Chapter 2.12: Grave-Risers


Author’s note: This chapter deals with discussion of potential suicide, although it’s dealt with in a completely different way as depression related suicide, I just thought I’d mention it for those who do not approve. Cody is not sad or depressed, and this is make-believe.

a (1)

“Who told you?” Cody yelled.

a (2)

“It doesn’t matter who told me, you’d be foolish to do that, Cody.”

a (3)

“Look, you don’t know half the truth! Resurrection is wrong. Why are only some people chosen to come back, and what? Every other dead person just isn’t good enough? God took us for a reason, we don’t have the right to just come back whenever someone feels like it. It’s pure evil.”

a (4)

“Evil?! How dare you! If it weren’t for me coming back, I would never have gotten the chance to meet my family, and have my children. I was taken away far too soon, trying to save my brother’s life, and frankly, that’s just unfair. If anything, my second chance was a blessing.”

a (5)

“Well great. Continue walking this earth without a soul, see if I care. I won’t be a part of it.”

“Cody, you need help…”

“Nah Kirsten, you’re the one that needs help. I’ll prove it, too!”

a (6)

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“Just follow me.”

a (7)

Cody got into his car and drove away, I quickly followed by jumping into the passenger seat of Frankenstein.

“Quick, follow him!” I shouted.

Seymour fumbled with the keys, and finally got the car started.

a (9)

We followed Cody up to his room, as I did my best to avoid looking at the urn next to the TV that held my biological father’s ashes.

“Take a seat.” He said, pulling up to his computer.


He turned on his laptop, and the desktop background was a photo of a pretty young brunette girl.

“Ignore the background, I haven’t got the time to change it yet.”


“Who’s she?” I asked.

“No one. Anymore at least. Used to be my girlfriend.”

“What happened to her?”

Cody sighed deeply. “When I started researching grave-risers, she thought I became too ‘obsessed’, so she dumped me. But whatever, I don’t want to talk about it okay?”

“Grave risers?” I questioned.

“Yep. It’s what we are. They’re everywhere now. And it’s not a good thing.”

After clicking on several links and entering a series of pass-codes, Cody entered a site dedicated to the study of resurrected people, and showed me the details.

b3 (1)

He clicked on a picture of a woman with blue hair and light purple skin.

“This is a grave-riser..” Cody began.

” A lot of them look like you and me. But some of them… some of them look like this. Their colors can vary from any color on the spectrum. When their colors are not normal, it means one of two things; one, their remains are nothing but bones, so the magic makes up for what they used to look like, by replacing their normal colors with unique colors. Or two, the magic was not powerful enough to render their original color. Then it’s known as a disgrace to anyone who practices magic.”

“How does the magic choose which colors someone will be?”

“Usually by the location in which they were buried.”

b3 (2)

“The government has scientists researching these people day and night. They know that something is up, but for now, science just tells the public it’s a rare genetic disorder.”

b3 (3)

“Scientists are always pushing for very invasive tests for research, but many lawsuits later, they are no longer allowed to breech our basic human rights.”


“But that’s just what we know, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing inhumane experiments on people like us. We want to avoid the tests as much as possible Kirsten.”


“The bad part is, These people can procreate…”

“Excuse you.” I grumbled.

“I’m sorry, Kirsten, but it’s the truth. The world is already way over- populated, and our species depends on death to restore the natural balance.” Cody explained.

Trying to contain my anger, for Cody’s sake, I took a deep breath.

Cody got up and began to walk away.

“So at the end of the day, we don’t belong here Kirsten. Neither do your children. And if you have any heart at all, you’ll let yourself go. Go back where we belong. We can do it together, so it won’t be scary.”


I stopped Cody by standing in front of him.

“Come one Cody.. There has to be at least something worth living for! “


“Oh god Kirsten, you just don’t get it, do you? I’m not depressed, I don’t hate my life, I have plenty to live for, I just don’t belong here…” He shouted loudly.


“That’s all just bullshit, Cody! You can’t just come into someone’s life, make them care, then walk back out! Know what? If you do it, I’ll just bring you back myself.” I cried.

d4 (1)

“You’ll regret it Kirsten…”

d4 (2)

Seymour suddenly stepped in and pushed Cody backwards.

“Alright, you crossed the line, buddy. Don’t threaten my wife.” He said, sternly.

d5 (1)

“Okay, okay. Calm down boys. Look Cody, Isn’t there anything, anything at all that will at least stall you? Just a little bit?”

My voice was raspy and desperate as I tried to hold back tears. I tried to save Cody once and failed, so the thought of failing to save him again ate away at my soul.

d5 (3)

Seymour must have been able to sense my despair, because he stepped in with a brilliant idea.

“What about the girl, what’s her name?”

