Chapter 2.22: Innocent Little Crush

a2 (1)

Quite some time has passed, and Darling Treasures is finally ready for the grand opening!

As I carefully scope myself out in the mirror, I begin to feel self-conscious. I can’t help but feel like I’m just not the confident little girl I used to be, walking around campus, showing lots of skin, comfortable enough with myself to ask other people for money, or whatever I wanted at that given moment.

a2 (2)

Toni has been gone for a little over a year now, but I still can’t help but compare myself to her. I’m always wondering if Seymour thinks about her. I’ll never admit it out loud, but I know I’ll just never measure up.

“It’s time to go, are you ready?” Seymour rushed.

Distracted by self-nitpicking, I quickly snapped out of it. “Huh? Oh! Yeah, almost.”

He stood there and watched me, so I figured I should just open up about how I feel.

a2 (5)

“Honey? Do ever think I’ve lost my sex appeal?”

Seymour rolled his eyes. “No.” He said, hastily.

“Hm. I don’t feel like I’m as sexy as I used to be.” I confided.

a2 (3)

“Ugh, Kirsten, you’re gorgeous. Can we go now? There are people already arriving. What if they get mad and leave?” He complained.

His insensitivity started to anger me.

“What if I get mad and leave?” I grumbled.

a2 (4)

He sighed heavily. “You know I mean it honey, I shouldn’t have to tell you. You’re stunning.”

“Whatever, you have to say that because you’re my husband.” I said.

a2 (7)

Trying to cheer me up, he nudged my shoulder and smiled. “Brandt isn’t your husband, and he thinks you’re hot.”

I looked at Seymour in the mirror, trying to figure out if what he was saying was true, or if he was just trying to make me feel better.

“I don’t believe you!”

a2 (6)

“Kirs… You know how our guy talks can be. Sure, it’s nothing sappy or anything, but he does find you attractive. I’m sure all my friends do.”

a2 (8)

I really didn’t know what to think about that, I wasn’t really even sure how to react, so I went with uncomfortable.

“Ha, gross.” I said, as nonchalantly as possible.

a2 (9)

“Haha, yeah.” Seymour laughed. “He says I’m a lucky guy, and I am.”

“Aww.” I smiled, suddenly seeing myself in a different way.

a2 (10)

“See, it’s not just me.” Seymour said. “Now, let’s go.” He rushed once more.

“Okay, okay!” I smiled.

a2 (11)

As we walked away, Seymour suddenly stopped, “OH MY GOD.” He shouted.

I jumped, “What? What is it?”

a2 (12)

“The kids… Did they brush their teeth this morning?”

a2 (13)

“Do you remember? Did you forget? Also, do you think I should change?”

a2 (14)

“..Umm… I think I had them brush their teeth this morning, and you look fine…” I said.

a2 (15)

“I should change.”

a2 (16)

“Kids! Brush your teeth, it’s time to go!” Seymour called.

a2 (17)

Upon arriving, the place wasn’t busy at all. Jocelyn and Dorothy were the only two there, and they were waiting patiently.

a2 (19)

I took my spot at the register while Seymour greeted customers with his sisters. Our grand opening night of Darling Treasures went fairly smooth.

a2 (18)

a2 (21)

a2 (20)

a2 (22)

a2 (23)

a2 (24)

a2 (25)

a2 (26)

a2 (27)

a2 (28)

a2 (29)

a2 (30)

a2 (31)

a2 (32)

a2 (33)

a2 (34)

a2 (35)

a2 (36)

a2 (37)

When everyone left and the place was about to close, Kizzie and her girlfriend Mel approached Seymour and I. Kizzie gave me a huge hug and congratulated me.

a2 (38)

“This place looks great, Erik would be so proud.” She said. “I was wondering if Mel and I could speak with you two, alone? It’s pretty darn important.” She said.

a2 (39)

We took them to the upstairs office, as they sat down on the bench in front of us nervously.

a2 (44)

“So what’s up?” I asked.

