Chapter 2.28: Not Broken Just Bent


“I’m on Yellow’s team!” Cheered Clementine, enthusiastically.


“Whatever then, I can take both of you losers!” Salem shouted in reply.



Yellow initiated the first snowball throw.

“Great throw, Lo!” Clementine smiled, as over-sized hat drooped down, covering her eyes.

a5 (2)

The excitement of pummeling her brother and best friend with snowballs without getting in trouble was enough to make Salem forget about her hatred for the outdoors.

a6 (1)

It wasn’t long before my kids and Clementine were asking Brandt and I for something else, as if taking them to the park to play in the snow wasn’t enough!

“Mom, can we go to Monkey’s sleepover? She invited us!” Yellow asked.

“And I suppose you want to go to?” Brandt asked Clementine.

She jumped up and down excitedly “Yes!”


“You letting yours go?” Brandt asked.

“Maybe. You?”


“Dorothy’s been a bitch lately, I don’t know if I want Clem there.” He said.

a9 (1)

“Awh Daddy, please! Yellow will keep me safe! Won’t you Lo-Lo?” Clementine said, holding Yellow’s arm. I could practically feel Salem rolling her eyes.

“Uhh… Yeah, of course Clementine….” Yellow said.


“Only if you two lovebirds don’t try anything fishy..”



a12 (1)

“You guys can go, be good.” I said.

a12 (2)

Without being able to finish my sentence, all the of the children were off and running.

“Give Dorothy some hell!” Brandt shouted.


I had nothing else to do, so Brandt and I bought some hot chocolate from the local concession stand, and sat back down to enjoy it.

b (2)

“Looks like it’s just us two now…” He said.

b (3)

“Cool it, man!” I said. “I already explained what happens if Seymour and I don’t work things out.”

“I know, I know, no funny business.” He chuckled. “You did see his simbook status though, right?”

b (1)

“Mhm, Kizzie told me all about it.” I sighed.

He was referring to Seymour’s Simbook status update that read; “Guess I’m free now ;)”

“I’m trying not to think about that right now.” I added.

“Right. Have you ever made an igloo?” He asked, out of the blue.

“An igloo? No. Seymour has though, but I wasn’t allowed in. He said it was a ‘no girls allowed’ fort.” I laughed.

“We should make an igloo, you and me.”

“Brandt I-“

“We can invite the kids. Shit, we can bring Seymour too, totally innocent.”

b (4)

“Okay, that sound like fun!” I said, taking a sip of hot chocolate.

b (7)

Brandt threw his head back, bellowing in laughter.

“Your nose!” He laughed.

b (6)

“What?! What are you laughing at?!” I whined.

b (8)

Brandt rubbed his palm across his face. “Ah hell, you’re too damn cute to take…” He mumbled.

b (9)

“Let me get that for you..” He said, scooting intensely close, wiping the whipped cream off my nose.

The scent of his cologne made my stomach swarm with butterflies, as I completely froze.

b (10)

Unexpectedly, he put his thumb in his mouth and licked the whip cream off, while looking into my eyes, suggestively. He really knew what he was doing!

b (11)

After finishing our beverages, he put his body close to mine, looking into my eyes once more.

“I really think we should go make that igloo now.” He said.

b (12)

I blushed and bit my finger like a giddy teenager.

“Come, on! Let’s just hang out, as friends. Totally innocent.” He smiled.

b2 (2)

He put his arms around me, and pulled me in close.

b2 (1)

“One last time…” He whispered into my ear, sending shivers up my body.

b2 (3)

“Okay.” I whispered back.


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a (1)

A couple of weeks had gone by, and my mother agreed to keeping her boat at the dock for a while, so the kids could go to school.

When Salem and Yellow got home, Salem went right for the fridge to fetch a tub of ice cream, while Yellow had something important to talk to me about.

“Mom…” He began. “I brought a friend over, and I didn’t know if that was okay with you,  so he’s waiting outside for your permission. I couldn’t just leave him!”

a (3)

“He means his smelly hobo friend he picked up off the streets.”

“Not hobo, homeless, young lady!” Morgana interrupted.

