Chapter 2.18: Aren’t We Adults?

A/N: This is just some stuff about the challenge, if you only want to get your story on, feel free to skip this and ignore my blabbering. I’ll still love you ❤ I just want to let those of you who follow the challenge itself very closely,  know that I actually made a decision that bends the rules. When Yellow aged into a child, he rolled the night owl trait. It would have fit Salem perfectly, but it just doesn’t fit him at all. So after a few days of being miserable trying to ignore it, I switched him to clumsy, to go with his big feet. I just want to say that Queenie08 did a PHENOMENAL and detailed job making this challenge, and I will always do my best to stay true to it, but at the same time, this is a story as well, and so every once in a while I need to avoid things that will throw it off. Hope you all understand ❤

a1 (1)

We fell from the sky, flying in a big dresser, we hit the ground with a loud thud.

a1 (2)

“Is everyone okay?” Belinda asked sweetly.

Me and my sister carefully stepped out of the huge dresser. The first thing that caught my eye was that we had witch hats on, and our clothes were much different than the clothes mom puts us in!

a1 (3)

“Hehehe, that was fun! I hope we get to do it again soon!” I giggled.

a1 (4)

Salem gave me her shut up look, and I quickly stopped giggling.

a1 (8)

“Welcome to our humble abode!” Beatrice said, as we followed her into the giant mansion. “This is the gift shop. Belinda will be giving you a tour, while this dimwit assists me in picking up your classmates.”

“How many students are there?” Salem asked.

a1 (5)
“Oh, many!” Said Belinda. “Just three others for your age group though.”

“I am not a dimwit!” Bianca added.

“Sure… Dimwit.”

a1 (6)

The Crumplebottom Sisters were just so funny! We all laughed so hard while they bickered.

a1 (7)

Even Salem laughed!

a1 (9)

Belinda brought us upstairs and showed us Salem’s room first.

a1 (10)

“Excuse me, but can you show me to my room now?” I asked, hating to be a bother.

a1 (11)

“Why? So you can just leave me here alone with that thing? ” Salem snapped.

a1 (12)

She pointed over to a weird doll in the corner of the room.

a1 (13)

“Say… I-I just wanna see my room too!” I said.

a1 (14)

“Whatever! I don’t need you anyways!”

a1 (15)

“That doll is the least strangest thing you’ll see during your stay here, dear.” Bianca began.

a1 (16)

“But, I suppose if you don’t want to be in here, you are more than welcome to go down to the shop and paint while I work on dinner!”

a1 (17)

We finally made our way up to my room. It was on the tip top floor!

“Well here’s your room! I can tell you’re pretty antsy to get acquainted with it, so I’ll leave you be.” Belinda smiled.

a1 (18)

“Thank you.” I said politely.

Focusing my attention to the bed next to mine, I realized I’d be sharing my room as well.

“Umm.. Do you think it would be possabellity if I could have my own room?” I asked kindly.

“Oh no can do sweetheart. Even magical homes have limited space sometimes.”

a1 (19)

“I understand, I can share.” I smiled hopping onto the bed.

“Oh, and can you please keep an eye on my sister? She really likes fire…” I warned.

a1 (20)

Belinda let out a loud, hearty laugh.

“That I can do!” She said.

As I got myself situated, I was surprised by how cozy the bed was! I began to yawn, then I layed down.

a1 (21)

A little nap couldn’t hurt. After all, it’s been a real long trip! …At least I think.

a1 (22)

I don’t really know how long I was asleep, but I immediately woke up when the door creaked open slowly, and the lights all turned on by their selves.

a1 (23)

A strange, tall boy dressed in stripes and a funny hat entered the room and stared at me.

“H-hello…” I greeted cautiously.

a1 (24)

“Are you my roommate?” I asked.

“Uh…. If you’re staying in this room, then sure!” He said. His voice was husky yet friendly.

a1 (25)

“I’m Yellow Darling!” I smiled, shaking his hand.

a1 (26)

“Hi Yellow! I’m Flynn, Flynn Wiggins!”

a1 (27)

“So uh, I need to go check on my sister. Do you… Wanna come with? I asked, kinda hoping he’d say no. I wanted to explore the place a little bit on my way downstairs, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I still asked.

a1 (28)

“Of course, this place gives me the heeby jeebies!”

a1 (29)

“You know this place is haunted? I’ve seen ghosts here before!”  Flynn said, as we made our way through the kitchen.

