Chapter 2.7: Button

a (1)

It was a dark, late night and the Crumplebottom sisters had just left after spending a few hours here, explaining what was going on. They explained everything from the envelope on our honeymoon, to the elixirs we were instructed to use on ourselves.

The sisters informed us that we could either throw the elixir on the ground under our feet, or just drink it. Which ever we chose, doing so would give us powers of a witch.

a (2)

Seymour and I went first. I thought it would be painful or scary, but I felt unusually calm as a glowing, violet apple appeared in my hand.

a (3)

Gwendolyn was next. Of course she decided to mix it with a drink.

a (4)

a (5)

a (6)

When it was Erik’s turn to take the elixir, he politely declined. He decided that he’s already gone all these years without witch powers, that he doesn’t really need them now. Plus, at his age, he didn’t know if his body could adjust.

We respected his decision fully.

a (7)

However, it was a different story for Persephone. She wasn’t really into the idea of becoming a witch, and refused to take the elixir.

a (8)

Gwendolyn and Persephone got into a huge argument about the pros and cons of this decision.

a (9)

Unfortunately for Persephone, Gwendolyn didn’t take her opinions into consideration. She caught Persephone off guard by throwing the bottle on the ground in front of Persephone’s feet.

“You’ll thank me later.” Gwendolyn said.

a (10)

Every good witch needs their magical sanctuary, so since I already had a huge book case, I got a little help from the Crumplebottom sisters, and voila!

a (11)

a (12)

a (13)

My very own secret magic room! Since I’m the bookworm of the family, it was my job to read as much as I can about magic, then pass what I learned onto the rest of the family, since they really had no patience to sit through an entire book!

I found myself spending lots and lots of time in my new magic room, and whenever someone wanted to learn a new spell or brew, they’d come to me, and I’d research it for them.

a (15)

We all spent the rest of the summer learning how to harness our new found magic;

a (16)

…Which also doubled as some quality one on one time with my husband!

a (14)

Once I became a witch, The Darling’s family cat, Moon, started to spend a lot of time with me, especially when I was doing magic. I’ve never been a cat person, but I felt a strong bond to him.

He also happens to be a gift from the Crumplebottom sisters, years ago. I’m sure that’s no coincidence!

a (17)

I think if anyone was as excited about magic as I was, it was Gwendolyn. Every time I saw her, she had that wand with her!

a (18)

Persephone was hesitant to embrace her new gift at first, but I’ve caught her doodling with magic every once in a while. Especially to defend herself when Gwendolyn played silly pranks on her.

a (19)

Gwendolyn, although insane, was an excellent business woman. She used her new gift as a means to make more money as a fortuneteller.

Although it didn’t make her any more psychic than she already claimed to be, it served as a great gimmick and made her appear more legitimate.

a (20)

Seymour wouldn’t stop bugging me about learning how to fly a broom, a classic witch activity!

After learning all I needed to, we installed our very own broom flying arena right next to the barn.

a (21)

Of course, when it was Seymour’s turn, he was over the moon about it, and began performing daring broom stunts.

a (22)


Just another dangerous activity for him to get his hands on!

a (23)

As fall swept in, Barry and Gwendolyn started to become a thing. Although it made me very uncomfortable, I did my best to make the situation fun, since he seemed genuinely happy.

a (25)

a (24)

Barry even got a job as a paramedic! Although he wants to be a nurse, a paramedic was a good place to start, and he’s planning to work his was up.

a (26)

One afternoon, Dorothy invited Seymour and I over to meet her new baby. I had a feeling it would be awkward, even if  Dorothy is a friend.

a (27)

She invited us in, and greeted us.

“You’re looking great, for being a new mother, Dorth!” Seymour said.

a (28)

 “Aw. Thanks Sy! I’ll go get Button now, I’m sure he’s done napping!”

a (29)

“Really Seymour?”

a (30)

“What? I said for a new mother! …. You know you look so cute when you’re mad, right? heheh…”

a (31)

I rolled my eyes, as Dorothy made here way back into the living room with her new son, Button Martingale. She named him Button because that was her maiden name. And it certainly fit, he was as cute as a button!

a (32)

I was so excited to see him, as soon as she put him in his swing I went over to play with him.

“Peek a boo! I see you!” I squealed.

a (33)

As I continued playing with Button, Dorothy and Seymour made small talk on the couch.


 “You know she’s really good with him…” I overheard Dorothy say.



