Chapter 2.9: Safe and Sound

Warning: Contains nudity,and some language. read/view at your own risk.

a (1)

“This dating site idea is a bunch of bullshit. Dad doesn’t need to start dating again, he’s perfectly fine with his family.” Seymour griped.

a (2)

“Oh shut up Seymour, let the man find a little lovin’!”

While my husband and Gwendolyn argued about whether or not Erik should set up a dating profile online, I was in the barn preparing for my baby shower.

b (1)

I was very pregnant. My belly was huge. The baby was bound to be a little monster, because I still had a few months to go.

b (2)

I greeted each guest one at a time until they all showed up. For the most part, the guest list was made up of mostly pregnant women, and some friends.

Like Sarah, for example, who was probably a monthΒ  or two behind me.


Then Adrienne West. Adrienne worked at the thrift shop down the street, so I was always familiar with her. However, my Uncle Jared knocked her up, so she was pregnant with my baby cousin!

She and Jared are not in a relationship, it was a one time thing, but I’m pretty sure she wanted to be a mother, so it was highly unlikely that her pregnancy was a mistake.


Adrienne was a very nice lady, she offered me any advice, if I ever needed it. Even if my uncle isn’t in the picture, I know she’ll be a great mother to my cousin.

c3 (2)

Dorothy and Jocelyn showed up next. Dorothy wasn’t pregnant, but she brought Jocelyn along with her, who was. It was a little awkward having my ex’s girlfriend there, but it wasn’t as bad I thought it’d be.

c3 (1)

I was often jealous of Jocelyn, she was due any minute now, yet her tummy wasn’t ginormous like mine was! It was… manageable. I bet her feet rarely swelled, nor her back ever ached!

c3 (3)

“Sup bitches?!?” Benni said, entering the room. Benni already knew she was having a boy, two months before me.

c3 (4)

I was lucky for Gwendolyn to be there. She was the entertainment, and the girls laughed so hard they almost wet themselves when we played a game of charades.

c3 (6)

As the group got larger, we took the party downstairs, where everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves quite a bit!

c3 (5)

Much to my surprise, the Crumplebottom sisters showed up unannounced, and in coordinating colors. I was very excited to see them!

c3 (7)

Bianca took me aside, and walked with me, arm in arm.

“So do you want to know what you’re having?” She asked.

c3 (8)

Surprised, I stopped and turned to her.

“Wait, you can tell me the gender?! Can you actually do that!?”

c3 (9)

“You’re having a girl, dear.” Bianca announced, patting my shoulder.

c3 (10)

Out of nowhere, Belinda spun my around, and held my hands.

“You’re also having a bouncing baby boy!” She announced.

c3 (11)

“Wait… You mean…. Twins?! Are you sure?! Do you know this because you’re witches? Oh my god!” I squealed.

c3 (12)

“Doesn’t take a skilled witch to know there’s twins in that belly.” Beatrice said, popping out of nowhere once again.

I guess she’s right. I mean, I should’ve saw this coming. I had read that the procreation elixir increased chances of multiples. In fact, that’s usually what it’s used for. I was just lucky to conceive, so having twins definitely came as a shock to me.

c3 (13)

I turned to the group of girls, and shouted, “I’m having twins everybody!”

The group responded with very enthusiastic “yeahs” and “wooos

“Does anyone mind if I call Seymour? I know this is a girls only event-“

Before I could finish, they all shouted “call him!” In unison.

c3 (14)

“Honey… I need you to get to the barn, hurry! I have some news!”

c3 (15)

“What? No, everything is fine, just hurry.”

Seymour, who was at the beach with some friends, made it back to the barn in no time.

c3 (16)

“Okay so… I have something I need to confess… I talked to the Crumplebottom sisters, and guess what….?”

Seymour cocked his head and stared.

c3 (17)

“We’re having twins!” I announced.

c3 (18)

Seymour went blank, and look as though he was going to faint.

c3 (19)

“Do you really mean it? Kirsten, you’re sure?”

