Chapter 3.1: All Over

ch 1 (1)

“Hey… Need some help warmin’ up?” Asked a handsome stranger, as Birdie focused intently on her routine.

ch 1 (2)

“No thanks sweetie, I don’t!” She said, with a warm and friendly tone.

Birdie was used to unwanted attention from boys all the time. Without giving the stranger so much as even a glance, she walked away before he could calculate his next terrible pick up line.

ch 1 (3)

As she began to practice in the middle of room, the stranger followed her.

“I see you all the time at school!” He blurted. “Birdie, right?”

Birdie’s footwork was graceful and effortless as she smiled at the stranger. “Please don’t pretend like you don’t know my name.” She said confidently.

ch 1 (4)

The stranger even surprised himself, when he found himself blushing, something that normally doesn’t happen often.

“Callan Harrington.” He announced. “I have to admit, I’ve always been really curious about you..” He said.

“Can’t say the curiosity is mutual.” Birdie smiled.

“Oh come on.. Now you’re just playing hard to get!” Callan said.

ch 1 (5)

“I don’t have much time for playing these days.” She said, continuing to breeze through her routine like a feather.

She could feel Callan watching her every move, practically burning holes through her leotard with his eyes.

“You sure are flexible…” Callan suggestively joked.

ch 1 (6)

Birdie finally cut her dancing abruptly. “Ew.” She grumbled, walking away once more.

ch 1 (7)

“Hey wait! I was only joking! Come on…”

ch 1 (8)

“Ugh, if I just give you my number will you just get lost?” She fumed.

“No, that’d be too good to be true. I know you’d just give me the wrong number anyways!”

ch 1 (9)

“Let me take you out tonight, to the park or something. Like a real legit date, I’ll pick you up.”

Birdie glared at him. “Then you’ll leave me alone to practice?” She asked.

Callan smoothly shrugged and nodded, not being able to wipe the grin off his face.

ch 1 (10)



ch 1 (11)

It’s been almost four years since I lost my parents to the sea. Belinda Crumplebottom, my teacher at the Crumplebottom School of Bewitchment, and distant relative, advised me to write spells for them in a bottle, and send it away in the ocean. Even if their spirits never read the letters or spells, it’s an excellent way to cope with the loss. It also doubles as a great way for me to practice magic, which I still have yet to figure out, mind you.

ch 1 (12)

Since the death of my parents, my aunts and uncles have come to live with us, to help raise us.

My aunts are always an endless source of entertainment. They’ve really refined their magic skills enough to make it easier to manage three children, two dogs, a cat, a horse,Β  and not to mention their husbands! They’re constantly using their magic to do average household chores like cooking or scooping cat litter.

ch 1 (13)

But even when my aunts use magic to cook, they can never out-do uncle Barry’s cooking! He’s a natural cook, and has yet to make a dish that doesn’t satisfy everyone. (Except maybe aunt Persephone, she’s a strict vegetarian.)

ch 1 (14)

On any average day around dinner time, the kitchen is nothing short of a circus. Our family is chaotic and big enough as it is, but usually everyone has at least one guest.

I end up tripping over someone or something at least once every day. I hate being in a crowded room.

ch 1 (16)

….Which is why I normally eat outside. Peace and solitude is when I’m at my happiest.

ch 1 (15)

Aunt Persephone fired the maid my parents had, so uncle Bo is in charge of the cleaning. He definitely has his work cut out for him, too! I’m always offering to help out, but he insists that I let him do it, as he genuinely enjoys cleaning.

ch 1 (17)

Now that we’re older, my aunts agreed that it’s not appropriate that I have to share a room with a girl, so now Birdie and Salem share our old room, and I have my grandpa’s old room upstairs.

ch 1 (18)

Birdie and Salem are constantly bickering like sisters, sometimes their shouting can even be heard upstairs.

ch 1 (19)

I’m really glad I have my own space to be completely honest. When my parents disappeared, I kept my mother’s old violin and began teaching myself how to play it. Surely Salem would have killed me by now if she had to listen to that all day.

ch 1 (22)

Then there’s Clementine. I’d definitely without a doubt say that Clementine is my closest friend. She spends most of her time at our house, since her father’s lifestyle can be pretty chaotic.

