My Darling 3: Introduction

MD3 intro (1)

Long, long ago, lived a beautiful and happy-go-lucky young lady in the wealthy town of Drearyshire.

MD3 intro (2)

Donna Grace Wellington, was her name. Donna came from a very wealthy and high-class family. She loved her family as well as her beautiful home, but Donna always had a strange inkling that something was missing. She felt as if her life in drearyshire was rather boring, she craved adventure and excitement, as there were very few things that frightened Donna.

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Donna’s Parents, Veronica and Abraham Wellington truly loved their daughter, despite their unusual way of showing it. They were very cold, and strict to Donna, and advised her against anything that might tarnish the Wellington Family reputation.

MD3 intro (4)

And nothing would tarnish their reputation more than the seedy boy that Donna was deeply in love with, Montgomery Parr-Teague.

Although the Parr-Teagues were also tremendously wealthy, they were rumored to be nothing but trouble. What made them trouble, exactly, was never quite clear, but when your social status is as high as the Wellingtons’ was, the last thing you wanted was whispers from passers-by on the street.

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MD3 intro (6)

Mr. and Mrs. Wellington did not approve of their only daughter courting Montgomery, in fact, they didn’t approve of her even having contact with him!

MD3 intro (7)

Abraham forbade Donna from seeing Montgomery, and threatened severe consequences had she disobeyed.

MD3 intro (8)

But no matter how dire the consequences, Donna would stop at nothing to see her one true love, and even sneaked him in during a formal gathering, right under her father’s nose.

MD3 intro (9)

“I cannot carry on anymore!” Donna cried, “I cannot continue to live a lie, concealing our love, as if we were not destined for one another.”

MD3 intro (10)

“Run away with me, Miss Wellington,” Montgomery proposed, “We shall marry immediately! And relocate to Monte Vista, just as we always carried on about!”

“Are you off your hook?! My father could have you expended!”

“Not if you are no longer his…”

MD3 intro (11)

Donna despised that it had to come to this, but she knew Montgomery was right. If she wanted to be with him, she knew that waiting around for her father to change his mind would prove most unproductive. She was ready to follow her dreams!

MD3 intro (12)

Donna quickly became Mrs. Parr-Teague before Winter, by eloping with Montgomery.

MD3 intro (13)

Montgomery bought whatever Donna’s heart desired for the wedding, including her beautiful price-staggering white lace dress. By the time the wedding was over, Montgomery had very little money left, and after his parents disown him, he knew that there would be no more income. However, he didn’t tell her no, not even once.

Although the wedding was planned on short notice, and there were no guests, Donna felt as if she were living in a fairytale, as she glided across the ballroom floor in Montgomery’s arms.

MD3 intro (14)

Before the snow fell too heavily, Donna and Montgomery found a small group of settlers, who were willing to help them travel across the country, bringing them one step closer to setting sail to Monte Vista.

Money was tight, so they knew their means of travel would not be a luxurious one, but they were willing to do what it takes to be together.

MD3 intro (15)

Mr. and Mrs. Parr-Teague, along with the small group of settlers traveled miles and miles in a covered wagon only to reach their destination half way.

Food was sparse, the cold wind bit hard, and the ride through the rugged Appaloosa Plains mountains were treacherous enough to bruise their bottoms.

MD3 intro (16)

Much to their dismay, as the wagon made it’s way downhill on a narrow trail in the mountains, it hit a bump with a loud ‘thud’, pushing the wagon forward just enough to slightly tap the horses, which spooked them.

MD3 intro (17)

The horses became frantic, and settler steering them lost hold of their reins, causing the wagon to slide downhill alarmingly out of control.

MD3 intro (18)

Just one small bump later, the wagon, and all the passengers toppled over the mountain.

MD3 intro (19)

No more than an hour later, a very dazed and confused Donna awakened, as she tried to make sense of what just happened.

MD3 intro (20)

Her head throbbed intently, but she was lucky to survive the fall, especially being free from any severe injuries.

