone see Aggy in her T___T

      omgosh, that is a huge compliment, because that’s exactly how I try to portray the story <333 Thank youuuu!

      And you're welcome darling. It makes me super sad to see someone lose interest in a sims story, especially when I'm such a huge fan like I am of your story. So of course I'll give any advice I have to, to see you as passion about your work as I am of mine ❤


  2. Oh man, this chapter was excellent!

    Birdie and Salem crack me up so much. They are both little brats haha, but in a different although equally bad ways. They both seem to be full of themselves, Birdie for her looks and Salem for her magic. Although resurrection at such a young age is really impressive.

    But Birdie is just so funny. She has no idea how to get what she wants, really. Like girl if you want someone to do something for you, you need to not treat them like trash.

    I like how Cassandra looks just like the Cassandra from The Sims 2!

    But Yellow’s dreammmsss. Awe yay Syflower are still aliveeee. He’s not gonna want to stop having them, though. Like, who would want to stop dreaming about their parents like that?


    • Such a great point! But to be fair, Salem truly is a skilled witch! When Lo and Birdie got there, you’d never think that Salem just did a resurrection, she looked fine!

      Hehehe she’s always been a bit spoiled. Her and the real world don’t get along much 😛

      yesss ❤

      YES THEY ARE! But no one has any idea. ;-; Sy doesn't realize that his dreams are actually visions, he still thinks they're dreams…


      • Well that is true, but to fair Birdie is actually very gorgeous. She is a beautiful girl. I love them both, though. They offer me a lot of amusement.

        I HOPE SOMEONE FINDS THEM! I want my Syflower back so bad<3 I'm sure Lo will realize eventually though.



    Salem Darling is literally me. I swear like a trucker. I love the family dynamics and the extended family parts, it makes me feel all warm and cozy, and also crack up at the way the fight all the time lol.

    Great job as always


    • D’aww!!

      Hahah yes, I also have a total sailor’s mouth 😛 She wasn’t supposed to use those words but really there is not telling her what to do 😉

      Aw yes ❤ sometimes I forget that they have extended family, so it's good when they visit Midnight Hollow 🙂 Thank you 😀


    • Thank you so much 😀 And I know! It was so hard keeping it a secret so long 😛

      And true, but whether he believes them or not, disobeying the 3 most powerful witches he’s ever met who are also his best hope of learning magic, might not be such a good idea 😉



    I love what you did with Cassandra. Makes me want to play TS2 again so badly! XD

    I’m really excited for what’s coming up, because I feel like this chapter really opened up the story a lot!


  5. OMG! This chapter was amazing! The beginning….*Dies* So there is hope that they are alive….ohmygod! I have to say the way you blurred those first couple pictures was a really neat touch and did add a lot to that part of the story.

    What was the deal with Yellow’s eyes turning white. That really kind of freaked me out, and caused me to do a double take when I saw it.

    I loved all the extended family bits, its always good to see old characters again, and I enjoy the banter they have between them. 🙂

    Ahhhh….I can’t wait until the next chapter now!


    • Looks like Cassandra wanted to reanimate a lover…hehe…I liked how you had her looking old school. Poor Cassandra, she’s quite homely isn’t she. LOL. No wonder she doesn’t want Birdie sniffing around….I sense more to that story too I wanted to add. Very interesting! 🙂 I like how you always are able to maintain several story lines as well as the main one.


    • Not just hope, it’s official, they are alive ❤ Thank you very much 😀

      Well, Yellow's eyes glowing white was because he was what the witches refer to as "dream-seeking" Which means he's basically used magic to have psychic visions of what really happened in to his parents in his dreams. In this story, when you're dream seeking, it's common to wake up with glowing white eyes, but it eventually wears off as you can see 🙂 The thing is, Yellow doesn't realize that he's had a psychic vision, and he still thinks he imagined it in his dreams O.O

      I'm glad you liked that 😀


  6. *claps* What a wonderful chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has to be between my favourites! Loved seeing Birdie more involucrated into the story with her assistant problem. Love the introduction of Cassandra and I really wanna know why those dreams Lo was having are so dangerous! AND SYFLOWER IS ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUSSSSSSSSS Loved this chapter as always Momo! THank you 😀


  7. YEAH KIRSTEN I’ve missed you. by the way spot on with the dialog I haven’t seen a writer yet who could make all this and still not mess up making it too fake or too emotional. But I’m kinda tired of seeing girly girls. can one of the new girls in future generations be like I don’t know not a tomboy or a girl girl but somewhere in between who’s not going to turn out to be angry.