Every since my parents died, Brandt has been drinking a lot, and always has a new girl staying the night. He just seems so depressed. Who would have guessed that he’d take my father’s death that hard? I knew they were best friends but I didn’t realize they were that close. Poor guy. One things for sure, Clementine is always welcome here, and my aunts never question it.

ch 1 (23)

Clementine and I are always there for one another. She says I brighten her day when she’s had a bad day, and I tell her I’m always here to listen. She’s probably the best hugger I’ve ever known!

ch 1 (24)

Now, before you jump to conclusions, please allow me to clear some things up; Clementine and I are just friends. I am completely aware that if i intend to be the Darling family heir, that I’ll have to marry someone who has been resurrected from the dead. If I allowed our friendship to be anything more, it would ruin everything.

Clementine also knows this, but that doesn’t stop her from having feelings for me. She’s made it no secret that she’s had a crush on me for as long as she can remember.

And don’t get me wrong, I think Clementine is pretty… no… stunningly beautiful, perhaps the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, but I was born to be the heir, and that means the world to me, so I know that Clementine simply isn’t the one. And I’m not interested in getting involved with anyone who isn’t the one, because that means I’d be a heart-breaker, and I don’t think I could live with that.

ch 1 (20)

Since we’re not quite old enough yet, Kizzie and Mel Chapman hired my sister, Clementine, and I to babysit their daughter Cora every once in a while. Cora just so happened to be the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, by the way.

ch 1 (21)

Salem only does it for the money, and probably a chance to get out of the house, but Clementine and I love it! Especially Clem, she loves babies. She was always a lifesaver when I couldn’t get Cora to stop crying.

ch 1 (25)

One night, I sat on the living room floor, practically buried up to my neck in homework, both mine and Salem’s. I don’t condone cheating at all, but I couldn’t let my sister fail any of her classes, surely that would disappoint our mom and dad like no other, dead or not.

Gwendolyn and Barry had just went out for the night, and Persephone and Bo were in bed. It’s rarely this quiet in the house, which made it a perfect time to study hard.

ch 1 (26)

But the silence didn’t last long once Clementine made her way up the stairs. This time not trailing behind my sister.

“Oh you’re such a big baby, aren’t you?! Aren’t you?” She cooed playfully, as she knelt on the floor to rub Flea’s belly.

ch 1 (27)

I struggled to concentrate as she made her way to the loveseat, before flopping down.

“Hi Lo!” She exclaimed, lying on the loveseat upside down, twirling her braids. “What’s up?”

ch 1 (28)
“Hey Clem, not bad, I mean-nothing much, just doing some homework.” I said, stumbling over my words as usual.

ch 1 (29)

“So guess what?” She giggled.


“I had a dream about you last night!”

ch 1 (30)

“Oh really?” I asked, trying to play it cool. I knew Clementine well, so I knew where this was going…

ch 1 (31)

“Haha, yep!” She laughed, flipping back over, right side up. “It’s kinda weird so don’t judge me…”

ch 1 (32)

At that point I had lost any hope in focusing, as she now had all my attention.

She began twirling her hair around her fingers nervously as she explained her dream. “Well we were in my room… And I just got out of the shower…And like…. We started kissing, and I kept kissing you, like, all over…”

ch 1 (34)

“All over?” I asked, as my voice cracked a bit.

ch 1 (33)

All over…” She repeated in a whisper.

For a split second, I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. “Oh… That’s some dream, Clem!”

ch 1 (35)
Suddenly, she jumped up as Salem called her from the basement.


“Welp, looks like my master awaits!” She joked.

ch 1 (36)

“Night Lo..” She smiled, before running down the stairs.

ch 1 (37)

I rushed to finish my homework, before going to my room and locking the door behind me.

