Chapter 2.10: Sunflower Seeds

a (1)

In the beginning, Seymour and I were learning new things everyday, about being parents.

a (2)

Our tiny little blessings were by far the most magical experience to grace us yet, and that’s saying a lot, considering our circumstances.

a (3)

Sometimes, we just wished time would pause for us, so that we could take our time experiencing  the moments like these a little longer. Unfortunately, I don’t think even the great and powerful Crumplebottom sisters possess such powers.

We saw our twins, or Sunflower Seeds, as we called them, grow more and more each day. Nothing short of bittersweet.

b (1)

Their personalities were already starting to shine through. They were both wonderful babies, I rarely had a complaint. Yellow was always happy, and was always wearing a smile on his face.

We also noticed he had a faint birthmark on his cheek, right under his eye. We didn’t mind though, it made him that much more special. Besides, the pediatrician said it should go away completely by the time he’s a year old, and that it was nothing to worry about.


Salem was a happy baby too, just… differently. She was fine in her room or anywhere else inside, but once you took her outside, she acted like the world was going to end. She truly hated the outdoors.

b (3)

Although Salem hated the outdoors, we still made it a habit to do things with the kids outside as much as possible. We took advantage of Salem’s sleeping schedule by sneaking her into one of the strollers that Persephone bought us.

a2 (1)

Erik ended up going on his first date every since he created his online dating profile. Also his first date after well.. Aggy.

Her name was Patricia Bedlington, who was also a widow.

b (2)

As for me, whenever I had a few short moments to myself, I found a new hobby in violin playing. Erik had bought it for me for Christmas last year, I just never had any time to play it.

Old Mr. West, in town had unfortunately passed away, But leave it to Gwendolyn to make lemonade from lemons. She and Barry found the perfect opportunity to purchase his little house and get away from the babies. Seymour and I agreed to help out… a little.

b (4)

“Do I seriously have to carry this thing? It stinks…” Gwendolyn complained.

b (5)

“Yes, Gwendolyn… It would sure be nice..” Seymour grumbled, with gritted teeth. “Kirs has a sore back right now, it’s the least you could do…”

b (6)

“Well they’re not my kids, I didn’t knock her up! I used protection… heheh” Gwendolyn chuckled.

b (7)

“Gwendolyn, I wasn’t knocked up, these babies were completely planned.” I rebutted. “Here, I’ll just take her.”


b (8)

“Oh by the way, my dad says he wants to see the twerps on your way out, he’s outside.”

b (9)

Erik was the best grandpa you could ever imagine! I knew he loved Birdie, yes, but I got the chance to see it first hand with my babies. He thought the world of my kids, and was right there to spend every moment he could with them.

b (10)

b (11)

We finally arrived to Gwendolyn’s little house to help her move. Pretty much everything was already moved in, except for the upstairs. I was just hoping to mooch some food from her or something.

b (12)

As soon as we put the babies down, I was greeted by a very sweaty Barry, as Gwendolyn explained that Nat was coming to visit, and also help move.

b (13)

“oOoOoO Nat!?” I teased.

“Who’s Nat?” Barry asked, confusingly.

“Only Gwendy’s sexy hot college lover…”

b (14)

“She’s just messing with you Bear-Bear, he’s just a friend…” She comforted.

“Yeah, that she just happened to have hot steamy love making with, a bajillion times!” I laughed.

b (16)

“She’s just jealous of us, Barry, ignore her.”

b (15)

“I dunno Gwendy, we all thought for sure you were gonna marry that dude…” Seymour added.

Gwendolyn looked at Seymour and rolled her eyes. “Ha…Well for your information, he’s married with a kid, huge turn off.”

b (17)

While without a top, I sat on the couch feeding my babies, as I heard a stern knock on the door.

b (18)

Gwendolyn invited Nat in, as he slowly embraced her.

“You look beautiful, Gwendolyn.” He whispered.

The awkward tension in the room was unbearable, once I seen the same confused look on Barry’s face, the one that used to be for me.


I did my best to at least appear to be ignoring everything that was going on, and kept my eyes on the babies.

“Don’t mind this half naked woman nursing two leeches, it’s just my sister-in-law.” Gwendolyn explained.


“Nat this is my boyfriend, Barry. Barry, Nat.”

