Chapter 2.14: Butterflies

a1 (1)

Seymour worriedly stared out of the window, as the rain poured heavily onto the ground.

a1 (2)

“Look at them…” Seymour grumbled. “Can’t they at least try to cover it up for a while? Goo-goo eyes, flirting… It makes me sick.”

a1 (3)

“Don’t stress yourself out about it, honey.” I said, softly rubbing Seymour’s back. “Remember, he’s your best friend.”

“What kind of best friend would do that though? What could he possibly see in her?”

“Same thing you did, boobs!” I joked.

Seymour faked a small laugh, “well, that was before I knew she was a lying, self-absorbed murderer.”

“We need to get your mind of this for a while, honey. It can’t be healthy.” I said.

a1 (4)

Seymour turned around, and embraced me.

“What did you have in mind?” He asked.

“Well.. you need to help me get the kids dressed, we’re still going to the Fall Festival today!”

a1 (5)When the rain finally stopped, we made our way down to the festival, as we do traditionally.

a1 (6)

The kids were still a little young to fully enjoy it, they were a bit tuckered out.

a1 (7)

a1 (9)

a1 (10)

While Seymour joined his sisters for an apple bobbing contest, I took the babies with me, to get some festival pie.

a1 (11)

Salem couldn’t read yet of course, but she’s watched me enough to mimic my actions and pretend she can.

She was even making the book hover over the table! I was very surprised by this, since even us adult witches had a hard time with that one still. She seemed to be doing it with no energy at all on her part.

a1 (12)

Although we haven’t seen any signs from Yellow regarding magic, he still loved his little friend Fishsticks, and demonstrated great peace and love when he played with him.

a2 (1)

a2 (2)

a2 (3)

a2 (4)

When Halloween came around, Seymour, Erik and I took the babies and Birdie trick or treating, Seymour seemed more excited about it than the babies did.

a3 (1)

“Come on Salem, say ‘trick or treat’!” I enthused.

“Chehk-ah-chi..” Salem gurgled.

a3 (2)

“Close enough!” Seymour laughed.


A few months had passed, and the family and I flew to Aurora Skies to celebrate Gwendolyn and Barry’s marriage, right after Christmas.


We stopped at the first cabin, where Sylvia and Erik would be taking care of the kids, while us adults had our own fun.

Sylvia would not be attending the wedding, but Erik still invited her to help out with the kids. She also had some things she wanted to see while she was here.



b4 (1)

b4 (2)

When everyone in the first cabin was all settled in and cozy by the fire, us adults made our way to our cabin.


It was only a couple of houses down, so we wouldn’t be far.


The six of us had never truly spent more than a few hours all together, so we were excited for this trip!

c4 (1)

The snow was way too heavy to go sight seeing or go to bars, so we had ourselves some good old fashion stay at home fun!

Once Gwendolyn started making drinks, it all went pretty blurry after that. I hadn’t partied that hard since college!

c4 (2)

c5 (1)

c5 (2)


c7 (2)



c10 (1)

c10 (2)

d (1)

d (2)


The next morning, after dragging Seymour out of bed of course, we finally arrived to the wedding venue.

It was a large glass dome. Not much more I could say about it, it was definitely not a place I would want to get married!

But of course, it was Gwendolyn’s wedding after all, so we had to expect something out of the ordinary.

f (1)

Persephone and I watched as Gwendolyn prepped herself in the mirror.

“I have terrible butterflies right now dude…” She said.

She was visibly shaking, and had goosebumps. I couldn’t tell if it was from pre-wedding jitters, or from the very low temperature.

“Oh shut up Gwendolyn! That’s normal.” Persephone Griped.

“Should I turn up the heat? You look really cold.” I added.

“No… I need you to go get Barry, I want to see him before the wedding.”

f (2)

“What are you talking about Gwendy, you said it’s bad luck for the groom to see his bride in his wedding dress.”

Gwendolyn rolled her eyes and scoffed.

f (3)

“Who needs luck when you’re a witch?” She asked rhetorically.

