Chapter 2.25: Caught Red-Headed


“Ugh! What? You’re still here? My mom said you had to leave an hour ago, Salem!” Raquel whined.

a2 (1)

I took a sip of my juice box and shrugged.

a2 (2)

“You have to leave! If you don’t go right now, I’m going to tell on you.” Raquel threatened, in her usual,Β  prissy, nasally high-pitched voice.

A3 (1)

“You just never shut up do you, Raquel?” I asked.

A3 (2)

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!”

“Hmm. Maybe I should get the sticks and stones out then?” I said, handing my fruit punch over to Clementine, who eagerly set it down on the table for me. “Why does Monkey get to stay, then?” I added.

“Mom says only one friend can stay the night, and I picked Monkey. So you two gotta go right now, or I’m telling my mom! This is my treehouse!”

a5 (1)

“Okay hold on… Do you actually think I care if you tell your mom?”

a5 (2)

“Your mom is stupid like you, I’m not afraid of her!”

Raquel ran away crying and Clementine, Monkey, and I sat back down where we were.

a7 (1)

I picked my fruit punch back up and took another sip.

“I never liked her anyway. You’re my favorite, Clementine. No offense, Monkey.”

a7 (2)

“None taken.”


Of course Jocelyn called my mother and complained. Doesn’t matter though, every since I caught them crowning their little heir as prince, they’ve been afraid to tell me no.

Summer was almost over now, and aside from my stupid family, and even stupider friends, it hasn’t been that bad.

b (2)

One day, Clementine was at her grandma’s house, so I was stuck with my family. My mom and dad thought it’d be a good idea to go out to eat one last time before school started.

Although the entire place reeked of outdoors, I knew this would be my perfect chance to get something I wanted!

b (3)

“Mom… Dad… I don’t have a lot of friends at magic school…” I began.

“Aww honey why not?” Asked Kirsten.

I shrugged. “I unno. But I was thinking… What if Yellow or me gets lonely and wants to call home?”


“Then call home, they have phones…” Said dad.

c2 (1)

“Well…. We’re not allowed to use the phones after 6:00 pm… So she does have a point!” Yellow said.

“Can I borrow your cellphone, Daddy? And you and Mommy can share?”

c (1)

“No. Not happening, sorry.” He said.

“Daddy, why not!” I cried.

c2 (3)

“Well Seymour, there’s no reason she can’t use it, why not?” Mom added.

c (3)

Dad was quiet for a moment, and we all stared at him.

“Fine, but just while you’re in school.”

c2 (2)

“But there are going to be some rules. First one, absolutely NO calling anyone on my contacts list, and NO answering calls or texts, got it?”


c2 (4)

Fall finally came, and I was so excited get away from my loser dad and my slobby hippy mother.

c2 (5)

We walked into the activity hall, and our classmates were gathered around the piano having a gay ole time, and I did not want to be a part of it, and instantly missed my friends in Appaloosa Plains.

c2 (6)

Flynn jumped up to greet Yellow as I pulled my dad’s cellphone out of my bag and quickly turned the other way, after dialing Clementine’s number.

c2 (7)

“My my, Yellow! You sure are getting tall!” Annabelle said, in her sweet little southern bell accent. Makes me sick.

c2 (8)

“Y-You too, Annabelle.” He stuttered.

Ew. I could tell by his confused blank stare that my brother had a little crush. I wanted to barf!

c3 (1)

“Her homework can wait, Brandt. This is important. Give her the phone, now.” I demanded.

c3 (2)

“Oh hi Clementine… Nothing much, just watching Annabelle steal your man… Yep…Β  She has boobs now… They’re not big, but they’re definitely there.”

c3 (3)

After ranting for about five minutes, Clementine finally said something that could be useful to me.

“Don’t let her distract my hubby. He needs to learn his magic, or he’ll never be the heir!”

c3 (4)

“Aha! Clem you’re a genius, gotta go bye!”