The thought of seeing a real life ghost in front of me made me want to explore even more!

a1 (30)

“Hey sis!” I waved.


“So uh… Whatcha painting?”

a1 (31)

“It’s called a canvas.”

a1 (32)

“I want you to meet my roommate, his name is Flynn! Flynn, Salem.” I introduced.

Salem ignored me again.

“Sorry, she’s not normally like this.”

“Actually yes, yes I am.”

a1 (33)

Just then Bianca and two other students made their way into the shop.

a1 (34)

“Alright, brats! I’ll leave you all to get acquainted, dinner will be served soon.” Bianca said, as she walked away.

a1 (35)

“Hi. I’m Annabelle Story, and this is Rococo Childress. We attend this school as well!” Said the girl in the pink dress.

“Are you two the ones who are related to the Crumplebottom Sisters?” Rococo asked.

a1 (36)

“Yeah, that’s us!” I laughed. “Nice to meet you, my name is Yellow.”

a1 (37)

“And what’s her name?”

a1 (38)

“That’s my sister, Salem. We’re twins.”

“You don’t have to tell them that.” Salem blurted.

a1 (39)

Suddenly, all of us disappeared into thin air, and with a huge beam of light, we appeared in a completely different room!

a1 (40)

“Are you two going to join us?” Bianca asked, frustratedly.

a1 (41)

Everyone else acted like nothing just happened but Salem and me were just petrified!

a1 (42)

After we shook off our nerves, we finally joined everyone else for dinner. Boy was I hungry!

a1 (43)

Belinda made something called ratatooley. I don’t really know what that is, but I think it’s Spanish for vegetables or something, because  I didn’t really like it so much.

a1 (44)

Right when I took my last bite, Beatrice clapped her hands and yelled “Bed-time!” And then, zoom! Again, I reappeared somewhere else. This time my room.

a1 (45)

I changed into my pajamas and curled up in the covers.

“Boy, that scared me!” I said.

a1 (46)

“You’ll get used to it soon. Even I did!” Said Flynn, as he crawled into his bed.

a1 (47)

I softly chuckled. “Goodnight Flynn…. Flynn?”

a1 (48)


a2 (1)


a2 (2)

The thought of my children being so far away depresses me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that they’re getting a chance to learn about their unique gift, and sure, they’ll be back soon, but I just can’t help but miss them  terribly.


At least there are several things here to keep our mind off of them!

For Seymour’s birthday, I got enough people to chip in, and we purchased a newly bulldozed lot at the end of the street. We’re building a little shop for Seymour, so that he has a place to sell his sculptures. We began building not too long ago, and the progress is going well!

a2 (3)

One day, Dorothy invited all of us out with her, to celebrate her birthday. Seymour wasn’t excited to be in the same room as Toni, but we decided to not let it get in the way of celebrating Dorothy’s birthday.

a2 (4)

We had great time, no drama or anything!

a2 (5)

Jocelyn was pregnant again, and it looked like she’d pop any minute now!

a2 (6)

The guys even got together and played a game of pool!

a3 (1)

You’d think it’d be awkward, but they had a great time!

a3 (2)

As the night progressed, Brandt called Toni to the stage.

I pulled my phone out to take a picture, because although it was pretty inappropriate to pull this at someone else‘ birthday party, it was pretty obvious what he was going to do.

a3 (3)

Sure enough, Brandt got down on one knee! I squealed in delight, and quickly took a photo.

“I love you Toni, and I think you’re the one.” Brandt admitted.

“Oh my god, Brandt honey, what are you doing?” Toni asked cluelessly.

a3 (4)

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long, long time now…”

a3 (5)

He pulled out a ring box and held it up to her.

“Will you marry me?”

Toni gasped loudly, and covered her face.

She stood there covering her face, seemingly frozen. We all waited in anticipation for her to answer, but after the long, hesitation, Brandt awkwardly stood up.

a3 (6)

“So obviously you’re not going to say yes… Is there a reason or..?” Brandt asked, obviously doing his best to keep from exploding in anger.