I nodded enthusiastically as a smile just about covered my entire face.

c3 (20)

He pulled me in tight, and kissed me passionately.

c3 (21)

When he pulled away, I saw him wipe away tears.

“Aww Sy, it’s okay, baby!”

c3 (22)

He pulled me in close, and held my face.

“Honey, I am so proud of you. You’re such a beautiful and strong woman, I could never do what you do.” He said, deeply staring into my eyes.

I felt tears fill my eyes as I realized I just heard what I’ve been waiting to hear this entire pregnancy. Seymour was a great guy, but he doesn’t say things like that very often, it caught me off guard, yet filled my heart with love.

c3 (23)

Gwendolyn invited Barry over as the sun began to set. Seymour didn’t leave my side for the rest of the party. He spent the entire time rubbing my belly or my shoulders. I could really get used to this!

c3 (24)

“So since you’re sitting down…” Gwendolyn began, “We thought this would be the perfect time to confess… We’re also expecting!”

Seymour and I went blank for a moment, then she explained.


The Crumplebottom Sisters had brought Gwendolyn a gift when they arrived. It was some sort of scaly egg. Apparently when it hatched, there would be a baby dragon inside. Yes, I found it a bit freaky, but I’m a Darling now, and I should be embracing weird at this point.

Gwendolyn treated the egg like a newborn, and Barry thought her craziness was just the cutest thing ever. Gwendolyn is definitely not okay with ever having actual children, and luckily, Barry is completely fine with that.


Later that night, as the boys cleaned up the barn, I put Aurora away for the night.

“You’re going to love the new babies Rora, I just know it.” I cooed softly.


“I know I already do.”

I had already bonded with the two souls I carried, I just wasn’t fully aware that there were two.

“A boy and a girl.” I smiled, gently rubbing my stomach. Now I can use both names that I had picked out!


But then it dawned on me… This family has a history of twins… and a not so bright history at that… Persephone.

I was so wrapped up in the news, that I had forgotten about Persephone. Birdie was supposed to be a twin as well, but Simon didn’t make it through.

So much was running through my mind. What are the chances of both siblings conceiving twins?Β  What if one of my babies didn’t make it through? What if both didn’t? I don’t think I could ever handle that. How will Persephone feel if they both make it through, happy and healthy?

I became overwhelmed with guilt. The only thing I wanted to do, was apologize to Persephone. I don’t know what for, but I do that I was so, so sorry.


“Sy, I need to you and Barry to make sure the rest of this is cleaned up, I need to go.”

“Where are you going? It’s so late right now Kirsten, let me go with.”

“No, I need to go alone. I need to make something right.”


When I got to Persephone’s house, I explained how sorry and guilty I feel, and that it was never my intention to conceive twins… especially boy/girl twins.


I broke down and told her I was afraid to cause friction between us. I didn’t want to forfeit my relationship with Persephone over this.

g7 (1)

Persephone explained to me that there would be no hard feelings, and that I’m being absolutely silly.

g7 (2)

“You know, I actually don’t know if I could have handled twins. If Simon made it through, there would have been a good chance that Birdie wouldn’t have. And I don’t want this to sound terribly harsh, but I’m glad I have Birdie instead. I love Simon dearly, I just couldn’t see my life without Birdie. I only needed one child, and I have her. Simon is happy with my mother up above.” She explained. “I want you to be happy about this, you’re way more cut out for two than I was.”

After Persephone explained how she felt, it felt like 50 pounds had been lifted off my shoulders. I was still afraid that what happened to her would happen to me, but at least I had one less worry.


Just as we finished our deep discussion, Birdie made her way into the livingroom.

“What’s going on in here?” She asked concernedly.


“Are you crying because you look like a beach ball? She asked.


“No… but thanks Birdie.”

