A Very Special Post

So, to avoid spoilers, you might want to read the last chapter before you continue. You can find that here. If you have already read, please continue.




I want to thank you all from the bottom of my momo heart for joining me on this journey for the last year. I have spent every day for a year with Erik Darling, and pixels or not, it’s painful to see him go. I love all of you so much, thanks for the love and support over the last year. ♥

Now, here’s a little something I’ve been working on, it’s very amateur, but I made due with the resources I have, and I hope it touched your heart like it did mine. (I was bawling actually :P)



42 thoughts on “A Very Special Post

  1. Momo, that was so beautiful. I’m seriously crying like a baby. Everything about it was just wonderful, and I love the song you picked. The part at the end with Agnes was so amazing, and I loved the part where it seemed like they were talking for maybe the first time and the collage of pictures behind them.

    Ugh, I’m still crying lol.

    You are so talented, Momo. That was sincerely moving for me, I’m going to miss Erik so much. But I’m so glad he and Agnes are together again.


    • d’aww come here! Thank you so sosoos much ❤ I feel like no other song could ever fit better than that one. That songs makes me realize how short life is, and who's life is shorter than a sims? lol.

      No more crying, he's with Agnes now, remember!

      And I'll miss him too dear. I never thought I could love a fictional character so much, but I guess when you develop them more and more almost everyday it's hard not to be torn apart when they leave. There's no way I'll be able to handle the rest of them lmao.

      Thank you ♥


      • Yes, that song really fits in and it does sort of make you realize how short life is. 100 years seems like a long time until its all over with. But poor simmies, their lives are short! Especially when you play on the ‘normal’ life span setting haha.

        Yes I know! No more crying until you do a funeral post (heh). The sweet babies will be together forever now<3

        I knooowww. And what excuse do I have? He isn't even my Sim xD. I can't even imagine Kirsten, Sy, and Parker.. I just.. I'm just not gonna think about it lol.

        You're welcome dear<3


      • So true, and having it on such a long life span really gets you attached D:

        And I don’t think there will be a funeral post. Erik was always just so happy, so I wanted him to go out with a bang! And no matter how much the video makes us cry, he died happy and got his happy ending 🙂 I think a funeral post would be a little miserable, and wouldn’t really reflect him well. I think I’ll give the Darlings some time to mourn and pick back up when they’re better (:

        And he doesn’t have to be your sim! He’s still a character that you read about frequently!! It’s bound to happen. *sigh* I don’t want to think about it, but it’ll happen one day D:


      • I understand that. You gave him a beautiful going out video, and that fits him more. I hope the family will be okay. The poor kids have lost both of their parents now. Of course, I’m sure they’ll pull through. The Darlings are a strong bunch, after all (:

        It will happen one day, but at least they are all still young haha.


      • Yes, unfortunately that’s what happens when we get older 😦 And story progression has a really cruel sense of humor, cause I got some bad news in those little message thingies literally 10 minutes after Erik’s death.:( You’ll see what it was when I find a way to work it into the story lol


      • Oh lord that makes me nervous! I hope it isn’t anything too bad. But story progression is great. It writes half of my story itself xD Hank knocking up Shannon AND Pauline.


      • Haha I think you saw it on tumblr, you liked it! Its pretty bad lol I feel for Kirs right now dude D:

        lmfaooooo you’re right, SP knows where the drama is! at the same time though, I can see that happening! 😀


    • Oh goodness I’m so sorry, I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad. Sometimes when we lose someone we love, it feels best to just cry it out. Thank you for watching, and my heart goes out to you my dear. *hugs*


      • Not at all, it was nice/comforting really, even if it made me sad, as you say, its best to just cry it out. I know they’re just little pixels but its funny how much we can care about and project on our simmies :).

        Thanks <3.


  2. Goosebumps, Momo. Wow.

    I was doing really well. Sad but not weeping until the end when Erik reunited with Agnes. Oh lordy did the tears fall!

    Loved it! You totally did him justice. It was beautiful.

    Also, thanks. It actually meant a lot to see that since I’ve been dealing with lingering feelings of loss since my grandma passed in April. While it wasn’t meant for me at all, it really helped to see something like that. To think that maybe there is something way awesome waiting for her makes it hurt less. It’s difficult to explain but I think you know what I mean.

    *Hugs* It was incredible!


    • Oh yes, I shed quite a few tears myself when creating this video, quite a bit over that scene in particular.

      And thank you, I feel like he deserved a big old special farewell video, since he’s definitely the king of my challenge, he’s the founder, so he started it all ;’)

      You know, everyone has been there, and lost someone they love, so of course this was meant for you! I knew when making this video that it would open up a lot of feelings for a lot of people, and I wanted it to connect to everyone, even if it connects in different ways,, if that makes sense. I definitely know what you mean, and of course there was someone waiting for her ❤


  3. God I’m legit-ly crying over this Mo.. That was beautiful. I’m glad you picked Erik for this.. I couldn’t see you using any other Sim but him and Aggy..It’s funny how pixels can make you cry… laugh, smile, you name it.. I don’t regret any time spent reading your story I swear.. I can’t believe Erik is gone.. Man our world needs to be filled with men like Erik D:


  4. ;_; This gave me some serious goosebumps…

    Man, I knew I was gonna cry when Erik died, and cry I certainly did! I was reading your previous comments and you are absolutely right, Erik is one of those fictional character that you can just relate to so much. It reminds me of TWDG season 1 ending…I was pretty much a worse blubbering mess than I am now. Erik will always be remembered…I just know it </3


  5. That was so sweet, if I didn’t have to keep this make-up on for a party, I’d have bawled my eyes out! Do you have any idea how hard it was not to just break down an say who care about how I look for a stupid party, Erik’s gone… Yeah my husband is looking at me like I’m crazy over getting so worked up over a Sim! But it’s Erik… 😥


  6. So amazing ❤ I'm in tears even the second time watching this through. Way back when, I briefly played Agnes and resurrected Erik in a game file. But never, ever did they become "alive" until your story. The are now the most romantic couple in sim-history ❤ Well done, you!


  7. Oh my, that means so much to me! :,) First of all I jjust want to say that I’m so glad the video could touch you like that, it means I did a decent job 😛 and thank you! I really love Erik and Agnes and I knew they had something special from they get go ♥ and omg, I’ll take it *-* thank you thank you thank you!


  8. Instead of a funeral, they should throw a party. When my grandma died she didn’t want a funeral with everyone crying and carrying on. She demanded a party where everyone could get together, laugh, eat good food, and be thankful for what they have right now.


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