Chapter 2.17: Wardrobe


“Now kids… What are you two still doing up? You have a long day ahead of you tomorrow. Bed time was fifteen minutes ago…” I lectured.


“But Mom!” Yellow whined, “Grandpa is telling us about all the giant fish he caught. He wants to take us fishing tomorrow!”


“Actually, that might be a pretty good idea. We’ll all go. Might be a good way to have some last minute family time while we still can.” I admitted.


“You’re gonna help me get a bigger fish than Lo-lo, huh Grandpa?”

“Now Salem, you be nice.” Erik said. “Or else the fish will be catchin’ you!”

Salem busted into a giggle fit as she gave Erik Eskimo kisses with her nose.

“So can we stay up just ten more minutes? Pleeeease?!” Yellow begged.


“Actually, I think it’s time for this old man to rest his bones! Hand me my cane will ya, Lo?”

Yellow rushed over to retrieve Erik’s cane as Erik stood up grudgingly.

“Careful Erik… Do you need some help getting into bed?”

“No thanks pumpkin, I’ll be fine.”


“Are you sure, you look a little wobbly!”


“I’m just old deary, not helpless.”

Tomorrow was a very important day. After Yellow ceased to show any signs of being able to use magic, we contacted the Crumplebottom Sisters.


The sisters of course, were waiting for our call. They had recently decided to open up a school in a place called Midnight Hollow, for young witches, to teach them how to use their magic. They said that although the twins were a bit young, the Crumplebottom School of Bewitchment was perfect for the kids.

I wish I could say that the kids wanted to stay home and not go, but that just wasn’t the case. They were both ecstatic to go!


The kids were getting so big! A lot has happened in the past couple years or so, including me chopping off all of my hair!


It became more apparent that Yellow preferred to keep to himself. So much so, that he begged Seymour to build him a privacy screen, so he had a little space to call his own.

He spent most of his time alone, playing with his toys. Yellow is a very good kid, I just wish he was more social. I also catch him staying up late most of the time, he’s quite the night owl.


As for Sassy Salem, she was quite the character herself! She had a mean streak that we just couldn’t seem to control. On the other hand, we were very proud of her artistic abilities! We had even bought her a little paint easel to let her imagination soar. She often chose staying inside and painting, over going to the park.

c (2)

Seymour and I really took advantage of the playground by our house, we brought the kids there almost everyday.


Although I didn’t hang out with Toni very often anymore, Brandt and his daughter Clementine met up with us at the park very often.


Despite the fact that Clementine looked just like her mother, she was still overly adorable.

Every time she was around, she’d stare at poor Yellow with lovey dovey eyes! Yeah, her little crush was cute, but in the back of my head all I could think about was Seymour and Toni, and the relentless fear of history repeating itself.


Luckily, my daughter served as the perfect distraction!

Toni and Brandt went out a lot, and they’d dump Clementine over at our house all the time. I didn’t mind it though, Salem loved having another girl over to boss around, and they quickly became friends.

Salem loved to play Momo dolls with Clementine. It was adorable when Salem told Clementine what to say, word for word.


One day, Seymour had the kids sit down at  their activity table, gave them some crayons and paper, and asked them each to draw him a picture.

Yellow drew his fairly quickly, but Salem went through about 5 or 6 sheets of paper to get the perfect drawing.

I was curious as to why Seymour suddenly asked them to draw something for him, but then I soon found out why….


Seymour took the twins’ drawings to the tattoo parlor, and had their drawings tattooed on his arms. Yellow drew an adorable little pink bunny. His effort made me so proud!


Salem’s artwork however, was highly advanced compared to Yellow’s, especially for her age!

She drew a beautifully detailed mermaid, we were shocked!

Salem never let us stay proud of her for long though…

c (5)

One day, she actually set the living room on fire! We found no lighters or matches either, so we could only assume she used her magic. One thing was for sure, she had a disturbing fascination with fire.

c (6)

Luckily I was right outside the house, and used an ice blast spell to subdue the flames. Unfortunately, we lost most of our family photos.

We didn’t stress out about it too much though, we had tons of copies on the computer.


As for Salem, she was ordered to cleaning duty, and it took a lot of that. Unfortunately, no matter how much we made her clean, the room was destroyed.


After a lot of work and savings, we were finally able to remodel the living room.


It was due for a change, anyway!


The day had finally come, the kids would be leaving for the Fall, off to Midnight Hollow. The Crumplebottom sisters would come later that day, so we had time to spend as a family.