“Sorry. He means his smelly homeless friend, that he picked up off the street.” Salem corrected herself.

a (4)

“You spoke to a stranger, Yellow?” I asked concernedly.

“Mom! He’s cold and hungry. Please just meet him? He’s great at playing the blues on the guitar!”

I sighed heavily, knowing I couldn’t tell him no. “Okay, I’ll meet him.”

a (5)

“Mom, Grandma, this is Cricket!” Yellow said.

a (6)

“Lovely home you have here!” He complimented. “I’m sorry if I’m imposing, I-“

“Mom, he has nowhere to go for Christmas, maybe he could spend it with us?”

a (7)

“Honey, I’d love for Cricket to spend Christmas with us, but I don’t think there will be enough room on this boat, he might feel crowded.”

a (8)

“You must be fucking high!” Salem shouted out of the blue, shoving her ice cream off the table.

a (9)

Morgana and Yellow gasped loudly.

“Excuse me, young lady? What did you just say?”


“You heard me. What do you mean, ‘on this boat’?’ She shouted. “We are not having Christmas here. We’re having it at home, with Grandma Morgana, Dad, the other idiots, Clementine, and Clementine’s dad. Just like always. We’re NOT changing things just because you and dad don’t know how to be adults!”


“Don’t you EVER speak to me like that again, young lady. I am your mother, and I do NOT take orders from you, nor will I ever. Do you hear me?”

a (1)

Sure enough, there I was on Christmas morning, awkwardly squeezed between my husband and whatever Brandt was to me at the time.

a (2)

Seymour was quiet for the most part. Other than some brief communication at the beginning of our Christmas gathering regarding the kids, he didn’t speak to me throughout the whole thing.

a (3)

Honestly, Brandt really was the one who kept me going. Every time I began to feel down, he’d pick up on it and subtly nudge my leg or hip with his elbow, easing the tension a little bit.

a (4)

One thing I knew for certain was, that it was crucial that our children saw Seymour and I together. I wanted them to know that just because we’re having some issues, doesn’t mean that we can’t get along and sit together.

b (1)

Seymour’s sisters had recently just returned from their trip from Al Simhara, which explains Gwendolyn’s new look. She believes that she is the reincarnated Cleopatra, herself.

The girls wanted to know why there was a strange man sleeping on the couch, so I decided this was the perfect time to fill them in on some things they missed while they were gone, concerning my marriage.

At first, they actually understood where I was coming from, and they both said they’d probably do the same, but when I added that the family magic was at stake, they quickly changed their tune.

b (2)



b (3)

To lighten the mood a little bit, I called everyone to open presents!

b (4)

One by one, everyone took turns opening gifts, which was definitely a breath of fresh air.

b (5)

I opened my first gift, and decided upon seeing it, that I’d just leave that one in the box… It was a very risque set of lingerie, labeled ‘from: Clementine’.

I somehow find it hard to believe Clementine picked that out.

b (6)

The rest of the evening was full of chatter and excitement as the pile of gifts got smaller and smaller.

b (7)

When I got the chance, I took Brandt aside, and explained that this was the perfect opportunity to make things right with Seymour.

Brandt hesitated at first, but he knew how important it was, so he asked Seymour to have a word with him alone.

b (8)

“What do you want?”

“I want to make things right again, dude. I’m sorry about everything.”


b (10)

“Seriously man. Even though you two were pretty much done, I knew it was wrong.. I tried to say no, I really did, but I’m just a man. What do you expect?”

b (9)

“It was just a heat of the moment thing. She was just so… damn. You should have seen her. She had this see-through-“

“OKAY. No need to apologize anymore, I get it.”


b (11)

“Yes. I don’t blame you, I know that I asked for this. You just didn’t have to be such a prick about it.”

“I know, I’m sorry. And I’m sorry about the time with the igloo too…”


b (12)

Later that evening, it was pretty apparent that Brandt was ready to make things like they used to be again.

b (13)

b (14)

“EWW! Don’t ever do that again, dude!” Seymour shouted.

“…Oh don’t act like you didn’t love it!”

b (15)

When the energy began to settle down, Seymour finally decided to speak to me.

“Can we talk outside?”

“About?” I asked.

“Please, Kirs?”

