Chapter 3.2: Betrothed

Momo’s note: I had originally planned to make this chapter a lot longer, but my game has been giving me one technical difficulty after another. So I have decided to break this chapter into two chapters. Nothing about the following events will be changed, but it’ll just take me longer to accomplish. So if you kind of feel like this chapter has a wonky ending, it’s because it wasn’t supposed to end yet. Thanks for understanding!

a (1)

“Dad!! What are you doing?! Parent-teacher conferences started like ten minutes ago, we’re late!!” Clementine whined.

a (2)

Brandt grudgingly sat up and yawned loudly after sleeping on the couch for several hours.

a (3)

When Clementine’s words finally registered in Brandt’s mind, he quickly jumped off the couch.

“What, that’s today? Shit! Get your shoes on, let’s go!” He said.

a (4)

“Just forget it, Dad. We’re already late.” Clementine sighed, “I can just catch a ride with the twins and their aunts tomorrow, I don’t want to be a burden on you.”

a (5)

“Brandt rushed over to Clementine and grabbed her by the arms firmly.

“Honey, is that what you really think? You will never be a burden on me okay? We can still go tonight, who cares if we’re late? Your teacher will just have stop being a tight-ass and deal with it.”

Clementine grinned and nodded.

a2 (2)

The ride to the school was awkward and silent. Brandt could tell that Clementine was still a bit upset that he forgot about her conference.

Finally, Clementine spoke up. “Do you think Mom would be doing these things with me if she was still around?”

a3 (1)

“Baby girl, your momma wouldn’t do anything unless there was something in it for her.” Said Brandt. “But your old man has everything under control, even if it seems like I don’t sometimes.”

a3 (2)

“Dad.. You better behave!”

“What are you talking about, I’ll behave.” Brandt said, approaching the classroom with Clementine.

a3 (3)

Brandt followed Clementine’s lead as she opened the classroom door.

“Sorry we’re late Ms. Loveland!” She said.

a3 (4)

“Well there you are, Clementine! I was just about to head out for the night.” Answered the pretty blonde, standing by her desk.

a4 (1)

“Mr. Clinton!” She greeted.

“Actually, it’s Martin, Brandt Martin. She’s named after her mother, unfortunately.”

“I see. Gracie Loveland.” She said, holding her hand out for a handshake.

Brandt casually clutched her hand with the wrong hand as he examined her ring finger. “No ring, I see..” Brandt smirked.

Ms. Loveland confidently made eye contact with Brandt and bit her lip. “Yeah, I’m not very fond of commitment.” She winked.

a4 (2)

The conference went smoothly. Brandt was very vocal, and asked several questions regarding Clementine and her grades.

a5 (1)

As the meeting wrapped up, Brandt had a plan.

“Hey honey, what do you say you be a good girl and let me and Ms. Loveland talk in private? I’ll get you whatever dress you want for that little dance of yours, no budget!” He offered.

Clementine’s face lit up as she grabbed her notebook.

a5 (2)

“I’ll just be in the car doing my homework!” She squealed, leaving the room excitedly.

a5 (3)

Brandt Martin and Gracie Loveland were just two adults, who knew exactly what they wanted, and they luckily both willing to help each other out…

a5 (4)

Brandt approached Gracie, whispering unmentionables in her ear. It was clear that they were both very attracted to one another, and both were looking for a no-strings-attached encounter.

a5 (6)

a5 (5)


a6 (1)

A couple weeks had passed and my sister, Clementine, as well as another student were in class working on a group assignment. Well, it was mostly just Chuck and I, Clementine andΒ  Salem talked throughout the entire thing.

“So I was thinking when class is done we should hit up Raquel’s stupid yard sale.” Salem said.

She was referring to the yard sale that the Parrott family was hosting today. They decided to get rid of some things since they were set to move to Sunlit Tides with some relatives after Salem set their treehouse on fire and got away with it a few weeks ago.

a6 (2)

“And where do you think we’ll get money for that?! My dad isn’t giving me anymore money after how much I spent on my prom dress yesterday!” Clementine said.

a6 (3)

“It’s called the five-finger discount, dummy!” Salem grinned, waving her fingers.

a7 (1)

Between the thoughts of my sister stealing and Clementine laying on the table right in front of me, focusing was impossible. So since the bell was about to ring anyway, I shut my notebook and waited.

a7 (2)

Clementine turned over to me and smiled, “What about you, you coming with us?” She asked.


