Chapter 2.27: Cobwebs

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With nothing but an emotionally charged poorly written letter, and Brandt Martin’s wide open T-shirt, I angrily stomped my way through the door of Darling Treasures, to hand deliver this very important message.

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There he was, sitting on the counter chatting it up with the newly blonde Jocelyn Parrott, right in front of her daughter! No surprise there.

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“Well hello there, dear husband…” I snapped sarcastically.

He covered his mouth in shock. Although I wasn’t sure if it was from my makeover or from recognizing Brandt’s shirt, but I assumed both.

“Is…. Is that Brandt’s shirt?” Seymour asked, nervously.”

I could see him putting the pieces of the puzzle together, in his mind.

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“Sure is!” I grinned. “Am I interrupting anything, here?” I asked.

a (5)

“Kirsten, I don’t know what you think… But we were just talking… honestly!” Jocelyn pleaded.

a (6)

“Aww! Must be nice…” I snapped bitterly.

“But no, actually, this doesn’t concern you, Jocelyn. Please leave.” I ordered.

a (7)

Her and Seymour’s reaction said it all, before I could stop myself, I realized I was being a total bitch.

a (8)

I waited for Jocelyn and her kid to walk away, as I tried my best to keep it together.

“Here’s a letter, this will explain everything.” I choked up, handing him the envelope.

a (9)

“A letter?” Seymour asked, slowly pulling the envelope out of my palm, as I began to cry. “What’s this all about Kirsten?” He questioned worryingly, setting the letter down on the counter behind him.

a (10)

“What do you think it’s about? HMM?” I shouted.

a (11)

“Kirsten! I don’t know, what?” He asked, obviously trying to play dumb.

“Well I have to leave now…” I whispered.

a (12)

I bit the inside of my cheek to prevent the tears from falling. “Tell Toni I said hi.”

a (13)

Seymour reacted stressfully, sighing heavily, and clutching his head.

“Ah, damn it… Kirsten no. It’s not what you think…”

I couldn’t believe he thought that cliche line would work on me!

“Read the letter.”Β  I rolled my eyes, and slammed the door behind me.

a (14)

I threw my hair in a loose bun and sped off into the distance, on horseback. I needed some time to think, and I do that best with my most beloved friend.

All I could think about was guesstimating Seymour’s exact place in the letter. I recited what I could remember writing in my head;

a (15)

“Seymour Darling,

You’re probably just as confused as I am angry at this very moment. It’s okay, I’ll try to make it short and sweet.

Marrying you on the beautiful white boat, and becoming a Darling was everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I didn’t marry you for the magic, or for the kids, or for the shop. All those things came after. I married you for you. If I had known who you really were then, I probably wouldn’t have made such a stupid decision.

I should have known I could never come between you and her. I should have gave you time to make up your mind before letting myself fall in love with you. That’s exactly what you needed, time.

a (16)

But now, I’m the one who needs time. Time to think, time to find myself. I didn’t want things to happen like this, but apparently her temptation was just too much for you to resist.

a (17)

Please don’t worry about me. Until I have time to think, I’ll be staying with my mother on her houseboat. I am taking the cat and the puppy, and my horse will be staying with some friends. I have also contacted the Crumplebottom Sisters, and the children will be dropped off at the houseboat, rather than our house. Please do not try to contact me in any way, and my phone will be shut off.Β 

-Take Care, Kirsten”

a (18)

“You really think what she did was okay, Mom?”

“Well honey, it’s like I always say; You might not be able to turn a whore into a housewife, but cheat on your girl, and you can make a housewife into a whore real quick!”

a (19)

“Wow, such poetry. Mom, really though, I think we need to talk…”

a (20)

“Sure baby, we can talk! Just do mama a quick favor and go pay, that man always yells at me for smoking at the gas pump!”

a (22)

“Did you try Kirsten back, to tell her you’re officially pregnant, yet??”

a (21)

“Yeah, she didn’t answer… her phone must still be off. It’s okay babe, I’ll try again tomorrow.”

a (26)

a (27)

“Well well well! If it isn’t Mr. Shady himself, right at my doorstep! What can I do ya for?”

a (28)

“People are starting to talk, my car is in your driveway…”

a (29)

“Yeah your wife left it here… It won’t start now.”

a (30)

“My wife, who you slept with…”

a (31)

“Damn right I did… But ‘slept with’ is putting it very mildly.”


