Chapter 2.24: Circumstantial

a1 (1)

“Here they come, here they come!” I squealed, as the bus stopped in front of the house.

a1 (2)

Seymour and Brandt chuckled at my excitement, as I eagerly picked up our new puppy and waited for the kids to meet the newest Darling.

a1 (3)

Their reactions did not disappoint! They cheered in disbelief as I was almost robbed from my puppy privileges.

a1 (4)

I sat down on the ground in front of Seymour and Brandt, and continued our prior conversation, as the children enthusiastically played with the new puppy, who we all agreed we’d name Misfit.

a1 (5)

Every since Seymour and I had our last fight, he’s been very neurotic about Brandt being alone with me. Brandt came over to explain to Seymour that the reason we went out together, was because I was worried about where Seymour was, and he bought me a drink to get my mind off of it. Sure, he skipped the part where he intensely flirted with me, but I thought that would only make things worse.

Although the children laughing and playing in the background made the mood very nonchalant and casual, I still believe Seymour got the closure he needed to let it go.

a1 (7)

When our talk was over, I took some time to watch the kids play and laugh. Misfit was a perfect distraction to get Salem outside and smiling.

a1 (6)

I couldn’t help but be so proud to see my daughter sitting in the grass, with the earth beneath her toes, being one with the outdoors!

a2 (3)

Although I’ve had a lot of personal issues lately, I sucked it up to help out a friend. I promised Kizzie I’d find a way to help her and her girlfriend find a way to conceive a baby of their very own, and I was determined to make that happen.

a2 (1)

I spent pretty much the entire Spring reading, experimenting, and brewing potions to come up with the perfect spell. I’ve been neglecting the shop lately, but luckily my husband was always there to take over.

The day finally came and I was almost ready to perform this spell. All I needed to do was to brush up on the little details, or as some would say, the fine print.

a2 (2)

….And with every gift comes a price.

a2 (4)

“I don’t think I can do it, Kizzie.” I mumbled, as we lounged in our bathing suits at the beach on a warm spring day.

a2 (5)

“Seriously? After all of this, you’re just now telling me it’s not possible? Last week you sounded pretty damn confident that you could make it happen.” She argued.

a2 (6)

“I can do it, and it is possible…There are just… conditions. ” I said.


“Well, one condition. It’s a pretty big one though.”

“What is it?”

“Let’s go for a swim.” I stood up and started walking.

a2 (7)

Kizzie jumped up to catch up with me, I could tell she was getting a little frustrated.

“Kirsten, what is it? I’m pretty desperate here…”

a2 (9)

“Once I perform the spell on you, you’d be immune to magic. That means magic will no longer work on you… ever.”


“SO What happens if you die too young? Or ifΒ  you get really sick or hurt and medicine isn’t enough?”

a2 (10)

“Hold up! You actually think I’d ever need any of that? Kirsten, other than this baby, I’m perfectly fine living a normal, non-magical life.”

I paused for a second, then shrugged. “I mean are you sure? You never know when something will happen.”

“I’m positive. I made it this far without magic, and I’m fine, right?” She smiled.

a2 (11)

“Okay then! If you’re fine with that, then I guess there’s no reason why I can’t do it!”

“Yes, I’m totally fine with that!”

“Perfect! When do you want to get started?”

a2 (12)

“I’m not really in too much of a hurry. Whatever time it works for you.”

a2 (13)

“Okay! I know. How about when the kids go off to school in the Fall? Then I won’t have them getting in the way.”

a2 (14)

“Sounds perfect, Fall it is.”

a3 (1)

“Cool! Can we swim now?”

a3 (2)


Appaloosa Plains welcomed summer with pouring rain. Ethan and Jocelyn had just build a tree-house in their backyard, and since then, Salem has practically lived there, along with the other little girls in town.

Since Salem was gone, I decided on the perfect time to talk to Yellow about something very, very important.

b (1)

“Yellow. Your father and I are very proud of the little gentleman you have become.” I began.Β “You’re a very good little boy, and we have decided that we want to make you heir!” I squealed.

b (2)

Yellow gasped loudly. “You mean it? You mean I’m the heir?!”

b3 (2)

“Well, almost. Mommy really wants you to work really, really hard to develop your magic abilities. We know your heart is good, and you’re the best decision for the place of the heir, but Salem’s skills are very precise, and we need you to follow in her footsteps, then you can be the heir, deal?”

b3 (1)

“Yes, Mommy! I promise I’ll work really really hard in bewitchment school this year!”

