Chapter 2.23: It’s All Under Control

a (1)

Rumor had it that Toni was back in town, which made me a nervous wreck when Seymour spent the entire day ignoring my calls and texts.

a (5)

“Sy, it’s me. I’ve been calling you all day. I don’t know why you haven’t answered my calls or texts, but I’m getting really worried. Can you just call me back and let me know what’s going on? Please? Love you.”

a4 (2)

My mind didn’t know which way to go. I didn’t know how to feel. Emotions, as well as confusion and doubt consumed me.

a4 (4)

Suddenly, I heard Brandt’s big white truck pulling into his driveway, and all my fears were paused for a moment.

a4 (5)

He had just come back from a court session regarding Clementine, and I’ve been so excited to hear how it went.

“Hell yes!” He shouted, after hopping out of the truck.

a4 (6)

a4 (7)

“How.. How’d it go?” I gasped, catching my breath.

a4 (8)

“Couldn’t be better!” Brandt enthused. “Toni didn’t show up, but she contacted her lawyer, and gave me full custody, as long as the Clintons get her every other weekend.”

a4 (9)

“EEP!” I shrieked, throwing my arms around him. “I’m so happy for you two.” I whispered.

a4 (10)

He hugged me back tightly, and it was surprisingly not uncomfortable at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is probably like the second time I’ve actually hugged Brandt, aside from the awkward side-hug on my wedding day.

But Brandt always goes out of his way avoid sappy moments, so it was no surprise when he unapologetically goosed me!

a5 (1)

“Brandt!” I gasped, “You can’t do that!”

Brandt practically fell over laughing at my reaction.

a5 (4)

“Oh calm your ass down!” He chuckled. “Where’s Sy, by the way?”

I sighed heavily. “I donno. He went to hang out with the guys.”

“The guys?”

“Chapmans, I guess.”

“Heh, they’re not guys! Where’d they go?”

“According to him, they went boating.” I shrugged.

a6 (1)

“But the boat’s right there…” Brandt questioned, nodding his head in the direction of Seymour’s boat in our driveway.

“…I know.”

“That doesn’t look so good..”

I sighed again, this time with more emotion. “I know.”

My eyes began to water, and Brandt definitely noticed.

a5 (2)

“D- Do you want to go get a drink or somethin? Like before the crotch-droppings come home?” Brandt offered.

a5 (3)

“A drink? Like with me? Just us?”

a6 (3)

“Ha.. Yeah, if you’re up for it. Looks like you could use one.”

“You paying?” I shifted my brow.

“You got it!” He winked.

a6 (2)

I was very confused by Brandt’s offer. I knew it probably wouldn’t look very good if someone saw us out together drinking in the day time. However, I wasn’t one for turning down a drink and an opportunity to rebel.

“You know what, yeah! Let’s go.”

a6 (4)

“Hop in my truck..” He smirked. I rolled my eyes and jumped in.

a7 (2)

I’ve lived in Appaloosa Plains long enough to know when a guy says things like ‘wanna get a drink’ or ‘hop in my truck‘ it’s usually a way of getting some tail. But I knew my boundaries, and he did too. Then again, It is Brandt after all.

a7 (3)

Filled with several drinks, and even more emotions, I was an open book to Brandt. I told him how neglected I feel in my marriage, as well as my fears about Seymour. Without judgement, he truly just let me rant. And shockingly enough, he actually listened!

“Surely you’ve heard the rumors, yeah?” I asked.

a7 (4)

He cleared his throat and slowly nodded.

“I’ve heard the rumors…”


“And they don’t hurt you? You really loved Toni..” I said.

He nodded once more, “Yeah, they hurt a little bit. I hurt more for you though..”

a7 (5)

Extremely surprised, I looked at him and gently smiled thankfully.

“Holy shit, did that just come out of my mouth?” He laughed.

a10 (1)

“He isn’t attracted to me anymore…” I said, slurring my words a bit.


I smiled. “No, he isn’t. He loves me, but he doesn’t love me the way he used to. Wanna know what he told me to cover it up?” I laughed.


a10 (2)

I sat up straight in my seat, and asked the bartender for another drink.

“He told me you said I was hot!” I laughed.

Brandt began chuckling. “He said that?” Brandt asked.