“Now please get my Barry, Persephone obviously has a stick up her ass and won’t go do it.” She complained.

f (4)

f (5)

“The crap I do for these Darlings….” I mumbled, as I descended into the underground hallway that led to the dome.

f (6)

The hallways were dark and cold, and I contemplated going back to get Persephone. Something about being alone down here chilled me to the bone.

This place was open to the public, so who knows if someone was down here? All I could think about was Gwendolyn’s disregard for bad luck. I couldn’t for the life of me, shake the anxious feeling that something bad was going to happen. I had never felt like this before.

f (7)

As I made my way to the corner of the hallway, I swore I heard footsteps coming from around the corner. I stopped, and stood against the wall. My heart began thumping out of my chest as I drew my wand, preparing for the worst.

f (8)


I let out a loud shriek, jumping into the air.

I felt anger build up inside me as I realized it was just Bo. Not sure if I was angry with him, or angry with myself for being terrified over nothing.

f (9)

“Bo! What the hell is wrong with you? You can’t just jump at someone randomly in a dark hallway, I could have turned you to dust just now!” I yelled, waving my wand.

“I’m sorry Kirsten! I didn’t know its not okay to do that!”

I sighed, and continued down the hallway.

f (10)

When I finally entered the glass dome, I was pleasantly surprised by it’s beauty.

There were butterflies flying around everywhere, of all different kinds. Some were even kinds I’ve never seen before!

It was definitely the perfect mixture of science and magic, which finally made sense to me.

f (11)

I was filled with amazement as I watched Seymour and Birdie running through a group of glowing butterflies.

I took Barry, who was playing with the twins, and told him that Gwendolyn wanted to see him before the wedding.

f (12)

“So… If you still have any feelings for me, speak now or forever hold your peace!” I said, only half-joking to Barry as we walked down the dark hallway.

“Kirsten! I don’t, I promise! Gwendolyn’s the one.” He laughed.

“Okay, okay! Just making sure!”

f (13)

When Barry saw Gwendolyn, his face lit up as he let out a huge gasp.

f (14)

“You look so beautiful…” He whispered, as he slowly kissed her.

“Okay you two, barf!” I laughed.

f (16)

Gwendolyn had Seymour, Persephone, and I bring our wands, so that we could put on a magical show before Gwendolyn’s entrance.

f (17)

The babies were truly mesmerized by the sparkles and glowing lights. Salem even helped out, as Yellow was just happy to watch and clap!

f (18)

We all couldn’t help but feel a little emotional as Erik escorted Gwendolyn up the stairs, and to the alter.

f (20)

f (21)

Just as Erik was handing Gwendolyn over to Barry, Gwendolyn slipped on her dress.

f (22)

Luckily, Barry caught her halfway down, and paused there for a moment, gazing into her eyes.

“I’ll never let you fall…” He whispered.

f (23)

They each said their vows to one another amongst themselves. It was beautiful, even if we couldn’t really hear them.

And just like that, they were one.

f (24)

Barry kissed his wife passionately as they were surrounded by beautiful, pink glowing butterflies.

f (25)

We all teared up when Erik cheered ‘thank you’ as he looked up to the sky. Erik lived to see all three of his children get married.


Later that night, we all went to bed early, to rest up for the long trip home tomorrow.

h (1)

A few months had gone by, and my children were growing every day.

One day, Jocelyn invited me and the kids to the park, she said Raquel wanted to play.

h (2)

Yellow practically squirmed away from me as they ran over to play with Raquel and her toys.

h (3)

“Oh hey girly!” Jocelyn smiled, as she stood up to hug me.

h (4)

“I know you two don’t really get along well, but I invited Toni, I hope you don’t mind!”

i (1)

“Are you serious? That’s kind of an understatement, I don’t want my children around her at all…”

“Aw well she’s already on the way, I’m sorry!” Jocelyn said with a fake sympathetic tone.

I sighed angrily,

“She won’t start anything, I made her promise to be nice. She really wants to spend some time with Raquel, she needs to practice before she has the baby.”

