Chapter 2.26: Without Hesitation


-Adult Themes in this chapter, please read with discretion.-

a1 (2)

“Misfit…Find Help…. Go get the phone…” I whined dramatically.

a1 (1)

“Fine then, you’re no help.” I chuckled, lounging on the loveseat, watching television.

I had left my phone in the kitchen after preparing a bowl of chips, and I was enjoying my lazy day way too much to go fetch it.

“I’ll just go get it when the commercials come on.” I said, as if Misfit cared about what I had to say.

a1 (3)

“Coming up next on Simlebrity News… Mystery red hot bombshell seen on the arms of the hottest celebs, is burning up Lucky Palms!” The news anchor announced.

a1 (4)

As the voice continued on, my stomach did a flip when they zoomed in on the “mystery beauty”.


“You have got to be kidding me….”


I strained to hear what the news anchor lady was saying, the phone to began to ring again, and between the chaos of the ringing cellphone, and Misfit’s loud squeaky toy, I could barely make out her words.

“Where did she come from? Who is she wearing? And why has she been spotted with Lucky Palms sexiest bachelor, Jaycen Hendrix?”

a4 (2)

I felt like I was in some sort of surreal sick nightmare. Right in front of me, with bright blood-red hair, in a sparkly lavender gown, stood Toni Clinton herself on the arm of a very popular celebrity.

Was this it? Was I finally going crazy?

a4 (3)

I quickly snapped out of it, and checked my phone, seeing two missed calls, and one text.

One missed call was from Kizzie. No surprise there, I had performed the same-sex pregnancy ritual on her only a day after the kids left for school, and I told her to keep me updated regularly. The next was a text from Wesley’s phone. It was Seymour, saying he’d be working late at the shop tonight. Again, no surprise.

Then, a voicemail from Seymour’s phone, which meant it was one of my kids. Excitedly, I quickly pressed ‘listen’.

“Hi mom! Call me back when you get this. You won’t believe who just texted dad!” Salem said, in the recording.

a4 (4)

I nervously pressed call, and almost immediately, Salem answered the phone.

“Honey? Who texted Daddy?” I asked.

“Hi Mom…” She said quietly. Suddenly it all fell into place.

“It was her, wasn’t it?” I asked. “It was Clementine’s mom, huh?”

“I think so, mom. She has a fake name on here though, ‘Bob Smith’…. What a twat.”

a4 (5)

The words fake name made me feel like my legs just disappeared.

“Are you sure it was her, baby?” I asked, hoping it wasn’t true.

“I think so. I called her back with the video-chat, and it looked like her. Except she had red hair…”


Red Hair.

I froze, in shock. It all made sense now. So not only was this woman now invading my TV, but she still had contact with my husband. How could Seymour not tell me? How could he lie to me?

a4 (6)

I took a deep breath, and stared at my wedding ring.

“Okay pumpkin, you did the right thing by telling me, okay? But next time no breaking rules, got it?” I said, just trying to keep myself together and play the role of a mom.

“Yeah I don’t really care that much about rules, Mom.”

“Okay, I’m gonna have to let you go now. You work hard and help your brother out, okay?”

“Love you, Mom…”

“Thank you.” I sighed, really needing to hear that from her. “I love you too.”

a7 (1)

I felt my world crashing down on me. This was not the Seymour I knew and fell in love with. It’s as if he’s becoming more and more of a loser as we grow older. I’d expect something like this back in high school, but now that we’re adults with two children, a legacy, a business, and a household to run, I just can’t see how she was worth it.

a7 (2)

I felt like nothing. I had to be nothing to him. Part of me wanted to run to him, crying, and try to figure out why he was talking to her. I wanted to know if he cheated. My mind began to race. I could put a ‘cannot tell a lie’ sort of enchantment on him, but he doesn’t like it, he says spells like that stress him out.

He’s so full of shit.

a7 (3)

My sadness, shock, and confusion quickly turned into deep anger towards him. I felt like everything he’s ever told me was a lie.

I was tired of crying for years and years. I had nothing left to lose anymore, I was out of tears, and I was completely done.

I wasn’t going to sit around and cry like a victim, I was going to take action. And I knew just the person to help pull me out of this rut….

a7 (4)

“I can’t believe this is me….” I said, trying to contain my excitement, as I stared in awe at my new makeover.

