Little Yellow Poll

So I suppose we all remember Annabelle’s quick but adorable smooch on Lo’s cheek. But does it count as the first kiss? Let me know your opinion!

3 thoughts on “Little Yellow Poll

  1. Nahh, I think it was just a cute kid thing! Like the poll said, lips or doesn’t really count. Obviously it made his lil heart race, but he’ll be able to tell difference from that and a REAL first kiss.

    Also, I’m totally not stalking you by posting here mere seconds after you made this post… I just refreshed my tumblr dashboard and there it was lol.


    • Thanks for voting! I’ve been so conflicted as to whether that counts or not!

      And I wasn’t thinking that at all, I just saw your comment on tumblr, so I know you saw it xP Who cares anyways, first comment ftw!!!


      • I don’t think it does, but people might disagree with me! We’ll have to wait for everyone to weigh in haha.

        Heck yes!!


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