“Nah, you two go ahead, I think I’ll just hang out in the graveyard again.”

Salem rolled her eyes. “See that’s why you have no friends.” She scoffed.


She was probably right. But I spent most of my free time at the local cemetery. It was perfect for so many reasons. Not only was no one going to follow me here, but my magic was much stronger here. I wasn’t anywhere near as skilled as my aunts or even my sister, but I was finally able to accomplish small charms and spells.

Now nothing could stop me from being the heir that my parents intended for me to be! Now that I have some knowledge of magic, all that was left for me was to marry my reanimated soul mate. You might think it’d be difficult for someone as socially awkward as me, but I had nothing to worry about, I’m engaged to be engaged!

a11 (2)

Yep, that’s right! You see, to ensure the future of my family’s magic, my aunts were very persistent, and went to great lengths to assure the legacy rules are fulfilled.

a11 (3)

They traveled far and wide, and attended several meetings with strange and rather shady people.

a11 (1)

And after all that hard work,Β They’ve narrowed it down to three or four spirits my age, who were more than willing to marry me in an exchange for a second change at living a full life.

Β Pretty soon, I would officially be in an arranged marriage.


Sure, it’s a bit unorthodox for a kid this day an age to be betrothed, but I trust that my aunts will find my perfect match, and I’ll get my happily ever after. Besides, I took a lot of comfort in skipping the whole dating mess.

I’m truly excited to meet her. I imagine her personality, and what she’ll look like all the time!

b (1)

Just another day goes by, and I find myself at the cemetery once again. This time I don’t feel so alone. It was as if the entire time, someone was watching me…

b (2)

Unfortunately, it was just Salem, who angrily plopped down next to me.

“What’s up with you?” I asked.

“More like what’s up with you, jackass.” She sneered.

I sighed. “What did I do wrong this time?”

b2 (1)

“Why won’t you ask Clem to prom? She keeps asking me to ask you.”

“Salem, I don’t even think I’m going to prom.”

“She’s been turning down boys left and right, waiting for you, you know…”

“Tell her to go with the next person that asks her.”

b2 (2)

“I’ve never seen anyone so in denial…. You know you want her. I know you want her. How could you not?” Salem nagged.

“Salem, would you just stop!” I snapped.

b2 (3)

“What the hell is your deal? You two are a match made in hell!”

b2 (4)

“Look, I know what you’re trying to do! You want me to fall for Clementine, so that you can be heir. It’s obvious, Salem, you’re not as slick as you think.” I shouted.

She chuckled softly, “You’re just clueless, Yellow.”


“Trust me, seeing you end up with the wrong girl and being stuck with someone you’re unhappy with would be far more entertaining than being heir!” She said.


“But it’s my best friend who I have to watch get heartbroken time and time again! Hopefully one day she’ll see that she’s far too good for you, because there’s nothing I hate more than having to comfort a crybaby!”

b6 (1)

And with that, Salem stormed off into the bushes, before hopping on her broom and riding home.

b6 (2)

Funny, I came here to think things through, but now I’m more confused than when I got here in the first place. I didn’t want to break Clementine’s heart, but I didn’t want to give up my place as heir, it was the most important gift my parents have ever given me. I was born to be the heir.

b7 (2)


As time went by, prom was getting closer and closer each day, and there was news of proposals every single day.

b8 (1)

b8 (2)

b8 (3)

b8 (4)

Of course Birdie’s boyfriend Callan went with the most extravagant, expensive proposal imaginable. I’m sure it isn’t easy affording a girl like her.


Salem got asked by Irving Wright, rather casually. She said probably/maybe/I dunno, but I think that means yes.