“Well, believe it. That’s what Benni does, baby! Works miracles!” Benni, the local stylist smiled.

“I love it, Benni. Thank you!” I squealed. “But what do you think?”

a7 (5)

Benni took a puff of her cigarette. “I think you look hot.” She exhaled smoke from her lips. “I’d  totally bang you.”

“Perfect.” I grinned.

a7 (6)

“Again, thanks for meeting me here to help out, I didn’t mean to make you drag your kids out here.” I pleaded.

“It’s no problem darlin’, really. They like to come with Mommy to the salon, right kids?”

Both children shrugged.

“Well thanks. And also, please don’t tell Seymour’s sisters about this…”

a7 (7)

“I won’t, mama! What happens at the salon, stays at the salon.” She winked, taking another drag of her cigarette.

a7 (8)

Speeding down the street, I pulled into Brandt’s yard, not caring if Seymour saw.

b (1)

I found Brandt taking a break from mowing the lawn in his back yard.

b (2)

His ears must have still been ringing from the roar of the lawn-mower engine, because he didn’t even hear me approach.

Brant…” I shouted.

Startled, he threw his head back to look at me. He must not have recognized me, because he did a double take.

b (3)

“Oh my god! Who the hell are you?” Brandt laughed nervously.

b (4)

I ignored the immediate butterflies from Brandt’s reaction, to keep my tone serious.

“Brandt, we need to talk…”

b (5)

“And you expect me to focus?”

b (6)

I approached him slowly, so I didn’t have to shout.

“I was thinking we should talk somewhere a little more privately… Like inside…” I whispered.

b (7)

His eyes showed hesitation, and I could feel rejection approaching.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Kirsten… I mean I want to… Damn do I want to… But ya know, Seymour… ” He said. “I don’t think I want to do that to him.”


I did my best to hold back tears. “Brandt, I found out today that Seymour has been talking to Toni. My daughter found the proof on his cell phone.” I informed.

c (1)

“Ah, no… Come on man, you’re shitting me…” He pressed.

“No. Had her in his phone with a fake name.”

c (3)

I couldn’t tell if he was upset with his friend for making poor choices, if he still had feelings for Toni, or he maybe even felt for me. Which ever it was, I haven’t seen him this emotional for a long time.

“I’m so sorry…” He whispered sympathetically.

c (2)

I bit my tongue to hold back more tears. I’ll be damned if I shed one more tear over this.

“So yeah, that’s why I was hoping we could talk.” I said.

Brandt bit his lip, and looked both ways nervously.

“Okay…” he nodded.

c (4)

He discreetly grabbed my hand behind his back, and walked me into the house, by my hand.

c (6)

He brought me into the “guest room” and shut the door behind him.

holding my other hand, he put his lips to my ear gently, “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll going to take a quick shower.” He whispered. I was so nervous , that I noticed my hands were trembling.


Then, with the gentlest touch you could imagine, he softly held my chin up, meeting his lips with mine.

“Be right back..” He whispered once more.

I kicked my painful stilettos off of my feet the moment Brandt left the room.

His shower was very quick, and he came back just in time to help me remove my clothes.

c2 (1)

“That was fast!” I giggled.

“I was in a hurry…” He whispered, slowly pushing my hair back, to kiss my neck.

c2 (2)

His kisses began to intensify, as did my breathing. Before I could stop myself, I was clutching Brandt’s damp hair between my fingers.


The sexual tension between the two of us was finally too much to bear. I spun around and locked lips with him passionately.

Although I always felt as if Brandt knew he was out of my league, I could tell with each kiss he slowly savored, that he’s been wanting to do this a long time.


I knew what I was doing was wrong, that’s why I was doing it. Seymour lied, and potentially cheated on me, and Toni crossed the line once more, I couldn’t think of a better way to get back at the both them!

The rush of adrenaline rushing through my veins was so exciting! I was doing this to rebel, so I knew I had to lay it on thick.

“Mmmm Brandt!” I moaned, digging my hands into his back.


Brandt’s touch was better than anything I ever expected from him. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy who kisses while making love, but apparently assumptions are made to be broken.



After the deed was done, I instantly jumped out of bed and threw my clothes on, to avoid getting my feelings involved.

He also sat up and put his robe on, watching me confusingly.

“Are you leaving right now?” He asked.