“You mean Rosemary? No, she doesn’t want anything to do with me.”  Cody replied.

“Well you’ll never know if you go jumping off a bridge or something, will you? Where does she live?”

d5 (4)

Cody sighed in frustration… “Ugh… the big chateau at the end of  Riverblossom Hills Drive…”

d6 (3)

“Perfect! I’ll go find her okay? Promise me you’ll stay right here until we get back, Okay?”


I ran out the door, as Seymour followed.

d6 (4)

I stopped Seymour over the balcony.

“I need someone to stay here, and keep an eye on him.” I said.

“Alright, just be safe.”

I took a deep breath.

“This is the spot where I died…” I whispered.

d6 (6)

He pulled me in close.

“And it’s now the spot that you lived….” He whispered.

d6 (5)

“Call the police if he tries anything.” I said, breaking our embrace.

d6 (7)

d6 (8)

d6 (9)

d6 (10)

d6 (12)

d6 (13)

I had no idea where I was even going, hell, I didn’t even know what a chateau was, but I didn’t have time to fool around.

d6 (14)

I ran up to the big house on the end of Riverblossom Hills Drive, and rang the door bell.

d6 (15)

“Rosemary?” I asked.

“Umm… Can I help you?”

“I’m Kirsten, Cody’s biological sister.”

d6 (16)

“So you’re real?!” She asked, seemingly surprised.

“Look, Cody is in danger, he’s going to hurt himself. You’re the only thing we can think of that might be able to stop him. You need to come with me, please!”

“Oh my god… oh… Okay… Let me grab my shoes and ….”

“We don’t have time, let’s go!” I interrupted.

d6 (11)

Speeding down the streets to get back to the house, I simultaneously attempted calling Seymour, my stomach dropped when I got no response.

d6 (1)

The blood red sky painted the mood accurately as we pulled up into the driveway. Cop cars and ambulances surrounded the house.

d6 (2)

“Oh no…” cried Rosemary.

Afraid to take another step forward, I took a deep breath and pushed myself ahead.

d7 (1)

“No, turn around baby, just get back in the car.” Seymour yelled, pacing towards me.

I felt my stomach in my throat, as a few tiny droplets of water reminded me that this was still reality.

d7 (2)

“Honey I tried to call you, is everything okay? Is Cody-“

Seymour stopped me, and began to cry.

“No… It’s too late… Isn’t it?”



“Honey I’m so sorry, I know you tried.” He whispered. “You tried, I tried, we both did. But it was a lost cause, he already had his mind made up. This isn’t your fault.”

The sound of my muffled weeping into Seymour’s shirt caused him to tighten his grip on me. I felt the earth shatter for a moment, and I just wanted to fall apart.

d11 (1)

“We did all that we could do baby.” He cooed.

I cried into my husband’s embrace until the rain eventually stopped.

d11 (2)

Hannah was a mess, but she still found it in herself to assure me that it wasn’t my fault, that it was never my fault.

“Cody has been saying he was going to do this for years now, Kirsten dear. We all saw it coming, no one could have stopped him.”

d11 (3)

“But our family will need time to mourn, I hope you don’t mind sweetheart.” She said kindly, as she held me tightly.

“Oh, I completely understand. I need to get home to my family now. Thank you for everything, and I’m so sorry about tonight.” I said.

“Thank you dear, please keep in touch, the girls just love you.”

d11 (4)

Seymour and I offered Rosemary a ride home. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be, as everyone was just blank.

d11 (5)

Rosemary invited us in for coffee. We definitely decided to accept her offer, since we’d be on the road all night.

She told us stories about her and Cody, and even explained the breakup in detail. She was very kind, and I think she would have given him another chance had Cody just waited a little longer.

d11 (6)

“I know we just met, but I’ll give you my number, let’s keep in touch. If you ever need to rant, I’ll always be a phone call away.”

d11 (7)

I gave Rosemary a big hug and looked forward to calling her. She had a very friendly and inviting vibe to her.

d11 (8)

The rain came back full swing, and Seymour and I had to run to the car.

d12 (1)

“Hurry up and unlock the door, it’s so cold out  here!” I shouted, as Seymour fumbled with the keys.

Suddenly I heard a faint whisper from behind me.

“Forgive me, little sister…”

d12 (2)

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Cody’s ghostly figure standing there in front of me. But the more I looked at him, the angrier I felt with him.

I’m very ambitious, so failure isn’t an option for me. I tried so hard to save him, and failed once again. I felt the same sting of failure as I did when I was little, and tried to save him before. Except this time, he could have prevented it.

