Chapter 2.8: Hat Trick

a (1)

In a frenzy, I scurried around the room to get completely ready for my job interview. With my communications degree, and a little good luck charm, I wasn’t nervous at all.

Once Seymour told me that we can start our family as soon as we get jobs, it only took me a few days to snag this interview. I knew whatΒ  I wanted, and I went after it.

a (2)

“Honey, I need the mirror, what are you doing?”

“Nothing babe, just looking at this tattoo, I think it’s about time to start the removal process.”

a (3)

“No! Don’t do that! Keep it.” I protested, “Tattoos are supposed to represent chapters of your life, even the not so fun ones.”


“You really mean that?”

c (1)

“Sure! It’s a learning experience. Plus it’ll hurt like no other.”

c (2)

“I guess you’re right, Darling…”

“Of course I am! Now I don’t want to be late, do I get a good luck kiss?”

c (3)

c (4)

“You’re gonna do fine, Kirs.”

c (5)

And just as Seymour said, I got the job!

I was a new waitress at a little pub. I honestly hated it, since the other girls had their eye on me, always, waiting for me to slip up. But, a job is a job, I suppose.

c (6)

Seymour wasn’t having any luck finding jobs, so instead, he started following his dream, by sculpting objects, and selling them.

d (1)

However, this whole job thing didn’t last long. After a few days, I had already gotten a written warning, which is one step away from being fired.

Luckily, I always had my loving husband to talk to about things like this.

“What do you mean unsanitary behavior?” Seymour asked, “Were you burping around the costumers again? People don’t like that, Kirsten.” He giggled.

d (2)

“No nothing like that! I might have got caught licking the spoon in the kitchen a couple times. So what?! Point is, this job isn’t working out.” I sighed.

“You’re really something else… Well why don’t make sculptures with me?”

“Pft… I can’t scu-“

d (3)

“Seymour! You’re a genius!”

d (4)

“I am? What did I do?”

d (5)

“I’m not a sculptor, but if you can work from home, why can’t I?! I can sell my elixirs!” I gasped.

d (6)

“Well I don’t know-“

“Sy! Hope you still know this counts as a job… I’m going to go get started now!”

d (7)

d (8)

As the days went by, I spent most of my time in the magic room, making batch after batch of new potions, then selling them to the elixir store. I was even registered as an alchemist, and got bonuses with each level.

Even when I had free time, I was still in the magic room, working on my own personal elixir.


Seymour got another tattoo, this time to represent our marriage.

Things at Gwendolyn and Benni’s house weren’t doing so well. They ended up getting a bad bug infestation, and decided it was time to move out. Gwendolyn started living with us, and Benni got a house of her own, along with her daughter Paula.

They were now neighbors to the Skettis, which worked out perfectly, so now Paula and Birdie could play together.

e3 (1)

Benni decorated Paula’s room in pretty pinks and purples.

e3 (2)

She also bought a new crib, because she said that she just found out she’s expecting.


I even babysat Paula for her once.

e4 (1)

Erik approached Barry one day, and insisted that him and Gwendolyn take his room, and he’ll have Seymour’s old room. Barry didn’t feel comfortable with it at first, but Erik said the room makes him think of Agnes too much.

e3 (3) e3 (4)

We remodeled Erik’s new room to Erik’s liking, and he loved it!

e4 (2)

e4 (3)

Gwendolyn and Barry also fixed up their new room.

e4 (5)

Gwendolyn was still continuously getting texts from her ex-boyfriend, Cruz, who is now married to Dorothy.

e4 (4)

We finally figured it out, that someone had casted a love spell on him.


Gwendolyn came to me for help to break the spell.

f (1)

When I learned the spell, we made a trip to Cruz’s house during his formal party, and found a way to cool him down for a while.

f (2)

That oughta put an end to his overly flirty text messages!


I started a blog, and named it Sunflower Enchanted. It was a personal blog for the most part, but it really helped advertise my elixirs, thus contributed to making money.

I documented all my observations as a new witch, alchemist, and newlywed. People seemed to really take a liking to it. I made it a personal goal to obtain a 5 star blog.


One evening, after slaving over the alchemy station for hours on end, I finally finished my procreation elixir, to give me a better shot at fertility.

I was too excited to wait for Seymour to get out of the shower, to take it.

i (1)

I closed my eyes, and threw the bottle upside down, letting the elixir slide down my throat, in one chug.

The taste was almost unbearable, and it left my mouth numb and burning, but hopefully it would be worth it.

i (2)

When Seymour got out of the shower, I wasted absolutely no time.

i (3)

i (4)

i (5)


When Seymour’s birthday/Halloween finally arrived, I threw him a little costume party at the barn, and invited close friends and family.




“So when do I get my present, Darling?”

I jumped onto Seymour’s back and kissed his cheek.

“Be patient, my little bunny!” I laughed.


Once everyone arrived, I gathered them all in a group, with my megaphone.

“There is something I need to say, will everyone please gather around!”


“I just wanted to thank you all for coming today. I have big news as of this morning. Seymour and I are expecting! Happy birthday, baby!”


23 thoughts on “Chapter 2.8: Hat Trick

  1. Aww wonderful they are finally getting their baby, Sunny found the job of her dreams and she happy and it’s why better then working at a pub I just can’t imagine her working their. The blog idea is awesome, I really like recent post number three! Birdie is so cute dressed as a tiger. Wonderful chapter πŸ˜€


    • I know! I feel like a proud grandma getting so excited for the new arrival πŸ˜€ And yes, although she’s becoming a little bit of a hermit in her little magic room, and rarely coming out, she’s still very happy! And haha glad you like her blog posts, she has fun with that thing xD And yes I know! Birdie came over in that outfit, and I thought it was just too cute on her to change πŸ˜› Thanks for reading!!



    yess, babies, yess,

    in other news. can i have your decorating skills and your dressing skills? like for real, your rooms/sims are always looking fantastic! i am jealous.


  3. This is so wonderful! They are both going to have such a wonderful life. Sunny has her dream job, Seymour is okay at sculpting and they are now expecting! I loved this chapter, you did an amazing work at the remodels of the rooms Momo! πŸ˜‰


    • haha that’s true, but Kirsten believes they are ready. I mean, they kinda have an obligation to have kids, so that they can keep there magic, so I guess she figures, “Hey the sooner the better”


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