“I don’t know, I think I should go.”
i (2)

“Aww no! Stay!” Jocelyn pleaded. “Look how much fun the kids are having together!”

i (3)

I looked over at the kids, who were enjoying their time. Salem looked content, which was rare when she went outside. Pulling her away would only make her throw a fit and possibly ruin our attempt to get her used to the outdoors.

i (4)

I felt my heart skip a beat as Toni waddled up to us. Yep, no doubt she was pregnant.

i (5)

“Oh my god! Hey mama!” Jocelyn squealed.

i (6)

“Look how big she’s getting!” Jocelyn said, rubbing Toni’s stomach.

i (7)

I awkwardly pulled out my phone and pretended to text.

“Hi Kirsten..” Toni waved awkwardly.

i (8)

I looked up with a very fake smile, without making eye contact to greet her.

i (9)

I started to feel very on edge when Jocelyn left me awkwardly standing next to Toni.

j (1)

“So… This pregnancy thing is awful! How did you possibly manage with two?!” Toni blurted, obviously trying to make small talk.

j (2)

“Wasn’t easy.” I said, looking away.

“Did you hear about Dorothy? She had her baby. A little girl named Harmony. She’s really cute!”

“Cool. I’ll have to text her.” I sniped.

j3 (1)

There was an awkward silence before she began talking again.

“You and Sy make adorable babies by the way!”


I sighed heavily in frustration, hoping that she’d get the hint.

“Is everything okay?” She asked.

j3 (2)

“Please stop kissing my ass, Toni. I’m embarrassed for you.” I said, starting to feel a rush of adrenaline for building up the nerve to say that.

“Excuse me?” She said.

I shook my head, ignoring her.

j3 (3)

“What exactly do you mean by that?” She asked angrily.

I turned towards her, still avoiding her.

“You heard me. Stop trying to play nice, I don’t want to be your friend.”


“So just because I’m being nice means I’m kissing your ass?”

“Well kinda.” I answered. “Why would you try to be nice, when you’re obviously trying to get back at us for taking you to court? It comes off as very fake.”

“Get back at you? How do you figure?”

“Moving into my parents’ old house? The Brandt thing? Yeah. We’re not stupid Toni. Everyone knows you’re using him to get back at me and Seymour. That is his best friend you know.


“Oh yeah!” Toni shouted sarcastically. “So I’ve been secretly hiding my boyfriend for over a year now, to not upset Seymour, then I fall in love, get pregnant, and move in with Brandt all just to get back at you and your husband for a damn court case that you lost. That sure makes sense!”


“Well, you-” I began

“No. I don’t want to hear it. Those are huge life changing events, that I had to keep quiet so that Brandt didn’t lose his best friend. Obviously I wasn’t thinking about you when I made this baby, nor was I thinking about you when I moved into your old house. Don’t flatter yourself Kirsten, it’s not very lady-like.”


“This is a small town, our kids will be peers. I didn’t want friction between us, and I wanted to move on after the court thing. I don’t expect you to ever see my side of the story, but frankly, I couldn’t care less. But please, try not to make an imbecile of yourself in public, especially around your children. You’re almost as childish as your husband, you two deserve one another.”

Before I could get another word in, Toni stormed off.


“Whatever!” I shouted.



“What was that all about?” Jocelyn asked.

I shrugged, shaking my head.


“You know Kirsten, Toni really does want to move on from all that. She doesn’t want to be labeled as a murderer for the rest of her life.”


“So you’re taking her side?” I yelled.


“No.. I’m not. I’m just saying, if she did it, she’d be in jail right now, so let her move on.”


As bad as I wanted to let Toni move on, all I could think about was the justice that Yellow-foot never obtained.

“Well, at least the babies had fun, I’m going to go though.”


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  1. Damn. That Toni scene was so awkward I was like.. Cringing. Ugh. And damnit Jocelyn, some friend you are. Omg I would be so mad if I was Kirsten haha.

    But the wedding was so beautiful!

    And in the hallway scene, I was so nervous. I was like.. Omg, what is going to happen? I half-expected Kirsten to find Barry cheating or dead ahaha.