“Look dude, you think I would do this if you didn’t deserve it? ‘Cause you did.”

a (35)


a (36)

“Okay then. Let’s say I believe your bullshit for a second, and give you the benefit of the doubt. What exactly did you and Toni talk about, secretly?”

a (32)

“….I can’t say.”

a (33)

“Hahaha! That’s what I thought! Yeah, you deserved it. Kirsten however, didn’t. But I made it all better, don’t worry.”

a (34)

“Whatever dude, up yours!”

a (37)

a (38)

“Annabelle! I couldn’t help but notice you look a little down. Is everything okay?”

“I’m okay, Yellow. Thanks for asking.”

“Do you want to talk about it? I’m a pretty great listener!”

“It’s just… I’m not ready to go home yet. I’ll miss everyone, and… Especially you.”

a (39)

“Well, if it helps.. Everyone will miss you too, especially me…”

“Why would anyone ever wanna miss little ol’ me?!”

“Boatloads of reasons! You’re smart, kind, beautiful… All o’ that stuff.”

a (40)

“Oh why, thank you Yellow, you have just made my day!”

a (41)

“Yup. Anytime, ma’am.”


a (42)

a (43)

“No, no, no! Okay, get this…. And she was wearing NOTHING but Brandt’s shirt.”

a (44)

“You’re kidding….”

“No, no I’m serious.”

a (46)

“She is such a hoe! Hopefully Seymour dumps her.”

a (45)

“Oh my god, Dorth!”

a (47)

“Well she is! I used to feel so sorry for her, but she blew it for me.”

a (23)

“Baby girl… You’re just so young. We can get this taken care of easily and quick. And those Clintons are nothing but trouble…”

a (24)

“Saul is different, mom… And it’s not up for discussion any more… I am keeping this baby.”

a (25)

“Puh-lease! I ain’t sharin’ my room, no way, Jose!”

a (48)

“What do you mean you can’t help me anymore?!”

a (49)

“I’m sorry, Toni… You’ll have to just find someone else to let you know what’s going on with Clementine.”

a (50)

“And who do you propose could do that? You see her every day, Seymour. You’re the only one who could help me…”

a (51)

“I don’t know! I’m so sorry Toni, but it’s tearing apart my family… Kirsten pretty much dumped me and I have no way to contact her now, to make it better.”

a (52)

“Well that definitely wasn’t my intentions, Seymour. I’ll find someone else to help me. I hope you and Kirsten can fix things, I don’t want to be considered a home-wrecker. This will be our last conversation.”

a (53)

“Wait, Toni! I don’t think you’re a home-wrecker, I… Toni? Hello?”

a (54)

Today was the special day! My kids were arriving shortly, and seeing them is just what I’ve been needing.

a (55)

“Thanks for letting us all stay here, Mom. It means a lot.”

a (56)

“Oh nonsense! No need to thank me dear, you’re all welcome here anytime! After all, it won’t be much longer.” Morgana smiled, “It won’t be much longer though, right? I haven’t checked my dating site profile in ages, and I need me some male company…”

a (57)

“Mom! Oh my god.. ew!”

a (58)

“Oh honey… You know I’m only joking! …Partly.”

a (60)

“Wait.. Did you hear that?” I gasped.

a (59)

“Hear what? Is that the children?!”

a (61)

I sprung off the sofa and clapped spastically.

a (62)

“My babies are home!” I squealed.

a (63)

a (64)

a (65)

“I’m not here to chat. Hit me with the cookies, grams.” Salem said, walking right by me, avoiding all hugs and kisses.

It’s okay, she’ll get hers later!

a (66)

Yellow threw his arms and legs around me and I struggled to pick him up, holding him tightly.

“You know, Mommy…” He whispered, “One day I’m going to come home and you won’t be able to lift me anymore!”

a (67)

“I hope I never have to see that day…” I replied.

a (68)

“Oh my, I’d hate to interrupt…” Belinda said, “Kirsten, a word please?”

a (69)

I looked at my mother who was grinning ear to ear. “Go on dear, I’ll show Lo-Lo to the cookies!” She giggled, “That is if Ms. Sassy-pants didn’t already inhale them!”

a (70)

Belinda took me to the top deck, and told me to have a seat on the bench, next to her.