“Ha, yeah. I was having a bad day and he told me that in a hurry. He probably only did it to make me feel better. Great guy, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, I never said that.” Brandt began laughing, as I laughed along with him to cover my embarrassment.

a10 (3)

“Ha, should’ve figured he lied.” I said. “Where the hell is that drink!?”

My anger towards my husband was even worse now. I looked around the room, as my eyes caught the clock.

“Oh shit, we better go! The kids will be home soon. I should sober up.” I laughed.

a11 (1)

We both stood at the same time, limiting the space between our bodies.

“Just so you know…” He smiled charmingly, “Just ’cause he lied about what I said, doesn’t mean he lied about what I really think…”

I immediately blushed. “Who are you anyways!?” I laughed.

Brandt stepped to the side, and let me step in front of him.

a11 (2)

a11 (3)

When I got home, Seymour was standing in the doorway. I didn’t know if I was relieved or extremely pissed off, and I didn’t have time to think about it.

a11 (4)

“Honey, where have you been? I’ve been calling and calling!” He pleaded.

“Couldn’t imagine how awful that feels..” I stated, sarcastically.

b (2)

“What the hell, Kirsten.. Have you been drinking? …Where were you? …Who were you with?…Huh? Answer me!” He shouted.

b (3)

“Yes! Okay? Yes, I have been drinking. I was out with Brandt, not that you deserve to know.”

b (4)

“Not that I deserve to know? Are you joking?! I’m your husband! Damn right I deserve to know!Β  Did you cheat on me? Why were you with him?” Seymour shouted.

“You don’t have to worry about me and Brandt, turns out… He actually isn’t attracted to me and you were ‘misinformed.‘”

“Okay, so what brought that up? When you were about to get in bed with my best friend?”

c (1)

“Don’t you dare even suggest that I was cheating. You’re the one who didn’t answer your phone all day! I was going out of my mind!”

c (2)

“Now there’s something we can agree on! You’re out of your mind! I had to explain to my friends that you’re not crazy, even though you left twenty-something messages and texts!”

“Oh really? Funny you didn’t answer your phone, you were gone all day, and you just so happen to choose the day Toni is back in town?”

“OH here we go again…” He rolled his eyes.

“Really Seymour? Okay, time for you to leave!”

“Leave? LEAVE? Okay I’ll leave!” He yelled.

c2 (1)

“You better not let Brandt in my house tonight.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I was so angry, I felt like I’d just explode.

I took a deep breath, and opened the door, Ushering him to leave. When he walked out I slammed the door and locked it until the kids came home.

d (1)

d (2)

d (3)

I couldn’t believe the fight we just had. I didn’t know when he’d be back, and my mind was racing. I had just enough time to calm down before my kids came home, so I used it wisely.

d (4)

When Salem and Yellow finally got home, I hugged them both tightly. Seeing their faces is just what I needed right now, and I wasn’t even about to explain what happened between their father and I.

d (5)

I told the kids that they could invite Clementine over, and we’ll order a pizza.

Yellow gave the pizza man half of his allowance as a tip, and also gave him a slice of pizza for the road. Although it’s too early to decide, I couldn’t help but think to myself that Yellow would make a great heir, if only he knew his magic!

d (6)

The kids and I all grabbed a slice of pizza and discussed the importance of avoiding cooties.

d (7)

d (8)

d (9)

d (10)

Although I toughed out the rest of the day, helped the kids with homework, made sure they had their baths, and tucked them all in, my husband and our marriage was always in the back of my mind.

d (11)

I liked the distraction Brandt served, and I honestly do find myself extremely attracted to him, but I just don’t see this going any farther than lust. I didn’t want to lose Seymour. Who knows what would happen to the legacy if we broke up. There was too much to lose, and I just beginning to feel lost.

I missed my husband.

d (12)

“Kirsten? Honey? Can I come home now?” He asked, standing in the doorway.

d2 (1)

“I… I’m really sorry about everything. I didn’t mean the crap I said.”

d2 (2)

“I didn’t mean to hurt you… Will you forgive me?”

I just frowned and shrugged. I knew I couldn’t just act like everything was okay again, because it definitely wasn’t, but I truthfully just didn’t want to fight anymore.”

d2 (3)

“I brought you something…” He smiled.