    And lol I love the little party that they had! Kirsten and Gwendy seemed to be having a bit of fun πŸ˜‰ And the picture of Sy on Bo’s back xD


    • Kirsten is mad! At first she felt really tough, that she stood up to Toni, but afterwards felt a bit defeated because Toni pretty much told her off 😦 And I wouldn’t trust Jocelyn to begin with, after all she IS Ethan’s wife, and Ethan is an ex. haha just trouble to begin with!

      hahaha! I’m sorry I made you nervous! I didn’t put that scene there for nothing though πŸ˜‰ I’ll shut up now. πŸ˜›

      bahahah yeah, they did have fun! Sy would normally welcome that kind of thing with open arms, but when it’s his sister, he was not amused xD
      Bo and Sy have a special kind of relationship! *-*


      • Oh I could tell! I felt sorry for the poor dear ): Toni is the freaking murderer, and yet somehow she makes everyone else feel like that are the bad ones. Can you say manipulative? Heh. I dislike Toni.

        Oh man, now you’ve got me worried again.

        Oh yeah I totally understand that! Its almost like Sy and Gwendy have kissed now haha.


      • Yeah you have a point. When you do something so extreme as ‘alleged” murder, you shouldn’t be able to move on, especially if you take part in a crime that has gone unpunished. A lot of people see Toni as getting away with murder, but in Toni’s eyes, it was necessary.

        hehe gotta keep you on your toes, bb!

        lollll omg! I don’t know if I’d go that far, but he definitely doesn’t want to witness his sister kissing anyone, little alone his wife!! Gwendolyn seems like she’d tease her little brother about having more game than him haha.


      • Yeah, she didn’t even really have a good reason for doing it either! She just makes me uneasy, and I wish she would go away haha.

        xD Well that is true too! Barry seemed to enjoy it though.


      • Well her reason was because her mother actually was sneaking around with Yellow-foot, all the way up to his death. Brooke and Patrick fought constantly about it, and she felt as if Yellow-foot was selfishly tearing her family apart.

        bahha yes, so did Bo, but he got in trouble for that x3


      • Ah, yeah, I went back and re-read that. I could understand hating him for it.. But killing him? A bit extreme xD

        Awe, poor Bo! I guess I don’t really blame Persy though. I wouldn’t want my man oggling my sister and sister-in-law.. Even if everyone was drunk haha.


  2. Okay, first the wedding was beyond beautiful. And ain’t no party like a Darling party! Man you don’t ever think about resizing some of these pictures and making them your wallpaper for your computer? Because they are seriously freaking pretty! You outdid yourself. And oh her friend should know better than that.. Bringing that girl there when she knows Kirs isn’t cool with her >:I If that was me I’d get all paranoid and think both are out to get me D: And down there I expected something bad too just like Tashie xD But I’m glad Gwendy got married :3 I’m very glad Erik got to see all his babies get married! πŸ˜€ Oh God Yellow and Salem are so cute D: Makes me really wish they’d stay tots forever. But you’ll have more fun once they’re children. Can’t wait for the next chapter! πŸ˜€


    • omgosh, I’m smiling so big right now, thank you!

      No, I usually only set thing as my desktop wallpaper if I’m willing to get sick of them xD

      bahaha yeah, Jocelyn didn’t really know the extent of it though. And Sy is paranoid enough for the both of them!

      And lol Kirsten shouldn’t have gotten you all so scared, woops ;P

      I know right? I was so happy that the 3rd got married within his lifetime, just sad that Aggy wasn’t there… well physically, did you spot the magical hot air balloon?!

      I know 😦 I’ll miss them as toddlers, since these are very important years for those two. It’s really what is shaping the future of the story. I feel like I have that bittersweet feeling, where you’re so fucking anxious to grow them up, but at the same time, you want to freeze them there πŸ˜€

      Thank you pumpkin, so much!


      • It’s in the picture with Erik walking down with Gwendy. It’s supposed to be subtly added in with magic, just as a little sign that Aggy’s watching ❀ Any time you ever see a hot air balloon in any of my photos since Aggy's death, it means Aggy is there! ❀

        And aww thanks! They were fun, Sy's was too lol


      • Oh okay. :3 Pretty lady in the Hot air balloon ❀ and Yes I love his too. I love how he dressed up too. I probably won't go out like you did for my tots but I think I'll try to dress them up for a halloween party at the house.