“So I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but my sisters and I decided it would be better coming from me, than Beatrice, dear.”

a (71)

“Is this about my marriage?” I guessed. “Because we’re working on it. I need some time to think. I don’t even know if it’ll be back to the way it was.”

Belinda immediately looked very concerned, causing my stomach to flip.

“Well sweetheart, that is very unfortunate. You see, the Darling’s magic source is relying on the two of you, until your chosen heir has married their second-chance soul.Β  It would certainly tear us up to have to revoke it. The effects of revoking magic can be quite severe.” She explained.

a (72)

“So if I want to keep my magic, I have to force myself to be in a potentially unhappy relationship?” I frowned.

“Unfortunately Darling, Agnes put strict rules on the contract. Perhaps you could try to find what made you fall for him, and work from there.”

“And my other choice?”

“I hope to never have to revoke your magic from you and your family. You have all come so far, and proved yourself to be very skilled witches. As for Yellow, he is just so close!”

I bowed my head down in disappointment.

“Also..” She began. “The removal process has a very low success rate..”

“Of successful magic removal?”

“Well, no. A very low success rate of… How can I put this? ...Survival..

a (73)

“I have to get going sweet heart… But just remember. Removing magic from a witch will leave the witch even weaker than an ordinary human, which is… unfortunately, close to death.”

I bit my lip extremely hard.

a (74)

“I’ll try to work on it…” I said.

a (75)

“Good, my dear… Good. Because I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried….”

a (76)

a (77)

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  1. I got so excited when I saw this update, you have no idea.

    Now, where to begin. At the beginning I suppose.

    Kirsten was totally fired up, I was like “Yeah gurl, tell him!” I mean, I’m just so sick of this Toni crap and everything. Speaking of her, screw that reason for talking to her. I guess it wasn’t a lie since you know they were saying it just to themselves, but Sy KNEW how Kirsten felt. Her feelings should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS come before ANYTHING with Toni. In fact, I think Kirsten would have kept Toni updated herself had she only been told. Not that Toni DESERVES to be kept updated, she doesn’t deserve Clementine. Any mother who would abandon their child for any reason is sick. Not to mention that she is just living it up in Lucky Palms, she isn’t even trying to find herself or whatever.

    I loved all the gossip scenes except SCREW YOU JOCELYN AND DOROTHY, YOU DON’T KNOW NOTHING. And omg, Beni’s daughter is pregnant?! Looks like someone is learning from their mama, if ya know what I meant.

    Lo and Annabelle are cute and all… But I’m kind of sort of shipping him and Clementine at the moment.

    And ugh the bombshell about removing the witch powers! I don’t want Kirsten or Sy to be caught in an unhappy marriage ): Plus WHAT IF SHE AND BRANDT ACTUALLY HAVE FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER.

    I’m dying, Momo. I demand another update tomorrow!

    Also I went caps crazy, sorry bout that<3


    • I’m so happy I excited you! I know this chapter took a few days so I was excited to get it posted myself. I’m loooooving your entire comment right now it’s perfect!

      nope nope nope! Sy doesn’t even deserve THAT much credit. He actually DID lie if you think about it! He never told her that he had contact with her, and plus fake names are a huge lie in my book!
      So glad you mentioned that Kirsten could have kept her updated. She totally would have, if you remember she felt guilty about not accepting her apology. But Toni left to soon to know that didn’t she!? I think you and me both know, that Seymour wanted to talk to Toni deep down inside (Just a little not a lot though) Toni doesn’t deserve to know about what is going on with Clem. Although it was obviously in Clem’s best interest, she still signed her rights away.

      and Toni would like to say that she’s working her butt off, trying to start her career! Not “living it up!” *cough* whatever *cough*

      haha oh did I ever mention Dorothy has the evil trait? It’s starting to show now xP



      • I always get super excited when I see you’ve posted! If I can, I literally just drop everything and settle in to read it lol.

