Have a Very Darling Christmas!


Lil’ Lo-Lo sure is growing!

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from the Darlings and Momo!

22 thoughts on “Have a Very Darling Christmas!

      • Suchhh a cutie. He cut his hair too, but I’m glad it is still curly!

        Awe, I feel ya there. Doesn’t feel right that he is so big now<3


      • Ahh, I wish there were too! Cassy has some cute curly hair and there aren’t really a lot to choose from. More for girls than boys, I think, but that is typically how the Sims goes.


      • Oh! She could totally use that hair that Yellow used when he was a tot. I think it was a conversion for toddlers, it was meant for girls to begin with. I’m not sure where I got it, probably simsxolove! And so true, poor boys xD


      • Hehe she is 😀 I’ve had it in my game for awhile, but her hair was growing out slow and stuff. Since the time jump, though, she’ll be using it in the next chapter. It is the cutest hair but omg she looks a lot like Yellow. I guess its cause they are both clones of Kirsten ha.


      • Oh yes Yellow looks so much like his mommy! Although I see a bit of Sy too. But omg I’m really glad she looks like him, it’s kinda like they’re related in a weird way, so it’ll be fun to see the resemblance in someone else’s game!


      • Haha totally.

        xD I think it would be funny to have the kids run into each other sometime, especially Cass and Lo, and be like…. Do I know you from somewhere?


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