Kizzie cleared her throat. “Uh, well… We haven’t told anyone this, but Mel and I, we’re ready to add on to our family…”

a2 (41)

“Oh my god!” I squealed. “That’s awesome, congrats!”

“Thank you.” She said calmly.

a2 (51)

“What’s wrong?”

a2 (40)

“Obviously we’re both women, and we can’t naturally have kids. And adoption isn’t an option right now.”

a2 (48)

“Why is adoption not an option right now?” Seymour asked.

a2 (45)

“We had spoken to an adoption agent. Our situation isn’t necessarily ideal for adoption. We’re not married like my parents were, and we live with my sister, her husband, and Mel’s parents. They believe that our situation isn’t the best place to bring in a child, meaning we could end up waiting years. So, we decided to come to you two for help.”

a2 (47)

“Okay! What can we do to help? Do you need a surrogate or something?”

a2 (43)

“Uh… Well not exactly. We know that you had fertility issues, and I remember what you did to have your children. We were looking for something a little more…”

a2 (42)

“Magical.” Seymour finished her sentence.

Mel nodded in agreement, looking at Kizzie.

“…Exactly.” Kizzie said.

a2 (46)

I was a bit surprised, as Kizzie never seemed very interested in magic. She was my roommate back in university, and she didn’t like when I’d practice alchemy.

“That would be very advanced magic…” I said.

a2 (49)

“But I know it’s possible. I remember reading about it some when looking up the procreation elixir. Possible, but not easy. Let’s see… Do either of you have a male relative, with your DNA, that would be willing to help?” I asked.

They thought about it for a moment. “No, no blood relatives.” Kizzie said.

a2 (50)

“Hmm. Well I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try my best to do some research and get back to you when I know more.”

a2 (52)

Their faces lit up, “That would be amazing, thank you, so much!”

a2 (53)

a2 (54)

They hugged one another tightly, rocking side to side. It really warmed my heart, and I knew I’d have to find a way to help them, even if it meant reaching out to the Crumplebottom sisters.

a2 (55)

a2 (56)

After thanking us, Kizzie and Mel said their goodbyes.

a2 (57)

“Do you really think you can find a way?” Seymour asked, wrapping his arms around me.

“Of course I can! I can do anything I set my mind to.”

a2 (58)

“I’ll help out as much as possible, but I’m exhausted right now.” Seymour said.

a2 (59)

“Do you want to come to bed with me?” Seymour whispered.

a2 (60)

Every once in a while, Seymour had a way of making me feel like I was in high school again!

I don’t remember the last time I giggled like that. With all the bumps we’ve encountered lately, it was a nice feeling.

a2 (61)

“I’ll meet you there a little bit later,” I said, “I want to clean up a bit around here.”

Seymour laughed. “Are you feeling okay?” He joked, putting his hand on my forehead.

a2 (62)

As I finished putting everything in it’s rightful place, I thought about my eventful day. We had sold fourteen items, which I guess was pretty good!

Suddenly I heard the door open..

a2 (63)

“There you are!”

a2 (64)

The sound of Brandt voice made me jump, and my heart skipped a beat. “Oh my god, you scared me!”

“I was looking all over for you!”


“I tried the house, the mean one said Sy’s sleeping, and you weren’t there, so I checked here. She also called me a douchebag…”

I tried and failed to hold in a laugh, as Clementine laughed along with me. “I’m sorry about that.” I said.

a2 (65)

“So I need you to take Clementine tonight. I have court tomorrow, and Toni’s side will be there too.”

“Okay, sure!” I blurted, without hesitating.

“She’s been talking about you all day.” Brandt said.

“Aww! Did you have fun today, Clem?” I asked.

a2 (66)

Clementine was excited to talk about her day, in which she spent with all the other kids here at the shop, in the kids corner. Brandt and I sat down on the trunks and listened, as she talked about her day. She mentioned my kids quite a bit, especially Yellow.

a2 (67)

“Come here, butthole! I’ll carry you to the house!” He said, holding his arms out, as Clementine squealed with laughter.

a2 (68)

“She can borrow some of Salem’s old PJs, they should fit her pretty well!” I enthused, as we made our way to the house.

a2 (69)

As I waited for Brandt to help Clementine change, I checked my phone to see if I had gotten any missed messages or calls.