      • Yeah, he’s childish, so he was really excited to get dressed up and go trick or treating. More so than the babies lol!

        Hey, its understandable (: After all, you have a lot of Wilder kids, and right now I only have 2 Sunflower Seeds πŸ˜› There won’t be more Darling kids in the family for a very, very long time, so I tend to spoil them while I can!


      • Do you have a swing? If not, get one! She’ll be on that shit all the time. At least that’s how Sy is. Whenever I can’t find him, he’s out playing on the swing haha. Either that or the sandbox. He loves to play outside. It’s gunna suck with a little girl who hates the outdoors.haha! Ohhhh this family is fun.


      • If I had room for one then yeah I’d get one. I need to have them go to the park more often :/ before I close off this chapter I think Imma make them go to the park, take the babies too via teleport! πŸ˜€ Hahahha I could see him have a temper tantrum if she won’t play outside with him xD but you could build a space in the house for outdoor toys! πŸ˜€ I used to do that sometimes.


      • That’s a good idea! She’ll probably help herself to the swings autonomously.

        And haha! He always be freaking out or crying about something! Usually ghosts or something, it’s sooo freaking cute I love him.

        Unfortunately there isn’t much space in the house for outdoor toys. ‘Fraid if Sassy Salem doesn’t want to play outside then she’ll just have to either suck it up or miss out on the fun!


  3. The toddler are getting so cute! I loved the trick or treat poses, if you could tell me where you got them, that would be awesome. The wedding was so sweet, the magic used for effect and when Barry caught here was the nicest thing! When Kristen and the twins were at the park and Tori showed up I could see the awkward! Your Sims have such great facial expressions! Great chapter I love the darling’s! πŸ˜€


    • Oh my goodness, thank you so much<333

      I made the poses myself, I'm glad you liked them πŸ™‚

      Hahaha I think you're right about the awkwardness, because those facial expressions were very hard to shoot. I don't think Kirsten wanted to work with Toni, because she kept walking away!

      The Darlings love you sweetheart!


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    I’m sorry Toni, but I’m siding with Kirsten on this. I can’t help but feel she’s just gonna do something and it’s just going to blow everything up. I wonder if her child and the sunflower seeds will grow up knowing each other…

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    • Thanks lovebug! Yeah, I have quite a lot in store for them. Their little personalities are so fun to develop ^-^

      Aww thank you β™₯ Hahah poor Bo has a few screws loose, so he didn’t really know that would be a bad idea xD

      You never know! And well, Appaloosa Plains is a small midwestern town, so of course they’ll go to school together and play at the same park and stuff like that, they’ll definitely know one another. That’s why Toni wants to move on from all the drama, now that they have kids.

      Thank you ever so much, can’t wait to post more πŸ˜€


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    • I know right?! The babies in the sims story world are booming! It’s so exciting πŸ™‚

      And I think the Sunflower Seeds are the last of the Darlings for now at least until next generation, because having another baby will mess with the story a little bit. But you never know, really!

      Thank you so much for reading ❀


  8. I might be one of the only ones that doesn’t blame Toni for going off on Kristen, who I have been disliking more and more as time goes on sorry, I mean yeah she committed murder and I get that you don’t want to associate with her that’s warranted but don’t think so highly of yourself that she’s basing her whole life around you. She wants to move on and it’s not easy and yes people say she shouldn’t be allowed to but I feel her decisions have very little to do with Kristen and Seymour and more with just wanting to move on. Life will make sure she gets her punishment.


    • You have a very interesting way of seeing it, yet a very good point. I can see why you’re starting to not like Kirsten, she does have her issues. Kirsten and Seymour knows deep down that it has absolutely nothing to do with them, they just hate the fact that she’s getting away with murder, and able to live a normal life. They feel as if it’s unfair to Yellow-foot.

      Also, Kirsten has 2 other lives to protect now, and after she knows what Toni is capable of, she’s going to be a mama bear no matter what.

      All I can say is, they will both learn the hard way, and they will all have to pay for it.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! ❀


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