Chapter 2.29: Cloud 9

momo’s note: This is in fact, the finale of My Darling 2. It is a bit short, and I apologize for that, but I think the ending will compensate for that. Thank you to all the readers who’ve read from the beginning along with all the readers who joined along the way! I genuinely love and appreciate every single one of you and your wonderful comments that keep me motivated. I hope to hear from you all when My Darling 3 begins!

a2 (1)

It took a while, but Seymour definitely stuck to his word. Almost a year had passed, and while the twins were away in Midnight Hollow for another year of bewitchment school, my husband and I set sail in Isla Paradiso to work things out between us.

Instead of buying a car, we saved up some money for a rather shoddy old houseboat, and fixed what needed fixing on our own.

a2 (2)

It was obvious that he was genuinely trying to make things right, which meant the world to me! I had a wonderful feeling that we’d happily spend the rest of our lives together.

a2 (3)

We talked about everything, openly and honestly. We laughed, we cried, we cringed, and we held each other, confessing, and pouring our hearts out. It was definitely something we’ve been needing for a long, long time.

a2 (4)

He was so affectionate, too! He kissed me every chance he got, and it made me feel like we were in college again.

a2 (5)

a2 (7)

a2 (12)

All the butterflies that I thought I’d never see again from Seymour were officially back, and I was on cloud nine!

a2 (10)

I was always aware that we were surrounded by water, the cause of my first death. And sure it scared me, but I felt invincible in my Husbands warm, loving arms. I knew that this was something we’d probably never get the chance to do again, so I pushed that into the back of my mind.

a2 (15)

Surprisingly, it began to rain one afternoon. But instead of letting it bum us out, we made the most of it!

a3 (1)

Laughing and giggling the entire time, Seymour and I ran to the top deck, and began dancing in the rain! I felt so young and free!


But the mood began to damper as the rain and wind picked up. The skies were so foggy, we couldn’t see into the distance at all. Seymour was getting extremely stressed out, which was starting to panic me.

“Oh god, this isn’t good. That fog is really freaking me out.” Seymour said.

“Seymour….” I whispered, “I’m scared…”


I don’t think he realized that he was scaring me, but when I said something he immediately looked sorry. He cradled my hands, holding me close.

“Don’t be. I was just stressing out like always, okay?”

I closed my eyes and nodded.

“Listen, I’m going to try my best to find land, you stay down here on the bed. Read a book or something, just don’t think about it, okay Kirs?”

I took a deep breath and looked up at him.

“Okay… Be careful please?”

“Ha… I’ll try, babe.”


I sat on the bed nervously awaiting Seymour.

suddenly, my heart dropped as a puddle of water seeping through the crack under the door caught my eye.


Panicking, I knew something was wrong and I couldn’t just sit here.


I ran to the door, as water heavily flowed through, almost pushing me down. I could feel the massive waves causing the boat to sway up and down rigorously.


As my bare feet splashed through the small pool of water, I ran up the stairs to tell Seymour that the boat was beginning to flood.


He was desperately attempting to steer his way through the fog and rain. I don’t think he could even see, because I knew I couldn’t.


“Seymour!” I shouted. “The boat is starting to flood! There’s water filling up downstairs!”


Jumping passed me, he ran to the railing to see for himself.

“Oh shit…” He yelled.

d2 (1)

Turning towards me, he firmly gripped my arms.

“Kirs, listen to me okay? We’re going to have to get the emergency rowboat in the basement, and row ourselves to safety okay? Don’t leave my side!”

d2 (2)

I quickly glanced towards the ocean and saw waves violently crashing together. My plan to be strong woman who can handle any situation quickly flew out the window, along with all of my dignity. I broke down.

d2 (3)

I threw myself into Seymour allowing myself to wail like a small child.

“I’M SO SCARED!” I bawled clenching onto him tightly.

d2 (4)

He pushed me back just long enough to kiss me desperately. He squeezed my body so hard, that my lungs began to feel restricted.

d2 (5)

By the time we were finally in the rowboat attempting to find safety, the storm had evolved into something reminiscent of hell, as our houseboat began to sink.

d2 (6)

I was crying so hard, I began to hyperventilate. I knew the foundation of our safety was unsure, when Seymour began saying ‘I love you Kirsten’ about every fifteen seconds. I clenched my eyes shut and began praying to myself. With each wave, our boat jumped higher and higher into the sky, until finally, we saw the last wave….

d2 (7)

“SEYMOUR! SEYMOUR!” I shrieked, as a massive tidal wave was seconds away fron devouring us whole.

He dropped the paddles and threw his body on top of mine, doing his best to shelter me.

“Don’t let go!” He shouted.

d2 (9)

But alas, the strength of the wave was far too mighty to avert, and Seymour and I were ripped apart by the overpowering surge of water.