“Yeah okay, make it quick.”

b (16)

Seymour trailed behind me, out the door.

b4 (1)

“Well I just want to start out by saying, I never meant to hurt you. What I did was not okay, I know.”

b4 (2)

“But I can honestly say, that it isn’t what you think.” He continued. “She wanted someone to let her know how Clementine is doing, and keep her updated, without Brandt knowing.”

b4 (4)

“Why you?” I asked.

“I see Clementine on a regular basis, since she’s friends with the kids. Everyday pretty much. She knew you wouldn’t do it for her.” He explained.

“Oh? And she knew you did? Why did you anyway? She signed her rights over to Brandt, there’s no reason she needs to know anything about Clementine. Do you have feelings for her still?

b4 (5)

“No! Absolutely not. I did it because I’m a parent and if I was in the same situation, I’d want someone to help me out too. She signed her rights away because it was the best thing to do for Clementine. She wanted to know how Clementine was doing, but she didn’t want Clementine to be aware. That’s why she asked for my help, and that’s why I helped her.”

“Ah…” I said, honestly unimpressed.

b4 (7)

“But it’s done now. I told her to find someone else to help, you and the kids are way more important to me. All I want is to do my best to fix things, Kirsten.”

“Because of our magic, right?” I asked.

“No. I’m not worried about losing our magic. This family has always been strong. I know if  any one of us were left weak, we could fight through it. I want to do this for our family, but mostly you. I miss you, honey.” He cried.

b4 (6)

“Kirsten listen, I know we’ve been through this before. But I’m willing to do anything to fix it. Whatever happened between you and Brandt, we can pretend it never happened if you forgive me, or at least agree to work through it. I was saving up money for a new car, but I want to use it for a special trip. Just you and me, and the sea. What do you say?”

“Like on a boat?”

b4 (8)

“Yes. We can talk everything out on that trip, and work through everything. I’ll even take a truth enchantment, so I can’t lie. Please, Kirsten, I don’t want to lose you. I can’t handle that.”

b4 (9)

“Okay, okay. We can try to work it out. No promises though.” I said, as he breathed with relief.

“Thank you, baby! You won’t regret this, and I’ll fix everything I promise.” He said.

b4 (10)

“And I… never got the chance to tell you how beautiful you are. I tried so hard not stare at you all day.” He said.

Finally, I felt a warmness within my heart, that I’ve been missing from him for so long. I was finally reminded about why I fell for Seymour Darling in the first place.

b4 (11)

He grabbed my hand and gently squeezed it. “Can I just kiss you?”

I looked up at him and smiled, “Of course.” I nodded.


c (1)


74 thoughts on “Chapter 2.28: Not Broken Just Bent

  1. I am having these conflicting emotions right now D: Like, I feel happy that Sy and Kirs are trying to work things out.. I mean, kind of. Sy was sort of a dick to her for so long that I don’t even know if he deserves this chance. It isn’t just about Toni, the thing that comes to mind is when they were fighting and she said she didn’t think he was attracted to her anymore and instead of reassuring her and stuff he was a total dick about it. Idk, I suppose I’ll have to reserve judgement, but with only KIRSTEN’S best interests in mind, I prefer Brandt. I guess for the kids, she and Sy would be better though and I guess if they are happy again that’s all the matters. But I mean, who has been picking Kirsten up through the whole time that Sy was an awful husband? Brandt, that’s who. Idk what feel right now.

    On a separate note, “Are you fucking high?” LOL Salem, pls. At first I thought she was talking about homeless man, I didn’t expect her to actually CARE where they had Christmas. But I think all this business might really be hurting the poor thing.


    • I know, I know! It’s all just so conflicting. Even for me! I mean I watched Seymour grow up from a teeny baby, so he has a special place in my heart. But I don’t like how Kirsten was being treated by him. If they do choose to fix things, this might be his final wake up call. Although he has had plenty of those in the past -_-

      And Brandt… my heart is breaking for him! It’s so sad to see such a tough guy in tears hehe. Looks like there might be a bit more to it that just lust, eh?