“Brandt…” She mustered, in a sympathetic tone.

“I knew it was too good to be true.”

a4 (1)

“I just… don’t think think I’m ready…. I can’t keep doing this to you.”


“Toni, I risked my friendships for you, bought you a house, gave you a child, what else could you possibly want?” He shouted.

“Brandt calm down please. I…”

“You what, Toni? What on earth could it possibly be?”

c (1)

“Can we talk about this later, in private? Please?” She asked.

“No! We’re going to talk about it right here, right now.”

c (3)

“Well… I haven’t been umm…faithful to you.”

d (1)

“OF FUCKIN’ COURSE you haven’t been faithful! Should have saw that coming! Such a dumb-ass for believing I finally get to be happy! What’s next, are you going to tell me Clementine ain’t mine, either?”

“How could you say that?” She rebutted.

“Because apparently I deserve the worst!”

“She is yours, Brandt. Can we talk about this at home?” Toni whispered.

“Who’s the piece of shit this time?”

“Brandt, please…”

“No, go on! You already rejected me in front of everyone, might as well tell them all why!” Brandt shouted. “Who’d you mess around with?”

d (2)

“I… um…..” Toni cowered, looking around the room.


Her gaze was locked in my direction, as anxiety and confusion swept over me. Did she want me to help her or something? I was confused.


Her voice was lower than a whisper, but no doubt I heard her loud and clear….

“It was Seymour.”


45 thoughts on “Chapter 2.18: Aren’t We Adults?

  1. Omgg looks like the kids are having a great time at school. And I swear that sassy Salem >.> and Yelllow is just as sweet as can be :3 and omg.. seriously.. I knew she was bad news.. Please tell me she’s lying on Sy.. Please, darling this can’t be.. She could even cheat with the Chapman twins.. Not my Sy.. God this is college all over again, you made my heart drop you know! D: I hope you post again soon. You’re like artistic at cliff hangers!


    • I know she needs to watch her mouth before she crosses the wrong person lol. And isn’t he though? He’s such a good little guy!

      hahahah omg the Chapman boys wouldn’t know what to do with a girl like Toni when they’re alone! Remember in college when Toni exposed herself in sexy lingerie? Those boys took off running! xD

      But I’m so sorry! You’ll have to wait til next time!! </3

      Thank you soooo much, I have the biggest smile right now heheh


      • Are you Fucking kidding me momo haha. I have been sitting here all day with a terrible cold and I get to this chapter all excited thinking by the title it would be drama with someone else and then bam lol. Seriously, you should see me, I look like a basement dweller at the moment (no offence to basement dwellers lol) I’m in my little rob with the sniffles reading haha.


  2. WHAT?!?!?! :O

    But how… wha… why… huh…? O.o

    And all the kids in the Crumplebottom school are so cute! 🙂

    But again, why Seymore?! Why?!?! (I sure hope Toni’s bluffing)



    Also the school was super cute (: I really like Yellow’s narration, I know its too early to pick favorites but he is just so cute and sweet. Rococo looks fab, btw, I love her xD. Did you use the resizer to get them to be different heights.

    If this gets posted LIKE TEN MILLION TIMES, blame WordPress xD.


    • Trying really hard to keep my mouth shut!

      He is cute, he looks at everything positively, while Salem is like NOPE.

      Hahah Rococo is fab! and no, I’m actually using Consort’s “grow” mod from MTS, allows children and teens to grow somewhat seamlessly, so it also comes with a height slider!

      And haha that is perfectly fine with me! xD


      • I dunno if I’ve ever hated a Sim more than Toni, that gurl makes me sick. And if she isn’t lying I might actually cry and be all like, “SEYMOUR WHY” and my boyfriend will just look at me like “smh” xD

        They are polar opposites, I love it. Is the next chapter gonna be in Salem’s POV? I would love to see how things work inside that head of hers.

        Do you find that interactions are basically okay and stuff? I think I saw that mod awhile back, but I was worried about clipping and what-not.. But its pretty amazing. Especially in the case of Des and Cas, because since he is roughly a year older than her, he should be a bit taller than her.


      • lololol oh god, then you better bring a bucket next time! That’s all I’ll say.

