Chapter 2.15: Black Tears

a (1)

I made my way up the steep hill leading to Hangman’s Tree. I tried making visiting Yellow-Foot’s grave a monthly event.

As I approached the tree, I heard harsh whimpering coming from the distance.

a (2)

Without thinking, I hid behind the tree, with my back up against the sturdy trunk to get a listen.

a (3)

a (5)

I ducked down and slowly peaked around the bushes. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

a (4)

“I’m so sorry!” Toni wailed. “I just wanted to keep my family together, I never meant to hurt anyone…. Please forgive me!”

She was kneeled down in front of Yellow-Foot’s grave, mourning heavily into the palms of her hands.

a (7)

“He won’t hear you..” I approached. “He’s moved on.”

a (8)

“Yeah? Then why can’t you.” She hissed, looking up at me.

Black tears from her makeup streamed down her beat red face, this was no performance.

I took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly.


“What are you doing here anyway? Didn’t think I felt guilty enough at the park that day?” She sniffled.

b (1)

“You really did it… didn’t you?” I asked calmly.

“No I didn’t do it…” She sneered.

b (3)

She stood up against the sunset, as the sun’s rays bounced off of her. Her body jerked repeatedly as she broke down and began to sob once more.

“But I was responsible…”

b (4)

“I gave….someone money to …do it. I didn’t want to know…. the details, I just ….wanted him gone.” She began hyperventilating between words.

She took a deep breath and pulled out a tissue from her jeans pocket. With the tissue, she wiped her cheeks and her eyes, wiping the runny mascara clean with just a few swipes.

b (5)

“He was ripping my family apart. And I took it too far. And now I’m haunted by it, every day. It doesn’t make it better when you and your husband keep throwing it back in my face. Seymour made it a big deal because he was bitter about me not going back to him. I know it, you know it, and the court knows it.”

b (6)

I was taken aback by her blunt, but true words. Seymour tried so hard to win Toni back, and when she rejected him in a rather cruel way, Yellow-foot served as the perfect way to get her back. That’s not to say he didn’t care about him, he just took her to court to send her a bold message.

My eyes darted around as realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Doesn’t make you innocent, Toni. You still got away with murder.”

“I didn’t get away with it. As long as I’m in this town with people like you, I’ll constantly be reminded of it. Take my ‘freedom’ with a grain of salt.”

“I’ll leave you alone about it now, I’m done.” I announced, fixing my stare blankly on his grave, as did she.

She nodded her head, as a long, awkward silence built up.

b (7)

She wiped her eyes again. “Well… If you’ll excuse me, I have a daughter at home to tend to.”

She tucked the tissue into her pocket, and walked away somberly.

b (8)

“…Toni?” I blurted.

She stopped in her tracks, and didn’t say a word.

“What did you name her? …Your little girl?”

b (9)

She turned around, and her eyes lit up instantly, as she walked toward me.

b (15)

“Clementine….” She beamed, almost forming a smile. “After her grandmother. My dad’s mother. My father, Patrick.” She specified.

b (10)

“That’s a really beautiful name, congrats!” I said.

b (13)

“Now who’s kissing ass?” She asked. I couldn’t tell if she was serious or making a joke to lighten the mood, either way, it was awfully bold of her.

b (11)

“Toni… I’m really sorry about that, honestly I just-“

“Don’t worry about it, I’m over it.”

b2 (1)

When I got home, Seymour was napping, so I took the kids and started the bath.

Yellow had a blast splashing and playing with the bubbles, but Salem had an attitude right from the get-go.

b2 (2)

“I doh wonna take a baff wiff Lo-Lo!” Salem complained.

“Well of course you do, it’s how we all bond, pumpkin.”

“No.” She pouted.

“Why are you being so damn sassy, little girl?”

Salem jerked when Yellow splashed her.

“STAHP SPLOSHING MEEEH!” She screamed, glaring at him.

b2 (3)

“Alright calm down. You need to be nice to your brother, you’re going to show him how to do magic tomorrow!”

c (2)

“Yellow, get that out of your mouth!” I laughed.

Today Seymour and I were determined to get Yellow to try magic like his sister, still no sign of anything yet.

c (3)

“Come on baby, make the truck fly, like Salem can!” I encouraged.

c (4)

“Salem, show show Lo-lo how to do it!” I said.

Salem grinned at me slyly, as if she was perfectly fine with being the only one that could do magic.

“I just don’t get why she could do all of this, but he can’t.” I sighed.

“You can tell he’s trying, honey. Give it time, he’ll figure it out.” Seymour assured.

c (5)

“Loike this, Lo-lo!” Salem squealed.

Β c (6)

Seymour stood up and whispered another good luck charm towards Yellow.

c (7)

“I just hope he learns soon.” I said.

c (8)

“He’ll learn honey, we can always try to get a hold of the Crumplebottoms if he doesn’t show progress for a while.”

c (9)

“So how about we put the babies down for a nap, and you can come play with my wand? We’ll practice a little magic of our own!” Seymour said.