I looked up at him, holding back a smile.

“I really think you’re going to like it, but you have to promise you’ll give me a hug, deal?”

d2 (4)

Β I nodded. “What is it?”

d2 (5)

d2 (6)

d3 (1)

“Just wait right here!”

d3 (2)

I gasped so loudly, I slightly felt my throat hurt! Seymour walked in with a tiny dalmation puppy in his hand.

d3 (3)

I quickly took the puppy away from Seymour, “Mine!” I joked.

Seymour giggled, “Isn’t she adorable?”

d3 (4)

“Oh wook atchu, you are soo cute aren’t you?!” I cooed.

“I thought the family needed a dog running around here, and when I saw her in the paper I couldn’t resist!”

“She’s so cute. Thank you so much, baby! I just love her!” I squealed.

I decided that I wouldn’t tell the kids about her until they got home from school tomorrow, because I knew if I told them any sooner they’d magically get sick. Especially Salem, I’m pretty sure she knows some illness spells as a matter of fact!

d3 (5)

“Honey, the person you got her from… Did they have any more?” I asked.

d3 (6)

“Yeah, they had a bunch, why?”

“I think I have an idea!”

d4 (2)

“Okay little guy.. here’s the plan. If your sister could work on me, then you’ll work just fine on my sister in law! Just work your little puppy eyes!”

Persephone is a little grumpy, but she loves animals, there’s no way she could resist a dalmatian puppy. I decided that I’d buy her a puppy to say sorry about teaching Birdie driving lessons.

d4 (3)

“What the heck are you doing here?!” Persephone grumbled, before I even made it to the door.


“I brought you this little guy.. and I wanted to say I was sor-“


before I finished my sentence she slammed the door on me.

No more than ten seconds later she opened the door back up.


…Then snatched the puppy and slammed the door, again.


Well that worked smoothly…

32 thoughts on “Chapter 2.23: It’s All Under Control

  1. Persephone is turning into what her mother was supposed to be if Eric never came back… A crotchety woman… now if she swings a purse at kissing teenagers, I’ll be worried… lol
    I hope all goes well with Sy and Kirs, they both seem to be holding a lot back, so the explosion will be pretty big, but I hope the can pick up the pieces and clear the smoke together.


    • hahaha! After Agnes was reunited, she no longer had the grumpy trait, but apparently passed it down, because all the Darling women have some sort of anger issue every now and then πŸ˜›

      That’s a very good point hun, I hope so too πŸ™‚


  2. Certainly a lot of trouble in paradise. I do hope these two can work past it, they’re so lovely together :< Also Yellow is absolutely adorable but now there's a puppy and asdgkl so much cute!


  3. I hate to say it, but the puppy (despite its adorableness) is just a band-aide. Kirsten is happy with it now, but they didn’t work anything out. They didn’t talk about how Sy automatically assumed the two people who he loves most in the world would hurt him like that, they didn’t talk about why he didn’t answer his phone or shoot Kirs a quick text (which isn’t really that hard), they didn’t talk about why he LIED about where he was, and they certainly didn’t talk about the bigger underlying issue that Kirs is feeling lonely and unattractive IN HER OWN MARRIAGE. You should never feel lonely and unattractive when there is another person in your life who is there specifically to keep that from happening.


    • You know, you really hit the hammer on the nail. I think Kirsten was honestly just exhausted, and didn’t feel like fighting anymore. She loves Seymour, and most of the moments with him, not to mention her family and the magic. She sorta feels like dragging all of it out could potentially break them. They definitely should have talked it out, but then again that’d be a long chapter xD


      • Hey I don’t mind long chapters! I mean, I know I’m only getting stuff from Kirs’s point of view, but it really seems like Sy is neglecting her ): Obvi Sy is a good guy and I don’t know if he realizes what he is doing to her. I just really hope they can work stuff out, it hurts me so bad to see them like this.


      • Anytime, I had a shortage in my head, and I clicked reply too soon D: But yeah Persy’s temper never stops entertaining me. I love how she opened the door for the puppy and then closed it again xD I hope she’ll forgive Kirs soon D: sister-in-laws gotta stick together. The kids are soo cute btw D: Even Brandt’s baby. Sy and Kirs have their ups and downs, but man they’re the cutest couple ever.