      HAHAHA. Salem doesn’t like change at all. She’s used to having Christmas with her family in her own house, so she doesn’t have to go outside or anything like that! I was wondering if I should actually go through with letting her be a potty mouth so early, or substituting the word with “freaking” or something, but I guess my readers know what they’re getting themselves into with Salem Darling xP


      • I knooowww. I mean I’ve watched him grow up too ): But like, he wasn’t treating her right and Kirsten is a great girl. I just don’t understand it! He worked so hard to be with her, they worked through so much, and it just seems like he was willing to piss it all away for nothing. I just want to Sy again, because whatever I’ve been seeing sure as hell isn’t him.

        Ugh, I know! I mean, falling for a married woman is never a good idea, but they seemed pretty much over so I think he thought it was safe. Clem loves her, their families are so close. Idk, it probably seemed like it would be an easy transition for him. Any maybe it would have happened if Kirsten hadn’t been threatened with death. That death threat, to me, was a sure-fire way to ensure that even if Kirsten DOESN’T want to work things out or be with Sy anymore, she has to. How will anyone really know if her feeling are genuine or motivated by fear?

        Haha, poor little Salem! I can’t imagine what she would do with the changes if her parents broke up. Probably put them both through all manner of Hell. But I wasn’t surprised by her potty mouth, I knew it was coming pretty soon haha.


      • Yep! I guess that sometimes when you’re comfortable with someone so long, you might forget how much they mean to you, and before you realize it, they’re banging Brandt across the street.

        You make a very, very good point! I guess we’ll have to wait to dive into that deeper, well maybe. I can say for sure is, that Seymour made a really good point about the strength of his family. He believes that if their magic was revoked, that they could survive and pull through. Not sure if he is right or not, but it makes sense!

        She probably wouldn’t care too much if they broke up, as long as things remained the same, which she would demand lol. And yesss her potty mouth is to be expected xD


      • Lol! I suppose you can get complacent in a relationship, but if they work things out, I hope it never happens again because it really hurt Kirsten. It also wasn’t fair for her to try and fix things when he didn’t.

        That is true, but I don’t think I would personally want to risk it. I mean, it isn’t just her and Seymour. It is everyone else, including Birdie and the kids, whom I’m sure everyone feels very protective of.

        Lol I don’t things would really stay the same though. There would probably be the matter of moving, firstly haha.


      • Yeah, and not only that but it obviously had dangerous effects on others’ hearts. Brandt </3

        That's true! Not Birdie though, she's already an imaginary friend so she didn't get to be a witch. So Birdie, Bo, and Barry would be the only ones left if something were to happen to everyone with magic!

        Who knows with Kirsten, lol she doesn't always do things traditionally.. (remember Barry in chapter one hehe)


      • Poor bby ): I hope he finds a good woman or something. Like ugh.

        Oh I see! I had forgotten that she was an imaginary friend.

        Haha maybe she should be with Sy and Brandt! Kick traditionalism in the face.


      • Oh goodness! How do you think Kirsten would react when or if Brandt fell in love again? You think she’d be cool with it?

        LOL! I think the one thing keeping Kirsten from living a poly-amorous lifestyle is the thought of the man she loves being with other women as well. It couldn’t be one sided to work!


      • Oh, I didn’t even think of that! I was just kind of thinking if she fell back in with Sy and was just friends with Brandt. Then I suppose she wouldn’t really have a say, but maybe she wouldn’t be okay with it after all.

        Well, that’s true! I was thinking more along the lines of she has Sy and Brandt but they can only have her xD Selfish of me.


      • Haha me too! I mean… They could all three enter into a relationship under the premise that no one else is allowed in…. And uhm… Sy and Brandt can be together too lol.


      • Hey Mo :-). I actually have the opposite conflicting feelings, I feel like what Kirsten did was wrong. I don’t mean the getting mad at him part, I mean the cheating. If she wanted to sleep with Brandt out of anger she should have left Sy first and THEN had sex with him. She jumped to conclusions and I hate when people so that. She should have talked to him (Sy) first. She literally just took her somewhat mean childs word for it and then jumped to having sex with Sy’s best friend, thats wrong. Sy did do something wrong, but it was just that he lied, he neither emotionally nor physically cheated on Kirs. I feel like she was in the wrong for not even talking to him first before having sex with Brandt. I’m getting towards the end of My Darling 2!! I have been reading ALL day haha.