And on that note, I said my goodbyes and waddled home.



i (3)

As the summer progressed, Appaloosa Plains was spitting out babies like a slot machine.

Jocelyn and Ethan’s baby arrived right away. A little girl whom they named Raquel Parrott.

i (4)

Shortly after, Benni’s little boy arrived. She named him Monroe, after another one of her idols.

i (1)

Even Gwendolyn’s dragon egg hatched.

i (2)

He was a bit scary at first, but we began to warm up to him. She named him Shamrock, and treated him as if he were an actual child!

i3 (1)

I spent the remaining months of my pregnancy nesting. And I really went all out for my children. We used Birdie’s old room, and a lot of her old stuff, but changed the walls, and carpets, along with adding on.

I wanted an area for sleep, and an area for play. Despite all the help I had, the new nursery wiped a lot of our savings out.

i3 (2)

i3 (3)

i3 (4)

Moon, the family cat, hasn’t really left my side. I’ve read before that animals can sense when you’re pregnant, and often become very protective.

This was obviously the case with Moon, and I formed a very strong bond with him.

i3 (5)

One evening, Seymour and I sat in the grass, and talked about how strange it was that we were going to instantly have children, instead of a child. It was just so much to wrap our heads around.

As we attempted to stand up, Seymour picked me up, since I was unable to stand on my own.

“Ugh. My back hurts soooo bad. I’m in so much pain. Ow! My feet!” I complained.

i3 (6)

“So I uhh… don’t suppose you wanna… you know? I mean, I understand if you don’t but I might be able to work those pains out…” He smiled coyly.

i3 (7)

“You mean you still want me even though I look like a beach ball?” I giggled.

i3 (8)

He held my face and smiled.

“Honey, you’re carrying two of my children inside you. That makes you even more beautiful to me, I want you even more now…”

i3 (9)

Summer was towards the end, and we had just reached our one year anniversary.

Although I had a few weeks to go, the anticipation of meeting my babies was growing day by day.

One afternoon, I relaxed near the barn, with Moon and Aurora while Seymour continued working on a sculpture.

i4 (1)

Moon suddenly ran off, which I supposed spooked Aurora, because she stood up and began to act extremely antsy. Grabbing her mane, I managed to pull myself up to calm her down.

“What’s gotten into you, baby girl?” I whispered, stroking her neck.


Then I figured out why she was acting so weird. I went into labor. I know this one wasn’t a false alarm, I could feel it.

i4 (2)

“Seymour! It’s time to go to the hospital!” I shouted, hoping he would hear me from across the yard.


“And by hospital, you mean barn!” I heard a voice coming from the barn.

It was Bianca, with Belinda next to her, giggling. I was so confused.

m (1)

Bianca cheerily skipped to me.

“Are you ready to have these little witch babies?!” She asked.

“What? I need to go to the hospital..”

“Oh no you don’t. We don’t want a repeat of what happened with Persephone’s babies, do we? They don’t really know what they’re doing. Let’s go.”

m (2)

Bianca led me into the barn, which had obviously been prepared thoroughly. A small blue, inflatable pool was being filled as I walked in.

m (3)

“You look like you’re ready to go!” Belinda laughed. “Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.”

Although confused, I definitely trusted the Crumplebottom Sisters way more than I would any doctor.

I hadn’t prepared for a water birth, but I was excited with this option. It seemed so much more natural.Β  I never really wanted to have my children at a hospital, but I couldn’t afford the home birth option.

m (4)

“Well let’s get started!” Beatrice announced, “You go ahead and get those clothes off, and we’ll help you into the water. Bianca will go get Seymour and the girls.”

“What, why do I have to?” Bianca whined.

“Because, sister, this is your first time delivering someone’s child. Belinda and I have delivered several children. Now scurry along! We mustn’t waste time!”

m (5)

The water was warm and soothing, like a hot bath. I tried to relax the best I could, but I just wanted my husband with me.

m (6)

Bianca and Seymour finally bursted through the barn door, Gwendolyn trailing behind. Eventually, Persephone showed up as well.

m (7)

I began the labor process, and I was surprised at how skilled the sisters were at coaching me through it.

