Chapter 2.13: Not a Mistake

a (1)

“Hey Rosemary, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, just got home. Did anyone bother you about Cody today?”


“My mom did a little bit, and I kinda flipped out on her. I felt bad about it so I took her to get her hair done right after, but I’m so tired of people babying me about it, I’m totally fine.” I grumbled.

“I know how you feel, every since that night, I got like, ten bouquets of flowers sent to my house. I’m not even dating him anymore!” Rosemary laughed.

b (1)

“Yeah, people just don’t get it. Cody hurt me by doing what he did. He can burn in hell for all I care.”

“Wow Kirsten!”


Appaloosa Plains was now beautifully blanketed in crystal white snow.

Every since coming back from our dramatic trip to Riverview, every one has been babying me like no other. I can’t do anything on my own, and everybody looks at me sympathetically.

For goodness sakes, I barely knew Cody! Sure, I was excited to have a brother, but I tried to stop him, I tried so hard. Shows how little his little sister meant to him.

But alas, I’m ready to move on and pretend like it never happened.

c (3)

When the twins made the switch from breast-milk to cows milk, we decided to go all out and make our own milk. I definitely did not want my children drinking chemical induced store bought milk!

c (1)

So of course, I bought my own cows.

c (2)

One black one named Clarabelle, and two brown ones, Danny and Dakota.

c (4)

I even milked them myself!

c (5)

Seymour found them more amusing than helpful, and took the opportunity to goof around with them whenever possible.

c (6)

But he sure did enjoy homemade chocolate milkshakes!

c (7)

Christmas morning arrived, and we invited our family over. It filled our hearts with joy and love as always.

c2 (1)

We were so excited to celebrate the twins’ very first Christmas!

c2 (2)

c2 (3)

c2 (4)

c2 (5)

c2 (6)

c2 (7)

c2 (8)

c3 (1)

c3 (2)

c3 (3)

Erik and Sylvia had their first kiss together under the mistletoe.

As upset as Seymour was about Erik dating a new woman, even he had to admit that they made a sweet couple.

c3 (4)

I started spending a lot more time with Gwendolyn and Persephone, to help Gwendolyn plan for her wedding.

She set the date for early next winter. Her plans were for just the family to fly out to Aurora Skies, where an intimate ceremony would be held.

c3 (5)

As time passed on, the babies began growing rapidly…

c4 (3)

c4 (1)

The Crumplebottom sisters had already warned us that the babies would be born witches as well, but we were still shocked to see Salem using her magic so early. Her first little magic trick, was making her toys disappear into thin air, then reappear, along with beautiful, brightΒ  bursts of light.

It was a beautiful thing to witness Agnes’ gift shining through the next generation!

c4 (5)

Although Yellow wasn’t doing any bewitching magic, he was the first to take his first steps, which was just as magical to us!

c4 (6)

Yellow is a really good kid, especially compared to his fussy sister. We love them both so much, but Yellow makes our job much easier.


When spring arrived, My parents moved out of their house and bought a small houseboat. They were excited to sail around the world. I cried so hard throughout the move, but finally, I was at peace with it, if it meant they’d be happy.

Their old house across the street was now for sale, so we were pretty anxious to see who would move in next, since we know just about everyone in town.


My mom and dad invited us over to spend some time with them before they set sail.


The kids said their final goodbyes to Grandma and Grandpa, and off they went.

They promised to make a trip back in the summer, because they didn’t want to miss the kids’ first birthday.

When the twins turned one, Seymour and I planned a little pool party and invited all the neighborhood kids. This also served as a great purpose to show to off my body I’ve been working so hard on since the babies were born.

f (4)

“Honey, where should I put these things?” Seymour joked, dangling the babies upside down above the water.

f (5)

“Gee, well I already got my picture, I guess you can just toss them right there!” I giggled.

f (1)

I was very thankful that our babies were born right in the middle of the Appaloosa Plains post-college-baby-boom, as we called it. They had plenty of playmates to pal around with, including my baby cousin Ezra who was about the same age as them!

f (8)

In fact, Dorothy was pregnant with her second!

f (2)

We have been teaching the kids for days prior to the party, about how to blow out a candle. We wanted our picture perfect moment!

f (3)

…But Salem just wasn’t feeling the idea.

f (6)

f (9)

Brandt was invited, but showed up a little later, since he didn’t have kids.