“That’s some dream Clementine? That’s really the reaction you go with, Yellow? Oh my god.” I thought to myself in embarrassment, rubbing my temples. Sometimes I wondered why I was such a mess.

ch 1 (39)

After changing my clothes and getting ready for bed, I sat awake in my bed. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to get Clementine and her silly dream off my mind.

ch 1 (40)

I found an old sock on the floor, and used it to cover my sister’s face in the picture of the three of us next to my bed, before turning out the lights. It was times like these I was really glad to have my own room.

43 thoughts on “Chapter 3.1: All Over

  1. Lol I love Birdie, she is so full of herself! It is no wonder her and Salem can’t get along. I had almost forgotten that she was quite the little terror herself. Well… is. But Callan is totally handsome, can you imagine their babies?


    That girl is not shy, huh? Damn, I can’t even imagine talking to a boy like that when I was her age xD Lo definitely has his work cut out for him. He’s been pretty strong so far, but it would be hard for any teenage boy to resist that. I bet Salem would love it, too. Cause if they got together that would mean she was the only choice for heir.


    Loved the update<3


    • Hahah yeah, she knows she’s got it going on. But she’s friendly about it most of the time! Thanks! Selah made him for Birdie πŸ™‚ And yes, I can lol

      lol of course not, but look at who her main influence was growing up πŸ˜› Hahaha you’re so right on the money. Lo has a hard time with Clementine, but he believes in love stories so he tries to not think about it! And that’s pretty much Salem’s exact thought process, she has it all planned out xD

      Thank you so much!


      • Well I guess that is fair since she certainly does have it going on!

        Haha I thought that might be along Salem’s line of thinking. But Lo is so sweet, not wanting to hurt anyone and saving himself for whatever ghost comes along. Somehow I feel like you might throw him, and us, a curve ball πŸ˜›

        You’re welcome!

        Also, I love the family picture in the living room. Did you make it?


      • He really is. He cares more about hurting someone else than he does himself. b’cause lord knows he’d fall and fall hard if he let himself Dx


        Thank you so much! I made the poses of them in the picture, did the photoshoot, and made it look like a painting myself, but lisa was kinda enough to put it in a frame and make it a package for me since I can’t do that kind of stuff to save my life! It’s probably my most valued piece of cc though! I’d probably share it if I made it.


      • Awe, sweet baby Lo. I just wanna snuggle him haha.

        Oh my goodness that makes me nervous!

        You’re welcome! That’s lovely πŸ™‚ I’ve always wanted to be able to do something like that with my Sims. It looks really great, that was nice of Lisa to help you out with it.


      • hahaha same here! I wish they weren’t pixelated so we can squeeze their little cheeks!

        lol always be prepared dear πŸ˜›

        Haha it was pretty hard and I know I gave her a rough time because I requested the frame that just so happens to change at night and had a bunch of other presets xD And aw if I knew how to do it I’d totally make one for you!


      • Oh man, I dunno if I can prepare myself! I’ll just have to hang on for dear life and hope for a happy ending xD But that’s the fun of it<3

        That frame is beautiful, though, I can see why you want it. I can also kind of see why it would be difficult though haha. Awe, thank you! Maybe I'll be able to do something like that in the future.


      • hehe exactly ❀

        You should defnitely look up a tutorial or two and see if you'd be cut out for it! I tried it but some things went wrong because I'm too familiar with gimp Dx


  2. Between Toni and Brandt did Clem have a chance of being any way but the way she is? lol
    Poor Lo, better figure out how to put his foot down with her and but fast or she’s going to torment him for a long time. Just a hunch πŸ˜‰


    • Well Toni didn’t have much to do with it besides her appearance, but other than that no! She’s a very confident girl!

      Lol possibly but I don’t think he minds too much right now πŸ˜‰


  3. That part about brandt got me good! I loved him and Kirs together so much. Poor guy. 😦 And I absolutely adore Birdie and Clem! I’d say Birdie is one of my favorite characters! She’s stunning! (:


    • I’m so sorry 😦 But I’m really glad you caught that! Yellow believes Brandt was depressed about Sy, but in reality, it might have more to do with Kirsten than he realizes.

      Thank you so much! We have some pretty strong female characters in this generation, and I have to say I love those two so much as well! ❀ And she is breathtaking, thank you so much πŸ˜€


      • I wonder if Yellow ever will find out about Kirsten and Brandt? I’d love to see how that plays out!