As for me, I decided that I’d go to prom, but the thought of asking a girl made me sweat buckets, so I decided that skipping the awkwardness and just going stag would spare me the trouble.

b10 (1)

One night, Salem, Clementine and I, as well as Birdie and Callan all went on a camping trip to the little pond my grandpa used to take us fishing at.

While Birdie and Callan retreated to their tent, Salem was more than excited to start up a fire.


As Salem poked at the fire with a stick, I attempted engaging in small talk with Clementine. Things were a little weird between us though. After all, she had Salem talk to me about prom, and I haven’t asked her, so obviously it’s the white elephant in the room.

c (1)

So of course, I had to be super awkward and address it.

“So Clem, do you have a date for prom yet?” Immediately realizing I stuck my foot in my mouth.

c (2)

“Mhm. Matt asked me, so I said yes.” She said.

“Matt King? Like football player, mr. popularity, Matt King?” I asked.

c (4)

“Yeah, she pretty much had to blow him for him to ask! And it’s all your fault Lo.” Salem added.

c2 (1)

“Okay Salem, that’s not true…” Clementine belted.

c2 (2)

“….Whatever happened between me and Matt, I wanted to do. And we didn’t go that far!”


That far? So how far did she go? I didn’t really want to know, I continued roasting a marshmallow from my pocket as if everything was fine, but inside I wanted to scream.


“Don’t listen to her, Lo. It wasn’t your fault. I actually like Matt a lot.” She reassured.


I stared blankly into the fire. I know she was trying to reassure me, but I still felt crummy. I still felt like it was my fault, and I wasn’t as thrilled about her liking Matt as I should be. I know that Clementine isn’t the one, she can’t be, but why did it hurt so bad to hear about her and Matt? Seems like no matter how special your family is, no one can avoid teenage strife.

Matt King is such a prick.


Eventually, the three of us crammed into the tent we had pitched earlier, across from Birdie and Callan’s.

I knew that talking things out with Clementine while stuffed in a tent next to my sister wasn’t the best way to avoid awkwardness, but I couldn’t keep it in anymore.

“Clem….I hope you’re not mad at me for not asking you to prom. It’s just I-“

“You don’t need to drag it out Lo, I get it. The whole heir thing. I respect it and understand it, k? No need to explain.” She smiled slightly.

I took a deep breath in through my nose and exhaled slowly through my mouth, before laying down. It’s going to be a long night…



45 thoughts on “Chapter 3.2: Betrothed

  1. Poor Clem, her and Yellow would be perfect together 😦 Yellow is clearly jealous of Matt. Part of me wishes they could be together but I really love Yellow as the heir. Salem sure is persistent about stealing the heir ship. Birdie and Callan are just too cute for words πŸ™‚


    • I know 😦 We’ll see how things go! And Salem MIGHT be trying to steal the spot of heir, or she could be telling the truth, and genuinely feel bad for Clementine. She said so herself, she’d be far more entertained if Lo ends up with the wrong girl, than to be heir. But we just never know with her!


  2. Aww Clem and Lo would be perfect together, I wish there was a way for her to be with him…

    Birdie is so pretty! I love the hairstyle you’re using for her, it really suits her facial shape.

    Why do I have the feeling that stuff is going to go down at prom? Hehe, I guess we’ll see!

    Lovely chapter Mo ❀


    • ahha. I’ve had a few suggestions that they should just kill Clementine and bring her back. I don’t think Lo is willing to go to that extreme, but we’ll have to just see πŸ˜›

      Thank you! Birdie is so much fun to try on different hairs with ❀

      Because you're starting to know me pretty well?

      Thank you so much πŸ˜€


      • Is that against the rules? I thought the ghosts had to be premade? Hmm, well I suppose you could bend the rules a little πŸ˜›

        I think it’s her hair colour that does it for me! So pretty!

        Haha, maybe…


      • Yes, it is against the rules. Lo probably wouldn’t put Clem through that if she didn’t need it anyways. In this story, being resurrected is probably 10 times more painful than giving birth. That’s why Erik and Agnes added a memory elixir to their ritual when the awakened Kirsten, so she wouldn’t remember the pain. It’s also why Pers didn’t resurrect Simon. So yes, Lo probably wouldn’t want anyone to resurrect her! But if they’re meant to be, they will be πŸ˜‰ Even if that means he has to give the spot to Salem!