Beatrice wiped the sweat from my head with a cloth, and Bianca fetched whatever was needed, while Belinda talked me through breathing. Seymour held my hands, keeping me calm with his voice.

“I have an amazing elixir at home I’ll send your way to get rid of those awful stretch marks!” Bianca added.

m (9)

“Bianca, please. Pull yourself together. I’m sure Kirsten here doesn’t need you talking about stretch marks at a time like this…”

“Hm well maybe you can use it too, when she’s done with it, for those wrinkles you have on your forehead from being such a grouch!” Bianca hissed.

“Sisters please, this young lady wants a peaceful birthing experience. Quit your trivial bickering at once!” Belinda demanded.

m (8)

The overly painful process took hours and hours. The first baby just didn’t want to come out.

Labor lasted well into the night hours.

But at last, relief swept over me as I heard the crying of my first child.

“It’s a girl!” Bianca screamed, Belinda washed the baby off right next to me, as Beatrice handed Seymour a pair of scissors, to cut the umbilical cord.

m (10)

Belinda instantly wrapped her in a pink towel and handed her to me.

I felt my bond with her stronger than ever as I looked into her beautiful little deep grey eyes. Her crying quickly stopped as I spoke to her gently. “Salem Moon Darling.” I whispered. Seymour gently massaged my shoulders in approval.

While Salem was extremely stubborn, and took hours to make her debut to the world, baby number two was impatient and ready to go.

m (11)

My time with Salem was all too short as she was snatched away from me and passed over to Persephone and Gwendolyn, who tended to her as I prepared for baby number two.

m (12)

I could feel him coming instantly, as if he was in a rush to meet me.

m (13)

Gwendolyn and Persephone whisked baby Salem off to meet the rest of the family, while the Crumplebottom sisters encouraged me to push.

m (14)

“Almost there, sweetheart! You’re doing so good!” Belinda shouted.

I felt my entire body push, my skin was overly warm and I tried to take my mind to a pain free place as the sweat dripped from every pore on my body.

m (15)

“One more push!” Belinda exclaimed.

“Come on honey, you can do it!” Seymour encouraged.

With one long grunt, followed by a strong yell, I saw my son float freely into the pool, leaving my body.

Belinda scooped him out, and followed the same process as with Salem, allowing Seymour to cut the cord once more.

He didn’t even come out crying, and the sisters had to double check that he was even breathing!

m (17)

Wrapped in a baby blue towel, Belinda handed me my second child.

Seymour wrapped his arms around the two of us, and placed his lips on my cheek, gently kissing me.

Smiling, he whispered in my ear, “Yellow?”

I giggled. “Yep. Yellow Sun Darling!”


I’ve always loved the name Salem. It’s a tribute to our magical roots. To honor all the witches who were shunned after doing magic. They truly paved the way for us to use magic freely. Salem’s middle name is Moon, named after the family cat, who rarely left my side when I was pregnant!

As for Yellow, He was named after Yellow-foot Wild-hair, who’s life was tragically cut short by the hands of someone else. Yellow-foot definitely made an impact on our lives, and tattoos alone weren’t anywhere near enough to truly show our appreciation for him. Plus, Yellow is also Seymour’s favorite color, so it worked out perfectly. His middle name is Sun, short for Sunflower.

Mommy, Daddy, and babies are resting at home, safe and sound.

41 thoughts on “Chapter 2.9: Safe and Sound

  1. Aww, such an adorable chapter! πŸ˜€
    I love the unque names you chose for the twins but more importantly I’m glad they both made it!

    I can’t wait to see how Seymour and Kirsten take to parenthood!


    • Thank you so much, I had these names planned out back when Seymour was a toddler o_o And yes, I’m glad they both made it too ❀

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!