      • First off, you’re doing so good! 28 already I’m so proud of you! ❤

        Yes yes, what you are saying is all completely true. It's just that Kirsten let her anger get the best of her. I mean to her defense, what Toni pulled that one night (although it wasn't true) has left her insecure and vulnerable to heartbreak. She doesn't care what he said to her, she's just angry enough that he lied. Lying was enough for her. In her eyes, at least she didn't hide the fact she slept with Brandt (in the most obvious way lol) It probably wasn't the best decision on her part, but in that moment she decided that's what he deserved. And haha yes Salem is a bitch but that's still her baby and she trusts her 😛

        Oh and plus Brandt is really hot


    I swear to god I’m so conflicted when it comes to my emotions and Brandt. Like at the start I was a little annoyed that he straight up did the nasty with Kirsten, then I giggled at the scene he had with Sy, and then I don’t even know what to feel at that last picture.

    Lo is such a sweetheart, asking a homeless man to join the family for Christmas. It was so sweet! Salem swearing was priceless, she’s growing on me with every update.

    We’re almost on MD3?! The next gen is gonna be good! I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more of the heir’s adolescence from their point of view?


    • Brandt will do that to you pumpkin, he has so many layers!
      Hehe yes, I figured that would totally be a Yellow thing to do! Cricket is so easy-going too! He just slept on the couch the whole time bahaha

      Mhm, and you guessed correctly! The resurrected ghost will be revealed with the introduction as well :o)


  3. I have such a mix of happiness and sadness, THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER!!! I AM SO HAPPY!! 😀 Brandt 😥 You really had me worried they were not going to fix it up but they did I’m so happy, in a way Salem fixed their relationship they would have never talked it out if they weren’t forced into the same house. Salem does have a heart in there ❤ Clementine and Yellow or Yellow and Annabelle. Choices I think Clementine because she has brown hair ❤


    • These characters give me that same feeling every time I write for them! I’m so happy that you’re happy though!! 😀

      I know poor Brandt. Can we at least admit that moment between them and the hot chocolate was so adorable?

      Aha! You caught on! Salem really did help things, even if she wasn’t trying to. She tends to do that a lot xP

      Oh boy, good question 😉 There isn’t much I can say about that, so we’ll just have to keep waiting!


  4. Oh, My, Gods… POOR BRANDT!!!
    I didn’t like him at first, but her grew on me… and kept growing… And now I’m in love with him… oh… you poor baby… come on over to my game… I’ll make you a great girl that will treat you right. ^_~


  5. Okay first omgg you did a great job on the homeless guy! And wouldn’t it be like Yellow to bring a homeless guy in D: such a sweet baby.. And yay they’re patched D: or about to be ❤ And poor Brandt.


  6. SO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW! The homeless part was really cute from Lo-Lo, but Salem, she’s so angry with all of that! Then the part when Brandt kissed Sy, I really didn’t expect that! WOW! And I’m so glad that Syflower is back (in a way) but I’m so hurt for seeing Brandt like that! 😦 Great chapter Momo, like always. Btw, would you mind someday making a lookbook for Kirsten or Sy over Tumblr, some of their clothing and hairs are just beautiful and would love to see where they come from. Thank you again for a beautiful chapter. HUGS! 😀


    • I know I know! Yes, Salem is a potty mouth 😛

      Hahah yes, brandt is good at unexpected 😉

      Aww! That means so much to me that you’d be interested in a lookbook! Unfortunately, I don’t use enough CC to do a look book, and most of my things are EA. Also, I’m very very bad at keeping track of where I get things! D: But if you point something out specifically, I’d be more than willing to let you know where it came from, that is if I remember ❤

      *huge giant hugs* No, thank you!


      • Lol, I get you. Sometimes when I download CC I just look at the pretty hair or clothing and just go: DOWNLOAD!!!! YAYYY!! then close the tab and never know again of the creator! Then I feel bad because it’s such a beautiful creation.


  7. Ok I kinda have no sympathy for Kristen. She went and slept with her husbands best friend because she thought he was cheating but Seymour’s in the wrong? And I can’t get over the fact that she uprooted the whole family without knowing the whole story and then only came back for the magic. Also Brandt didn’t even know what was going on for him to belittle Seymour especially when he was sleeping with Seymour’s wife.