“Are you guys going to have kids soon?” She asked. My ears perked as I listened carefully to Seymour’s answer.


“No, I think we’ll wait about five or six years, we’re still kids ourselves.”

I was really shocked about Seymour’s answer, and how he seemed so sure about waiting. The truth is, we never really talked about it. I found it funny that he thought he should take the initiative to answer a question like that without my input.


I picked up Button and started bouncing him gently as he cooed and gurgled.

c (1)

“…Well did you know Jocelyn’s pregnant? Ethan’s girlfriend?” Dorothy continued.

c (2)

Although Seymour wasn’t really interested in that conversation, I was immediately caught off  guard by Dorothy’s statement.

“Is she really?!” I blurted.

d (1)

With Button in my arms, I quickly sat down on the couch next to Seymour, listening intently to Dorothy’s gossip.

d (2)

“Well… I’m pretty sure, that’s what she said…” She began.


“Me and umm.. My friend… went with Jocelyn to the movies. Ethan tagged along as well. Jocelyn told us that she took a pregnancy test and it was positive. But  you never know with those things, they’re not always right!” Dorothy babbled.


“But still you know, they seemed super excited about it. Even Ethan!”

d (3)

Later that evening, I sat alone in the barn, I needed some time to think about things.

Suddenly, I heard the barn door open as someone made their way up the ladder.

d (4)

I was surprised to see it was Erik, I jumped to my feet immediately.

d (5)

“Erik! Be careful! Let me help you!” I yelled.

“There you are! I was lookin’ for you. Ah these old bones aren’t spaghetti yet, Sunny!”

d (6)

“Whatcha doin’ up here, kiddo?”

“how’d you know I was up here?

“Wasn’t too hard to guess. Do you wanna tell me what’s wrong?”

e (1)

“Nothing… It’s just Seymour. He told Dorothy that we’re not having kids for another five or six years, and I’m just a little confused, since we never really discussed that.”

“Well that little shit!”

“yeah.” I sighed.

d (7)

I sat on the floor, and he did the same.

“And that’s what upset you? Not talking about it, or his answer?”

I was so surprised about how wise Erik was, and how well he knew me.

“Well, both really. I kinda want to start having kids now.”

d (8)

“You know, you remind me a lot of myself a few years back?”


“Sure. Agnes and I already had the girls, but I wanted a boy. Agnes wasn’t really on board with that, but once it happened, things turned around for her. That’s how little Sy-Sy came along! Seymour is a lot like his mother, ya know! I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happened with you two.”

d (9)

“I wouldn’t be mad at Sy honey, I’m betting he just wasn’t thinking. He’ll probably feel differently if you just talk to him about it.”

d (10)

“And besides, I’m sure he won’t be saying no when you decide you’re ready, if you catch my drift!”

I laughed softly. “I suppose you’re right, thanks Erik.”

I knew Erik was right, I’d have to talk to Seymour soon.

e2 (1)

I walked back home, and sat down next to Seymour, while he played video games.

“Hey babe.” He greeted.

“So…. Jocelyn’s pregnant huh? What do you think about that?”

e2 (2)

“Err.. I mean, good for her I guess, if that’s what she really wants. I dunno?”

“And Button was so adorable wasn’t he?”

e2 (3)

“Sure. Where’s is this going honey?” He laughed.

I sighed heavily.

e2 (4)

“And what about us? Why did you tell Dorothy we’re waiting five or six years?” I questioned.

“I unno Kirs, that sounded like a reasonable time. having a baby now would suck, don’t you think? We don’t have jobs and shit like that.”

“Well do you tell people stuff, without talking to me about it first?” I complained.

“Jeez, sorry I didn’t consult you first, your majesty!” He laughed.


“I’m serious Seymour…. Seymour…?”

“Sure baby, I’m sorry okay?”

“UGH!” I groaned. “Can’t you just put the stupid controller down for a minute and talk to me like an adult? Despite what you told Dorothy today, we’re not kids anymore.”

“Okay calm down! Let me get to a check point okay? Then I’m all yours.

f4 (1)

My anger finally reached a boiling point.

“Wow. Whatever! Should’ve known you don’t care.”

f4 (2)

I stormed off and flopped onto the bed, hoping to cool off.

f4 (3)

“Kirsten seriously, what’s up with you?” Seymour asked, standing at the door way.

f4 (4)

“Just go play your stupid video games please… leave me alone…”

g (1)

After a short pause, Seymour sat on the bed next to me, and pulled me up.

g (2)

“There’s more to this than what I said at Dorothy’s house, isn’t there? Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t know how to say it, you’ll just judge me.” I said.