Cody Remington betrayed me. I would never call him my brother again. And if he’s stuck here on earth, and somehow needing my forgiveness to move on, good. I’ll feel personal enjoyment knowing he’ll be rotting here forever.

d13 (1)

“Disappear.” I growled.

d13 (2)

“Did you say something honey?”

“Nope, nothing important!”

“Okay, then hurry up and get in, you’re going to get all wet!”


As we pulled out of the driveway, I saw flames before my eyes, as they engulfed Cody’s spirit.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

34 thoughts on “Chapter 2.12: Grave-Risers

  1. Wow Mo.. It’s mind blowing how Cody explained it. I nearly cried when Sy came out of the house telling Kirs not to come in though ;-; My feels.. And I love how Kirs told Cody’s ghost to disappear. Sounded so much deserved.


    • I know. It really is weird to write about two different views on one topic, both with valid points, haha!

      I know darlin :/ I knew that would be an important moment, so I had to whip up some poses for that. I’m glad it touched you though!

      And yeesssss she’s absolutely despises Cody, understandably. I just don’t know if harboring so much hate will be very healthy in the long run. :S But I’m sure she felt good telling him off at that moment!


      • Yeah both were very valid you made it seem very realistic. The Sims in the shots where he’s explaining his point are so cute! Did you whip them up too? o.O The blue one especially cute.

        Yeah I can understand how she could despise him. I hope she doesn’t cling to that hate. But if so, it could call for some therapy! That could be a fun scene to play out!


      • I’m glad you think so! I had to dig into each of their minds and make a nest just to write those parts.

        Yes, I did whip of the example ghosties. Nothin special, but I’m so glad you liked them! ❤

        hahaha I could only imagine xD I think I'll let Birdie play therapist or something. But then again Persy would flip if Kirsten talked about adult problems with her little baby! xP


      • Yesyesyesyes! It could be a fictional ask Birdie! Some of the Darlings and more could come up to her asking her for playful advice xD Omg I bet she’d be blunt like most kids.


  2. Aw he actually did it, poor Kristen and the whole family and Rosemary. When Sy told her not to come in, 😥 That was my face. Great chapter, your always surprising me! 😀


    • awww thank you so much 😀 I’m so glad that part touched you, that was the part where I put the most emotion into, so I’m glad it came across in the story! And haha yay, surprises are fun! 😛


  3. You handled the mentioning of suicide very well, Mo! I think what a lot of people forget is that person doesn’t necessarily have to be sad or depressed to want to commit suicide.

    I can’t believe he actually did it though. Hit me right in the feels when Sy told Kirs to go back into the car 😥

    Finally settled on a BMTL character as well ^^ Going for Anabelle Oinkslopes 😀


    • Do you really think so? I was really worried about upsetting someone, so I’m glad you think that was handled well.

      And you’re so right lovely. Cody wasn’t suffering depression or anything like that. That’s a serious disease and I don’t know if I could take it to that level with this story, then again… you never know what’s in store! ;D

      I’m so excited that everyone is getting emotional at the exact spots I intended them to. So sorry about your feels, maybe next chapter will serve as more of a hug to fix them ❤

      And OMG are you really?! *hyperventilates* I'm so excited, I could jump up and down right now. Annabelle is really adorable, and even her name is super quirky. I'm so glad you decided to join! Lemme know right away when you post, and I'll spread the word 🙂


      • Well, even if someone does find the topic upsetting I must say you treated it with the utmost respect. I feel that a lot of people who write suicide chapters don’t really treat it correctly. They kinda just see it as an excuse to develop the plot of a really depressed character.
        And after knowing someone who commited suicide and several people who’ve tried, it really gets to me.

        Aww yay! I loves me some cute chapters ❤

        Yeah, the ghost I had in mind originally looked a bit…peculiar as a young adult so I settled for Ana instead. I really adore her name though, it's so unique! Her personality is kinda interesting too, I think she'd probably be the same age as Lolita Goth.


      • Thank you sweetie! I’m so sorry that you’ve had those experiences in your life, but I’m glad my chapter didn’t rub you the wrong way.

        Who did you have in mind at first? And I know what you mean. Honestly, I was a little surprised when Kirsten didn’t turn out exactly how I expected, but I was determined to keep her, and I think she’s adorable now! But Ana is cute from what I’ve seen, but the wiki pages just don’t do them justice, so I can’t wait to see her alive 🙂


      • The best thing I can do for her now is to not linger on the past and just remember her for who she was.

        Her picture certainly doesn’t do her any justice. She has an adorable nose and she looks really pretty with longer hair 🙂


  4. Who is the the Grave-Riser with the guitar? and the Orange guy and the blue green girl? LOL
    Good ole Frankenstein. Gonna be around for 100 years XD.
    Interesting take on the former ghost sims. And I think you handled Cody’s end very well. Poor Kirsten though. Great job!


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