It was the perfect plan. I didn’t even have to do anything! As revolting as it may be, I’ll just let Yellow waste his time daydreaming about Ms. Louisiana, then he’ll be way too distracted to focus on his magic. When that happens, my parents will have no choice but to reconsider me as the heiress!

c3 (5)

Midnight Hollow was like heaven without my parents around! The Crumplebottom sisters even let us explore the town on our own, as long as we stick together.

I didn’t really care what they wanted, the first stop on my agenda was the art museums!

c3 (6)

c3 (7)


Eventually, I just ditched the group and invited my second cousin, Cassandra to join me in looking at art. Finally someone who can appreciate fine art!

Despite part of this dysfunctional circus of a family, Cassandra wasn’t that stupid or annoying!


When class officially started, Yellow was a nervous wreck. It was great!



We all took our seats as Beatrice took her time, and eventually got around to beginning class.

“Hmmm…. Let’s see here…. Ah, yes!” She began. “Today we will do some basic warm ups, conjuring an apple, and making it levitate. Who would like to begin?”

d7 (1)

With no problems at all, I conjured a poison apple and let it float around me.

I shot Yellow a big smile. “What do you think about that?”

“Good job, Salem!” He said.

d7 (2)

Annabelle took her turn, conjured a normal, boring, non- poisoned apple, whatever.

“Great work, Annabelle! Now have a seat, it’s Flynn’s turn.” Belinda called.

d7 (3)

As Flynn got up, Annabelle approached Yellow.

“You’ll get the hang of it, someday!” She smiled.

d7 (4)

d8 (1)

Right after Yellow, Rococo is the least skilled witch in our class, and even she can levitate an apple.

d8 (2)

The Crumplebottom sisters let our class play outside for a while to take a break. I’d rather stay inside and be bored.

d8 (5)

I know my dad told me not to mess with his phone, but I was bored.

I had every intent to just play a game, but when I saw the ‘new text message‘ icon, I couldn’t help myself.

‘new message from Bob Smith

d8 (6)

“Pft! Bob Smith, yeah that’s original!”

d8 (7)
I opened the text and read it.

“Please call me when you’re alone.”

“Oh! This is too much, this is gold…” I laughed.

I video-called this Mr. Bob Smith and smiled into the camera.

d8 (8)

. “Caught yaaaa!” I waved.

e (1)

e (2)

“Hi mom! Call me back when you get this. You won’t believe who just texted dad!”

41 thoughts on “Chapter 2.25: Caught Red-Headed

  1. Man Salem is a bad ass little pipsqueak huh? Gah.. With that hat on.. Yellow is like a tiny hybrid of his mommy and daddy! @_@ I loooooves it. OMG you dressed little miss Monkey soooo cute D: So out there D: what’s your inspiration come from? Omg Annabelle is so cute! P.S that growing mod is perfect for you :3 That Salem is something else D: But I still like her :3 but she’s gotta leave my Yellow alone πŸ˜› Omg that little twerp >:| She’s gone too far now.. Btw I was typing my comment while I read. I leave stuff out I wanna say if i don’t! Great chapter. My heart dropped when I saw Toni >:| Hopefully Kirs doesn’t get mad at Sy.. But the fact that he still has her number in his phone might get to her ._.


  2. I was behind, so I read three chapters. So forgive me if I miss some things.

    Misfit is so cute! I think Sy and Kirsten need couples therapy. Or a vacation for just them. Or the ghost busters to get rid of Toni’s spirit in their heads. XD.
    Oh Persy XD. She can be a total grump and I still love her lol
    Sassy Salem…everybody watch out when she becomes a teen…eek. LMAO.
    Uh-oh. Even though Salem’s intentions aren’t pure, if something is going on, Kirsten does need to know.
    Did Bella have another baby? I thought she was pregnant that one time..maybe? And RIP Connor.


    • Okay πŸ™‚

      You may be on to something but I won’t say anything else ;P

      Haha she is a grump. πŸ˜›

      Oh yes you have no idea she’s so mean lol

      In this case, I think her intentions are pure. She’d never NOT tell her mother. She might be mean but she actually sometimes does love Kirsten, and she knows its best to tell her, even if her way of doing it isn’t so perfect haha

      I’m not sure about Bella having another baby yet, I didn’t add it to the story because I don’t have story progression on in that town, but I guess I forgot all about that and I need to get with it haha

      Thanks for reading!