        Aww, yes! Birdie’s hair color is a mixture of Bo and Persephone’s πŸ˜€


  3. My game has been acting up lately too! ): Luckily I’ve only got a little over two more Sim weeks in that save so hopefully I can tough it out, but you’re not alone. It is totally annoying, too, to make all the outfits for a scene and get a couple of pictures and then your game crashes so you have to try and remake the outfits. Anyway.

    Off the topic of this chapter again but the other night Just Give Me A Reason was on the radio and it reminded me of Syflower and I had to fight back tears LOL.

    Now then, the chapter (which was of course amazing). Salem is totes a brat. Despite what she says about Clem being her best friend and stuff, I’m sure her main motive is becoming the heir. But Lo already has a wife picked out for him and everything. The wife IS Donna… Right? Or I cannot get behind this betrothal xD

    Also her listening… I wonder what she will say?! She sacrificed everything for love back in the day, I cannot see her forcing Lo to marry her if she thinks he loves someone else.

    And like… I hope this dude isn’t an ass to Clem ): I have a hard time not shipping Loentine, because they would be great together, but I really want Lo to be heir… But I still don’t wanna see Clem get hurt!


    • Oh I know how all that goes. Then you feel mad at yourself for not saving often but you don’t think its going to happen because your game has actually behaved for a few days. psh I know. My game makes me want to chuck the computer out the window sometimes!

      OMG that exact song is totally Syflower o.o I had the same experience in the shower lmao

      She is yes πŸ˜› Gah, who knows with her. She could be telling the truth, or she could just want to be heir, we’ll have to wait and see! The truth shall avail eventually.

      *shrugs* I can’t saaaaaay 😦 But I’ll just say this much, no Darling has any knowledge of Donna in any way at this moment.

      Ah, very good point! I will say that there will be hesitation!

      It’s almost impossible not to ship those two even for those who want Lo to be heir, but things will fall into place soon!


      • Exactly! It did not crash once in the TEN DAYS I was playing up to Cass’s birthday and as I soon as I start taking pictures for the chapter it is like.. Lol no I don’t think so. I think I’ll crash now that you’ve made some stuff you haven’t saved.

        Haha like I was listening to it and I remember the not broken just bent chapter and I was like, “THIS IS WHY”

        It could, of course, be a mixture of the two. I know she actually does really care for them, even if she has a funny way of showing it. Idk, Salem is certainly a character. She is so pretty though.

        Nuuuuhhhh, I cannot get behind this betrothal then. Persy and Gwendy can just… Find out about Donna or something xD

        They just seem so perfect to me ): I’m a big fan of child relationships growing into more, though. But I will just have to sit tight and wait and see lol.


      • agh 😦 You can trust this damn game it lies I’m telling you!

        hahaha yay you figured it out! that made my day xD

        Lol yes, of course she cares about Clem though, they spend pretty much every moment together. She just hates “comforting crybabies” lol Salem.

        idunooooooooooo we’ll have to see! The betrothal isn’t set and stone yet though, they still have a few to narrow it down to. So something will have to happen quickly. Whether its with Donna or with Clem, because I wouldn’t wanna fuck with that grey guy with black eyes >.<

        YES! But it's my job to make things hard on the reader πŸ˜›


      • I know! Mine likes to crash when I’m in camera mode with the game paused. Like… what? How is that harder than playing the actual game? xD


        I’m sure she does, they are more like sisters than friends I would say! But yeah, Salem doesn’t have time for weak mortal emotions xD

        Yeah I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side or annoy him! He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who is gonna put up with teenage hormone bullshit haha.



      • I know, ts3 is a total diva of a game.