    • I don’t think she cared if he was cheating or not, it was more about the fact that he was lying about Toni being in his phone, and having her under a fake name. As for Brandt, he went by what Kirsten told him.

      Thank you very much for reading 😀


  8. ok; no kirs just no, Salem watch your mouth! Brandt dude you knew better, Sy get it together dude or else! Yellow keep both eyes on your sister at all times trust her not ……… sniff sniff eyes horizon I smell major trouble in the works, I hope it’s not as drastic as I’m getting from the undertones of the last few chapters


  9. I don’t know what to do with this. No offense Sy, but Brandt might be worth, ya know, dying for? He’s a hottie. Yes, there is that whole legacy thing but…Brandt.

    Also…I am nervous. LOVE CHILD, anyone? OMG. That would be something else…I hope for everyone’s sake there was some protection used.

    I will probably comment again later. I must think about this mess Kris has gotten herself into!


    • OH. MY. GOD. hahaha I’m laughing so hard xD You have a point there, it is after all, Brandt lol

      oh crap! That’s a scary thought! I can’t say for sure, but Brandt really looked like he had plans to do what he was going to do with Kirsten in that igloo ahead of time, so I’m sure he came prepared 😉 But who knows, who knows!

      And oh, please! You’re welcome to rant here anytime. Open 24 hrs! 😀


  10. The snowball fight is cute! Kirsten and Brandt are certainly looking cozy and domestic. Love the hot chocolate mugs, is that CC?

    Yellow has a heart of gold ❤ Great job on creating the homeless sim. Lawd, Salem has a mouth on her. She has a point tho, why should she and her brother miss out on seeing their father at Christmas.

    Whoa! Gwendy's new look XD. Well, so much for "I got your back bro." How interesting that neither sister would stick up for their brother.

    “Yes. I don’t blame you, I know that I asked for this." WTF?!? *peers into Sy's pants looking for his balls*

    “No. I’m not worried about losing our magic. This family has always been strong. I know if any one of us were left weak, we could fight through it. I want to do this for our family, but mostly you. I miss you, honey.” He cried. Ummm no, Sy, your family isn't strong. In fact I'd say it's hanging by a thread.

    “Kirsten listen, I know we’ve been through this before. But I’m willing to do anything to fix it. Whatever happened between you and Brandt, we can pretend it never happened if you forgive me," Well, since it was all hunky dory for her to sleep with Barry & Brandt, does that mean Kirsten has a free pass to sleep with anyone whose first name start with the letter B?

    I think I've finally figured out how this marriage works. If a man/Sy acts like a deck, "cheats", keeps secrets or fails to attend to his wife's insecurities then he is scum of the earth and must grovel and kiss ass. On the other hand if a woman/Kirsten acts like a total betch, sleeps around and takes the kids/pets away, she is queen of it all and everyone including her S-I-Ls pat her on her back.

    You are an amazing writer, Mo. I can't remember disliking a character so much or wanting a couple to just get divorced already. I would rather see Kirsten with Brandt and Sy find someone else at this point 😛 But that's alright, mah sweetie Yellow is about to take over. Here's to hoping he takes after Erik and Aggy rather than his parents in the romance department. XD


    • Are you trying to tell me that Kirsten and Seymour aren’t the perfect couple? heheh. Yes, they definitely run things differently that most couples, but not everyone can be Aggy and Erik right? 😉
      Yes, the coffee was cc, an accessory 🙂

      Thank you! I think Cricket is so cute and silly, he’s only a small character but I want to keep him around for a while I think 🙂

      As for the Darling sisters, lemme do my best to explain. When Kirsten and Sy got married, Kirsten became a Darling. They see her as a sister just as much as they see Seymour as a brother. They have no choice but to look at the situation fairly, and putting themselves in Kirsten’s shoes, they’d agree with her for the most part. Now just keep in mind that they don’t exactly know every hairy detail 😉

      Seymour isn’t going to blame Kirsten for what she did with Brandt. Sure it hurts him, but he did the exact same thing to Brandt in college. Now obviously this is a completely different story, but he knows he can’t live without her, so he needs to walk on eggshells if he wants her back.
      THank you for the very passionate comment, I love reading juicy ones like this!