        Ahahaha I get the bf thing. I drank some mountain dew and in all my sugar highness I gave him a complete run down of the twins’ future, and I was just so excited and he was like “you need to calm down” hahaha

        They literally are. Which is funny since they’re middle names are Sun and Moon xD Kirsten’s hippy naming techniques are actually accurate, who knew?!

        As for being in Salem’s POV, I am definitely still considering it, although I kinda like her brain to stay a mystery, cause she isn’t as enthusiastic lol but I am leaning towards it 🙂

        Nope nope nope! Poses and interactions suck with height differences, so you have to be very careful! I manage though, as always xP

        Yes! I totally would suggest it for sims kiddies similar in age, but not twins. I went with it since there are so many damn kids in AP right now, plus it’s just such a long time for them to stay the same height. The child years are roughly 5-12? yeah haha definitely need some growin!



        xD Yeah, my BF will like smile and listen all politely when I tell him about my plans (and I tell him a lot about your story xD). I think he even knows who Seymour is, he definitely knows about Kirsten since I talk about her a lot in both of our stories lol. But most of the time I just blabber and confuse him haha.

        I’m definitely excited for her POV. It’ll have to come eventually. Do you already know who will be heir? Do you plan to have a poll? I mean, I already know who my heir is for the second gen xD So I understand if you don’t have a poll but I’m just curious lol.

        Awe ): I was hoping they would do okay, but I can probably manage. There are going to be a lot of kids squeezed together in SV soon too. I plan on having Jaimie’s daughters be friends with Des or Cas since I just adore twins. Of course Zelda’s kids are going to be friends with them too, and William is right smack in the middle of age between Des and Cas xD. Anyway, before I give any more spoilers I’ll shut up and say that I’ll probably install it.

        Yeah between 5 & 12 kids grow soo much.


      • OH MY GOD, you’re so awesome haha! Our poor boyfriends though lol 😛

        I’m about 99% sure who my heir will be, but I have story lines for both JUST IN CASE! I learned the hard way a couple of times that our sims sometimes don’t like our ideas, and they change them all on their own xD I won’t have a poll because I just know I’d regret it if it isn’t who I was rooting for in the back of my head. I did hold a poll for gen 2 before, asking who their favorite is, and I’d totally do that again for these two, but I don’t think I’d have an heir poll. I remember hosting a poll about where the Darlings should move, and it almost wasn’t Appy Plains, yet that’s what I pictured so much so I was all like wahh

        They mostly look weird on beds or playing with toys on the ground. I usually get around that with the OMSP and some strategic angles. 🙂 Careful about getting attached! I have gotten totally attached to all the townies here, and I just don’t know how I’ll up and abandon them when it comes time to move 😦 and hahaha those aren’t terrible spoilers! 😛


      • xD Thank you!

        I totally understand that. I know my kids are young, and I do actually have story-lines planned for both, but I already know who my favorite is. The one who isn’t my favorite will get a sort of side-story, but yeah.. I understand what you mean about the Sims sometimes just not going along. They’re like, “Nope, I’m gonna be a pain in the ass till you change you mind.” xD

        I am worried about that D: I already have two towns in mind for when they move, and I’ll miss all of the townies from SV. I like two places equally, and I have ghost picked for both (but omg that ghost is for like the third generation xD), so I am gonna have a poll when the time comes.


      • hahaha I feel ya! It’s honestly just so unhealthy how much I have planned for them! They’re going to hate most of it too, lots of tears, but lots of sqeees too!

        I definitely shouldn’t have let them all get so close. I can’t imagine the Darlings without Benni, the chapmans, Brandt, Dorothy omg Dx

        hahaha everytime I catch myself considering ghost #4 I have to tell myself to stfu! xD


      • Ugh right!? There are going to be so many tears in the second generation. Omg, I -almost- feel bad about it.

        Yeah, it’ll make moving hard.. But negative emotions are easy to write about, so it’ll bring plenty of drama to the table. Honestly, I’ll be glad to see them get away from she-who-must-not-be-named.


      • Yes, there certainly will be! But we have to make up for it in happy stuff too! xD

        and yes, very true! And lmao yes, they’ll be excited to get away from her too 😛


      • Definitely! I’m a sucker for happy endings my self hehe.

