Chapter 2.21: Our Little Secret


“What were you thinking? I can’t believe you told her that!”

“He proposed to me, Seymour! What the hell was I supposed to do, just accept it?”

b (1)

“I almost lost my entire family, Toni.”

“Yeah, yeah I know. There’s only so many times I can apologize.”

Seymour grunted, turning away.

b (2)

“You wouldn’t have lost everything, you know…”

“I know, but my kids mean the world to me, you understand that.”

“But I texted her, and fixed everything. You can smile now, I know you want to…” She said.

Toni approached Seymour, making just a little space between them.

b3 (1)

“Admit it…” She said.

“Admit what?” Seymour asked, avoiding eye contact, as a small grin formed on his lips.

“You’re addicted to me.”

b2 (1)

A small chuckle escaped his lips as he slowly put his arms around her, taking his time to feel her body close to him.

“I wouldn’t be risking my entire world for you if I wasn’t.” He whispered.

“We always get away with it, it was just close this time.”

“Yeah, too close. I’ll have to find a way to quit you if you can’t keep this a secret. You almost gave it all away today.”

“We wouldn’t be able to keep this little secret up if I married him you know…”

“I know.” Seymour whispered.

b2 (2)

Toni lightly caressed Seymour’s cheek. “This is so wrong.” She whispered back.

b3 (2)

“I don’t want to be right…”

c (1)


c (2)

“Kirsten, honey wake up! You’re having a bad dream!”

Everything was blurry as I attempted to open my eyes. The images in my head were difficult to separate what was real from what was a dream. My chest felt heavy and my skin was sweaty.

c (3)

I sat up quickly, trying to catch my breath. Seymour tried to comfort me, but I pushed him away angrily.

“Don’t touch me!” I snarled.

“What the hell did I do?” He rebutted.

“You… you… ” I stumbled my words until I finally realized I was angry with my husband because of a dream I had.

“My dream… You cheated on me… With her…” I cried.

“Kirsten! It was just a dream, relax!” He said, as the tears poured down my face.

c (4)

He gently swooped me up in his arms, and rocked me back and forth, in an attempt to calm me down.

Every since that day, the insidious thought of Seymour sneaking around with Toni has been manifesting in my subconscious, violating my dreams. I should know better. He has too much to lose, as we’re bound together by magic and love. Still, I can’t shake the thought. It doesn’t make it any easier that Erik’s wise words are no longer here to comfort me, and I haven’t seen my children in weeks.

c (5)

Luckily, there was a lot to keep me distracted, as Winter crept in, our family owned business was really starting to come together.


We decided to name it ‘Darling Treasures‘ where we would sell Seymour’s sculptures, as well as my elixirs.

c4 (1)

Most of the time, we used our magic to make the building easier, and more durable.


The inside had yet to be finished, but we were making great progress, nonetheless!

c4 (3)

We spent a lot of time there as a family, and Erik’s name was always mentioned during the building process. We really wanted to make this about him, as I’m sure he’d be so proud!

c4 (2)

Although our marriage had been rocky lately, we always got along great at Darling Treasures, and it served as a great way to spend quality time.

c4 (6)

Not much has happened in Appaloosa Plains since Erik’s death, or the Toni scandal, and although people went out of their way to avoid the subject, it was always the white elephant in the room.

When Jocelyn Parrott had her second baby, she invited me over to meet baby Jaden Parrott.

Apparently, Jocelyn took it upon herself to be the one to break the silence.

“Kirsten… I’m so sorry about what happened at Dorothy’s party, I didn’t know-“

c4 (4)

“Don’t be,” I interrupted. “It was just a big misunderstanding.”

c4 (5)

“He’s adorable Jocelyn! Can I hold him?” I asked, desperate to change the subject.

“Oh, sure!” She beamed.


I snuggled him close, as a wave of memories flushed over me. Jaden reminded me of how it felt to hold a baby, since it had been so long!