I was then heaved to the bottom of the ocean, as I frantically fought to make my way back up.


Fighting to hold my breath, I kicked and pushed my arms to swim up, but the water kept pushing me down.


Just as I was about to give up, I saw Seymour reaching his hand out to me, and my body kicked back into overdrive.

I felt as though my lungs were about to burst, and my mouth involuntarily flew open to gasp for air.


In one final attempt to fight for survival, I threw myself upward, and reached for my husband’s hand.


But I was off by an inch, and my body couldn’t fight anymore. Letting go was a was a peaceful and familiar feeling that I felt only once before.

Suddenly, everything went dark.


Everybody in Appaloosa Plains know, that when Sheriff Warren knocks on your door, it’s never good news.


“Mrs. Sketti, a word please?”

“Okay, what is this about?” Persephone asked wearily.


“I am very sorry to inform you of this, ma’am, but the missing persons case you filed last week for Seymour Darling and Kirsten Darling has officially been closed. Officials in Isla Paradiso have informed the Appaloosa County Police Department that a pretty massive storm hit, and sunk their houseboat. I’m sorry.”


“NO! NO… No, there must be some sort of mistake, that can’t be true!” Persephone shouted furiously.


“I wish it wasn’t Mrs. Sketti, I’m very sorry. My condolences.”

77 thoughts on “Chapter 2.29: Cloud 9

  1. Holy bacon meat.. :/ This can’t be D: Please tell me they made their way to a near by island or something ;-; And kudos for your editing.. So badassables. ❀ Great chapter still, even though I'm dying to find out what really happened D:


  2. Momo… Whyyyy ): Awe, I’m so sad now.

    That aside, the editing was great, but omg, I refuse to believe they are dead. They can’t be.

    They just can’t be….


      • hehe I’m super anxious to! It’s a lot of work though! Banner, summary, blog adjustments, then there’s waiting until all the characters are at the right point! The story will begin with the kids as teens, but they still have about 6 days left!


      • Pshh, you can burn through 6 days in no time xD But yeah, the blog adjustments and stuff are what I think will take the most time.

        Speaking of ages and stuff. How long have you been playing in Appaloosa Plains? And has your save ever corrupted? I’m just wondering cause I’m worried my SV save will corrupt before I’m ready to move the family D:


      • Oh yes! My boyfriend says I should keep the background, so I think I’ll do that. The banner will take the longest, but at least its fun to do!

        hmmm let’s see. They moved to AP around chapter 26, and that says February 4th! O.O So since February. I can’t believe its been that long! I might have had one corrupted save, but I was able to recover it really fast. Its always important to keep a back up save and of course a copy of the family in the library just in case!

        It could be the town itself though, I remember having a lot of technical trouble in SV thats why I moved to begin with!


      • Yes, I do love the background πŸ™‚ I’m sure you will make a beautiful header! You are very good at picture editing.

        Wow, that is a really long time! Thanks for reminding me, it has been quite awhile since I backed up my SV save. Probably back when Des was just a little baby haha.

        It could be. My save was acting up awhile ago, but I cleaned it and uninstalled a lot of patterns and that seemed to fix it right up. I’m just hoping it can hold out for awhile longer haha. It is funny, though, because I’ve never had much luck with Appy Plains when I play.


      • aw thank you! I sure hope so (:

        I know right? If I’m not mistaken, it’s the longest I’ve ever played a world! Oh no you should definitely back dat up soon. Also check frequently for bad saves!

        Oh no D: I hope it stays working *knocks on wood* Yeah, AP wasn’t really the best for me in the past, but my problems haven’t been very bad here. Other than like enormous loading times, but that’s not bad if it keeps my save from screwing up xD


      • I have! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you reminded me lol. I would be devastated to lose that save. Idk if I’ve ever loved a Sim family more haha.

        I’m glad it is working for you, though. I’ve always loved the world and thought it was beautiful, but none of my computers agreed haha. It is funny though because my SV save is the largest but loads the fastest of any of my saves. Idk, it makes me nervous haha.


      • hahaha I can totally relate ❀

        It is a beautiful world, I'll be sad to leave it when the time comes 😦 But I think a smaller world would suit me better so it's easier to keep track of those pesky townies! xD


      • Haha they can be rather hard to keep up with! I only keep up with a small portion of Sunset Valley and sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Small worlds are good, though. They do make everything much easier πŸ™‚


  3. The houseboat turned out cute!

    Ugh, as soon as I saw that storm. I got a bad feeling lol. At least they died after they resolved things. I really don’t know what else to say, except that I feel bad for the kids and the rest of the family. 😦 And Sy can be with his folks again. Kirsten too (And Cody). I usually have more to say, but I don’t know what to say XD. I have to wonder who gets the kids though. Maybe Persy and Bo? I know Gwendy wouldn’t want them LMAO.