I had one text, from Persephone, sent about 2 hours ago.

“So I found out you taught my daughter how to drive…Thanks for asking ahead of time, it’s not like I was looking forward to having that moment with her myself, WHEN SHE’S OLD ENOUGH, anyway. That’s a job for her PARENTS, not you. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll take initiative to teach your kids how to drive when the time comes, see how you like it!! You have no respect, and stop asking my kid for money.”

a2 (70)

“Are you kidding me? Way to overreact, Persephone.” I said to myself.

a2 (71)

a2 (72)

a2 (73)

“Alright baby, go get those little shits up and tell them you’re here.”

“Okay daddy!” Clementine giggled, hugging Brandt goodnight, before squirming away.

a2 (74)

“You know, I can help you change into your pajamas too, if you want…” Brandt joked suggestively.

a2 (75)

I knew he was joking, but that didn’t stop my face from turning bright red, and my stomach filling with butterflies.

a2 (76)

I tried to play it cool, and rolled my eyes. “Go home, Brandt!” I laughed.

a2 (77)

“Haha okay, it was just a suggestion!” He laughed.

“Night Kirs…” He said, making his way up the stairs.

a2 (78)

“Night.” I grinned, rereading Persephone’s text to distract myself.

a2 (79)

I then made my way to bed.

“Honey? I’m home now…” I said, trying to wake him up. He didn’t wake up, and continued to snore.

a2 (80)

I kissed him on the forehead, and fell asleep, smiling.

When morning came, I jumped out of bed, realizing I had slept in just a bit.

a2 (81)

I ran upstairs to the kitchen, knowing the best way to get the kids ready in time for school.

“Kids! Snow-cones for breakfast if you get up here in five minutes!” I shouted.

a2 (82)

Although there was no sign of Salem yet, Yellow and Clementine were  upstairs almost immediately, and having a conversation. Apparently Yellow let her sleep in his bed while he slept on the floor!

a2 (84)

“Okay! Who’s first?” I asked, interrupting their chat.

a2 (83)

“Ladies, first!” Yellow said politely, ushering Clementine to go in front of him.

“And what flavor do you want, Clem?”

a2 (85)

“I want Yellow!” She giggled.

a2 (87)

I sighed heavily. “You mean Lemon? Sorry fresh out of lemon.”

a2 (86)

“How about grape? Grape’s a lovely flavor!” I suggested hastily.

“I like grape, too!” She smiled.

a2 (88)

“Grape it is!”

a2 (89)

Clementine sat down to enjoy her snow-cone, as Salem grudgingly sat down on the bench next to her.

“What a stupid breakfast idea.” She grumbled. I ignored her as I helped Yellow with his snow-cone.

a2 (90)

Clementine had her snow-cone finished, and ran over to stand next Yellow before he even started. She began fixing her hair, and smiling at him bashfully.

a2 (91)

I knew that one day I’d have to face it, but this was too early. I had come to the realization that something I always feared was now happening; Yellow has someone’s heart!

22 thoughts on “Chapter 2.22: Innocent Little Crush

  1. Even though I don’t really like Toni, I find it incredibly sweet that her daughter is crushing on Yellow. He’s being a typical guy about it as well and not even noticing! 😀
    Would be kinda funny if Salem ended up telling him.

    Geez Pers, way to overreact.I think it was a rather nice gesture of Kirsten to teach Birdie how to drive. Kirs should give her a piece of her mind when she sees her next!

    Brandt, Brandt, Brandt. Your comments never cease to make me laugh.