Every once in a while, baby fever hits me, and I miss my children being babies. However, I know it would not be a good idea to have another baby. With my current doubts about my marriage, paired with all the bumps I’ve been faced with lately, I know I’m not emotionally stable enough to bring another child into the world. I’d just have to wait for it to pass.

d (1)

When the day finally arrived for the children to come home, I was beyond ecstatic.

d (2)

They had been gone so long! I couldn’t handle them being around when Erik died. I didn’t want them to see me so broken. But after giving myself time to regain my strength, they returned home just in time for Christmas.

d (3)

Seymour and I scooped them up in our arms and held them tightly. It was a very bittersweet and emotional reunion, and after seeing them again, it was obvious that they were the piece of the puzzle in which I was missing.

d (4)

I didn’t want to let go of them, as I was afraid it was another dream I’d soon have to wake up from.

d2 (1)

After spending some time as a family, catching up and talking about their school and the adventures they found themselves in, I decided to drag them along with me to the convenient store to fill up on gas.

Some tears were shed as we reminisced about Grandpa Erik on the drive to the gas station.

d2 (2)

After filling the tank, I had the kids come with me to go inside and pay.

We were stopped by an old classmate of mine, Kaitlin.

After some small talk about the weather and the kids, of course she had to bring it up…

d2 (3)

“So, I heard about what happened with your husband and Toni… I’m so sorry.” She whispered, so that the children didn’t hear, although I’m fairly certain she failed.

d2 (4)

I sighed. “I appreciate it Kaitlin, but there’s no need. It was all a huge misunderstanding.” I forced a half smile, as I softly moved Yellow’s hair out of his eyes.

d2 (5)

“…Oh. Well then!” She said, sounding almost disappointed. “I mean are you sure, because a lot of people saw it coming… There has been some, well… talk…” She continued.

d2 (6)

“Do you really believe this is an appropriate conversation to have with someone who is only a mere acquaintance, little alone in front of my children?” I snapped.

“Mom, don’t yell please?” Yellow pleaded.

“Tell her off, Mom!” Encouraged Salem.

“You two, car. NOW.” I demanded.

d3 (1)

“But I don’t want to miss the fight!” Salem said.

“We’ll just be going now..” Yellow smiled nervously.

d3 (2)

Before the kids even made it to the car, I summoned my wand, and began shouting a spell.

d3 (3)

A deep cough emerged from Kaitlin’s lips, as the cough quickly transformed into a croak.

d3 (4)

Without paying for my gas, I quickly made my way to the car.

d3 (5)

“That can be our little secret…” I said, driving off.

d3 (6)

“You didn’t hurt her did you mommy?” Yellow asked.

d3 (7)

“That was just a toadification curse, dummy. It’ll ware off in a couple weeks.” Salem interjected.

d3 (8)

“It is not okay to call him names, sister.” I demanded sternly, although I was very impressed with her knowledge of spells!

d3 (9)

Our next stop was the park, right after I picked up Birdie along the way.

d3 (10)

I had a little niece-auntie chat with Birdie while the twins were playing on the playground. Although Birdie was about three years too young, there was something I thought she deserved to learn.

d3 (12)

“Thank you so much for teaching me how to drive! It’ll just be one more thing for all the kids at school to be jealous of me for!” Birdie beamed.

“See, you’re getting the hang of it! Whatever you do, do not tell your mom about this!” I said.

d3 (11)

“It will be our little secret!” Birdie laughed, slamming her foot on the brakes.


Later that night, the kids, Seymour, and I changed into our coziest pjs and talked about all the good times we shared with Grandpa Erik, then Yellow started going on about his new friends at school.

“I hope grandpa’s ghost comes out tonight with Grandma’s. I want to tell him all about my new friend Flynn!”

Seymour and I were definitely caught off guard, as our eyes widened.

“You’re sleeping with us tonight, kiddo!” Seymour laughed.


As we got ready for bed, Seymour and I cuddled up with our children closely.

“So tell me more about Grandma’s ghost!” I urged.

40 thoughts on “Chapter 2.21: Our Little Secret

  1. Oh man you scared me with that dream, I thought it was real until he was waking her up! And gah it’s so great to see the home again. And guh damn that Toni, now everyone keeps telling Kirs sorry when it was all a lie .-. The twins are sooo cuteeee!