I shook my head, and stood up, attempting to walk away.

g (3)

“Kirsten, I won’t judge you okay? I’m your husband, you can tell me anything.”

“Are you sure?”

He nodded.

“Well… I think I might have fertility problems…”

“Why do you think that?”

“Well, I was doing some reading about women who have been resurrected like me. A lot of them can’t have children, or have difficulty doing so.” I said. “Also, back when I was with Ethan…. well.. we might have been trying…”

g (4)

Seymour’s face turned sour, and I immediately stopped talking.

“You mean you and Ethan were trying to get pregnant? You were like what? 18? 17?”

g (6)

“It was a long time ago, and we were engaged, And it’s what I really wanted. Wait, why am I explaining myself to you? You said you wouldn’t judge me!” I cried.

g (5)

“I’m not judging you… It’s just that you said that you and Ethan weren’t that serious so I-“

“Whatever, you lied. I’m not talking about this anymore.”

g (7)

I furiously walked away, and entered the magic room, where I sat and rocked in the old wooden rocking chair.

Moments later, I could hear Seymour fumbling with the books on the other side of the shelf, trying to figure out which one opens the door.

g (8)

“Okay. I’m really sorry about that. I was just upset. Let’s talk this out, shall we?”

I rolled my eyes and shrugged.

g (9)

“You say you’re afraid you won’t be able to have children. Shouldn’t we worry about this later in life then?”

“Honestly, no. I think I’m ready to have kids now. That’s what I want.”

g (10)

“Do you mean that?” Seymour asked.

h (1)

“Seymour.. I’ve been working on this elixir. It’s called the procreation elixir. It isn’t easy to do, but  I’m almost finished with it. I think it will help me get pregnant. I know that I have fertility issues, I’ve been through it with Ethan. But this elixir is guaranteed to work better than any fertility treatment a doctor could give.”

h (2)

Seymour pulled me up and held my hands while he looked me straight in the eyes.

“Listen baby, if you think we’re ready to be parents, I’ll have to trust you. I know one thing about you, if you want something, there’s no stopping you. I’m willing to start trying if you promise me one thing first.. we have to get jobs first, deal?”

h3 (2)

I gasped loudly.

“Oh my god! Do you really mean that?!” I shouted. Seymour began to giggle at my excitement, like he always does.

He tried to stop laughing, but kept a huge grin on his face and nodded, “Mhm.”

h3 (1)

“Ahhhh!” I screamed, “oh my god oh my god, holy crap!”

h3 (3)

“I’m going to go find a job like, right now okay? And I’ll even find you one too! EEEEP! I’m so excited!”


Seymour picked me up and I began laughing uncontrollably.

“Okay, now let’s go practice!” He said.

20 thoughts on “Chapter 2.7: Button

  1. The family seems to be very good witch’s right away. I thought it was kind of funny that Persephone didn’t want to be a witch you know with her husband being alive because of a potion and such. I can’t wait for a little Sy-Sunny, any kid of theirs will be so cute! Great chapter 😀


    • Yeah! They’re far from skilled yet, but they learned the basics during what was remaining of the summer.

      And great point about Persephone! I think the reason it was different for her was because, now she has a child, and her life is calm, she really didn’t feel like she needed the extra excitement bewitchment would bring her. As for Bo, she needed a way to bring him to life so she wouldn’t be caught lying about having a boyfriend, she knew her sister would never let her live that one down!


  2. I really like the little magic room, it’s cute. 🙂 And I’m sucker for a kitty appearance LOL. Looking forward to them having babies, I see multiples in their future haha.


    • Thanks! I had fun making it. Actually I made it twice since the game crashed haha. and yes! He’s her wittle magic kitty 😛 I am too omg! And haha we’ll have to make sure she takes a small dosage then. xD


      • You’re welcome and don’t you just love it when that happens? LOL. Aww, he was Aggy’s cat..right? Or did I have that mixed up? My memory sucks lol. And yeah haha. Otherwise you might get trips LOL.


      • hahahaha NO. And yep, the Crumplebottom sisters brought that kitten to the family, when the kids were still teenagers. I forgot which chapter but it was called “Bewitching Christmas” I think. Oh god I sure hope not D:


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