“So, I saw that the Frios are selling their house?” Brandt asked, kneeling down next to Seymour.

Seymour held Salem’s hands and she happily bounced up and down, and fell onto her tush repeatedly, a little game the two of them played all the time.

Β “Yeah… Why?” Seymour asked hesitantly.

f (10)

“Well if I ever did.. you know, that thing you do…” Brandt said, pointing to Salem.

“…You mean being a father?”

“…Yeah. Then I guess I’d needΒ  a place to raise my kid.”

f (11)

“You? Raising a kid? Ha!”

“What the hell man? I could do it. I mean, I will do it.. Soon.”

“What? Brandt, are you telling me you got someone pregnant?”

f (12)

Seymour threw his head back and laughed loudly.

“Oh shit, Brandt knocked someone up!” He bellowed.

f (13)

Brandt cleared his throat, as Seymour started causing Salem to laugh along with him.

“It’s not funny dude, I’m really good with kids actually.” Brandt defended.

Seymour kissed Salem’s forehead, and playfully pushed her over.

“So… Who’s the poor unfortunate soul stuck with Brandt Martin’s spawn growing inside her?” Seymour teased.

f (14)

Brandt quietly bowed his head in hesitation. “You’re going to hate me…” He said.

f (15)

‘Why?… It’s not my wife is it?” Seymour asked.

I scoffed at Seymour’s stupid assumption, as Brandt chuckled. “No it’s not your wife.” he said, as he looked up and me and grinned. I rolled my eyes.

“One of my sisters? I won’t be mad if that’s who, totally saw it coming with Gwendolyn. You always talked about getting it in with her when we were-“

“No! Not your sisters.” Brandt hastily interrupted, as I laughed quietly, careful not to wake Yellow.

“Then who else would possibly make me give a rat’s ass?” Sy questioned.

f (16)

Brandt pushed out a long sigh, and slowly looked up Seymour. His expression was very apologetic, as was his eyes. He gently cocked his head sideways as if to say ‘I’m so sorry’

f (17)

I watched Seymour as I saw realization wash over his face, although I was still in the dark.

“No dude… no! Come on man… No…” Seymour whimpered pleadingly.

f (18)

“I’m sorry man… I… I’m sorry.” Brandt said, awkwardly scratching his head.

Seymour angrily stood up, picking up Salem with him.

f (19)

“Give me the baby, I’m taking them home.” Seymour demanded.

f (20)

“Honey calm down, Lo is sleeping.” I cooed, over the loud sound of an airplane passing by overhead.

f (21)

“They can take a nap with me, just give me him.” He said, even angrier than last time.

“Okay, just be quiet, not every one is a heavy sleeper like you.” I argued, in a soft, confused tone.

f (22)

I carefully placed Yellow in Seymour’s arm, as Yellow gently buried his face into Sy’s neck.

f (23)

Brandt and I awkwardly watched, as Seymour furiously stormed off.

f (24)

“I hope you don’t freak out on my like he did. Totally unneeded. ” Brandt said.

“No, not at all hun.” I answered.

I felt really bad for Brandt, and felt responsible for my husband’s actions, so I did my best to be kind to him.

f (25)

“I don’t even know what’s going on.” I added, “Who is it, Dorothy?” I asked, confusingly.

f (26)

“It’s not Dorothy, just don’t yell at me.”

“It’s okay sweetie, you can tell me.”

f (27)

“Well it’s Toni. Toni Clinton is pregnant with my kid.”

f (28)

“Toni?!” I shouted.