“Oh god that is so cheesy!” I responded.

c (10)

“So is that a yes?”

“Honey, I-“


“It will have to be quick, I have a lot of gardening to do!” I laughed.

c (11)

“It can wait…”

“Easy tiger, put the kids to bed first!”

c (12)

Later that day while the kids were still napping, I started working in the garden.

Brandt walked over from across the street and hopped over the fence.

c (13)

“Nice bush you got there…” Brandt snickered.

d (1)

“Good afternoon to you too, Brandt…”

“So what’s going on over there?” He asked.

d (2)

He was referring to a small construction site where Gwendolyn’s house used to be.

d (3)

“They’re building a playground. Do you even look at your mail?”

“Nah, Toni does that for me.”

“Of course.”

d (4)

“But yeah, it’s something this neighborhood needs, with all the kids being born lately.” I said.

d (6)

“Sure. Speaking of, do you all want to come meet Clementine? Toni went to the spa or some shit with Dorothy, so she’s not home.”

“So Clementine is home alone right now?”

d (5)

“No I’m right here. And she’s sleeping, I didn’t want to wake her.”

d (7)

“Uh… I guess we can go meet her real quick.”

“Sweet, bring the nuggets. They can meet my new cat.”

d2 (1)

“Here it is, Toni brought it in, it was a stray.”

“Ask Brandt what the name is, Salem!” I cooed.


“Sugar-tits.” He replied.

d2 (2)

“Oh, that’s lovely… We’ll call her sugar, right Salem?”

“Whatever gets your panties moist. You guys coming?” He said, walking towards my old bedroom.

d2 (3)

d2 (4)

Seymour hesitated, giving me a nervous look.

I smiled, “It’s okay baby, she’s not here.” I said, soothingly.

d2 (5)

The kids saw the toys and immediately squirmed around until we put them down.

“This looks great Brandt” Seymour said.

“It’s all Toni, dude.”

“Kids, don’t touch other peoples’ stuff.” I said, as Salem wandered off to the toy box.

“Nah it’s okay. Clem won’t play with half this shit anyway.” Brandt responded.


“Wow, I can’t believe this used to be my room!”


“Yeah, it took a while to get the smell of Barry love making out of here.” He joked.


“Seriously, Seymour? What did you tell him?” I grumbled.


“Relax dude, I get why you did it. You felt sorry for him.” Brandt said. “You know… If you ever pity me, you know where I live.” he said friskily.


“Dude, you know no boundaries!” Seymour chuckled.


I practically floated to the crib when Brandt took the sleepy baby out of the crib.

“Hey, Clementine!” I greeted softly. “She’s so cute!”


“You know,Β  I feel really bad about us being here around her, without Toni knowing. I know we’re not on the best of terms.”

“She’s fine with it, trust me.”


Brandt put Clementine back into the crib and we all sat around, and just chilled like old times.

Suddenly the door opened and everyone’s head turned.


“Oh, hi everyone! I didn’t realize we had company.”


Everyone immediately stood up.

Brandt pulled Toni in for a romantic hug, causing an awkward vibe in the room.

I put my arms around Yellow, and watched him play with the blocks, to avoid the uncomfortable tension.

“Well I think we’re going to head out.” Seymour said.


I stood up to pick up the kids, and Toni locked eyes with me.

“Kirsten, I was wondering if you’d maybe want to go with me and the girls to get our nails done or something? She offered.


“Nah, I’m not much of a nail person, Toni. Gardening, kids, pets, you know, they’d never last.”


“Uh, well then maybe we could all go for a girls night tonight? You, me, Dorothy, and Jocelyn? It’d be a great way to get away from the guys for a little bit, I know there’s a game they wanted to watch.”

I could tell she was really trying, so it would only make things more awkward if I said no.


I looked at Seymour, and he just shrugged.

“Uh, okay. I’ll see if I can make it.”

45 thoughts on “Chapter 2.15: Black Tears

  1. Yellow, you can do it! Do magic! πŸ˜›

    Oh Brandt, you should watch your mouth around the kids… πŸ˜›

    I find it hard to read Toni, does she want to smooth things out or is there another purpose?

    Great chapter as always! πŸ˜€


    • I knowwww! Poor baby want to but he can’t D:

      hhaha I don’t actually see that happening, Brandt is overly inappropriate, as you can see πŸ˜›

      We’ll just have to see, no one can read Toni! πŸ˜›

      Thank you very much πŸ˜€


  2. Gah Brandt xD “Whatever gets your panties moist” I’m using that! And awww bath time was adorable! Maybe Toni won’t be so bad.. If you keep those babies around Brandt long enough (including his own) they’ll be saying everything he says! xD


  3. Man, I really am so conflicted over Toni. I can’t make out my mind if she’s got a sneaky plan up her sleeve or if she genuinely wants to make it up to Kirsten.

    Poor Yellow. I wonder if we will ever find out if he can use magic?

    Oh god, Brandt. I have a feeling he’d be a pretty chill dad but I don’t think he should use such language around his daughter!
    Clementine is a adorable name but all I can think of now the walking dead game!


