Chapter 2.6: Save it

Our honeymoon in Isla Paradiso felt like a dream, and my new husband and I were still trying to process everything. It was nothing short of surreal.

We knew that our lives would be forever changed, but coming home still balanced things a bit.

a1 (1)

Seymour and I arrived to our home with our bags in tow. Sitting on the couch, was Gwendolyn and Barry. They looked like they were having a serious talk, since the TV wasn’t on.

a1 (2)

“Oh, well don’t you two look cozy!” I said, sarcastically.

a1 (3)

They quickly stood up to greet us.

“Hey there, Newlyweds! Have fun?” Gwendolyn asked, cheerily.

a1 (4)

Barry looked at me and smiled, “Hey Sunny, we were just sitting here and-“

a1 (5)

“Save it.” I interrupted sharply. “Are you going to help me with these bags?”

 a1 (6)

Seymour plopped down on the couch next Gwendolyn, as they waited for Barry and I to carry the luggage downstairs.

a1 (7)

“Lover’s quarrel, eh?” Gwendolyn joked.

“What are you talking about Gwendy, she doesn’t see him like that.”

a1 (8)

“Umm, did you see how pissed she looked when she saw Barry talking to me? Girl’s got some problems.”

“She just doesn’t want to lose her best friend, it’s complicated, okay?”

a1 (9)

“Heh, well she better get used to it quick, he wants a real woman now.” Gwendolyn muttered.

Meanwhile, Barry stuck around downstairs while I unpacked. The energy in the room was extremely tense since my outburst, but truthfully, I wanted it to be. I wanted him to know I was mad.

a1 (10)

“So uh… How was the honeymoon?” Barry asked uncomfortably.


I continued to passive aggressively unpack my belongings and stuff them into the  clothes hamper.

“Sunny, what’s wrong?” He asked sternly.

a1 (11)

I paused, his question hit me suddenly, making me feel emotional, yet relieved that he finally acknowledged my feelings.


a1 (12)

“Is this about Gwendy? I was-”

“I don’t want to talk about it right now okay?” I shouted. “And I definitely don’t want to talk about you and her…” I continued, this time under my breath.


“Damn it Sunny, would you just stop acting like that!” Barry shouted, “Yeah I talked to Gwendolyn, so what? You’re not mine, I can talk to whoever I want. I can even flirt with her if I want to!”


I was taken aback briefly, I’ve never seen Barry this angry. But as I took his words in, anger took over.

b7 (2)

“Oh please. That’s not what this is about!”

b7 (3)

“Then what?”

I told you, she’s a lot older than you, plus she’s my sister-in-law now, it’s weird to me, okay?

b8 (1)

“Don’t you feed me that bullcrap, Sunflower. I know damn well that’s not true!”

“Yeah, okay, Barry, sure!”

b8 (2)

“What, do you like me or something, is that what it is?”

“Oh god, no! Ugh!”

“Then why are not letting me pursue anyone else?”


“Look. I know how you feel about me Barry, and I know you’re trying to make me jealous, so you can just stop now.”


“Make you jealous? Ha. No. I used to be jealous of Seymour. I remember competing with him over you. I remember being wrapped around your finger. We both were, but of course, he got the girl. It really sucked, Sunny, it really sucked. You knew what you were doing, too. And you kept leading me on.  So now you know how it feels to compete with a Darling, and lose. Sound familiar?”

I paused for a moment. Everything began to click. All the stuff I’m going through now, is what I put him through in college, except he actually had feelings for me.

c2“So you’re flirting with Gwendolyn to get back at me? For like, revenge?” I asked, beginning to tear up.

“No, of course not. It just happened, I mean I….”

“You what?”


“I have real feelings for Gwendolyn, Sunny…” He almost whispered, as his eyes grew misty. “She doesn’t lead me on, she doesn’t friend-zone me. She’s doesn’t consider making love to me a ‘favor‘, I really, really like her.


“So you like her because she’s everything I’m not, right?”

“Look Sunny, college with you was the best years of my life, but at the same time, I’ve cried myself to sleep plenty of nights.”

“I’m so sorry Barry….”

He nodded.


“I just don’t want to lose my best friend.”

“What? No!”


“You didn’t lose me, okay? We’ll always be best friends. Nothing will be different!”

d7 (1)

“…Except no more little ‘favors'” He laughed.

d7 (2)

“Ugh, Barry… It was a one time thing. It wasn’t going to happen again anyways.”


“Thanks for understanding, Sunny. I really like her a lot.”


“It’s going to be really weird, I’ll admit, but I’ll put up with you two, just for you. But you still have to help me with things when I’m lazy and get me allergy medicine in the spring time. Deal?”

Barry laughed softly. “Deal.”



26 thoughts on “Chapter 2.6: Save it

  1. I’m glad Barry finally stood up for himself! I hurt me a little to see him and Sunny fighting (still weird for me to call her that haha) but I think everything worked out for the best.


  2. Barry and Gwen… Sounds great to me! It’s nice of Barry to finally let Sunny go and for Sunny to get that she can’t have both boys and be happy with Sy. Great chapter 😀


  3. Barry is a strong, independent man, and he don’t need no Kirsten, but he will continue to be friends with her so long as there is no more unhealthy unbalanced relationship biz going on where one person is leading the other on because they don’t want to lose the attention. I’m glad they worked things out, and better now then later. Also, the picture of Kirsten naked on the bed was right beside Barry’s head and it made me giggle a bit. 😛


    • lol! He’s not so independent yet but I get where you’re going with that! And you’re so right, that stuff needed to be ended asap! Lmao I’m glad the picture made you laugh! Barry is probably the one who took the picture, knowing them 😛


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