        He DID lie! And I think he is totally in the wrong for doing so, I was just saying it doesn’t seem like he cheated on Kirsten, which was what I was the most worried about. But if I was Kirsten I would still be PISSED, and doubt I would believe him when he told me. And WHY did he give Salem his phone, it is like he wanted it to happen 😑 Which I’m glad it did, don’t get me wrong, but it seems like a stupid thing to do.

        Yes! Kirsten felt totally bad and I know she would have kept Toni updated herself. Not only did she feel bad, but she is also a mother and I don’t think she could do that to a fellow mother… No matter how shitty of a mother they might be. And you’re right, Clem is better off without her. Clem would probably end up like Benni’s daughter if Toni had raised her.

        Oh puh-lease, more like working a rich guys’ you-know-what.

        No you didn’t! But I can totally see it. She was 100% ready to jump on Kirsten’s case and betray her.



      • aw! I love you, thank you so mush!

        mhm, we always have that “at least” thing going on! And he didn’t want to give Salem the phone, but he knew it’d look awfully sketchy if he didn’t!
        okokok so lemme ask you this! What do you think would happen if like, the situation was flipped, and Kirsten was the one keeping the secret from Seymour, so that he wouldn’t tell Brandt. Do you think Seymour would be pissed or would he understand?

        bahaha Benni’s daughter isn’t that bad, actually! She just made a really bad decision! Worst case scenario she ends up like Benni xP

        omg lmfao I guess that is accurate!

        nooooooo dying allowed!


      • I think it is different, because Seymour and Toni have such a history that sneaking to do anything with her without telling Kirsten is a major betrayal of trust. I think Seymour might have gotten angry, but probably would have calmed down much faster and not taken such drastic measures. There is so much history between him and Toni, and he probably knew Kirsten would be angry at him for even speaking to her, let alone lying about the fact that was.

        Well, that is true! As long as she and the father take care of the baby, then I guess they just got going a little faster than everyone else lol.


      • Yep, I think you know more about them than I do xP

        Yeah, but as ridiculous as Benni is, she has a point! Paula is so young D: But the rest of their story will probably be on tumblr, since it’s hard to write about different story lines in one chapter, but the jumping around thing was fun!


  2. Have mercy ;-; I’m sure they’ll fix things. And that’s a little harsh of those Appy Plains girls >.> I remember Dorth being in the same shoes well almost a while ago. I know what Kirs did is wrong, but man you can’t just throw her to the dogs D: Also I love your decor and how you dress your Sims πŸ™‚ Toni is so pretty. I’m glad she and Sy aren’t having an affair ❀ Everything gets blown out of proportions xD tsk. Sy looks like he's showing his age. It'll be awkward for Kirs if she finds out Brandt's been hitting on her mom xD Gah her mom looks so pretty as an elderly lady :3 Ugh that growing mod is soooo you! I love it. The twins look so adorable at those heights! So in between. I sometimes tempted to get it too.. And Morgana's boat house is cute πŸ™‚ Did you make it? I need to make one @_@ Gah Yellow D: I don't want him to grow into a teen.. Yet I want to see how he changes.. Traits, style etc.. P.S So Benni will be a young grandmama? Ms. Sassy pants xD I love a grandmother who tells it like it is! Belinda looks a lot taller than Kirs O_O Or is that just my eyes? Omg Kirs you best make this marriage work! D:


    • Yesss another amazing juicy comment! *-*

      hahaha Dorothy has the evil trait, and it’s just now showing it’s ugly head!

      Thank you very much! ❀ Toni is very pretty. They might not be having an affair, but there are some hidden emotions in there… You can tell!

      He is showing his age, glad you noticed! They're about in their early 30s-ish I wanna say?

      lol nah that was just a copy save πŸ˜›

      I agree, Morgana looks so pretty as an elder! I think her house boat was in the EA house bin actually o..o Aint nobody got time to build that

      Oh, I love the grow mod, it adds so much variety. The problem is only with pictures you have to get careful angles, since some animations look bonkers.

      I know Lo and Salem as teenagers…. such conflicting feels.

      Benni will be a grandma, yes! Oh man. Paula's baby daddy is Toni's little bro too. *sigh* Blame SP for this one, it was NOT my doing!!!