Groggy, I woke up, slowly getting myself out of bed. When I sat up, I saw Seymour getting ready.

“Good morning baby.” He said somberly.

I sighed, “Morning… Well… Today’s the big day.”


“Yeah I know… Give me a minute…” He said, getting choked up.

e (1)


e (2)

“I’m just going to miss them you know?”

e (3)

“Aww Sy! I’ll miss them too, but they could really benefit from this. Your mother blessed us with an amazing gift, I would really love for our children to grow up knowing how to use it to their best advantage.” I explained.

“Yeah… I guess you’re right.”


Gently holding his face, I slowly pulled him in and kissed him. “Let’s make today count.” I whispered.


When we got to the pond, Erik, Seymour, and Salem quickly began fishing.


Yellow decided he’d much rather explore by himself than go fishing.

g8 (1)

I watched worriedly as he carefully balanced on the rocks, attempting to catch a frog. Being completely aware that both Erik and I both died by drowning,

g8 (2)

Yellow had very big clumsy feet, so falling or something was highly likely. I watched intently, ready to fly toward him if anything happened.

g8 (3)

“Mommy, look!” Yellow shouted enthusiastically. “I caught him!”

g8 (4)

“Good job, Lo-lo!” I said, just relieved that he had stepped away from the rocks.

g8 (5)

I watched as he lovingly tended to the frog that he put in the bucket, carefully placing rocks, grass, and sticks to make a home for the frog.

g8 (6)

“Alright everyone, time to eat!” I shouted. “Yellow, that means you too, you can play with your frog when you’re done.”

g8 (7)

Yellow began going on about his frog as he filled his plate.

“This place is stupid I wanna go home!” Salem complained, while slowly picking at her food.

“Sorry kid, we’re staying!” Seymour said.

I watched Yellow devour his food as quickly as he could, so he could get back to his frog.

“Yellow slow down, you’re going to choke!”

“What did you name your frog?” Erik asked.

“Ummm…. Bubbles!” Yellow smiled.

g8 (9)

Erik returned to tending to his fishing line, while Salem followed Seymour around insisting to go home.

g8 (11)

I lied down to read, and Yellow rushed off towards the  bucket.

g8 (12)

I casually looked up, only to see Yellow standing by the bucket, crying. I immediately got up and ran to him.

g8 (13)

“Honey! What’s wrong, what happened?” I asked comfortingly.

He held up the bucket to show me. “Bubbles got away! He hates me! I gave him all he could ever want in this bucket and he just left!” He frowned, making an effort not to cry.

g8 (14)

He was so cute, I uncontrollably let out a small giggle.

“Oh baby, he doesn’t hate you!” I smiled.

“He doesn’t?”

“No of course not! Lo… Sometimes, we have to let something go if we love them. If it’s meant to be, they will come back.”

g8 (15)

Yellow nodded, drooping his head down. I rubbed his head, pushing the hair back on his face, to kiss his forehead.  “It’s going to be okay.” I said.

h (1)

Later that day, all of us except Salem waited outside for the arrival of the Crumplebottom sisters.

I was very excited, but at the same time I was sad to let my kids go so far away for so long without me.


Suddenly, with a loud thud and a burst of light, a large grey armoire appeared on our lawn.

Salem ran outside, and we all gathered curiously around the wardrobe.

i (1)

The doors flung open, and all three sister toppled to the ground.

“Get off of me, you tasteless cow!” Beatrice shouted, elbowing Bianca in the face.

i (2)

With a few grunts and scoffs, the sisters made it to their feet. Beatrice brushed herself off. “Sorry about that rather dramatic entrance!”

i (3)

I squealed with excitement. “I’m glad you made it safely!” I enthused.

i (4)

As the sisters greeted everyone, Beatrice approached me directly.

“The children will be attending our school for the Fall season, and return in time for Winter. They will be there long enough to learn the basics. If you wish, you may send them back every Fall, until you think they’ve learned enough. The Crumplebottom School of Bewitchment will also teach regular courses, so that they are prepared to come back and attend their regular schooling.” Beatrice explained. “Any questions?”

“N-no! None at all.” I smiled, completely mesmerized by the thought of attending a magical school.

“Splendid! We shall be leaving now!”

j (1)

“Right this way, children…”

j (2)

“Will they be traveling in that thing?!” I asked.