    Lovely chapter Mo! ❤


    • It IS really sweet! Only thing is, it’s Kirsten’s worst nightmare, since Clementine looks a lot like her mother. haha typical boy perhaps, but yes you’re so right!
      That would be funny! It’s very obvious to Salem, and you can tell she’s annoyed with her best friend crushing on her brother… lol yuck!

      hahah Pers is really grumpy, and to her defense, Birdie was way too young, and Kirsten didn’t even bother to say anything first! Also, keep in mind that Birdie is Persy’s only child, so she’ll never get the chance to do that herself. :S

      heheh don’t you love what comes out of his mouth!?

      Thank you very much muffin!


      • I can imagine. I remember how reserved she was to let the kids meet her, cause of how similar she was to her mother. Wouldn’t it though?

        That is true. I guess in a sense it was rather inappropriate for her to take her out without asking. I think Persy could’ve handled the situation better though, regarless of whether or not Birdie is her only child.

        Gosh he has a sweet heart but he just doesn’t think about what he’s saying ^^


  2. Great chapter, Awh Yellow is so adorable D: so is Salem with her grumpy self :3 I love Brandt’s fathering skills :3 I can sorta understand why Persy was a tad bit upset.. .-. but Kirs was only trying to help .-. Yellow is gonna have to beat those girls with sticks to keep them off him especially Clem. I could see her following him around :3 Are you gonna let him play dumb about her crush for a while? You know how some guys don’t realize their female friends are crushing on them?


    • hehe thanks :3 Lol Kirs is rebellious she knows what she was doing was wrong 😛

      hahaha I couldn’t see him beating a fly with a stick, but yesss you’re right! Clem already does follow him around, and I don’t have anything to do with it! She’s supposed to be friends with Salem atm 😛

      And that’s a really good question. Yellow’s main trait is good, so if he does know, or will know, whatever, he probably won’t have the heart to turn her down, unless he likes her then who knows! xP


      • Yeah lol xD

        I can’t either really. I could see Salem as one of those girls who has mainly guy friends.

        Yeah I can see him having trouble turning someone down or even breaking up with someone. I wish the break up animation wasn’t so harsh looking.. because there are mutual break ups and “I’m so sorry” break ups. Darn EA for making things so black and white! I guess that’s what our poses are for!


      • Yeah, I can see that! And maybe when she’s older, but right now she likes to be the little queen of the treehouse and boss all the other little girls around! xD

        Yes, good point, the break ups do look really mean!


      • Yes. She is defo the queen!

        Ugh yes D: I need to get back to making poses.. So maybe that’ll be my first project from being back is mutual break up poses or something!


  3. Oh Kristen you’re beautiful ❤ Brandt hasn't changed much since he was a teen I was sure he would be a bad influence on Clem but she is so cute and he is a good dad ❤ The store was amazing I can't believe how great it turned out. I send my luck to Kirsten and the potion for Kizzie. Yellow is so sweet I wish guys were like that in real life 🙂 I have to say he's stealing my heart but Salem is so cute and sassy I love her too! I WILL NEVER DECIDE! Great chapter as always 😀


    • She’d really appreciate that, thanks!

      Haha right? Brandt obviously isn’t the best role model, but he’s definitely a good dad, and cares about Clem. (:

      Thank you very much! I’m pretty shocked myself, since I’m not much of a builder xD

      They’ll need all the luck they can get, it’s a pretty big spell, it’s up there with resurrection o.o

      Aww haha, I’m sure there’s a Yellow out there for you as well, I’m sure they exist! xP

      Lol picking favorites will always be difficult, since they’re exact opposites 😛 Thank you!


  4. Poor Kirs ): I totally understand her self-esteem issues, though. There gets a point in your relationship where you know he has to say it whether he means it or not. Of course, I’m sure Sy still finds her beautiful but I can understand where she is coming from.

    Clem and Yellow are so cute 😀 I really hope Clem doesn’t end up being like her mom though ): Then I totally couldn’t ship them. Heh, it is early for that anyway. Yellow is seriously a cute kid, though. I’m pretty sure he has Kirs’s nose and it looks so cute on him! I think Salem might look a bit like the Aggy side of the family? But I’m not quite sure.