MD3 intro (21)

Her husband and other passengers, however, were not. Donna broke down and loudly sobbed upon realizing that she was the only survivor.

MD3 intro (22)

But Donna was a very brave young lady, and she knew that if she wanted to survive, she couldn’t just stand there in tears hoping that they’ll awake, she needed to find refuge.

MD3 intro (23)

But what Donna was not aware of, was that bravery can only get you so far. While trudging through the snow, a fallen tree limb slammed its way into Donna’s head, knocking her unconscious.

MD3 intro (24)
Donna lay senseless on a rock, as the snow slowly built up around her. She did not wake up soon enough, and starvation took her before the bitter cold could.

——Several Years Later—–

MD3 intro (25)

Appaloosa Plains had always been a tourist attraction for archeologists and fossilists alike. People would come from all nooks and crannies of the world to get a chance to dig up rare fossils and bones of dinosaurs who once walked the land.

MD3 intro (26)

But Robert Burns and his son Georgie weren’t tourists at all. Just like the generation before Robert, and the generation before that, They spent their entire lives shoveling the red dirt in the Appaloosa Plains Mountains in hopes of finding valuable treasures.

MD3 intro (27)

“Papa! Papa!” Little Georgie shouted, ushering his father to come quick.

“What? What is it, Georgie? Did ya find some dino-bones?” Robert questioned, running to his son.

MD3 intro (28)

“Even better!” Georgie exclaimed.

Robert couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the skeleton caked in the dirt, that his son had dug up all on his own. He had read about the fallen settlers, and most bodies were retrieved, but this was the one that was missing!

“Little Miss Donna Parr-Teague!” Robert approved, grinning ear to ear. He knew he’d make big bucks from this one, and maybe even get him and his boy’s face in the paper.

MD3 intro (29)

“You did good, boy.” Said Robert.

Donna’s remains were relocated to Newton Cemetery, in Appaloosa Plains.

—–Present Day Appaloosa Plains—–


These days, Donna’s spirit playfully shadows curious visitors of Newton Cemetery.

MD3 intro31

48 thoughts on “My Darling 3: Introduction

  1. I love Donna’s story, so happy she was picked for Yellow, him and Salem aged up most beautiful πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for another amazing generation πŸ™‚


    • Thank you so much bb, it took ages to come up with! I’m so glad you think so, I think they’re just perfect little mixtures of their mommy and daddy πŸ™‚

      I’m really excited to share their story with all of you!


  2. Donna is a lovely choice for the resurrected sim! The backstory was a nice touch, I can’t wait to see how you fit her into the main plotline.

    The kids grew up so well! They both look like their mommy but I can see a lot of Sy in them a well.

    Really looking forward to the gen. I bet it will be as amazing as the last!


    • Thank you! I think she’s really, really beautiful, and it worked out perfectly that she’s already in Appaloosa Plains.

      Yes, I agree! I really lucked out when it came to getting the perfect little mixtures.

      If everything goes according to plan, it will be even better πŸ˜€


      • I’ve always felt that EA messed up on their teen and child ghosts. Some of their features just don’t look suitable for them.

        A lot of Kirsten’s kids in other stories look a lot like her. I guess her genes must be really strong!


      • Yeah, that is true. Or they look fine when they’re little, but they don’t grow well into their faces as adults.

        Really? I haven’t read many other Kirsten stories, mainly the only one with children I can think of is Tashie’s, and they do look a lot like her!


      • It sucks as well. One of the candidates I was looking for my BMTL was Marabel Goldbeard and her features do not look very good as a YA!

        When wordpress had a lot of sims 3 stories, Kirsten cropped up a couple of times.


      • Maybe πŸ™‚ Originally. when I planned to do it I was suddenly hit with a ridiculous amount of coursework and it really just zapped my energy to write. Hopefully, as I’ll have more free-time this year, I should be able to get things started.

        It’s a shame really, some of my favourite stores got deleted cause they went inactive.