        Mhm… I’d definitely say she has a soft side for Clem, but not so much Lo πŸ˜›

        rofl you got that right. We’ll just try avoiding ever having to see him again ;P


  4. Gah I never tire of your pictures. I saw Donna :3 Spying on her to-be husband. And that guy almost looked like Papa from AHS >.> Is that what you had in mind? o: Poor Lo. I can see how he’s feeling guilty, but since she has a date I’d let it go ;-;


    • We can’t be completely sure its her to-be husband ;P

      And wow! No I didn’t go for that, but I see he kinda has that vibe D:

      Let’s hope he can let it go. Maybe its more than guilt, as mentioned before he’s obviously jealous of Matt.


      • Yeah jealousy is the right word. I mean it’s like refusing a guy’s flirtations for a while, and then bam he finds someone else to dote on then you’re jealous!


  5. Oh dear, I saw Gracie and I was like… 0.0 Why do I get the feeling naughty things are about to go down? And while Clementine does her homework in the car. This face-> 0.0!!!!
    Clementine draping herself across the desk right in front of Lo gets that face too. You are soooo not helping this boy’s hormonal teenage feelings, girl! Anywayz, I actually said, “Aww!” at that picture of Donna watching him. I mean, I like Clementine… but I already luuurrrve Donna, and just… I ship them. I do. Already. I know they haven’t met yet, but pfffftttt. Minor details.
    That shady guy looks like a sim fathered by the grim reaper. Creeeeepy!


    • Hahah well if you visit Gracie’s room in Appaloosa Plains, you will see that she’s a very naughty girl! πŸ˜‰

      Lol I think Clementine might know exactly what she’s doing πŸ˜› Aww yay someone ships Donlow ❀ But I hope at one point you're at least a little torn! hehehe minor details, yes.

      He is terrifying! Gwendy had an accident when she saw him but it that was supposed to be secret behind the scenes information hahaha


      • Heh, yeah… I know. One of the reasons I was like, “Uh oh.” 0.0
        Yes, I am a Donlow shipper! =D (You have shipnames already?!?!?)
        ROFL! I actually kind of find that hard to believe considering Gwendy looks so smokin’ hot sitting by the desk in front of him. I actually got curious and went crawling around the sims wiki looking for all the teenage ghosts to see if I could figure out who the three or four spirits are that the girls have narrowed it down to.


      • I have no reply button past 3 comments… Hmm. ANYWAYZ, in my wiki trolling I found five teen ghosts. Donna (<3), Kid Mugg, Jimmy Vu, Fricorith Tricou, Darla Inkbeard, and Cody Remington (whom you have already brought back and killed off again. He's also Yellow's uncle, which would make things extra weird, so I assume we're not seeing him again, lol). That leaves four besides Donna if Donna isn't among the aunt's narrowed down list ( πŸ˜₯ ). Unless there are teen ghosts in Roaring Heights. *stares longingly at the red-links for the Roaring Heights ghosts* Update, darn it! =(


  6. Ahhh! So happy to see this in my reader today!! Wow Salem is a naughty one ain’t she. Yellow sure is dedicated to being heir and keep the families magic going strong. The dude with the dreads with the scar was creepy. Shudders. Yellow is adorable!!!!!


    • Glad it made you happy!! πŸ˜€

      She sure is, that little brat πŸ˜›

      Mhm, you’re so right about that, he is very dedicated. He never thought he’d be special enough to be heir, so when his parents decided that they’d make him heir, he knew it was a gift he’d treasure forever!

      Lol I know, they’re hoping they won’t have to deal with him any more :O


  7. Maybe Brant isn’t a traditional Father, but it’s clear he does love Clem. Which is more than some parents lol. I do feel like I should offer Gracie a cheeseburger though XD.

    I can’t put my finger on it, but that teen with the brown hair (the girl) behind Clem looks like somebody. :S and a different note, Clem laying on that desk reminds me of my 7th grade art teacher…long story XD.

    Salem does care, in her own way. And she has a key as a necklace. Is that due to Kirsten’s keyhole tat? Or am I making connections where there are none? XD

    Photobomb deer in the background behind Clem ha. Birdie and her boyfriend alone in a tent? bow chicka bow bow.

    Oh Clem, please don’t follow parts of your Mom’s path. Hope you get things fixed with your game.