In that moment, my son had made me so proud of him. I was almost certain he was the right choice.

b (3)

“We’re proud of you, kiddo.” Seymour chimed in.

b (4)

“And we want you to have this.” He said, handing over a bright sun-shaped stone.


“This, this is a Sunstone, honey. Your mother found it, and I shaped it. We want you to have it.” Seymour smiled.

“It’s beautiful dad!”

Suddenly, we heard the barn door open…

b3 (3)

“Well, well, well… Looks like I’m late to the family pow-wow!” Salem sniped, standing angrily with her hands on her hips.

b3 (4)

“Salem.. Hi. You weren’t home, and-“

“And you decided that it was the perfect time to make him heir without me knowing about it?” She interrupted.

b4 (1)

“Honey, don’t be mad… We have our reasons.”

b5 (1)

“Oh zip it, Kirsten!”

b5 (2)

“Excuse me?” I growled. “I am your mother!”

“Hmm. We won’t get into that discussion right now.”

b5 (3)

“And you! What makes you think you’d ever make a good heir?! You can barely ride a broom without losing power for crying out loud!”


“I don’t know what any of you were thinking. Whatever, I don’t have time for this. We’ll see who’s suited to be the better heir when we’re older!” Salem shouted, stomping away into the rain.

Seymour was extremely angry.

“I can’t believe she acted like that!” He shouted.


“Now honey, be calm. I’ll go talk to her, you stay right here with Yellow, okay?”


But just as soon as I walked out of the barn, my phone rang from my pocket, it was my mother.


“Mom! Your timing is perfect! You won’t believe the drama your grand-daughter is creating!” I laughed.


But the mood changed quickly when she told me the reason for her phone call.

“What? Are you sure?” No…”

Morgana called to inform me, that last night, at 11:46 PM, my father took his last breath.


Rest in Peace, Connor Frio.

19 thoughts on “Chapter 2.24: Circumstantial

  1. Well, I’m glad Seymour seems to be more at ease about the whole Kirsten and Brandt thing. Honestly, if he had just taken the time to text her back the issue wouldn’t have arisen in the first place. In any case, I’m hoping things will smooth out between them soon :3

    Have you noticed how cute & chubby Clem’s legs are? Awee, I just can’t πŸ˜€

    Damn, Salem has a mouth on her! Like, for real. Girl needs to calm down. It is EXACTLY that reason why you aren’t being considered for heir right now. And poor Lo ): That lil baby can’t handle having his feelings hurt like that.

    Ah, I think you worked in Connor’s death well. Poor Kirsten ): Salem is probably gonna cause even more problems on top of it! I kind of hope his death will pull the family back together, though. I feel like he would want that.


    • Haha, he sometimes just needs a good talk to feel better xD

      I’m really glad you think so, it would have really calmed Kirs down so she didn’t spend the whole day freaking out! Although, according to Seymour, he was in the water all day, so his phone wasn’t near him. That’s the story according to him, just couldn’t find a place to fit in D:

      holy carp, I never thought of it that way. It literally is the exact reason why she isn’t the heir! And you’d be surprised what Yellow can handle! Knowing him, he’ll see her point of view or something and be fine with it πŸ˜›

      I’m so glad you think so, it was pretty difficult to do for some reason o.o I wouldn’t doubt it, right now, Salem has her mind set on being heir. She’s so proud of her magic abilities, she believes she’s worked the hardest.

      And you’re right, he totally would have wanted that. However, this generation of the Darlings are very prone to falling apart on a regular basis, unfortunately :/


      • Yeah, but they didn’t even take the boat D: I mean, they could have easily been swimming in the water on the beach without it but like… I hope that’s the true story, because that IS reasonable. You can’t exactly text someone while you’re swimming, after all.

        Yeah… Salem is just not like the other Darlings. Even though Gwendy and Persy can weird and grumpy, Salem has the almost cruel streak in her and I don’t think that would make for a very good heir. I mean, she could totally mature as she ages and learn to suppress it but as of right now I certainly wouldn’t be looking to her to be the heir.

        Ahh, so Yellow is stronger than he looks. That’s good, but I just wanna scoop him up into my arms and baby him for awhile haha. But empathy and understanding are great traits for the heir, I a little worried about his seeming lack of magical talent, though. I don’t think magical talent was a stipulation for heir, however, if I remember correctly πŸ˜‰

        Oh no ): Poor babies. I bet Yellow can keep them all together.