“Hey man.” Nat greeted, shaking Barry’s hand.

I can only imagine how awkward things got after I left.


As fall began, Seymour decided to get another tattoo. This one was by far my favorite. A little sun and moon piece to represent the babies.


My changes weren’t as sudden as the falling leaves or a new tattoo, no siree! Although Seymour loved my new curves, it just wasn’t me, and I was ready to attempt to get back to my old size. It might be ambitious, and while I know I’ll never get rid of my mommy body, I still want to feel a bit healthier.

f (1)

One sunny afternoon, Seymour and I strolled to the park with the kids.

f (2)

It was a great day, I know this because Salem didn’t even cry once!


But things turned a bit eerie when Seymour began to worry about a fellow park visitor.

“Kirs… don’t look too fast, but I think that man is watching us…”


I slowly and sneakily rotated in place to look. A man in a black hoodie, sunglasses, and baseball cap surely seemed to be watching us. I wasn’t too scared though, he’s probably just new in town and too shy too talk to anyone.

z (2)

“Honey, you’re probably just being paranoid again! You know how you get.”

Still, we decided to call it a night and head home.

z (3)

Once home, we finally got the babies to bed after a lot of lullabies and tummy rubs.

z (4)

Erik was still on his date with Patricia. Seymour was still obsessing about the man at the park. Although shortly after, he switched the conversation over to how much he doesn’t approve of Erik dating, and that he doesn’t think it’s right to replace Agnes.

z (5)

“Sy, Erik would never replace your mom, but maybe this will be good for him. You should let him make his own decisions.”

z (6)

Erik finally showed up just in the nick of time, to stop a potential argument before it happens.

“Hey there kiddos!”

“Oh hey Erik! How was the date? You think it may be looooove?” I giggled.

z (7)

“No I don’t think so, pumpkin. Patricia and I just don’t… click. Lovely woman though.”

z (8)

“Anywho, I almost forgot! There was a package in the mail today. I think it was for you two, come see…”

z (9)

“Your mother and I got one of these in the mail for Gwendolyn, then once again for you. We ended up throwing it away after seeing how crazy about it Persephone became. You can choose what you want to do with it though.” Erik explained.

z (10)

“Ah, no, I think we’ll keep him. Hey there little guy!” Seymour Cooed. “We’ll call you.Fishsticks!”

z (11)

One day, we got big news that Barry had proposed to Gwendolyn! This was the perfect excuse to throw a little engagement shin-dig! I have to admit, I was a party animal, and I’d find any excuse to throw a party.

z (12)

Luckily, it was a perfect autumn day. The sky was blue and the birds were singing. Like usual, I hosted the party right outside the barn.

z (13)

Luckily for me, Erik was nice enough to keep an eye on the babies long enough for me to keep the guests entertained.

z (16)

Although the whole Barry and Gwendolyn thing caused a bit of turmoil for us in the past, I was finally ready to completely move on, and accept that they’re in love.

z (14)

I mean in all honesty, if you could see the way the looked at each other all the time, you’d get it. Who was I to resent that?

z (15)

Erik accepted Barry into the family just as well as he did me. He was truly looking forward to calling Barry his Son-In-Law, and Barry fit the description well.

z (17)

z (18)

z (19)

z (20)

Everything was going really great until my eyes caught Benni Hennessey and my husband exchanging flirty whispers.

z (21)

Honestly Seymour has always been a super flirty guy, so I wasn’t that upset. However I knew that if I played my cards correctly, he’d feel guilty and I’d get something out of it.

I “angrily” stormed away, upstairs in the barn.

z (23)

Sure enough Seymour ran after me to apologize.

z (24)

Then he promised to make it up to me by taking me to a movie. Everything went exactly how I planned.

z (25)

We said our final goodbyes and congratulations, as Erik promised the babies were in good hands.

z (26)

Once we got to the theater, I was tempted to mooch some candy from Seymour, but remembered my health goal, and changed my mind.

z (27)

z (28)

We sat in the very front row, like we always do at the movies. He put his arm around me and we cuddled. It was a nice feeling. I loved my kids more than anything, but it was nice to get breaks.

z (29)

During the movie, my very over affectionate husband secretly stole kisses.

z (30)

“We’re trying to enjoy this movie, you sickos!” I heard from behind us, in a hushed whisper.