  2. This was amazing. Like just perfect, I can’t wait to see the twins bigger. And all the effort you put into the home birth scene was freakin amazing. Mo you always outdo yourself. That’s why you’re one of my favorite writers, I’m a huge fan ❀


    • *builds dam to stop tears from flowing* Thank you so very much for being so sweet ❀ Please don't ever change D:

      I can't wait to see the twins bigger either, I have grabby hands just waiting to see who they'll look like!

      And thank you, I did put a lot of effort into the scene, I made the poses, then the darn game crashed like 632623 times, sheesh! But yeah it's worth it. The birth of these two were not just any ole birth, I knew I really had to go all out!! ❀


  3. Omgg.. Mo I’m dying for the adorableness of this! You know how to make everything so special in this game D: And dear! My favorite name is Salem! :3 And I like the unique names! Did you make the pattern in the nursery? :3 I really love it D: And I also loved the baby shower idea, I may have to try to do one for Lolita. Mercy I can’t wait to see those babies as toddlers >_>


    • aww don’t die D:

      And do you remember a longgggg time ago when we were chatting and you said you liked the name Salem, then I told you I actually had plans for that name? Yep, this was it. I know I’ve had this planned foreverrrrrr.

      Actually, I think the only pattern I made in there was the floral ceiling pattern, the rest is EA :O

      Thank you very much!


  4. I loved it! Very good job with the birthing scene. Oh and twins! πŸ˜€ The more Darling babies the merrier, right? Did you install a mod to make Kirsten’s belly bigger? Or did it really get that big? I dunno if I have ever seen a Sim belly get so big! I thought she looked HUGE on Tumblr, but I also thought it might have just been the dress/camera angle.

    Omg I am rambling. I love the names, especially Salem! And the part where Birdie was all, “Are you crying because you look like a beach ball?” Precious! Ugh, I am gushing. I loved this chapter (:


    • haha, I feel like she did seem a lot bigger than expected! I looked everywhere for a damn pregnancy mod to make bellies bigger, but I don’t think they exist. 😦 I did however use a belly slider to give her a little more bump, mixed with a tiny weight gain :3 I also played with the dresses and camera angles, but for the most part she did look like a beach ball πŸ˜›

      And its cool, I love rambling! Thank you very much, I’ve had the names (especially Yellow) picked out since Sy was a toddler o_o

      Lmao I know Birdie can be such a bitch but she means well πŸ˜› Thank you sooo much dearest!


      • Ah I see! Her belly was so big and cute :3 I just loved it haha.

        Wow, really? So you already had Yellowfoot and Tony and everything planned out? Nice.

        Awe she’s just a kid, to me! Kids say all kinds of shit like that and they really realized they are being mean/rude. They’re just being honest haha.


      • I know, I wanted her to be pregnant forever, but at the same time I wanted to see dem bebies

        and actually, I had Yellow’s named planned out before the Toni and Yellow-foot thing. Back when Sy was a toddler, I was listening to the song “yellow” (Which made me fall in love with the word itself) then I rememered it was Sy’s favorite color, and decided I wanted him to have a kid with that name one day. And he’s finally here! ❀ As for Salem, it was between Salem and Saylor, but I thought Salem tied in better with the story. :3

        And lmao true, but she'll always be like that πŸ˜› She's not trying to be mean, she just is lol


      • I’m very excited to see them as toddlers! I wonder what color their hair/eyes will be etc. Oh, and I was half right about a girl xD

        I see! Its also neat that is favorite color is yellow and Kirsten likes to be called Sunny/Sunflower plus her eyes are kind of golden/yellow. Yeah, Salem ties in well with the witches and stuff hehe.