    • hehe that was the point deary! Hope you’re not too startled πŸ˜› I wanted to really show Kirsten’s insecurities in the story, and show how its effecting her, because it’ll come up later in the story ;p

      And I know! They’ve been gone a long time, since Kirsten had the trip extended bcause of Erik :S

      oh yesssss, Toni may be gone, but everyone in AP knew her, so she certainly won’t be forgotten, neither will the rumors unfortunately Dx At least not anytime soon.

      and thank you very much, I loff them so ❀


  2. Okay you scared me so bad I almost shut down my laptop without reading anymore! That better have just been a bad dream :0 Anyways poor Kristen she is having a tough time with everyone and she seems so depressed πŸ˜₯ I can’t wait for their little shop to open. The kids have stolen my heart and they must never give it back, so cute! I’m always loving the Darling’s πŸ˜€


    • Oh my goodness, I hope you never do that! You gotta hold on tight my dear, it’s going to be a bumpy ride ❀

      Oh yes, Kirsten is going through so much lately, but she's a strong girl (: I'd like to think things like these are just building her strength for whats to come :O

      and yes! Darling Treasures is one of things keeping the family going in times like these!

      Oh don't worry, they'll never give it back! Yellow will probably kindly offer if you want it back, and Salem will might play volleyball with it! Thank you soo soo much ❀


  3. Wow Kristen is so hot headed, she needs to calm herself down before something realllly bad happens, the way she dealt with Kaitin at the gas station is not going to set a great example to her kids, especially Salem! Great chapter. πŸ™‚


    • mhm, that’s a very good point dear. She’s not like that all the time, but as you can see, she’s on a very short fuse due to everything going on. She does have a rebellious streak as well, so she won’t pick the most civil way to handle things all the time πŸ˜›

      So glad you liked it, and thanks for reading πŸ˜€


  4. I really thought that Toni and Sy were cheating, so I may have freaked out for a moment there. I feel so bad for Kirsten. She must be so stressed out and confused, although having her children back is probably going to help her. Plus with all of those people trying to console her and thinking that Sy really did cheat on her…. I send love to Kirsten ❀ Good to her for teaching Birdie to drive.

    Anyway, I've been reading this story for a while, but I haven't had a wordpress account until 10 minutes ago. Now I won't be much of a lurker πŸ™‚


    • Awww! Well that was my goal, but I still hope it didn’t scare you too much!

      And yes, Kirsten’s plate is very full 😦 It will help her for sure, you’re so right!

      Mhm, it’s always going to be in the back of her mind. The thing is, the entire town believes its true as well, so that doesn’t help :/

      And yes! Birdie is way too young to drive, but Kirsten’s rebellious streak couldn’t resist. Let’s hope Persephone doesn’t find out! xP

      And ooooh, first comment! Thank you so much for taking the plunge, I looooove to hear feedback, so don’t hold back! Thank you ;D


  5. I seriously thought that first part was, for a moment there. If it had been I thin Sy would’ve needed some stern talking to! Thankfully, I could tell it wasn’t when all the images started to get a bit more blurred.

    Man, I feel sorry for Kirsten. Even though she has accepted what has happened everyone still seems to bug her about it. In a sense, I know how that feels.

    The way she acts with her kids and Birdie reminds me of one of my aunts. I think that is what makes me like her just that little bit more.

    Cute chapter, Mo!


    • Yeah, I didn’t want it to be completely real, then again, even if it was real, there would be a chance the images would be blurry still, since it’s not in Kirsten’s POV ;P

      I know 😦 It can’t be fun dear, but I’m glad you can relate.

      hehe aww! Kirsten is a laid back parent, and she’s very rebellious, so her parenting isn’t always like everyone elses.

      Thank you so much!


  6. You scared the absolute hell outta me with that dream! The title of the post couple with that dream was very misleading. I had this sick feeling in my stomach like.. Sy how could you! God, I was so relieved to find that it was a dream.

    This is just making me dislike Toni even more. She’s planted a seed in Kirsten’s mind that Kirsten just can’t get over. It is so cruel, I can’t even imagine why she would want to do that. Of course, she seems pretty narcissistic to me, so she probably doesn’t even see it like that. The fact that she even admitted she did anything wrong is shocking. And not only does Kirsten have to battle inner-demons, she has to put up with neighbors who refused to believe that Sy really didn’t cheat ):

    I’m glad she turned that one girl into a toad, screw that girl.

    The kids are so cute though! I love how Salem was cheering her on like, “Yeah, my Mom’s a badass. Did your mom toadify anyone today? I didn’t think so.”