  2. God, don’t piss off Salem.. Goodness.. Goodness she also knows how to ruin a moment D: but I get her jealousy, but she’s just as special as he is.. She doesn’t see it that way though. I don’t think most kids would see it that way. Great chapter as always, and I see Clem growing >.> she looks bigger in this chapter than last.


    • Haha ain’t it the truth though? I’m even scared of that little thing sometimes πŸ˜›

      She knows that she is way more capable of magic than Yellow is. And although that definitely IS important when choosing an heir, it’s also just as important(if not more so) to choose and heir who will put others before themselves for the better good of the legacy, and that’s the part she doesn’t get.

      She could be growing! The actually all are, thanks to the grow mod πŸ™‚ Thank you so much sweetie πŸ™‚


      • Yes! It’s very important for the bigger picture as well πŸ˜‰ Plus I’m sure she and Mel will be great mommies.

        lol nah, I’m used to that. But I’m hopelessly jealous of her body and I hate when I’m jealous of a sims body lol happens all the time.


      • I’m sure they will be too. πŸ™‚ and that’s a great way to explain why your sims can defy biology xD That’s the question a lot of my non-simmer friends ask about Nova and Winter. I have no explanation for it, it just is xD

        I get what you mean, I get jealous of my Sims too, in more than just appearance honestly!


      • lmfao exactly. Sometimes things in my game can be so cheaty, so magic helps explain it better lol. And having a challenge where people come back from the dead? Yeah, only science or magic can do that, and I’m better with magic πŸ˜›

        hahaha simmers never question stuff like that xD

        yesss mostly their clothes and hair and not having to pay a single dime for them haha


      • Hahahha xD that’s why I don’t really go in depth with my non-simmer friends.. Only if they ask xD

        That too! And they can jog for like 10 minutes and lose all their love handles!


  3. Not Connor D: He’s always been one of my favorite in-game sims, sad to see him go.

    And yay, congratulations to Yellow for becoming heir, although it was kind of a given, considering how absolutely precious he is. πŸ˜› I feel for Salem, though. Her attitude is a bit much and she certainly shouldn’t be disrespecting her family like that, but from personal experience, it’s not fun when everyone thinks you’re the mean one and it feels like people are picking favorites.


    • I know, it’s such a shame. In game, he died like a day after Erik oddly enough :S

      I know! He’d be a terrific heir, although it’s not completely set in stone yet, since they still want him to work on his magic.

      Haha it might be a bit much, but I love her for it! And I know what you mean, but Salem genuinely is the mean one πŸ˜›


  4. Yellow will make good heir ❀ Poor Salem she is really upset, I hope she can realize why Yellow would work out better and be nicer to him. I am so glad you picked because I would not have been able too! RIP Conner, poor Kristen. I'm happy for Kizzie πŸ™‚ Nice chapter Misfit is fitting in well πŸ™‚


    • I think so too! And yeah, unfortunately, she just won’t see it that way, and she’ll always continue to believe that she would be the better heir. Now when it comes down to it, she’ll either have to let it go, or eventually find a way to become the heir herself.

      Haha, despite her name, yes she is πŸ˜›


  5. Even though he doesn’t quite have a strong enough grasp on magic yet, I have a feeling Lo will make a great heir. πŸ™‚ Salem is a very mean person! I mean I’d feel pretty angry if I wasn’t included in the discussion, but geez I don’t think she needed to go and be so disrespectful!

    I hope Kizzie finally gets her wish of having a baby. It was sweet how Kirsten worried about her so much :3

    R.I.P Connor </3


  6. I feel like I’m one-step behind… so the twins only go to the magical school in the fall and the rest of the time the go to school in AP?

    I love the name for the puppy and gosh darn it, Clem is so cute!

    Love, love, love the treehouse ❀

    Whoa! Salem is pissed. Well, I can't say I blame her for being upset, in her eyes she is the more qualified person. But dang, she's got a mouth on her.

    R.I.P. Conner 😦


    • Yes! Strange, but that’s their life. The CB sisters also teach them some regular courses so they’re not behind.

      Aww thhanks! And Persy named hers Flea :3 that one is a boy. CLem is cute D:

      Thank you! Had to build that shit twice xD

      Yes, but in reality they both equally but not fully qualified. She does ;P β™₯

      Thankyou ❀


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