    • Yes, Toni is very mysterious and hard to read, I don’t blame you!

      And I know 😦 We’ll find out someday though! Kirsten is determined to see him use magic like his sister. So even if she has to go to the Crumplebottom sisters to find out what’s wrong, she will.

      Definitely a chill dad (Leaving his baby home alone haha) And he doesn’t see the harm in it lol!

      lol! I’m glad you like the name. I haven’t played that game, but I’m seriously seriously obsessed with the show! o_O


      • It’s not a bad thing, though! I think it’s a good idea that we don’t really understand her personality.

        I hope so to! I’ve missed the Crumplebottom sisters so it will be nice to see them again, if Kirsten seeks their advice.

        Oh gosh, I completely forgot he left her at home. Can’t imagine Toni would be too impressed if she found out…

        I’d reccomend it for the great storyline but if you ever get it be prepared to have your feelings murdered.
        I love the show too! Bawled my eyes out when they killed Andrea at the end of last season…


      • Nope, gives her more dimension I think!

        I do too D: I’m thinking about moving them to Midnight Hollow, but right now the Goths are there!

        Hahaha you’re right, Toni would not like that one bit.
        OMG REALLY? I haaaaated Andrea so bad but then when she died I was like never mind my feels Dx Totally ready for the next season though omg I’m like, freaking out!


      • Precisely!

        Considering downloading MH but I’ll have to sort out which of my mods are updated. Always takes me a ridiculously long time to do that…

        I know, to be honest Andrea’s death came as quite a shock to me. Other than Lori, we hadn’t really lost any major characters in this series. She was a total badass.
        I keep watching the trailer for it. I hope since, in the trailer we see the mention of Macon, that there might be some crossover with the games since the games are situated around the Macon-Savannah area.


      • Yeah I had to do that yesterday, huge pain in the ass!

        Yes that’s true, but I feel like she tried to hard to be a badass, so much so that she put people in danger. (like accidentally shooting daryl lol)

        I know what you mean, I’ve watched the trailer too many times to count, haha! I have no idea who they are, but hopefully we’ll see them on the show. I’m wondering how taking in the entire woodbury is going to pan out lol


  4. Salem is so talented, I really want Yellow to learn! Come on little buddy I give you the power to do it though my mind! Anyways Toni is being so ice to Kristen ad I think maybe they should try and get along personality. Brandt has got a mouth on himself, I can’t wait to see how Clementine does with those two as her parents. Great chapter, the darling always keep me entertained πŸ˜€


    • Yes! It stems from her artistic trait, that she was born with πŸ™‚ And I do too! Maybe he’ll show some progress with all your guys’ support! πŸ˜€

      You’re right. Kirsten can definitely see that Toni is trying, and she feels a bit bad for being so harsh on her, maybe that’s what Toni is trying to do, then again, she could be genuine! Only Toni really knows πŸ˜‰

      Hahaha yeah, one things for sure, Clementine will be one hell of a girl!

      Thank you so much, I love that they can keep you entertained πŸ˜€


  5. I always love your stories! I love how your characters are flawed and interesting. I always play my sims like goody-two-shoes and it makes storytelling so dull!


    • OMG thank you my love *-* Agnes and Erik played the cheesy romantic perfect part, so I wanted generation 2 a little more flawed. I’m so glad you think that way about them, thanks for reading ❀


  6. Meh. I still don’t really feel bad for Toni. She might not have murdered him with her bare hands, but she as good as did. In any case, I feel like I at least don’t have to worry about her murdering Kirsten or something haha.

    The kids are cute (: I love the name Clementine!


    • yes yes yes but I don’t think it really came as a shock to you guys or any one else to be honest πŸ˜›

      And bahaha something like that πŸ˜‰

      ROFL! So true! I’ll definitely consider that if she wants to go into one of those careers xD Thank you<3


  7. Somehow I missed this chapter. I love it!

    Can’t believe Toni! Also…Salem is awesome. And I love Yellow’s hair.

    Also, I forgot how much I love Brandt. I think he is my long lost twin. I know that doesn’t say much about me but I have a terrible mouth and sometimes I say things at inappropriate times (by sometimes I mean all the time).

    The moral of this post: I love all of your things.


    • Gah, thank you!

      hahaha I know right? And thanks, he’s a wittle cutie patootie ❀

      lmfao, that's okay! Brandt and I can both relate, you're not alone! πŸ˜›

      and omg, I love YOU! Thank you!


  8. Excellent chapter! You have a flair for writing dialogue for Sassy Salem LOL I love that girl. She’d make a great heir πŸ˜‰ The family bath screenshots are so adorable ❀ Yep, I can almost forgive Toni. Almost. Toni's gonna smack the donkey doo outta Brandt the first time Clem repeats one of his lines XD


    • Oh you think? Thank you! And I’m sure she thinks she’d make a great heir. There is certainly a chance, if she doesn’t do anything to eff it up πŸ˜‰

      lol Kirs always had to have family baths xD

      Rofl! Yesssss Brandt has a saucy brain!


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