        Ugh, I’ll be so happy. The joy of getting away from that ho will be greater than the sadness of leaving everyone else behind.


      • Oh yeah, and I guess they would look weirder the more intricate the interaction is. I think I’ll try it out, though. I tried searching it on google and couldn’t find it lol. Can you give me a link, pleasee?


  4. Yellow is so sweet! His relationship with his sister reminds me of my brothers relationship with my sister. The other kids at the school all seem nice and yellow has already made a friend :D. O.O I think she’s lying! I hope she’s lying there is no way Sy would do that right? Great chapter your pictures are amazing 😀


    • He really is such an amazing little boy ❤ And yes, Flynn is so fun to watch, I can't wait for their friendship to blossom!

      And *sigh* I wish I could say more. Might I just say, remember how his relationship with Toni ended? Remember how badly he wanted to get her back? Remember everything he said in court? I definitely can't rule anything out… D: But we don't know yet!


  5. First of all *runs in circles shrieking* Kirsten, take that bitch down NOW! Just when I thought I could ALMOST like Toni. Aw hell no! I hope Yellow’s ghost comes back and haunts her every waking moment until she is in the loony bin 😛 I am love, love, loving the magical school scenes. They are gonna have so much fun! Incorporating magic/supernatural into your story has opened up a world of possibilities. I’ve never considered that for my story, but maybe for future generations…. Get busy and get that next chapter out ASAP LOL


    • ahaha well, always remember that everything Toni does is for a reason 😛

      And Yellow isn’t dead yet hahaha!

      Oh I love it adding the supernatural element. With being resurrected, that’s already pretty darn supernatural, and it makes the Darlings very different that normal sims that they’re surrounded by. Also, they were resurrected by magic, so it only seems right to incorporate some of that magic into their everyday lives 🙂

      And I’m trying, but there won’t be sunshine and daisies for a while unfortunately 😦 And if there are, please run!


      • I meant Yellow-Foot or whatever his name was LOL I’m terrible about names 😛 It is a very good idea about incorporating magic. I had JoAnn resurrected by science. I haven’t decided if I am keeping with that theme or not. Oh, it sounds like loads of sads coming up 😦


      • LMAO its okay. That makes much more sense lol

        I like your modern/scientific take on your story, it works for you! There’s no way I could pull that off, so I stick to what I know best… sparkles and glitter and magic wands! bahaha.

        BUt you know I think since you used science in your story, perhaps that means science is very advanced there, so you might be able to incorporate the future EP!

        And lots of feels, yes D:


      • I don’t think science is that advanced yet in my story. I think the crazy doc is a pioneer and completely on his own. How that plays into the next generation is undecided. I have some vague ideas about this gen, but no plans atm for the next one 🙂 And I’m really torn about how and when ITF will play into my stories. I guess I won’t know until I play around with the new EP for a bit to see what it entails.


  6. Well…that escalated quickly O.O

    I hope Sy didn’t have an affair with her, I really do. I just find it to hard to believe. Man you weren’t kidding when you said she was up to trouble this chapter…

    Aww the Crumplebottom’s school is so adorable! The seeds are gonna have a great time there I can tell. Roccoco is very pretty :3

    Ratatooley, d’aww…


    • gah, I guess my comment earlier didn’t go through Dx

      Yes, definitely not kidding! And this ride is only going to get bumpier!

      Thank you so much ❤ I have a lot of fun with them in school ❤

      hahaha yes, ratatooley! Spanish for vegetables!


  7. WHAT DA HELL!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!? OH. MY. GOODNESS. SEYMOUR!??!?! WHAT THE HELLL!??! WHAT THEE!??!!? WHATTTTTTTTT?!??!?!?!? OMG.. Loved this chapter and can’t wait to see the shop, but Seymour!? I’m.. I’m more than shocked.



    Momo…Momo how could you leave such a terribly wonderful cliffhanger?!

    What am I going to do until the next chapter!?



    • hehe sorry, I am known to get in trouble for my cliff-hangers 😛

      And you’re creative, I’m sure you’ll think of something! But I’m working hard in game to cook up this next chapter 😀


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