      Yep she is taller. In my eyes the Crumplebottom sisters are all 3 very tall, but I couldn't actually make them like that before the height slider D;


      • I keep forgetting about that xD I like how you show it from time to time πŸ˜›

        Yeah I see the emotions D:

        Wow. I can’t wait to make one tbh @_@ It won’t be fancy, but comfy.

        yess D: well we’ll have pictures to look back on.

        Maybe he won’t be such a bad baby daddy. πŸ™‚ When SP gives you lemons you make some badass lemonade ❀

        Oh gah you have me wanting these mods ;_;


  3. Okay no Sy stop. You couldn’t even tell Kirsten that Toni wanted to keep tabs on the kid she abandoned? Why does that even need to be a secret? Also, I like Toni’s dialogue, it’s interesting how she ends the conversation with “I don’t want to be considered a home-wrecker.” Really speaks to her self-centered personality and the lack of care for anyone else. Like, you ruined a marriage but your biggest concern is what others think of you congrats you win the “Actual Bitch” award.

    And the kids are so cute. Awww, Yellow and Annabelle, stop melting my heart. Salem knows what’s up. She ain’t got time for your hugs and kisses bull. Also Benni’s daughter pregnant with the child of a Clinton oh boy… Dorothy: grown-ass woman and still acts like she’s in high-school gossiping and shaming other girls. And uh, yeah, the whole “fix this relationship or we might have to do something that will probs kill you” puts a damper on the relaxing chill time.

    (I’m practically delusional with a fever can you tell?)


    • Ah! lemme try to explain that first part. Toni doesn’t want Brandt to know, or any one else for that matter. Seymour and Toni agreed that if Kirsten knew, that she’d probably think its wrong and tell Brandt. But you’re right, it’s definitely not an excuse to keep a secret from your own wife like that!

      I know, they’re too cute! But they’re growing up and it’s making me so sad at the same time!

      Yes, that will be juicy xP!

      I know right? The whole “fix relationship nao” Thing is definitely a pickle, that Kirsten will have to figure out on her own.

      and no, I can’t tell at all! You seem like me on a normal day πŸ˜›


  4. *Screaming* You’re yanking on my heart, they could all die if they don’t make up! Toni was just trying to find out about her daughter (Doesn’t mean I’m feeling sorry for her) It was cool to show everyone’s reactions and gossip around town, congratulations to Kizzie πŸ™‚ Yellow’s got a girl πŸ˜€ Brilliant chapter


    • That’s my job!

      I know 😦 So the question is, IF they make up, will they be doing it because they want to, or because they have to? Will they be happy if they do? Is it worth it? SO much to think about!

      Yeah, she loves Clementine so much, no matter how strangely she shows it.

      I’m glad you like it! Very excited for this, Kizzie’s baby is going to be so spoiled!

      Haha oh yes, Yellow’s got it bad πŸ˜›

      Thank youuuu ❀


  5. *Dying inside*

    Sy I really don’t think that is an appropriate excuse to straight up ignore and lie to your wife. As a lot of people have also said, I’m sure Kirsten would have helped keep tabs. Kirsten did feel kinda bad for Toni at one point but with all the secrecy I guess that just got blown away.
    Toni makes me so mad though? How dare she even have the audacity to say ‘I didn’t intend to be a homewrecker’. Yeah, as if you didn’t know Kirsten and Sy’s relationship was on thin ice thanks to that stunt you pulled. What also pisses me off is the fact that she still wants tabs kept on her daughter…I FREAKING GIVE UP TRYING TO FIND POINTS TO DEFEND THAT WOMAN.

    The whole revoking of magic is a bit ominous isn’t it?

    Geez, Dorothy your an adult with children, I would’ve thought you were past the stage about gossiping and slut-shaming.
    That was a really interesting technique you used, actually. It was kinda cool seeing how other people in the town were reacting. I hope you use it again sometime!
    Of course Benni’s daughter would be pregnant with a Clinton spawn. I imagine that will be interesting…

    The seeds are so freaking cute! I love how Yellow’s just such a gentleman and so respectful. I don’t really like him Annabelle though.
    Salem is such a sassy madam! I love her. She looks kinda taller than Yellow in that one picture. Is that thanks to the height slider?

    Great chapter Mo!