  3. Wonderful start to Season 3!! Can’t wait to see the adventures of little Donna and Lo-Lo! Beautiful chapter as always, loved how you made the wedding, the accident of the wagon and the discovery of her body. You’re so detailed Momo! Love you πŸ˜€


  4. I love the backstory you gave her to go along with her cute little face. πŸ˜€ I’m excited for this generation. The kids aged up great, and Donna seems so fun and interesting. And that last picture, lookit those dorks ❀


    • hehe aren’t those little cheeks so pinchable?! Thank you so much πŸ˜€ I really hope so! Her time difference so much bigger than Kirsten’s and Seymour’s was, so it should be interesting sticking her into the modern world 8)

      And hehe they’re the biggest πŸ˜›


  5. I read this during the morning when my net had first cut out so I didn’t get a chance to comment! But man.. I effing love with you’ve done with Donna, she looks like she’ll fit in just fine with the Darling family! πŸ˜€ She’s so cute D: And oooohhhh that last picture of Yellow and Donna is so cute πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the next chapter and p.s, I loooove the new banner πŸ™‚


  6. I was so excited to get the e-mail about this chapter, but I couldn’t read it until I got home today! This chapter was great. I loved the back-story, but it was so sad that she and everyone died ): You did a really good job with everyone though and omg her and Lo will be so cute… πŸ˜€


    • Aw well I hope it was worth the wait πŸ˜€

      I know, especially that little kid 😦 I was also sad I made those settlers just to kill them in the most horrific way lol

      Thank you so so much! And they might be hehe


      • It definitely was!

        Awe, yeah, but it had to be done for story purposes. Maybe you can find another use for them later on πŸ™‚ You did a good job with those shots, btw.

        You’re welcome! I hope so, they are both just too cute & sweet. I’m sure Clem won’t be happy though!


  7. Whoa Monty! You’re handsy for the time period there, chap XD.
    Donna is cute though, I think her and Yellow will make an adorable pair πŸ™‚
    Tragic, yet great backstory. Also nice explanation of how her remains were moved to the graveyard. That is important LOL.
    Is that a random billboard behind Donna in the last shot? I’m seeing things where there aren’t things. Though it was Kirsten’s picture lmao!
    Yes Donna, haunt Yellow into loving you πŸ˜€


    • hehe, he was very rebellious πŸ˜‰

      I think so too ❀ I'm excited to get some color into the story!

      omg, thank you for noticing. There were so many different stories originally, and they kept changing til' I finally stuck with that one!

      haha omg that would be so strange! But yes, it's just a random billboard xD

      Lol isn't that the best way? He doesn't even know she's there yet in that picture!


  8. S3 forums banner size width=600 height=130, sometimes you can get 650 x 145 to work. I make mine for the sight and then use the “width=##” and “height=##” to get it to fit the forums siggy space. That is if you were referring to the S3 forums.


  9. Amazing intro! I’m so hooked on this story that I check almost on a daily basis for a new chapter. (I’m pathetic) I’m glad Yellow is the heir, and Donna is going to be awesome. She’s adorable with those pig tails. What a horrible death. At least she was passed out and didn’t get to feel herself starve to death…What an awful way to go. I also wonder if her husband will have anything to do with the story. You described him as the love of her life, maybe all the years as a ghost has dimmed the feelings somewhat. LOL. I can’t wait for the newest chapter! I can’t get over how amazing your picture editing skills are. I bow down to you!! πŸ™‚


    • noooooooooo you’re not pathetic, you rock! πŸ˜€ I’m so honored you love the story ❀

      Well, when Donna married Montgomery, she was very young and naive, so at the time, that's what she believed was her true love. Never know though, doesn't mean he isn't πŸ˜‰

      You are so sweet, thank you πŸ˜€


  10. LOVE the new banner!

    Is that parasol (in the second screenshot) CC? It’s beautiful.

    The background of Donna is incredibly well done and the screenshots are just fantastic!

    This chapter is a fabulous way to introduce the new ghost, I cannot wait for the next chapter to see how the twins are doing now. *wants a new chapter NOW* XD

    I think my banner size is 600 width by 150 height…


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