  11. Poor Brandt, I hope he finds someone special. The hot chocolate scene was so cute. If it wasn’t for the loosing magic/death threat thing I would have loved to see Kirsten and Brandt get together.
    Yellow is such a sweetie bringing that homeless guy in for christmas. I hope Salem features a lot despite Yellow being the heir. I think she has a lot of scope to be very interesting as she grows up.


    • I’m glad you think so! ❤ Took a lot of work to do those D:

      Yeah, that's understandable. They definitely have some chemistry 🙂

      Mhm, that's totally Yellow for you 😀

      And we'll definitely be seeing plenty of both kiddos! From both POVs even 🙂


  12. The snowball fight was pretty cute. 🙂

    They hot coco poses were pretty cute. 🙂

    Sy shouldn’t be allowed near social media.

    Innocent. I think both need to look up the meaning of that in the dictionary LOL. I’m just wondering how bright that was of Kirsten (outside of the fact that I don’t agree with it.) The Crumplebottom sisters know her & Sy’s marriage is in trouble. What’s to stop them from knowing she banged Brandt again & that making them lean towards taking away the families’ magic even more? Everybody needs to start using their minds, not what’s in their pants.

    Wow, Salem listened to somebody. Good for you Morgana XD. Gosh that made me miss Erik. 😦 . Cricket is cute haha. Well there goes Salem listening lol. But I’m kind of rooting for her. She has a point. Go Salem lol.

    It is good that they spent Christmas together as a family.

    Oh Gwendy XD. Not sure really what to say on their convo with Kirsten though lol.

    Birdie is so effing pretty! I didn’t see Bo though, unless I missed him lol.

    I know Sy pretty much did the same thing to Brandt in college, but he only did it once. :P. Personally I wouldn’t be cool with my friend sleeping with my spouse, but everyone is different I guess. Anyway lol. I laughed at Barry clapping while Brandt shoved his tongue down Sy’s throat. Only you Barry lol.

    I can see why Sy helped Toni and I can see why it caused issues. But Neither him or Kirsten are blameless. Honestly I think Kirsten owes him an apology too. I understand Sy wants her back, but he’s not the only person who did wrong. I think they both should take the truth enchantment. It would put them on even ground with one another LOL.

    One last night, I love how the air balloon pops up all the time lol.


    • Thank you 🙂

      ha, truth.

      lmfao right? innocent my assssss.

      heheh. Oh the Crumplebottoms know, but they know that this family will have to deal with the consequences all on their own. They definitely do need to use their minds more. But it’s not just thinking with what’s in their pants, but more about what’s in their hearts, there are feelings involved too :/

      Salem might have listened but it didn’t make what she said any nicer, lmao! aww sorries D:

      Oh, I loooove Cricket, he’s so entertaining xD

      Birdie is pretty, and she uses to her advantage at all times heheh. Bo was there, I promise! He might be in some of the Tumblr x-mas pictures i dunno

      OMG I didn’t even notice Barry clapping! ROFL he would xD hahaha.

      Hmm, you have very very valid points. But at the very least Kirsten was always honest with Seymour, unlike vice versa

      lulz yes, the balloon pops up at the most important times!


  13. I just discovered your blog and have been reading it for HOURS!! Let me just say that you are the BEST story teller I have found yet, but even more impressive are your photos. I have never seen someone with such talent and the amount of work this must have taken you gives me a headache just thinking about it haha. Those pictures of them with the hot chocolate and flirting by the igloo are some of the best pictures I have ever seen. Just bookmarked and followed, I’m in love :-).


    • ♥________________________♥

      First of all, your comment left me speechless! I don’t even know how to begin thanking you for being so sweet! I’m so happy that you enjoyed it, and that you’re bookmarking/following 😀

      Please never leave!


      • Aww I’m glad :-). I just got out of the hospital and the first thing I did was come to your blog to cheer up a bit :-). In love with your characters and so excited to find out what happens next!! Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere!! You have gained a “forever” follower haha ;-).


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