I was completely shocked. Remembering all the way back to when we were little, never has Brandt and Toni crossed my mind. It must have been a drunken night, and they both happened to be at the same bar. There’s only four in town.

f (29)

“Brandt, what were you thinking?!” I shouted angrily. “Sy and you are like brothers! You’ve been through so much together. I just don’t think you understand Toni, Brandt. She killed a man! Seymour and I have tattoos dedicated to that man. Dude.. We named our son after him!!” I continued.

“K, well the first part is debatable, because she was proven not guilty in court. I’m sure the guy was great and all, but Toni isn’t who you think she is.” Brandt argued. I was starting to think this whole pregnant thing was not a mistake.

f (30)

“No Brandt, Toni isn’t who you think she is. Toni is exactly who I think she is, trouble.”

f (31)

“Listen Kirsten, I really love this girl. I’ve always thought she was super hot, even when Seymour was with her.”

“Not really what I want to hear right now, if you want me on your side…” I said.

“Okay the point is, I want to make it work. And I wanna be excited about my kid, not feel guilty.”

f (32)

“Okay, okay… I get where you’re coming from. Just don’t expect Sy to let her around us. Especially my babies.”

“Will you just talk to him? Make him understand? Please?” Brandt begged.

f (33)

I sighed deeply.

“Okay, I’ll talk to him…”

33 thoughts on “Chapter 2.13: Not a Mistake

  1. Soooo much to say. The poses!!!! I love all the poses, especially bath time with the babies poses. And the pose with Sy holding the babies over the pool & for the birthday cake are fantastic. AP is beautiful in the winter. I’m so glad the Eric has his lady friend, she is lovely. The Moo Cows fit perfectly next to the barn. Brandt, WTF are you thinking??? Try to use your big brain instead of thinking with your little one, Dude!


    • awww thanks! I made soo many poses this time just ugh Dx

      I think so too, I just don’t like snow very much, so when it does snow, I’m sure to take lots of pretty pictures of it haha

      lol. The kids don’t like Sylvia very much, shes always been the nosy neighbor in AP! But they don’t mind her so much anymore πŸ˜›

      hahaha good one!


  2. Plot Twist indeed.. >.> I saw that coming though! Goodness if she’s gonna be their neighbor, the drama may never end. D: I could see her coming outside for the mail or paper in her undies just to try to seduce my Sy D: And God the babies are so cute, the poses you did are to dye for! πŸ™‚ I loved the birthday cake one πŸ™‚


      • Good. Because if she does any temptation, my simself and Kirs would be kicking up some tail then taking names after! >:| I could almost see her running off or something after the baby is born, and leaving Brant all confused with the kid o.O and ps I love the pose of them in the tub. I hope Kirs and Sy show that to their teenage romantic interest in the future xD


      • Interesting take you have on Toni xD

        Thank you very much! Those took more time to edit than they did to make the pose lol I’m glad you like them, and yes, they definitely have to show the picture to romantic interests!


  3. Before I comment on anything else with this chapter… I LOVE THE POSES YOU HAVE FOR THE TWINS.

    Did you make them yourself? They are so cute and amazing (:

    Moving on, I really loved the little birthday party! So cute, even if Brandt did ruin it. SYFLOWER PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW TONI AROUND YOUR SWEET CHILDREN PLEASESE.

    And.. just out of curiosity because I love the passage of time in your game and how well you put it all together.. How long do you have your seasons set to?

    Ugh the twins are so cute. Please just.. Give them to me.


    • aww thanks bb! I made them myself. If you count tweaking some poses, then I made around 27-ish for this chapter alone o-o Talk about burnt out! haha.

      Glad you liked the b-day party! And at least Brandt showed up a little later, so he didn’t ruin the fun part! πŸ˜› And I definitely don’t think you’ll have to worry about that anytime soon πŸ˜‰

      thanks! Actually, the seasons are on EA’s default settings, but sometimes I cheat to change the season to whatever is going on in the story lol

      bahaha I think Syflower would miss them Dx


      • They all looked great! It really adds to your story to be able to make your own, I’ve always been jealous of people who can hehe. But I’ve never even tried, so maybe I should.