    Salem does need to be put in line, but I’m glad she broke the rules. Kirsten needs to know. I’m getting about sick of Toni and I’m starting to not trust Sy myself. There is absolutely no reason for her to call him, not to mention the whole “make sure you’re alone.” He’s making it hard to trust him at all, and it’s kind of turning me against him and making me suspicious. Because this isn’t even from Kirsten’s point of view. I mean seriously, Salem didn’t emotionally skew it at all she basically just saw what happened. I am so glad she is telling Kirsten, damn.


    • I think she needs to be put in line for some things, perhaps trying to sabotage Yellow, or rather letting him sabotage himself. Also her attitude and her mean spirit, but let’s be honest not even her parents are going to stop that little tornado! xD Yes, I know. There are times where I am mad at Seymour myself, but at the end of the day I know the end result and all the answers (although I;m not saying there is an excuse)

      And good point, this proves that it isn’t in Kirsten’s mind, and she isn’t crazy after all!


      • Yes, definitely she needs to be put in line for those things. But she won’t be, will she? Her parents will be distracted with their grief and relationship problems and Yellow is way too nice to ever say anything. I’m sure he justifies her behavior in his head, putting himself in her shoes and etc.

        Yes, the great story-writer who has almighty knowledge and power! -cackles-

        Exactly, I’m feeling so disappointed right now ): In Seymour mostly. I really wanna see what happens haha.


      • Girl you are GOOOOD. you should really be a counselor. You hit it right now the nail. Not only will they be distracted, but also, they are careful with Salem and they don’t want to hurt her because they feel an enormous amount of guilt for not making her heiress.

        and EXACTLY. His good trait really is the worst trait to have stacked up against a twin with the mean trait. Yellow puts himself in everybody’s shoes. He justifies everything everybody does, and he’s very empathetic, now add the fact that it’s his twin sister, and it’s a distaster. She can virtually do no wrong in his eyes.


      • -blush- Thank you! It’s sort of sad though, because her mean spirited trait is going to run rampant out of control without a firm hand. Not to mention they’ll probably feel guilty for her finding out about their relationship problems on top of that. All of that equals a very spoiled Salem.

        His good trait is why I love him, though πŸ™‚ It is sad that he will be walked all over, but it is pretty much impossible to hate him. I really hope that somewhere deep down Salem does love him though. :/


      • That is so true. At the very least, Salem is a very smart girl and knows how to get what she wants. What will really shake things up is when her feelings are on the line!

        He is seriously an angel o_o Even aside from the story, I always catching him doing the sweetest things, like walking sunshine! He will be walked over a lot in his future (Not only by Salem) But at the same time its beautiful that he can be so vulnerable.

        And of course she loves him! They grew up together side by side! She’ll never admit it, and avoids all things sappy, but she does love him πŸ™‚


      • Ah, yes, I can totally see that. She acts all tough and mean, but on the inside I’m sure she gets hurt like everyone else. For example, the whole heir thing. I’m sure she’s tough and everything, but I’d say some of the problem stems from hurt, and feelings of betrayal. She just doesn’t express them in the way that other people do.

        I had a feeling he would get walked all over by more than her, the poor dear. Surely he’ll find someone to stick up for him though. Perhaps even it will be Salem. Maybe one of those, “It is only okay for ME to treat him like that.”

        Ah, good πŸ™‚ I had a feeling she really did care about him, but like you said, she’s not all sappy and stuff. And I’m sure Yellow understands that.


      • She’s always been mean, but yes, that has a lot to do with it at the moment.

        Oh yes, Salem definitely does have that kind of attitude. She’ll take his side if she really thinks he needs it. He does the same for her, for example when she was trying to get the phone from her dad, Yellow didn’t really know why she needed it but he didn’t question it and put his say in as well to help her out.