“Well you don’t expect me to stay and cuddle, do you? I grinned, checking my phone.


He groaned as he trudged his way out of the bed.  “…No I was just getting ready for round two!” He said, flopping down on the chair in front of me.

“Tempting… But I have a very angry letter to write to my husband.” I said. “Where’s my shirt?”

“I threw it in the fire place, sorry!”

“What?! Why would you do that!?” I laughed.


“You know…” He began, ignoring my question. “I don’t know why I didn’t snatch you up when Seymour was wasting his time with bitches like Toni and Dorothy. He just ain’t man enough for a woman like you.”


My eyes widened in surprise, but I tried to play it cool.

“Can’t argue with you there!” I giggled.


He stood up, leaning against the fireplace.

“In the dresser behind you… Take one of my shirts. I want him to see you in it.” He smiled.


Watching his reflection in the mirror, I smiled back, without hesitation.

61 thoughts on “Chapter 2.26: Without Hesitation

  1. I’m dying Mo! Don’t worry I don’t hate you.. But.. man that was intense D: Now I’m scared for Syflower.. ._. She really should have got some answers from him before jumping into Brandt’s bed. (oh yeah Brandt is so cuteee D:) *le sigh* I gotta know what happens next.. Great chapter still.. At least send them to couples therapy or something, I don’t want this to end D:


    • I don’t know about you, but she had all the answers I would need! Fake name that Seymour never mentioned, and proof Salem wasn’t lying because she knew about her hair color!

      Brandt is cute hehe, and that scene was not difficult to do with him at all xD

      I can’t say what happens next about all that, but the story isn’t over yet! 😉

      And some food for thought… Do you think there’s something between Kirs and Brandt, or is it just lust?


  2. So, admittedly, not quite the BEST way to deal with a husband who’s gone behind your back yet again, but at this point, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and boy has Kirsten been scorned. I can see it all falling apart though and it still hurts, they had such a wonderful marriage 😦 Though neither of them seem to be happy at all right now, no matter what they try, so maybe it’s better that they just break it off once and for all? I don’t know, so many conflicting feelings!


    • I couldn’t have said it better myself! Kirsten wasn’t going to go down without a fight. At the moment she hates Seymour more than anyone in the world. She doesn’t care if Toni tries to hurt her, but its a different story when it’s her own husband!

      I can’t say right now whether the marriage is salvageable or not, I can say that it’s definitely not over!


  3. Wow! What an awesome chapter!
    I love to see your story in my inbox… squee!!
    This was epic. I feel like Kirsten kind jumped in a little quickly but she’s hurt so it’s understandable. Brandt is incredibly easy on the eyes 😉
    Kirs deserves to feel desired and I think she can get that from Brandt, whereas Sy seems to only make her feel insecure and unwanted, unfortunately. Great, great work! Can’t want for the next installment 🙂


    • eeeep thank you!!

      She was rather quick about it, but at the same time she was tired of being in pain, and pretty much wanted to feel something again.And boy did she feel something 😉

      Isn’t he though? Omg.

      That is true. Brandt hates that he betrayed his best friend but at he same time, he’s always admired Kirsten secretly, now that’s not to say he wants a relationship, that’s why Kirsten is being very careful with her emotions around him, which is obviously very hard to do, you read the things he said, come on now :O

      Thank you sooo much 😀


  4. Toni whores it up every place, doesn’t she? =X LOL.
    I find it kind of creepy that Toni went with red hair. She could have dyed it blonde or even pink. But she chose red. I find it creepy. Almost like in a way she’s trying to become Kirsten, Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

    “We need to talk.” “And you expect me to focus.” LOL.

    Kirsten does look really pretty all dolled up, not that she isn’t pretty normally. It’s a different kind of pretty. If that makes sense lol.

    Aww, deep down Brant does care. He just covers it up well lol.

    Umm…wow Kirsten. I want to know why Seymour’s car was at Brandt’s and yet where was Seymour? Hmm.

    I really don’t know what else to say. I hope they used protection (Yeah I know Kirsten has fertility issues, but still lol).

    In short. They all belong on Jerry Springer. Seriously. xD.