        Loved it! And that was thoughtful of him, at least. I just.. Don’t think Toni deserves a baby ): I don’t want her to hurt anyone else close to Syflower. If she doesn’t, I’ll have to send my simself into your game to kick her butt! (Once I remake her, heh).

        Ah, I think I might shorten mine like that! I have them a bit longer, but my seasons feel so unnatural to me. Idk why, I’m always paranoid about time passage.. Like, its one of my biggest struggles haha.

        I would give them visitation rights πŸ˜€


      • Oh, go for it darling! I’m not going to lie, it’s like, the hardest thing I’ve ever tried, but once I got the hang of it, it was super easy to do and now making poses come so naturally I can whip one up whenever I want it πŸ™‚

        hahaha Between you and Selah’s simselves, Toni just can’t fucking hide can she!? xD

        lol then you should shorten them, no need to feel paranoid :O

        hahaha “I want your children, but you can visitation rights” rofl xD


      • I think I will when I get some extra time! Sometimes I just think of the most perfect poses in my head, but I always have to go with whatever I can find that is closest, ya know?

        Nowhere to hide! Selah and I are coming for you Toni πŸ˜›

        Hehe, I will then. Time passage is just.. my bane xD


  4. Brandt, really dude? I say after the baby, have nothing more to do with her, she id trouble. But another great chap, Mo. I remain a loyal fan always and the twins are cuter by the day. I also hope Kristin forgives Cory one day, Am I the only one that doesn’t find fault in what he did? :/


      • haha aww thanks! I released one set a long time ago, but they didn’t do that well. I just kinda figured not many people wanted them so that’s why I don’t really release many. But I will have to pretty soon!


    • I think Kirsten and Sy would agree with you as far as Toni being nothing but trouble!

      That means so much to me, I hope you’re always a fan, my love ❀

      You probably aren't the only one who finds fault in what Cody did. In all honesty, Cody made some very valid points. But Kirsten doesn't do well with rejection, and she wanted her brother back in her life, so the fact that he didn't take her feelings into consideration, makes her feel as if he completely betrayed her, which in turn, makes her resent him.

      Thank you so much for reading ❀


  5. Haha, Sy holding the kids over the pool LOL. And wow. Brandt…you dipped your pen in the wrong ink buddy. Hopefully he don’t end up dead too. xD
    Aww..Erik. Well, at least he’s not sad and all by himself.


  6. What a great chapter! I loved the poses, my favorite was the pool one or the blowing out the candles one, the twins are so cute, Salem sounds like she has quite the attitude! Ohhhh Brandt….. You’re in trouble :0 Also where did you get the little wading pool and did you make all the poses again? Because they are so amazing! πŸ˜€


    • hehehe thanks, I’m glad you liked them!

      And ohhhh yes, Salem is already sooo sassy. I can tell by her facial expressions. Birdie might have some competition πŸ˜‰

      and here is where I got this adorable pool:

      It’s also the one I used for Kirsten’s birth, but don’t worry, I didn’t use the same one! haha. And yes, I made or tweaked most of the poses, but some are not mine πŸ™‚


  7. :O PLOT TWIST!!

    Salem and Yellow are freaking adorable. I love their hair colour, so presh! I’m realy excited to see what they look like as they get older. Speaking of which, Birdie must be getting close to aging up now?

    Excited to see Gwerry’s wedding!


    • Aww thanks! yes, they’re a perfect mixture between their parents,even the hair color ❀

      And I'm not sure how much longer Birdie has, but I'm sure it's not too far off. And Yes! Can't wait to post it. I already made the poses, then when I get some time I'll go in game and take the shots πŸ™‚


  8. So, I did see your one pose pack, but would you be willing to upload more…I do not expect you to take requests, But the ones I’ve seen in this whole BMTL are just so awesome…
    I gotta learn how to make my own… it would help me loads… lol


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