        Awe, little Birdie. She might find her honesty gets her into trouble when she’s older πŸ˜‰


      • I know, that’s what I’m excited about too! Hair should be interesting since I have consort’s hair mod πŸ™‚ And yes omg I wanted to tell you so bad that you were half right, but I kept my poker face on! 8]

        Yes you’re so right, the amount of connections that can be made is really just crazy. Also Yellow’s favorite color turned out to be Yellow o_o I swear that was completely random too! And that’s also very strange, because Persephone inherited her mother’s favorite color, and Gwendy her dads, not really that interesting to most people I’m sure, but I freaked out! xD

        Lol Birdie thinks she’s too good for trouble.


      • Yes! I’m wondering if we’ll have darker blondes, lighter reds, etc. It should be interesting to see. It will also be neat if Yellow gets Kirsten eyes (:

        I know! Yellow just seems to be a very predominant color throughout the Darling family. Even in their hair color, since they are all blonde xD Persy is a lot like Aggy, I think. She looks a lot like her, she shares her favorite stuff. She makes me miss her haha. Is she going to be having anymore babies?


      • omg that would be cool *fingers crossed*

        That is very true, Yellow shows up a lot! Yes, Persy does look a lot like Aggy, but Gwendy and Sy has her eyes Dx Sy is pretty much just a male version of aggy actually lol. I hate when the game does that but in this case its fine I guess, because I love how Sy looks πŸ˜› And if one of them are a copy of Sy, I wouldn’t mind, especially Salem, maybe she’ll look just like aggy o_o

        AHHH getting ahead of myself lol. And nope Persy is done, I don’t want too many Darling spawns running around, When the time comes to move, I won’t be able to take them all if there were a lot Dx


      • Ah yeah! I hate it when it does on the same genders (mom/daughter), but if it does it on like father/daughter I don’t mind TOO much. But sometimes no matter how attractive a Sim is, they don’t look good as the other sex xD Sy turned out looking really good, though, and since Aggy was very pretty then Salem doesn’t have anything to worry about haha.

        Ohh, have you looked into the Porter mod? It gives you the ability to pack as many Sims as you want when you move worlds, and when you unpack them, they will retain all relationships/family ties with any other Sims you packed (:


      • Yeaah that’s a good point! Salem might not have anything to worry about, but they do both have a risk of looking rather interesting with Sy & Kirs’s genes. πŸ˜› But I welcome that really, If anything that will give them uniqueness, I don’t really wanna have a bunch of supermodels running around ya know? So I’m prepared for whatever!

        And hmmm… I need to look into that, it sounds pretty interesting, thanks for letting me know! But still, too many kids too keep up with if I add any more!


      • Ya I totally get you! Besides, you don’t have to be the standard definition of beautiful to be beautiful (if that makes any sense), I guess the uniqueness is beautiful by itself. Not to mention I love them already so I don’t really care what they look like xD Well, I do, but their looks won’t change my opinion of them.

        Definitely do! Its amazing, I promise. I’ve had it in my game and have been using it for a long time so as long as you install it and follow instructions, it won’t mess anything up :3 It is very easy to use too. Its an Nraas mod, so just go on his website and you’ll find it easily.


  5. This was the cutest chapter ever!!! The names are perfect for the babies and I love the nursery you made, Momo! Wonderful chapter, I can’t wait to see the adventures with these new babies! πŸ˜€


  6. Sooo much I want to say! Not a baby, but babies!!!!! *deep breath and backs up* Erik and online dating – so cute! Kirsten’s maternity outfits – love! Are they CC? The llama pattern on the guest’s top is adorable I want that. All of the nurseries are so cute ❀ The babies look tiny – did you use a resizer on them? Beeeeyooootiful and well done birthing scene! I so love that we came up with the same idea without discussing it – GMTA XD


    • hahah looks like I have a lot of links I need to email you πŸ˜›

      Yep, I did use the resizer for the beginning of their little lives. I wanted them to seem more newbornish!

      And I knowwwww so funny xD Setting the birth scene makes the baby seem so much more special I think. However, I don’t really think I’ll be doing it again xD


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