    • No, you’re right. Definitely not a legit excuse. As I’ve said before, I’m pretty sure Seymour deep down inside wanted to speak with Toni. Not that he still has feelings for her (that we know of) But they did end their relationship pretty hastily, and sometimes he misses her company.
      Yes, it’s a bit selfish really. She honestly didn’t intend for that to happen. She knew Seymour sees Clementine regularly, so if anything, she was pretty much just using him like a pawn. She openly admits she has no feelings for Seymour at all. But she did know about the trouble she’s caused in their relationship, so she’s not innocent.

      Yes, very. It’s like, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      Yes. Dorothy and Jocelyn’s little gossip circle was a bit harsh. Dorothy is evil and childish, so growing up (no matter how old she is, or how ever many kids she has) isn’t something we’ll see her do anytime soon.

      I’m glad you liked it, it was so much fun!

      *shakes head* I definitely agree. Funny thing is, story progression pulled that stunt on its own and I added it to the story! I thought Saul would end up with Birdie tbh, since he’s the only male teen in AP πŸ˜›
      Aw thanks! He is the biggest sweetheart ever, and he obviously has game xP I think Clementine agrees with you, she isn’t a fan of Annabelle either! hehe

      It’s probably just the angle, I guess. Salem and Yellow are the same heights. Although Annabelle is much taller than Yellow.

      Thank you sooo muchβ™₯


  6. You know what’s funny? I didn’t know Brandt’s last name is Martin. XD. Learned something new!

    Always nice to see Aurora. Love that horse XD.

    Maybe time would have been a good idea. For all of them. Can’t be changed now though, the past is the past.

    Paula turned out pretty I think.

    Well. Seymour and Brandt handled that better than they did in college at least. I guess they’ve matured a wee bit lol.

    Yellow is so cute and a little gentleman <3. I'm sure he'll sweep whoever he ends up with off their feet.

    Dorothy finally shows a bit of her evil side. I knew it was in there somewhere haha.

    Whoa, Paula is pregnant. Hmm.

    I think Toni looks better with black hair, yeah I know she dyed it for a reason. LOL. For once, I don't think Toni had bad intentions (towards Sy & Kirsten's relationship). Not saying she's innocent though. None of them are (outside of the kids). In my book, they're all guilty in their own ways.

    Nice to see Morgana again too. And the homecoming was sweet. As for Kirsten's chat with Belinda, does Sy know they're working on the marriage? haha. He said to Toni that Kirsten pretty much dumped him. " Perhaps you could try to find what made you fall for him, and work from there.” good advice. The revoking of magic sounds bad though.


    • lol oh you didn’t? I’m not even sure if I’ve ever mentioned in the story before, but his posts are tagged as Brandt Martin on Tumblr πŸ™‚

      She’s a beautiful horse πŸ˜€

      So true. And now we can only hope time can fix it as well.

      I’m glad you think so! I think she’s gorgeous as well, she looks a lot like her mama.

      haha you think so? I guess that’s true, no physical fighting xD It makes me smile that you remembered that!

      Oh yesss he has game πŸ˜›

      I know, SP’s doing. With saul too O.o I put a stop to at first, cause I don’t like my teen sims to be pregnant, but meh, I thought’d it’d be interesting xD

      Yeah, she was pretty with Black hair. But not only is she trying to disguise herself, but she’s also trying to stray away from her Native roots, but that’s a whole different more deep rooted story! Nope, you’re right, she didn’t have bad intentions. They might have been a bit selfish, but I guess that stems from being a mother, and doing what she thinks is best, not really caring about Sy’s relationship. Not that she wanted to ruin it, it just wasn’t a priority to fix it. IF that makes sense!
      Sy isn’t aware that Kirsten said that, no. But he does have some hope in trying to win her back. I think Kirs just kinda said that to make it seem like less of a big deal, so she doesn’t get in “trouble” and get her magic revoked right now. I guess she underestimates the Crumplebottom Sisters’ powers.


      • I don’t really get on tumblr haha. So yeah, I didn’t know his last name. But now I do haha.

        Yep she is πŸ™‚

        Hopefully. Something needs to. I saw that shot of the balloon and I was thinking “I bet Aggy wishes she could pop up and put them all in line.” lol.

        Yep, she does look a lot like Benni. Without the knockers that could be considered a lethal weapon. XD.