….Well maybe not so secretly! It was Kizzie and her fiancee sitting a few rows back. I looked at her, and stuck my tongue out, and she laughed.

But something caught my eye… behind Kizzie, was the man in the hat and glasses, sitting a row or two back behind her.

I didn’t say anything to Seymour, because I know he can be very neurotic, and probably panic. I snuck glances every couple of minutes to see if he was still there.

z (31)

When the showing was over, the room began to clear out, and there was no sign of the man in black.

z (32)

Seymour and I caught up with Kizzie for a bit, when something caught my eye once more.

z (33)

z (34)

When Kizzie left, I had to make a decision.

“Honey, I need to pee! Go get the car started please?”

“Sure thing baby.”

z (35)

Before entering the men’s restroom, I looked around to see if I was being watched.

z (36)

I could hear my heart pounding as I entered the room, and saw his feet behind the stalls. I was going to approach him. Defenseless.

z (37)

“You! I know you’ve been following me! I’m calling the cops! ” I pointed angrily.

The man had what looked like bad burns all over his face and hands.

z (38)

“Okay calm down, I can explain… little sister...”

z (39)


41 thoughts on “Chapter 2.10: Sunflower Seeds

  1. Omg.. I love this Mo.. Her brother O_O I gasped, laughed, and my heart dropped too after seeing him O_O The babies are so cute! No more burrito babies for you dear huh? Sy better keep his wondering eye on Kirs only D: And I can’t wait to see more, Miss Cliff Hanger..


    • Hhaha *takes bow* That’s me! I figured I’d bring back a cliffhanger, I was getting rusty in that department D:

      Thank you so much! And no, I think the burrito days are over ;P

      And hahaha yes, Sy is such a flirty mcflirterson, he’ll even flirt with ole Mrs. Lum down the street xD


      • Speaking of flirting, I meant to mention Erik’s date xD she looks sooooo old fashion it’s sorta cute xD. I was just glad he wasn’t fooling with some young thing. That woulda been awkward for everyone. Buck and Lo keep getting gifts and all sorts of shit from Kai and Ace, I’m starting to think the two of them are swingers.


      • Yeah you never know. I could almost see it.. but only if she’s genuinely interested in my Erik. But not as young as his kids, ya know? Like adultish maybe? But as long as Erik is happy x3


      • Erik isn’t happy with Patricia, that will probably be their last date. I really thought she was adorable but I just can’t make it work. Everytime he tried to talk to her something came up about a conflicting trait, and most of the date was awkward. She’s a snob, I think D:

        And lol Erik is attracted to women his age!


      • lol we don’t want that… I think I found the perfect lovely lady for Erik to spend his remaining days with though *-* Nothing serious, just someone to keep him company. You’ll see next chapter!


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    also the babies are so cute (: i love the pictures you take of them.

    and yay for gwenday and barray<3


  3. This chapter was surely amazing! It had a bit of everything! The Sunflower seeds, Syflower, Erik dating, Gwendy with Barry but now CODY? HER BROTHER? RIGHT NOW? OMFG What’s going to happen? :O


  4. Gah, my mind may have exploded XD
    I’m lovin’ how you’re writing the babies. It’s all very realistic, especially with the baby baskets. Two of my cousins are twins and I remember all the hassle my aunt had taking them out with all their baby things ^^

    N’aww it’s a shame Erik’s date didn’t go well. Hopefully he and Patricia will stay friends!

    Gwerry 5ever. Like, I know Gwnedy doesn’t want kids or anything but I think my fangirl heart would die XD

    Hmm, wonder how Cody is still alive? Can’t wait for your next chapter!!


    • Thank you so very much my dear! I’m trying my best to make the story realistic, but then smothering it with magical charm 😛

      And aww please don’t let your fangirl heart die, I like your fan girl heart D: Trust me, Gwendy with a child would be a nightmare, and the social worker would be there waiting for it to pop out 😛

      And I dunnoooo but you’ll see soon, thank you so much for reading and leaving me an amazing comment! ❤


      • Well it is certainly working to your advantage! I can’t wait to see how you write in their magical abilities.

        Haha, that’s very true. I think she should stick to her dragon! Who knows she could even hatch some more.

        Aww you’re very welcome ❤


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