      • ah, I gotcha.

        Hahah yeah, pretty sure she gets it from Agnes. All the Darling women have some sort of anger issue xP

        Thank you! I think they’re cute too, but I’m just anxious to see them grow!

        And I agree, they’re going to work past it the best the can πŸ™‚


      • That’s very true when you think about it!

        I am too, I think we’re all anxious to see other’s babies and our own grow up :3

        Oh I know they can :3 They’re not the type to leave each other alone just because one slip up or one screw up.


      • Very true, I love seeing each character develop. Characters in this challenge seems to have more personality that in regular legacies, and I think that is because we have more time to develop them.

        They had their fair share of screw ups, but haha yes, your are correct β™₯


      • Yeah that’s true. There’s a lot of time, though now, my time seems to go by fast D: I miss having babies in my saves really. I’ve been only focusing on the Wilder’s while I play TS3.


      • Haha I know. It’s all about the attachment, that makes it seem too short. Like, the Sunflower seeds only have a few days left ’til they’re teenagers, yet there’s so much on the agenda that needs to happen before they grow up Dx


      • Omggg, I can’t wait to see them as teens D: I pretty sure Billie doesn’t have much longer D: It’s bittersweet isn’t it :3 We don’t wanna see them leave their age, but we wanna see how they look their new traits, etc.


      • You summed it up perfectly. D’aww it’s kinda like Billie and the twins are the pretty close in age :3 I can’t wait to see them either. Epecially with the storylines I have planned! *-*


  4. I’m so happy for Brandt luck turned in his favor, I don’t know what I would do if he lost Clem πŸ˜₯ Kristen and Sy are going to kill me if they don’t solve their problems! They were so prefect before Toni! Why does he think that buying a puppy (No matter how cute it is) is going to fix the issue? Yellow ❀ Fantastic chapter I hope they can patch it up. Persephone taking the puppy after already slamming the door, priceless! XD


    • I know what you mean! He loves his little girl so much, glad Toni at least had the balls to do what needed to be done.

      I’d never want them to kill you D: They’re working on it though, but it’ll be a bumpy ride ❀

      I'm not sure why he thinks the puppy will solve the issue. I do know that they wanted another dog, and I guess that Seymour just found it the perfect time to act on that.

      Hehe, yes Yellow! ❀

      Hahah thank you so much dear!


  5. It seems Kirsten and Sy have a lot of raw emotions they’ve been holding back. When it comes to relationships, you should be open and honest with your partner or it could start falling apart. I know the puppy cheered Kirsten up, but she and Sy need to sit down and have a serious evaluation of their relationship.

    I’m so glad Brandt won custody of Clementine. He deserves her more than Toni.

    That ending! I see what you meant by Pers having a soft spot for animals πŸ™‚


    • You’re 100% correct on that. Kirsten Just felt like giving up because she didn’t want to fight. She’ll have to learn her lesson the hard way I guess :s

      YES! Toni completely left though, and didn’t ask for her, it was her family that wanted custody. Toni surprisingly gave full rights over to Brandt. At least she knows he’s better for than her own family is. Perhaps she didn’t want her growing up without a dad, since she’s already growing up without a mom :/

      hehe yep! Persephone has the animal lover trait πŸ˜›


  6. Holy cow. This chapter hurt!

    I totally understand her feelings though. Relationships are TOUGH sometimes but I am glad they are working through it.

    Also…wow. Cutest puppy EVER!


  7. I love this story Mo and you know that. Chapter by Chapter I dislike Kirsten more and more, my dislike started way back when they were in college. But I will trek on and continue reading until the torch is passed just because your writing is just that good.


    • Thank you so much dear. And as long as you enjoy the story itself, I can definitely understand that not all my characters are likeable. However, I feel like that is what makes them human.

      Out of pure curiosity, may I ask what, specifically, you don’t like about Kirsten? Thank you so much for reading β™₯


  8. Yay, Brandt has custody of Clem!

    *singsongs* “Kirsten is crushing on Brandt…”

    You’re confiding in the wrong person, girl! *smh*

    D’awww that sweet little puppy makes my heart all melty ❀

    Gah! I love Persy! She reminds me so much of her mom =D


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