    • You’re so right about that, he loves her more than the world. He’s obviously going through a rough time in his life plus work, makes it pretty hard to show it. ?

      haha, that doesn’t surprise me, I made a pretty big bunch of students for this and the next chapter, and a lot of them feel like they have a familiar face! Oh dear xD

      haha omg! I didn’t intend for that to happen, but now that you mention it, that’s kinda crazy! The thing is, she was supposed to be wearing a dreamcatcher necklace, the same one that Clem wears a lot, to remember her mother by, but I keep getting this glitch in CAS where it switches necklaces on its own D: So that actually happened by itself, which makes it weirder! Thank you for pointing that out! O.O

      I know that was tough scene to shoot, because apparently that was the local wildlife hangout for the evening including the unicorn that wanted to photobomb xD You might see his leg in one of the photos of salem I think!

      I can not confirm or deny those allegations!

      Thank you! It’s nothing too bad, just sims misbehaving when in large groups. πŸ˜›


      • Yep, hopefully she knows he lovers her though.

        Okay, I just wasn’t sure if she was the kid of someone. Haha.

        I thought Clem wore that one due to Toni’s Native American heritage (despite her (Toni) not liking it) XD. I guess the game has a mind of it’s own XD. No problem, just found that interesting LOL.

        Don’t you love that? XD. I get sims that aren’t supposed to be in the shot a lot too.

        Oh no LOL and welcomes. They have an orgy? JK XD


      • Of course πŸ™‚

        Haha nah, just a random CAS sim.

        Yes that’s also a good point, Clem is very into her heritage even if she doesn’t know much about it… yet… lol

        hah oh yes πŸ˜›


  8. Oh my gooooodddddddd. I just started reading this yesterday and powered through 2 & 3. Thought I was going to die myself when kirs & sy were in the water…. I held my breath with them! Gah. I’m a wreck. Now this?! God Mo what have you done to me?! Lol. I think Donna is super cute but really love Clem because it’s like Brandt and Kirsten are some how brought together through their kids without her having lost sy (I know they’re dead but in my mind it makes sense! Lol)

    But, Donna is super cute… Gah. Girl needs a makeover. I kinda want Clem to date yellow, but I don’t like then together forever because she’s just too.. Obsessed. Like, Id support him if he chooses her, but she’s not exploring any other options and it could spell disaster later in life when she wants to “sew her oats” so to speak.


    • whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! You my dear, are a total rockstar! β™₯ Oh my gosh, that sounds so uncomfortable, I’m glad you were able to resurface πŸ˜›

      Aww I totally see what you mean πŸ˜€ Just keep in mind that Lo and Salem are Clementine’s best friend, and no matter who he chooses she will always be around!

      hehe she’s abit dated yes, but I like her little style, which actually was a makeover compared to what EA had her in πŸ˜›

      Mhm, I understand that. She is a bit obsessive! But she’s always had a crush on Yellow, since she was in diapers. And its more than his adorable little face, she sees how special and loving he really is, and that’s what she desires most. We’ll just have to see, I hope you stay tuned!!


      • oh my goodness I will lol. I remember how upset kirs got when she wanted a yellow snowcone a while back, too cute. For some reason I do and dont want them together, its like the whole love triangle thing all over again, craziness. I wish they had had a 3rd kid! lol.


  9. Brandt is trying hard to be a good dad to Clem ❀
    Well, I gotta say I’ve never had a parent teacher conference like that LOL
    Salem, and her sticky fingers XD
    Lo’s magic is stronger I the cemetery? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…
    Whoa, scary dude helping out Gwendy & Pers O.o
    Awww, Donna is watching Lo =D
    Birdie and Callan are so cute together ❀
    Poor Lo, hearing about Matt & Clem =(
    Great chapter! I’m looking forward to the prom!


    • He really is ❀ It's hard to be a single dad that also works!

      lol you're doing it wrong then

      Yes she's a little klepto! πŸ˜›


      haha he could be worse πŸ˜›

      I agree D:

      I know :/

      I'm excited for you to see ❀


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