        Yes, he does understand that! They have a mutual understanding of each others feelings πŸ˜›


  4. Salem is so rude and sassy and I love it. And aww, Yellow’s got a crush, and he certainly has good taste. So much respect for Salem, you have no idea. Things are gonna get ugly between Kirsten and Sy, but they certainly have a few things they really need to work out and not just gloss over if they’re gonna be happy together 😦


    • Hehe yes, she better be careful though πŸ˜›

      Yes he does! Annabelle is adorable πŸ˜€

      Yep, she can be a bitch but she’s a smart little girl!

      You’re so right. This is the straw on the camel’s back, so it’ll make or break them. Things will have to be fixed, or they’re doomed. Sy has the loser trait so odds are against him. If he wants his family, he better turn things around.


  5. Salem makes me laugh so hard, such a lovely girl XD. Annabelle quit pointing out Yellows getting bigger πŸ˜₯ Stay little forever Yellow!
    Sy I don’t even want to know what made you think that contact was a smart idea.
    Question: Could Salem take over heir if Yellow didn’t show which powers? Or is that just a story idea?
    I love the Darling’s πŸ™‚ Amazing writing πŸ˜€


    • She makes me laugh too! Especially her expressions πŸ˜›

      I know he’ll always be a baby to me though!

      I don’t know what he was thinking dear. Right now he says “no comment” He’s not allowed to speak about that until next chapter xP

      To answer your question, Yes that plotline is for the story, but Salem could very well end up being the heir in the story, but we’ll just have to find out!

      Thank you so much, and they love you too β™₯


  6. Salem is a little bucket of sass and badass. She’s gonna be trouble! And wow…does she look like her mom!

    Yellow is the sweetest little guy ever.

    I love the magic school. It is amazing.

    I got to the end and said out loud, “Oh, SHIT!” So that was awkward because I am at work.

    CANNOT WAIT for the next chapter! You are beyond talented!


    • Yes! She does at times look a like her mom! I always though she looked more like Sy/Aggy, but I definitely see it in her facial shape.

      I knooooow ❀

      bahahaha I can just imagine that! Too many feels for the workplace!

      *blushes* Thank you so darn much :O β™₯


  7. Aww, would you look at little Salem all sassy and badass.
    I love her personality, but she really does need to be put in her place. Some of the things she does seriously push it a little too far.

    I know I said I’d love to see Lo as an heir but Salem would make a pretty cool heir as well. Still, I’m sure you’ll make a great final choice!

    I really hope Sy hasn’t cheated on Kirsten. I know Toni was his first love and all but I don’t think she could ever love him as much as Kirs does (or did I guess…). I really want to believe but he did warn Salem not to read any of his messages which kind of sways me a bit…

    The next chapter will be so intense!!


    • hehe well she does have the mean-spirited trait, so it’s to be expected.

      Thank you πŸ™‚ The final decision about who will be the heir will have a lot to do with the events that will take place very soon!


  8. I’m in love with that treehouse!

    Gah! Salem is such a betch!

    Haha! Love Monkey’s name, outfit and response =D

    β€œMom… Dad… I don’t have a lot of friends at magic school…” I began. Ummm, Salem, see the above sentence πŸ˜›

    No, Kirsten, she doesn’t need a cell phone. She’ll be on the magical version of QVC, ordering a bunch of shit for herself. And how the heck will you get in touch with Sy now? Lord, you had a major freak-out last time that happened πŸ˜›

    Yellow is so darling ❀

    Salem, I hope growing up with an intact family wasn't important to you. You're gonna have to live with that decision. Although, in that situation your damned if you do and damn if you don't. Of course, you wouldn't be in that situation if you could follow the rules. *_*


    • Thank you vwery much πŸ˜€

      hehehe Monkey is Monkey

      lmfao exactly.

      haha OMG she totally would xD All she needs is a credit card. Good thing Sy don’t have one πŸ˜›

      Darling IS his last name after all ;P

      nooooooooooooo I think you should be saying that to Seymour right now, he caused it! Salem was definitely doing the right thing. haha she doesn’t rules xD


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