        Ohhh, it threw that one at you haha. True, it could be interesting LOL.

        That makes sense. I suppose those might remind of her of what she did. Yeah, that makes sense. Okay. That makes sense also. And sounds like she might, which isn’t exactly wise. Those witches have been around for a long freaking time LOL.


      • Awh, too bad! A lot of stuff happens that I can’t always add to the chapter D: I understand though.

        Hahaha yes, things would probably be different with Aggy here to be stern and strict, or at least Erik’s words of wisdom! But they are watching in that balloon! ❀ The balloon likes to pop up at the weirdest moments too πŸ˜›

        ROFL yes, Paula is very different from her mom. Way too reserved and calm to ever consider getting weapons like her!

        haha! Yesh, they don't look like they're going anywhere anytime soon either xp


      • I know =) but I usually don’t get the time to get there lol.

        I’m pretty sure they would be. Aggy wouldn’t let this happen in her family, at least not how it has lmao. LOL, I see that balloon in my game and think of them. Plus Gonzalo’s are in Sunset Valley, so I always see the house and Erik’s grave there too.

        A good thing XD.

        I doubt they will for a long time lol.


  7. Egads! I’ve struggled with figuring out how to comment as I’m sure my opinion is contrary to everyone else πŸ˜› Perhaps it is my *cough* advanced age *cough* or my years of parenting. For me it boils down to intention.

    Toni will not win mother of the year, but she did the best thing for her daughter. If she was selfish, she would have taken off with Clem, taking that little girl from her home, dad, grandparents, friends, etc. but instead she chose to permit her daughter to live in the best home possible. I don’t think it is selfish to want to know how Clem is doing. I see her intention as trying to be the only kind of mom she can manage being atm.

    Brandt is an immature ass, proving he hasn’t matured much since college. What was his intention when he slept with Kirsten? Revenge? Deep-rooted resentment about the past? Lust? That I’m not sure of, but one thing is clear: he has no regrets of his actions and he wanted to hurt Sy. By the conversation in this chapter I see his intention is to (emotionally) hurt Sy.

    If Sy told Kirsten that Toni even contacted him, she would have went off the deep end given she has been spazzing out and even having nightmares about Toni. I think even saying Toni’s name out loud would have been a mistake. Should he have been helping Toni? Not very wise to do so, but I see his intention as trying to do the right thing for Toni, Clem and Kirsten.

    Kirsten was hurt, but also compulsive and irrational in her reaction. I see her intentions are: to seek revenge (you cheated on me, I’ll sleep with your best friend) and to hurt Sy (parading through the neighborhood in Brant’s shirt).

    It’s really weird, but atm I’m liking Toni and Sy more than Kirsten and Barndt LOL Not because I think they are better people, but because they are at least behaving in a more considerate and compassionate manner at this point in time.

    The twins are adorable and growing up so quickly ❀

    A marriage of magical convenience? Well, they only have to pull it off until Sy gets his ghostie. Maybe they can manage to endure for the sake of their health and their children πŸ™‚


    • Just say what’s on your mind! Both opinions are pretty accurate, it just depends on how you look at it. That’s my goal when writing, it to leave people conflicted about who’s POV they agree, and about who they relate to the most!

      I think you really hit the nail on the head, from Toni’s POV. She was far more concerned about her daughter than she was about Seymour’s marriage. Which is understandable for a mother. I mean at least she cares!

      Hahaha pretty accurate. Although like Queenie mentioned, they did handle it better now than in college. xP His intentions are very hard to pinpoint. They easiest (and most obvious) answer is lust. But deep down inside he genuinely feels for Kirsten and believes she deserves better than Seymour. It isn’t resentment from the past, Brandt doesn’t really hold grudges.

      That is true, about Kirsten freaking out. But honestly it would have probably been better than keeping it from her and making decisions without her to help.

      Haha, that’s understandable! I wouldn’t say Sy is being very mature about all this, right now he is snowboarding xP

      I know they are Dx

      And let’s hope things are that easy!


  8. Didn’t expect that reaction from Toni! I really hope Kirs gets Syflower working, because we don’t wanna see anyone dying! Great chapter Momo, loved the way you showed the lives of all the characters of this amazing story πŸ™‚ HUGS!” πŸ˜€


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