  8. Oh thank you so much! Well, what can I say dear, I love dressing girls up! Unfortunately I don’t make sim requests for my story, but if one comes up, one comes up 🙂 They’re usually dressed according to their personalities and such.


  9. I’m more curious about why those dreams are dangerous then anything… As for Birdie, she sure turned into a vain little snot.
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    Annabelle can shove off, if he was as sweet with her as he was Clem, then she should not be pissed.
    And last but surely not least, Lo is so freaking cute!!!!!!


    • Only the Crumplebottom sisters know for the time being.. but we’ll see! Hehe yes but I love her 😛

      And maybe 😉

      Yeah, she was just starting to like him though! She’ll understand one day.

      hehehe isn’t he though? ♥-♥


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    • Yep, you explained that perfectly. He might have found his niche (:

      Close, snob and coward! 🙂 But dramatic would totally work for her and I thought about giving that one to her when she gets a reputation thing. In case you want to know her traits are; coward, snob, grumpy, friendly, animal lover.

      You’re right it should be their, I’ll fix that now, thanks 🙂

      lol that’s true, but the Darling women all have some sort of anger based trait! xP

      Lol well MD2 was recently referred to as a soap opera in a video on youtube so I guess that fits 😉 Hooray for predictions based on your knowledge of soaps though, kudos ;D

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      • That might make things really interesting for him later on when Donna pops up haha.

        I think it would fit her well haha. Okay, thanks! I wrote them down so I can give them to Birdie in the Gonzalo world. 🙂

        No probs!

        So true. You know it’s fitting Birdie has the coward trait. Prudence and Simon both have it too XD. She got it from them 😛

        I saw that while on tumblr. That guy was a bit snarky for my taste, but soaps aren’t a bad thing. 😉 and LOL, thanks.

        Good point, but what if someday he don’t have a choice? XD


  14. oooh interesting idea!

    You’re welcome 🙂

    Oh really? See that’s crazy, she got that trait by random, I didn’t even choose that 😛

    He was lol but I think it’s just cause he doesn’t know much about simmers I don’t think. Sim-noobs are always interesting haha.

    Well, the book that the Crumplebottom sisters provided him made it VERY easy to understand, so if he does happen to have the dream again, it will be because he wants to!


  15. *GAAAAAAASP* OH THEY’RE ALIVE!!! *tears* Oh mo, you do have a heart!

    Ahem. Anyway… Lo is just beyond adorable. Salem is really pretty, I think she looks a lot like her Mom. It’s a shame she’s such a huge potty mouth. And Annabelle… really girl? Drama queen, much? *rolleyes* Lo might think he’d be lucky to be with a girl like her, but I think he’s too good for her. And OOHHHH Cassandra and Don! … I never played Sims 2… did that work out well? 0.0 And Birdie is hilariously adorable in her snobbishness. That pose with her in the towel is just too perfect! =D

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    • hahah yes of course I have a heart silly 😛

      Thank you! And it sure is a shame. I keep telling her it’s not that kind of story but she won’t listen ;P She totally is, poor little Lo-Lo!

      Lol well, when the game starts up they are moments from getting married. Sometimes he ditches her, unless you have them be romantic before hand! So we’ll just have to see it can go either way! hahaha I know right? She’s just so animated and she’s just too much!

      *jumps up and down* yesss! Thank you sooo much darling 😀


      • Weeeell, I must admit I had a moment there *cough*lastchapterofgen2*cough*cough* where I was afraid you might not. But Sy and Kirsten are alive and omigoshallisrightintheworldagain!

        That sounds… half promising. And half traumatizing. lol I guess I’ll have to wait and see.


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