    And sweet little Lo is such a pacifist<3


    • hahaha well… it wasn’t THAT misleading! There are two other secrets in this chapter, but yessss I can see how that could scare you xP Sorries!

      I really like how you worded that. I think part of Kirsten believes that Toni really was sorry, and Kirsten deep down inside blames herself for Toni leaving. She feels very guilty for not accepting her apology. And you’re right, she has everyone in her ear, but her own voices are the loudest 😦 It really was the worst time for Erik to go.

      lmfao you got that right!

      hahaha that’s totally Salem. The thing is though, Salem believes the toadification curse is for amateurs, and she believes she could have done better ;P

      and yesss his heart is made of gold!


      • Haha my stomach just dropped as I was reading. I felt so disappointed and sad and I was relieved when it was a dream!

        Yeah ): Poor little Kirsten. I hope she can work to overcome it, because I truly don’t believe Sy would ever do anything like that now. Maybe, just maybe, back at the beginning of their relationship. But now? Or even after they got engaged? I don’t believe that he would. I would be honestly shocked (like I was at the beginning of this chapter lol) if Sy did that.

        Haha Salem is so full of herself! Of course, her magic has always been rather strong, even since she was just a little toddler.


      • I would have felt the same way as well D: There will be heartbreak though in the future, so please hold on tight!

        You’re 100% correct. It would be a definite possibility at the beginning (In fact I think it actually did happen although he had his excuse) But like Kirsten said, they’re bound together by love AND magic, so if he were to do something like that, it would definitely not be like him.

        lol not so much full of herself, but more like unimpressed by everyone else xD and YES! So glad you noticed, she is a very skilled witch!


      • Oh no ): I really hope they can handle it!

        Well, he did sleep with her to get that info about Yellowfoot (if that’s what you’re talking about), but there could have been other instances. I also didn’t know he and Kirsten were official when he slept with her bc of the trial and Yellowfoot. But ugh, if there was another instance and she found it would be even worse.. So much worse. D:

        Haha I love her, little sassy pants. At least she has skill to back up her attitude, though.


      • I hope so too, and even if you can’t… I still hope you stick around!

        Yep, that’s what I was talking about. Kirsten was so angry about that, because even though she knew it wasn’t official yet, she still had to listen to every excruciating detail, which hurt because she knew she had something special with him. And of course! If she found out about any other instance, I don’t think she could stay with him.

        haha so true!


      • Of course I will! I’m totally addicted to your story, even if it hurts my feels haha.

        Oh good, I was worried for a minute. I couldn’t really blame Kirsten for leaving if there was another instance, and I also can’t blame her for being upset. I certainly wouldn’t want to hear my boyfriend doing that with another woman, even if it was before we got together.


  7. I was about ready to Queen smash things at the beginning and kick Seymour’s bum LOL.

    “Tell her off Mom!” I like Sassy Salem haha.

    I miss Erik, but he’s with Aggy. So it’s okay.

    Are you doing Christmas? Teen Birdie! Great update :).


  8. I was so scared with that dream Momo! The fact that Erik isn’t around anymore makes me really sad, but Yellow said there was a ghost so… yay! I really hope the rumours about Toni and Sy aren’t true. Great chapter Momo! Glad to see Yellow and Salem back in Appaloosa! πŸ˜€


    • I’m sorry I scared ya, just wanted to show what its really like to be inside the mind of Kirsten :3

      yes, the ghosts seem to like to come out a lot and watch the kids! I haven’t saw Erik much, but Aggy does it all the time.
      Let’s hope so ❀ Thank you very much dear!


  9. Hmmmm I’m getting worried that Kirsten’s insecurities are gonna cause some serious issues down the road…

    Thier shop is so cute! The twins are home – yay! Haha! Salem is spunky! I like the gas station =D

    Birdy is so pretty ❀ Love Seymour's dinosaur jammies LOL


    • Insecurities usually do cause problems unfortunately. 😦

      Thank you! I love the shop, since I’m not a builder lol.

      Haha I know right? She’s a hoot! And thank you, it was pretty easy to put together. I just love that rabbithole from Uni πŸ˜€

      Awww thanks, she knows it too πŸ˜›

      haha he loves them too xP


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