        You’re welcome! πŸ™‚ I’m so excited to see what happens between Birdie and Callan! I think they’re adorable together!


      • Hahah well that was a secret they were willing to take to their grave, but obviously all the adults know in Appaloosa Plains, so who knows…. πŸ˜‰

        Thank you so much, and I agree ❀


  4. Salem and Birdie sharing a room XD Their total opposites, I’m glad Birdies going on a date I think I see a future relationship. Yellow and Clementine would have made the cutest couple too bad she can’t marry the heir 😦 Poor Brandt and Clementine, Brandt is all messed up and Clem has to deal with it. Yellow is just to cute, my favorite heir s far πŸ™‚


    • So true! They bicker like sisters all the time. And yes! They’re in somewhat of a relationship now, not quite exclusive but definitely getting there, if you look in the picture of all of them in the kitchen, she and callan are holding hands πŸ™‚ It’s good for her cause he’s Birdie’s first date ever ;,)

      They would make a cute couple and it’s always in the back of my mind, but who knows what will happen! ;P

      I know 😦 Looking Sy (but mostly Kristen, since he was starting to develop feelings for her) really messed him up. Maybe soon he’ll pull out of it πŸ™‚

      Aw thanks, I love Yellowβ™₯


  5. I can see how Birdie and Salem sharing a room could possibly turn out horrible. LOL. They are so different. I kind of feel bad for Callen, he tried so hard. LOL, at least he got a date out of it, I wonder how that will go!

    I adore Yellow so far. He’s such a quite gentle soul. How nice of him to help his sister out with her school work also. Wow that Clem sure is a bold one…Poor Yellow’s teenage brain couldn’t handle that dream LMAO!


    • hehe well the one thing keeping them from killing each other is that the room is luckily pretty big, and they each have their own space.

      And yes, Birdie doesn’t always let the boys down easy πŸ˜‰ It’s okay though, Callan needed an ego check, he’s obviously a hunk so he’s used to girls falling all over him πŸ˜› Updates from her date will be posted on tumblr when I get the chance πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much, you’re so right about Yellow. hehe yes she is. Haha he did malfunction a little bit didn’t he? xP


  6. Aww the twins grew up so well! I loved Salem in the background of the photo in the kitchen. She looks so bored and uninterested…

    Haha, Birdie. She handled that well, especially as she has so much attention from the men. She’s grown up beautifully.

    When I was Clem’s age, I don’t think I could’ve talked to a boy like that! Lucky she only inherited her looks and confidence from her mother and nothing else!

    Lovely chapter Mo! ❀


    • Thank you so! haha yes, that’s Salem for you xD

      lol of course, she’s always classy when trying to avoid the boys!

      haha I was the opposite, so very similar to Clem at that age! O.O She has the brave trait, so she’s not very afraid to be honest πŸ˜›

      Thank you dearest!


  7. Birdie and Callan XD. Birdie looks just like her Mom when she gets all grouchy LOL.

    I’d be nervous with that knife flying around between those two ha.

    Well, looks like Callan must have won over Birdie a bit.

    Ha, the pouty face on Cora. LOL.

    Clem kind of reminds me of Toni sometimes (in this chapter I mean), even if she’s not consciously acting like her. If that makes any sense. It’s kind of like a subconscious thing.

    Poor Yellow though doing his and his sister’s homework LOL.


  8. Very “smooth” Callan! And your methods of getting a date… learn that in Stalker 101? LOL

    Birdie’s “ewww face” makes her look like her momma!

    Lo and his messages in a bottle 😦 *hugs*

    D’awww Cora and her cute babysitters ❀

    I recognize that family portrait! πŸ˜‰ And now I now why it was important to take one at the time 😦

    Bahaha! I think Lo-lo needs top keep a box of tissues by his bed *snickers*


    • haha poor guy, you’ll bruise his ego! But yes she does look like her momma when she’s mad ❀

      I know, such tragics 😦

      Yes :/ But thank you, I love that painting!

      rofl they're under his bed ;P


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