    • Either she does, or Seymour does. Actually at this point Kirsten kinda does? I dunno hahaha

      Agh, I thought about that after the decision to color her hair bright red. There aren’t many colors that Toni would have to pick from though! Plus Kirsten thinks she has “auburn hair” 😛 If anything she took Birdie’s hair color lmao

      Oh poop I should have made that more clear! The shop that Seymour was working at is literally like next door, so he didn’t need to drive. Kirsten came from the salon with the car so she pulled into Brandt’s driveway with it :3

      I don’t know for certain if they did! But I do know that he went to take a shower, and he isn’t a stranger to sex, so he probably slipped on the glovin’ before the lovin’. at least lets hope!

      lol thanks


      • Basically everybody has been drinking some whore juice or something lmao.

        Ahhh okay. I admit it’s a different shade of red. I just found it maybe a subconscious thing on her part. Welcome to my brain LOL.

        Ahhh okay, now that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up LOL.

        Yes, hopefully. xD. So now Sy and Brandt have shared two girls. If it wasn’t reason for them to fist fight, I might suggest them having a pow wow over it 😛

        YW lol


      • bahaha yes, including me!

        No I totally got it! I thought the same thing after I had already did it D:

        yep sorry!

        wrong they have shared 3 😛 Dorothy, Toni, and now Kirsten xP Plus god knows how many in college xD But meh, they’ve always been close, why not share everything right? Plus Appy Plains doesn’t have a lot of kids to go around so the same small bunch grew up together, everyone’s slept with everyone in a weird chain-like way if you think about it xD


  5. Misfit ❤

    Well, the shit has hit the fan and it's gonna start slinging everywhere.

    “Well, believe it. That’s what Benni does, baby! Works miracles!” Benni, the local stylist smiled. Works miracles? Snarky much, Benni? LMAO And how does Benni keep from toppling forward?

    Whoa, Kirsten, looks like you're advertising there O.o

    Well, at least Brandt has a shred of decency moment, it passed rather quickly tho LOL

    Talking on the phone/emailing/even flirting does not equal an affair *_*

    Well, well, Kirsten, you've always been jelly of Toni, so now you've decided to emulate her. You won't be able to look down on Sy or Toni anymore, since you've chosen to behave just like them (or how you think they are behaving).

    “In the dresser behind you… Take one of my shirts. I want him to see you in it.” He smiled. Wow! With that shred of decency behind him, Brandt's motto is now "Hoes before Bros.." or "How to stick a knife in your best friends back and twist it."

    A very intense chapter, Momo, and a world of heartache coming up. I don't see their marriage surviving this fiasco. I've seen this happen more than once IRL (affairs between the hubby/wife's BFF) and honestly the majority lead to divorce. I can only think of three that survived. Two of those cases had too much to lose (power/position/income) to risk divorce, but they aren't happily married now by any means. The third, I suspect is an open marriage 😛


    • Hahahaha! Well no offense to my Kirs, but she had her work cut out for her 😛 She is deffo advertising and doesn’t care lol

      haha his lower region overwhelmed his thinking process 😛

      Doesn’t matter he lied to her. Plus its an excuse to Brandt… *swoon*

      Very true sadly 😦 Although her reason for doing so was in her eyes, justified.

      hahaha. Yeah, they’ve always been so close, but obviously the bros before hoes rule was made to be broken xD remember Dorothy, then Toni 😛

      Thank yo so much! And we’ll have to see… They do have a lot on the line though, but at the same time it was intense so I dunno! They have magic to lose after all 😛


      • I think Kirsten is pretty and doesn’t need Benni’s makeover to be pretty.

        And yeah, I see that LOL

        Yes, the bros/hos rule has been broken a number of times when they were younger, but I like to think as older parents they would have matured beyond that.

        You know, until Sy admits to the affair (or you reveal it to us), I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. He could very easily be in touch with Toni to keep her updated on Clem and have her under a false name because Kirsten has a major freak-out and starts twitching when she hears Toni’s name.

        Yes, they could stay married for the sake of the kids and magic, but trust has been broken and lines have been crossed…


      • haha, she is pretty. I mean the way she carries herself. Messy hair, no makeup, rare showers, etc. Big makeover.

        Yes, they should have matured. Hopefully some things will be explained later.

        hmm… could be!

        very very true! Gah so much feelings


  6. The shit has well and truly hit the fan.

    I don’t really know how to feel about Kirsten’s actions, if I’m honest. On one hand I’m kinda disappointed in her since we don’t know whether or not Sy actually had an affair and on the other hand I’m glad she did something since her emotions had been building up so much.