    • Yes 😦 She feels like Seymour isn’t as attracted to her as he used to be, because he doesn’t say it as much anymore. Unfortunately, I think it’s something all or at least most long term couples go through, and it’s something not every couple survives. Let’s hope they do, though!

      hehe they are. 😛 Clem has a huge infatuation with Lo at the moment, and Yellow is starting to catch on, but he isn’t interested in girls right now.. poor kid! xP Never too early to ship someone in the sims, haha their lives are so short sometimes! He definitely has Kirsten’s nose, and Salem has Sy’s/Aggy’s ❤ Lo is a spitting image of Kirsten, and Salem looks like Sy, although they both have tiny features the other way around, I think so anyways, it's a little early to tell!


      • Yeah, I can completely relate to that. Guys just can’t understand. They think that if you knew it before, you should know it now, and they don’t get that you have to be constantly reassured. I really hope Sy catches on or Kirs sits down and talks to him. I don’t want them to break up or Kirs to be sad.

        It is so cute! Kid crushes are adorable (: But yes, you can definitely tell with their noses. When they age up into teens you’ll really be able to tell, though, I think.


  5. Dang. Toni really messed with Kirsten’s head (whether she fully meant to or not).
    Sy’s freak out moment haha.
    Why do I think Benni is thinking dirty thoughts in this shot?
    I see tons of Bo in Birdie, but I also see bits of Persy/Aggy in her too.
    The mean one XD.
    That mouse behind Kirsten….wasn’t that something between Aggy & Sy? My memory sucks lol.
    I think it’s cute Clem like Yellow lol. And he’s such a little gentleman. Adorable.


    • She sure did 😦 Although sometimes I think Sy should take part of the blame, because he did sleep with Toni after all back in college, and it is Kirsten’s insecurities that are the issue yes, but Seymour should be doing more to reassure her. At least that is where Kirsten stands right now.

      Lol well… It IS Benni after all xP

      Oh yes! It’s really the skin and eyes that make her her father’s, but if you strip all that off, she looks just like Pers o_o

      haha yes, the mean one!

      yessss Chapter 49 or something around there, but that means your memory is good, considering you noticed it and no one else did! 😀 Seymour picked that mouse out for his mom from a gift shop in HS ❤

      Yes he is! And haha yesh, Clem is obsessed with him, but it's completely innocent.. FOR NOW haha


      • Those are good points. Sy needs to get off his bum and make his woman feel more special haha.

        Good point. XD.

        Mmhmm, I think Aggy’s looks while carry in the family for awhile, which is nice. Keeps her around in a way <3.

        I got emotional seeing that mouse haha. I knew it was special! I just couldn't remember the exact details of it. I remember that trip now. LOL

        Oh dear, for now? I hope she isn't like Toni when she gets older lmao


      • He does, he does! But men can be lazy with those sorts of things unfortunately!

        Aww! Yes, I always had it sitting in the kitchen, but I thought it would be the perfect addition to the shop ❤

        Hahaha well… All I can really say is, Toni left very early, and Clementine was mostly raised by her father. Hopefully that will serve as a better hint. At the same time, not saying she'll be miss perfect either! ;P


  6. Kirsten, your insecurities are leading to a world of hurt, I’m thinking 😛 Cute shop. I love all the hot air balloons everywhere.

    “I tried the house, the mean one said Sy’s sleeping, and you weren’t there, so I checked here. She also called me a douchebag…” LMAO

    Clem is so cute! Ummm I think Kirsten is enjoying Brandt’s attention a bit much O.o Clem’s crush is adorable ❤


    • Yes, you’re right unfortunately :/ She needs to let it all go, and she’s trying! She even found her self a little distraction 😛

      Thank you! That was definitely a little nod to Aggy. ❤

      rofl, that would be our Salem!

      She is *-* And lol, well, like I said, she found a distraction! And yes it is… Kirsten does not feel comfortable with it though haha


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