  4. This chapter is so bittersweet. It’s good because they made up and it looked like they were young again but there seats were just so …. No words ish the picture with the hands just touched me tho
    Is Salem gonna be the heir now? Cause yellow still doesn’t have his magic.


    • Bittersweet is the perfect word to describe it!

      Yes, the hands reaching out for one another was really sad to do! Making the pose and taking the photo.

      and we’ll have to see! Thank you for reading and commenting ❀


  5. Oh. My. Goodness. What a finale. I’m kind of a lurker here, but I’ve read all this story and loved every minute of it. I’m so sad I can’t think of anything to say. Chapter was so touching, and sad. (Goes off to cry in a corner somewhere)


  6. Wow, what a finale! I was literally not expecting such a emotional end (well I was, just not like that ^^)
    Agreeing with Nye, this chapter had a very bittersweet feel to it. They were all happy, enjoying themselves, and generally without a care in the world. And then it was gone…

    I also couldn’t help but notice it seemed to foreshadow the ending quite a bit at the start. Accidental or just coincidence?

    I’m so excited to read MD3 now!


    • Mhm, it was some pretty heavy stuff 😦

      Oh loaded with foreshadowing! You gotta watch out for that, I can sneak that kind of stuff in pretty well xP Which foreshadowing are you talking about exactly?



    But really, that was so sad. 😦 I really don’t want to see how the kids will react (but I do). Quite the finale, though, and I’m so excited for the next generation!


    • haha well luckily (unluckily) You won’t have to see too much of their pain, since the story will start about three years after this chapter.

      Thank you so much! I’ve already started putting things together, and I’m so eager to begin! πŸ˜€


  8. Wow, that was… incredible. Just, horrible and beautiful and bittersweet. I’m super sad, that’s such a downer! I also hope that they’re not really dead… even though looking from the way you’ve written it, it seems unlikely they survived. But, waaaaahhh why would you make Kirsten drown, AGAIN?

    Anyway, those screenshots are just beautiful by the way. (How did you get the one with the water on the floor and Kirsten’s feet?!?!?!?) Been lurking for awhile, but I’ll be happily reading generation 3!


    • First of all, thank you for your first comment! I hope to see many many more from you in the future β™₯

      I’m so sorry! It seems really evil I know, but I promise I do it ’cause I love you guys and I want to make you feeeeel!

      Thank you so much, they sure were a pain though! The water was pretty tricky. I used a custom purchasable puddle along with the largest setting on a resizer mod, paired with some tricky angles, I got the shot I wanted πŸ™‚


      • Oh there were certainly some major feels going on! And we’ll forgive you, of course. We have to. As long as the next generation gets some happiness. Err, they will get some happiness won’t they? :0

        Daaang, that sounds majorly complicated! But the result was great!


      • I’m glad! And of course sweetheart, there will be plenty of smiles and happy! But at the same time lots of heartbreak. It comes with the territory though!

        It was complicated, especially since my game didn’t want to be very friendly and froze up twice on me (so I had to restart) >.< But by then it was fairly simple because I had a lot of practice getting that shot πŸ˜›


  9. The houseboat is AMAZING! You are queen of loveliest clutter =D

    They are working on their marriage ❀ I didn't think they could pull it off, but I was wrong.

    Is that a video camera at the foot of their bed while they are on the bed playing mattress tag? LMAO

    Noooooo 😦 Not fair that she drowned again…

    No bodies found? I'm not convinced they are dead until I see their ghosts *makes believe they are living on a desert island*

    I'm anxious to see the start of MD3. Get to work, Missy, and make it snappy πŸ˜‰


    • hehe thanks, I have passionate love affair with clutter<3

      hahaha guess we'll never know what's on that camera now will we? πŸ˜›

      I know 😦 Life can be cruel, and storytellers can be even crueler!

      Hehe, we'll see…

      I'm working my booty off on this one, it's coming along piece by piece ❀


      • I adore clutter too, I just can’t quit get to your level but maybe it’s that I favor more modern builds…?

        How traumatizing would it be if that video camera resurfaced during the twins teen years LOL

        Tell me about it. I’ve been plotting horrid things for my 100BC all morning πŸ˜›

        *keeps her eye on Momo*



      • That could very well be the case. Also, I’m constantly surrounded by inspiration πŸ˜›

        lmfao knowing them it’d just be a video of Sy making silly faces in the mirror!

        nooooooooooo 100BCs aren’t supposed to be horrid they’re supposed to be warm and sweet D: Now I’m nervous!

        And yesss don’t blink πŸ˜›


  10. OMG, THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING! I really hope they actually were saved or something like that! OMG, nice chapter Momo! You were very thorough with the sinking boat and loved the way you changed Kirs hair while she was drowning! (NICE DETAIL!!!!) Love you β™₯


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