“Of course! Wardrobes are always the quickest means to travel long distance!” Belinda said.

j (3)

The kids gave each other a look, mixed with confusion, nervousness, and excitement.

“Okay kids, say your goodbyes.” Bianca rushed.

j (4)

“Don’t forget about me, please.”

“We won’t daddy.”

k (1)

k (2)

“You two go make grandpa proud okay? I love you both so much!” He said, squeezing them tight.

k (3)

“Write me letters everyday if you can, and I’ll call you everyday. Please be good and work hard, okay?”.

“We will mommy, I promise!” Yellow assured.

I began to tear up, and kissed them both.

“Sheesh! Get a grip, mommy!” Salem said, as everyone laughed.

k (4)

“Well, here we go!”

k (6)

And just like that, the dresser flew into the air like a rocket. It went so fast, that the thought of my children being in there made my stomach flip. For a split second, I regretted letting them go, and hoped with every fiber of my being that they’re okay.

k (7)

Erik took a deep breath as we watched them disappear from our view.

“Well, I guess I’ll go find something to start for supper.”

k (8)

I slowly wrapped my arms around Seymour, and rested my head on his shoulder.

“God, I hope we made the right decision.”  I said.

“We did honey, we did.”

k (9)


“Lily?! I reckon those damn Darlings are up to somethin’ fishy again!”

A/N: I’m far too lazy to build a magical school right now, so the photo of the school pictured in this chapter is of  the Gris-Gris Manor and Shoppe V1 by murfeel on the exchange, credit goes to the creator (:

27 thoughts on “Chapter 2.17: Wardrobe

  1. Gah Erik is an amazing papa :3 And noo not the kids D: And Salem is a naughty yet dorable little girl! I love how Clem is crushing on Lo. I also love how Lo is such a mommy’s boy D: I love it. And I love how you showed the sister falling out of the wardrobe! 🙂 You’re making me wanna finish this house for the Wilder’s so I can play D:


    • yep, and an even more amazing gran-papa!

      I know she is 😛 She’s fun to play and write. And yes, Clem really does look at Yellow all time when they hang out,again, the story writes itself in my game xD

      And yes, he is a mama’s boy! Not quite like Sy was, but definitely loves his mom.

      hahaha they add the comedy sometimes 😛 And finish and go play!


  2. ;_; I hope the kids have a fun time at the Crumplebottom’s school. Hopefully, Lo will finally be able to use magic.
    Clem’s little crush on Lo is adorable but I can’t help but worry she’ll end up like her mother.

    N’aww Erik is such a sweetie! He reminds me of what my granddad was like before he passed away. Such a sweet old man, I’ll probably bawl my eyes out when he passes on…


    • I certainly hope so too, I was really excited to send the kids to Midnight Hollow!

      And yes I know! But yeah, Kirsten feels the exact same way.

      And I will too sweetheart, I will too 😦 ♥


  3. The kids are leaving to go learn magic 😥 I’m going to miss them even more now that they aged up, Salem keeps getting cuter and cuter and Yellow is so smiley I was torn between laughing and crying when his frog got out and his reaction. The living room looks amazing! I could never put that much time into decorating. Great chapter I loved it and Kristen’s hair looks lovely on her I like it short. 😀


    • I know exactly how you feel! I love them so much it hurts xD

      And awww thank you dear! It didn’t take that long really, I just know Kirsten’s style very well.

      And yay some feedback on the hair! Glad you liked it 😀


  4. Kirsten’s hair looks so good cut off like that! She looks so cute (:

    I’m glad she isn’t really hanging around Toni anymore. The way that Toni and Brandt just drop Clem off all the time ): Kind of sad, but her and Lo are cute haha. This chapter was just really cute.

    I feel so sad that the sweet babies are leaving, but its just for the Fall in any case. Are you going to follow them to the school? Or are we gonna stay with Kirs and Sy?

    I love the kids, btw. Salem is so sassy and Lo is so sweet ❤


    • I like it too, I wanted her to look more motherly 🙂 Plus there’s that whole issue with having to wash it, you know she doesn’t like to do that!

      She still communicates with her, just not as much as the days went by. and she totally doesn’t mind babysitting Clem!

      And both 😉

      yessss exactly! ❤ Thank you so much 😀


  5. Oooh what a great idea! I hope we get to see the twins adventures in Midnight Hallow! I saw that little Momo doll! And Aggy watching over the wardrobe =) Clementine is adorable! look out, Lo! 😉


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