    I feel like a lot of heartache is coming up soon. I hope Syflower are able to salvage their relationship, but honestly I don’t think there is much else they can do to fix things </3


  7. Arg I hate Toni! She has ruined Sy and Kristen and I don’t think it will be fixed up now 😥 Sy I don’t feel sorry for you but Kristen may have taken things too far……. I am going to die waiting for the next chapter 🙂


  8. One word for this chapter: HOT! Kirsten is looking really hot! Her makeover is just amazing!
    I don’t quite like the fact that she cheated on Sy without even knowing what was going on, you know? She only heard from Salem and the TV news, but didn’t talk to Sy. Can’t wait to see how Sy handles all of this! Great chapter as always! 😀


    • Kirsten can be SO hot when she wants to be 😛

      And its because he lied to her. That’s all the really matters.

      And I can’t wait for you to see how he handles it as well! Thank you very much!


  9. Ok so I just read that again and still the only thing I can think is OH MY GOD!

    I don’t know what to do with this. I read yours and then I read Queenie’s post and everyone is going all crazy.

    Oddly enough the first thing I thought after reading both posts was…OMG ARE MOLLIE AND GARRETT GETTING A DIVORCE. And then…oh wait…

    My feels. Ouch.


  10. I’m totally Seymour and I think if Brandt thought that Seymour wasn’t a man for potentially cheating then he isn’t a man either for sleeping with a married woman
    And I think what’s between Brandt and Kristen should be just lust


    • Very true. But I don’t think he would have done it if Seymour didn’t do what he did. He was about to tell her no >.<

      It could be just lust. But when you take it to that level feelings are bound to be involved one day. On the other hand, those two are way incompatible, and I don't see them ever working as a couple even if Sy and Kirsten did break up.


  11. Well, how about that. Honestly I’m not quite sure screwing Sy’s best friend was the way to go, but I completely understand Kirsten’s whirlwind emotions. She has TRIED so many times to talk, and Sy always brushes her off or does something like get a puppy as a band-aide. No matter what the excuse for talking to Toni was, he shouldn’t have been. He shouldn’t have had her in his phone under a fake name, he should have never spoken to her again. He knew how much it hurt Kirsten and he did it anyway,

    Like I said, though, sleeping with Brandt was a mistake. Now Kirsten is in the wrong too, whereas before she was entirely innocent. I don’t really see how their relationship is going to survive all of this, but I can’t help but to blame Sy.


    • Yeah, like I said before though to another comment, Brandt wouldn’t have slept with Kirsten (and vice versa) If Seymour didn’t keep that secret from her. Now I know that doesn’t actually justify sleeping with a man when you’re married, but as far as Kirsten is concerned, she is single.

      We’ll have to see! I blame Sy too right now. 100%


      • Yeah, I totally get that. Brandt can see that Sy is in the wrong, and him and Kirsten have had some sexual frustration building for awhile now. Like you said, doesn’t justify the cheating… But if Kirsten considers herself single that seems like a kiss of death to the relationship. I love Syflower, honestly, but it has been killing me to see them so unhappy lately ):


      • Oh yes, crazy sexual frustration. And in some weird way, it’s also Brandt’s way of showing he isn’t always a pervy mcperverson, and actually has a heart. Not the sex with Kirsten, but sympathy he shows her. In a small way, he could be doing it because he feels bad for her, but that’s not saying he didn’t want, because he obviously did haha, but more like that’s what he tells his self.

        And I’m so sorry 😦 I can’t say much, but you can rest easy, there will be something good that comes out of all of this 🙂


      • Yeah, I can tell that Brandt has been feeling sorry for Kirsten. You would think his best friend taking his wife’s side might open Sy’s eyes a bit or something. I really don’t know what has been going on with him lately. But I’m glad something good is gonna come of it (: I’m just wiggling around in my seat trying to figure out what lol.


      • mhm, it’s like… Brandt TRIES to be a good friend, but he doesn’t want to see Kirs be in pain….You know… because then they’d have to talk about feelingggs hah

        And oh, a lot will come out of it! But remember it has to get worse before it gets better 😛


      • It is really hard to see Kirs in pain ): She’s just such a cute little thing!

        Ahh, I really can’t see how it can get much worse D: But we’ll see xD


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